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Verizon LG G2 Update to Build VS98012B Approved and Ready to Roll Out

Verizon approved an update for its variant of the LG G2 this afternoon as build VS98012B. No, it’s not Kit Kat. We aren’t expecting that big of an update to come for a while. Instead, the update focuses on fixing bugs, adding a Google security patch (probably killing root exploit), swapping bloatware, and improving video playback. I’d actually call this pretty minor when you compare it to the updates we have seen for devices like the DROID MAXX or Moto G in recent days.

To try and pull the update, head into Settings>About phone>Software update>Check New.

The full changelog can be found below. 

lg g2 verizon update

Via:  Verizon
  • mcdonsco

    Does anyone know of a root method that’s proven successful for build VS98012B on a Verizon LG G2? I just picked mine up, it had an OTA off the bat; I shouldn’t have done it but didn’t think about it just stupidily clicked install now; as it was installing I realized I shouldn’t have done it before rooting the device.
    I’ve searched here and XDA and cannot find a method for ROOT ONLY for this build? I’ve found rom replacements etc, but not root alone.
    Anyone? All help appreciated!

  • Clay Mitchell

    I could never get LED Notifications on my VZW version to work. One of the features in this update is under “Notifications” under the Display settings, is a NEW option for “Downloaded Apps”. Now light flow works great!!! This was my only gripe with this phone. Whew!

  • simon_lefisch
  • Took the update today. Still Have root.

  • John

    I’m rooted but with no custom recovery and the update errors out.

    • James Evans part 2

      If rooted but no custom recovery and getting errors what worked for me was to replace the modded provisioning check (hotspot) with original file then reboot. Once rebooted the updated worked without errors and I was able to keep root. Then just replace the original provis chk files with the modded one once again to have free hotspot. Hope that helps someone. Oh yeah the phone was is a VZW G2. Took all of 5 min.

      • jeff

        +1 for this, if you’re wondering whether or not to take it and are in this situation.

  • MentatYP

    Voice quality is just about the only thing wrong with this phone. Fix that and it would be nearly perfect!

  • Artune

    Hey, at least they are working on some problems. Loving my G2, can’t wait for kit kat next year.

  • Kevin

    just checked again and it’s available for me.

  • gpaine

    Real quick. Does anyone know where one might download themes for the stock messaging app?

    • Mustafa Hashmi

      So you’ve done the upgrade. My digitizer stopped responding to any touches after the upgrade. In face the only thing after the reboot and now on my screen is “Software Update Complete”. And I cant click the OK to close this or any other touch operation. The phone is working otherwise.

  • Heath Parsons

    y u no updatez to Kitkat?? Come on. 0 complaints otherwise. The first phone I’ve never had issues with. Update gladly received.

  • gpaine

    Downloading now. The only complaint I have had with this (unrooted) is losing GPS signal when navigating. Does it quite a bit. Anyone else? Or am I missing something stupid?

    • Yea GPS doesn’t seem to be very good. Really annoying in Ingress. and on Google Nav sometimes it thinks ive turned around when sitting at red lights. I use waze though and that works fine.

  • Eric Harper

    No update as of 8am Pacific

  • Robert Macri

    “Device lockups have been reduced” – Well that’s good… I guess.

  • BobbyG

    Messages in QSlide…about time.

    QSlide has so much potential if you can chose any app you want

    • Andy Stetson

      I was about to say the same thing. That and the video/voice quality improvements are welcome. The other stuff i clearly don’t see making the cut for the developer of the rom I use.

  • Ryan

    I wish they’d just fix the wonky knocking issues and turning on issues via the back button. Maybe it’s cuz I’m running nova, but often times i’ll knock on it and it will immediately turn the screen off. I have to do this 3 times before I can full get the screen back on. It even does this when I turn the screen on via the back button. It’s really weird and annoying. When i turn it on and then drag down from the notification bar it’s an instant back to sleep.

    • Caveman

      It probably only happened to me, but is your hand anywhere near the top left sensor. When I was driving and phone was in cup holder it would go black right after I hit the button because I was pushing the button from the top and covering the sensor. Anyways, may have nothing to do with your problem just thought I would put it out there.

      • Ryan

        Top left sensor for what? And how does that affect the ability of turning it off and on?

