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MTV Releases Official App for Android, Jersey Shore Fans Rejoice

There is no teenage dream sweeter than watching “16 and Pregnant” on a smartphone while traveling with petulant siblings. With the release of the official MTV app for Android, that beautiful fantasy just became reality; those who subscribe certain cable or satellite television providers can log in and access live network programming and on-demand content without limitation.

For those who’ve “cut the cord” or otherwise don’t pay for TV, the app acts as a portal to content from MTV.com. In addition to news, trailers, and online-exclusive shows, second screen features like polls quizzes, cast and music info, Twitter feeds, and Facebook chat are all included (because, of course, you just have to commiserate with friends when yet another “Catfish” poseur breaks a would-be lover’s heart).

The app is available for free from the Play Store, and compatible with Android 4.0 or higher.

Play Store

  • Villiam

    is it the real mtv or the the rtv version ?

    RTV=RealityTeleVision as we know mtv today…

  • Salient

    What about older android versions? Not all kids get a new device every year.

  • Edward Smith

    Worthless without Daria … WITH original music.

  • The only reason I would download this is to watch Teen Wolf. Its actually not a bad show especially considering its made by MTV.

  • Raven

    Why do we need separate apps for all of these apps that connect to a particular channels content, especially all of these almost identical ones that require you to put in some kind of authorization from your local cable provider. We got Max Go, HBO Go, NBC, CBS, WB, FOX, USA, Cartoon Network, countless others, and now MTV. Someone needs to write a front end for all of them.

  • John Jenness

    I blocked this channel so my wife and kids can’t watch it.

  • Lucky Armpit

    MTV still has enough of an audience to warrant an app?

  • FAL_Fan

    Jersey Shore has fans?

  • me

    oh boy

  • Shane Thomas

    RIP MTV.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      True indeed. I really hope they don’t completely destroy the Shannara series. It’s my favourite

  • Petulant: moved to or showing sudden, impatient irritation, especially over some trifling annoyance

    Kyle’s even improved my vocab 🙂

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Just doing my job. 😉

  • Bryan Burch

    Does it play music?

    • niuguy

      Of course not!

    • JSo

      Lol. Good one

    • Kevin

      I read that in a Samuel L. Jackson voice.

  • JSo

    God, I hate that channel now. What happened to Music Television?

    • Ryan Markwald

      You’re just hating it now?! They ditched the music part for reality TV, as teenagers are much more into drama than actual music. Who’d wanna watch music videos all day long when you can watch shows like Ridiculousness and Teen Mom (where some of the people are no longer teens)?

      • JSo

        I have hated it for a while. I havent watched anything on MTV in years. But even if they did play music today, I still wouldnt watch it. Music today is terrible. So it doesnt really matter I guess.

        • Ryan Markwald

          Sometimes it’s on at the gym, and with the sound down it’s just as bad. Luckily whoever changes to MTV leaves so I can switch it up, it’s definitely a painful watch. They need to rename it for sure.

          • Tim242

            If it were called MusicTV, I could understand the need for a name change. But as it is now, “M” could stand for anything

      • Ben Edwards

        I would rather watch random music videos from the 90’s than 9/10 shows they play on MTV (I admit I’m a sucker for Ridiculousness), but then again I’m not a teenager and not much of a fan of modern pop music either.

        • JSo

          I feel the same way. The 90s were so much better. Even though it makes me sound old. lol

        • picaso86

          Ridiculousness is the dumb version of Tosh.O.