MTV Artists Released to Google Play – Watch Countless Videos, Download Music, and Even Identify Music

A new app from MTV (previously known as Music Television, but it’s nowhere near that now), released onto Google Play this week, titled MTV Artists. The idea of the app is to allow fans a better way to engage with any given artist they like. It won’t offer you backstage passes to their next show, but it will identify songs for you (like Shazam or Google’s Sound Search), entertain you with “thousands” of music videos, and let you view tons of concert photos from your favorite artists.  (more…)

MTV Releases Official App for Android, Jersey Shore Fans Rejoice

There is no teenage dream sweeter than watching “16 and Pregnant” on a smartphone while traveling with petulant siblings. With the release of the official MTV app for Android, that beautiful fantasy just became reality; those who subscribe certain cable or satellite television providers can log in and access live network programming and on-demand content without limitation. (more…)

Oscura is a Beautiful 2D Platformer With a Gothic 3D Aesthetic for Android


Last night, while trying to unwind after busting out my Galaxy S3 review, I stumbled onto a game made by MTV of all companies, called Oscura. It’s a 2D platformer, but while playing, it almost feels 3D thanks to the environment and the obstacles you encounter. Better put, it’s freakin’ beautiful.

You are some sort of a mouse or rodent, with one goal, to find shards of a crystal that was destroyed and sprayed across an island. There are dark creatures lurking in various places, spikes, lava, powerups, and more. The idea is simple and the gameplay is buttery smooth, but so far it has been quite the challenge to pass each level with much of a high score. There is a 4-star rating system to get you to pass through perfectly, and even some hidden treasures throughout. (more…)