        • Caveman

          The proximity sensor on my G2 affects the unlock screen. I would think it should only work when making calls, but for some reason it is active when using the back buttons or knock on to unlock the screen. Happens a lot for me even though I am aware of it, it’s very sensitive. I’m always taking it out of the pocket with one hand to check the time, hit the back button all in one motion, it unlocks then turns right back off because my dumb hand is too close to the sensor.

          • Ryan

            Where exactly is the sensor located? I’ll look into it and see if positioning of my hand increase/decreases my issues.

          • Otis

            It is located to the left of the notification light. My screen also turns back off immediately after knock on when something is too close to that sensor. Your case/screen protector might also be affecting this sensor.

          • Ryan

            I don’t have one, but thanks for the input. I’ll be more conscious of it.

          • primarchlion

            I have the same problem, and occasionally its very bad. The sensor is on the top left, between the speaker grill and the front facing camera. Sometimes even finger prints will cause it to turn off immediately. It was incredibly annoying but now I just wipe it on my shirt and that fixes it every time.

          • Ken Bosse

            I’m thinking you guys are hot on the trail. When my phone is in my car cup holder and i try to knock it, it doesn’t work. I always thought it was cause my hand was blocking the sensor, perhaps thinking its in my pocket it doesn’t want it waking up when it doesn’t need to.

  • Kevin

    tried pulling, nothing yet

  • Collin Chapin

    Every time I see the front of the G2 I think to myself “should I have bought that instead of the Nexus 5?” and then I see the back and i’m like “NOPE!”.

    • Chris

      Baaahahaha. That’s ridiculous. You made my day.

      • Collin Chapin

        I’m not sure if it’s a “you’re ridiculously right” thing or a “you’re ridiculous” thing but if it’s the first then yes, I am ridiculous.


    • You dont even use the buttons on the back tho

  • Rob

    Haven’t seen anything yet

  • Drew Chapman

    Not about to lose my root. I need my free hotspot!

  • Mike Richichi

    Would be nice if this addressed the wonky touchscreen issues, and/or the occasional problem I have where the phone screen goes black if I hold it to my ear during a call and the proximity sensor kicks in.

    • droidify

      Isn’t it supposed to turn the screen out when you put the phone to your ear? Every phone I’ve had does that.

      • Mike Richichi

        It is, what happens though is the screen won’t come on again and you have to force the phone to reboot to get it back. It doesn’t happen all the time but when does it’s annoying.

        • droidify

          Oh wow. That’s not good. I’ve been lucky. The G2 has been the first phone I’ve bought that I have had zero complaints about and I’ve had it since 9/30. It just works and the reception, camera, screen and battery life are exceptional. Have you tried a factory reset? I wonder if an update could have borked some system files.

    • Aldaris Ensoniq

      For me this update did fix the wonky touchscreen issue I was having.

  • LucasMonroe

    I hope this fixes the call audio problems.

  • Ryan

    AWESOME. Verizon cloud app! So excited; thanks guys!

    • Kevin

      haha one more thing to disable

    • Joshua Vaughn

      hahaha….I was reading your post and was like…whhhaaattt….then i noticed “sarcasm”. Funny. Thanks for the laugh!

  • feztheforeigner

    Best. Phone. Ever.

  • pubasnacks77

    Hoping Kit Kat comes early next year because I really like this phone

    • SilentSpring

      You’ll suddenly not like it if kk doesn’t come to it?

      • pubasnacks77

        I would but I would like it even more if it had an official Kit Kat build

        • Ryan

          Why. With the optimus layout you wont see a difference

  • JasonWhite

    Agh. I was hoping they would fix the funky audio recording on videos. The noise cancellation is TOO good and if there is no discernible voice or sound it will just cut EVERYTHING out. So it goes from dead quite to talking then from dead quite to talking again. Doesn’t capture room noise or ambiance. C’mon Big Red and/or LG!

  • Rodeojones000

    If you’re rooted with a custom recovery, DO NOT accept the OTA. Otherwise you’ll end up in a recovery boot loop that isn’t easy to get out of.

    To avoid this, use Titanium Backup (you probably need the pro version), to freeze Software Update MUC. This way you won’t even receive OTA notifications.

    • litobirdy

      Didn’t even know this.thanks a lot

      • Rodeojones000

        No problem. Glad I could help.

        • SilentSpring

          awesome tip Rodeo! Thanks for that =)

    • Drew Chapman

      Can u give me the steps? I downloaded pro version Idk what you mean by freezing muc though.

      • Rodeojones000

        OK. First, make a nandroid backup just in case.

        Open Titanium Backup. Once the app finishes loading, click on the rectangle with the check mark up top (to the left of Menu). This will take you to Batch actions – ALL.

        Scroll down to the section called Freeze/Defrost. Click on RUN next to “freeze all user & system apps.”

        Next, click Deselect All. This is important, otherwise you could end up freezing every system app on your phone. Only bad things can come off this.

        Scroll down until you get to Software Update MUC (followed by a bunch of numbers). The apps are in alphabetical order, so finding it shouldn’t be an issue. Click the box to select it, then click the green check mark up top and let Titanium Backup do its thing. You’ll get a notification telling you when it’s complete. I usually reboot after doing something like this, but not sure if it’s necessary.


        • Drew Chapman

          Think it’ll be an issue If I went directly to it clicked it then clicked freeze instead of freezing all then deselecting?

          • droidify

            Yes, Just scroll to the app, touch it and then hit freeze. Don’t go through all those extra steps. Too much room for error.

          • Rodeojones000

            As long as you freeze the app in question and nothing else you’ll be fine.

          • Chris

            That’s fine too. Same here.

        • RavnosCC

          Question: Can I simply backup and then uninstall the app using Titanium instead of Freezing it? (I’m being cheap, I know)

          • Rodeojones000

            Sure. I believe most custom ROMs have this removed. All else fails just restore your backup. I just freeze it to make it easier to restore if I want it back.

          • RavnosCC

            Great, I’ve only modded so far, no custom roms just yet, but definitely uninstalling this ASAP. Thanks.

    • Rand Paul 2016


    • dragonflyr

      is there an apk for “software update muc” that we just re-name to disable it?

      • Rodeojones000

        I’m not sure about this. I’ve looked but was never able I find one.

        • dragonflyr

          yeah … i was looking around and could not identify an apk for that specific “service” (software update muc). there are various apk’s that look to be associated with updates of some sort .. but without knowing specifically what they are I figured I’d sit tight for a bit. btw .. i’m getting nagged to install this update even though I “schedule” it for 11pm. i’ll probably just go buy TB pro .. but, was really hoping to just rename an apk. anyway .. thanks for the heads up on all this .. love my G2!

          • Rodeojones000

            You might want to address this sooner rather than later. The past couple weeks there has been lots of threads on XDA regarding an OTA for other variants being pushed to rooted/custom recovery G2s without user authorization. Basically, after declining or delaying the update a number of times it was automatically accepted.

          • dragonflyr

            ok .. will do asap!! y .. not worth messing around with.

    • Sean

      If you are just rooted and still running stock will accepting the OTA don’t he same?

      • Rodeojones000

        Do you have a custom recovery? That’s the issue. If you try to install the OTA with a custom recovery you’ll end up in a recovery bootloop. If you still have the stock recovery you should be able to install this successfully. However, you’ll almost certainly lose root.

    • Clint Nesmith

      Can you tell me how to get out of the boot loop? I installed the OTA and didn’t realize it would cause this to happen with my rooted G2.

      • Rodeojones000

        Check through the threads here.


        Sadly, this has been a common problem with this phone. You won’t find any shortage of threads addressing this very topic.

      • Aaron White

        This happened to me last night. I had to us the terminal command in Twrp to enter in a command line shown on XDA. : Using TWRP’s “terminal command” option to run this:dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/fota
        You’ll have to type that whole thing out, and be very careful with spaces and punctuation. One wrong letter and you could nuke your LG G2

        You do this from twrp-advanced-terminal editor-select. after you do this you should be able to boot into download mode, but the only recovery that works after this is the upgrade recovery program from LG. Hope this helps.

    • mike

      So how do u get out of the loop then?

  • BobButtons

    I want official KitKat too. I could run CM but always have issues with GPS. I’ll stick with debloated stock til then.

    • Billyt

      Debloated stock is the tits on this phone. Haven’t seen anything else that works nearly as well.

  • droidify

    I’ll wait for the brave souls to experiment.

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    No update yet here

  • Ryan

    Man Im rooted but want the messaging in Q slide. I dont want a brick on my hands lol

    • iowabowtech

      Wait for the devs to get ahold of the update and see if they can make it into a flashable mod.

  • litobirdy

    Oh man this update is massively not needed if already rooted.And wow ADDING bloatware lol

    • Blue Sun

      It’s VZW (RE: Root killer & bloat). Par for the course.

  • Dan Lopez

    Where’s my chocolate???

    • Blue Sun