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Android 4.3 Update Rolling Out to Verizon Galaxy S3 Users as Build VRUCML1

verizon galaxy s3 update

Do you have a Galaxy S3 on Verizon? Perhaps you’re the proud owner of a few of the 800,000 Galaxy Gears Samsung shipped last month. If you answered “Yes” to either of those questions, you’ll be pleased to hear that an update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with full support for the Galaxy Gear has begun rolling out to Verizon GS3 users.

Besides Galaxy Gear support, the update includes access to the Verizon Cloud, a ‘Sound & Shot” option in the camera, fuller support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE devices, the ability to move apps to the SD card, and various enhancements to Multi-Window, call settings, Isis Wallet, the lock screen, and notifications. A number of bugs have also been addressed.

The update is rolling out as build VRUCML1 according to Verizon support documents, all of which we have included below.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve received the update, and if you notice anything we failed to mention.

verizon galaxy s3 update verizon galaxy s3 update

verizon galaxy s3 update verizon galaxy s3 update

verizon galaxy s3 update

Via: Verizon Wireless Support
  • Jawbox

    I think the improvements the update bring are pretty cool: transparent notification bar, text message preview on lock screen, wifi no longer locked in the notification tray (it is now a proper toggle) and allows for switching to best connection option, editable quick toggles, default email app better (way more options and looks cleaner/better too), gallery looks tweaked, clock on lock screen is now size adjustable. Some weird bugs though so far: flash seems to flash every now and again out of nowhere?, smart tags don’t seem to work anymore (samsung could probably update right?), not sure about battery life but does not seem worse for me that i can tell yet. I am hoping there are not more bugs that have yet to spring up. It sounds like some of you have already found some out though. 🙁

    • Bobby Edwards

      And ur flash might be doing that cuz there is an option in accessibility that sets the flash to flash when u get messages or something like that.

      • Jawbox

        Thanks for never thought to look at that. I checked and that setting was not checked. I I checked it to see what happens. Than Than uncheck it later and see if that fixes it?

    • Bobby Edwards

      Has anyone noticed that the changelog says they changed the name from starter mode to easy mode but it still says starter mode on my phone. Also my stepdaughter has an AT&T GS3 and hers has a lot more applications to do with Knox. The Verizon version has 1 thing in the applications that says anything about Knox. But my phone is running nice and smooth.

  • samsung kinda related, the 4.3 update broke my sprint gnex….cant keep a data connection 10 minutes before it cuts off. have to go into airplane toggle to get it to connect again.

    Tried cymod 11 nightly but it cant connect to lte. Anyone know of a AOSP 4.4 rom for sprint gnex? I dont like modded roms very much. Gah this sucks lol stuck with sprint for another year. *le sigh*

  • Can anyone confirm if the update includes Photosphere?

    • Steve B

      There’s no way. That’s a Nexus exclusive.

      • I was not aware it was a Nexus exclusive.

        • Steve B

          Yep, always has been and probably always will be, sadly. Unfortunately it’s closed source.

          • Greg

            You should be able to get the photosphere apk online somewhere if you want. I pulled it from my Gnex.

      • Bobby Edwards

        I googled photosphere and found the apk file on Verizon Galaxy S3 and it works fine. Even photosphere works. It did make the voice commands stop working on the stock S3 camera but I would rather have the photosphere camera than b able to say “cheese” or “shoot” to take a picture. Also it says in the changelog that they renamed starter mode to easy mode but mine still says starter mode.

    • JaronDW

      Google photoshpere for S3 and you’ll find an apk to load. No root required. I found mine on AndroidCentral’s forums.

  • Michelle Spatafora

    Installed no problems, so far it looks and works great!

  • Youngfella

    Looks like the callback number is enabled by default on text messages.

  • Steve B

    If you guys value your currently unlockable bootloader, stay away from this update. It will lock you down tighter than Fort Knox.

  • Shane Goodwin

    I don’t see the tabbed UI in system settings. I’m kinda disappointed in that.

  • JohnPA2006

    I have seen “Unfortunately xyzwhatever” has stopped a few times on various apps so far.
    This is not the smoothest deployment of an update they’ve ever done. Not happy. Voice dial stinks now, its way slower and the voice sounds worse than the lady from my 2010 Motorola DROID phone. Not liking this update at all.

  • tex

    A lot of bugs! Camera flash goes on when I get an email. Bluetooth won’t connect to my car properly. Battery drains faster. Wish I didn’t update.

    • hkklife

      Battery life has gotten progressively worse with each update since the GS3 launched with ICS in 2012. I hate to hear that. Perhaps a hard reset is in order? Also, maybe remove your microSD card–Touchwiz still has that horrible media scanner issue where it runs endlessly in the background & drains the battery.

      • Trueblue711

        I agree with the horrible media scanner. I thought this was an Android thing since it comes up as “Android.Process.Media” when checking the CPU usage. Is this exclusive to TouchWiz?

    • grilled reuben

      Battery drains in less than 3 hours. Bluetooth will no longer connect to any of five devices, Camera flash fires when phone rings (directly at oncoming traffic as it’s on an i-mount) and randomly at other times. WiFi is seriously shaky. I am extremely pissed. Verizon is blaming this on everyone else. Why can’t they just go back to the version we had in December until they get the rest worked out? I only receive and place ~7 phone calls per week. Nearly ALL of my usage involves data and Bluetooth. WTF? They have wrecked an $800 phone (paid full amount to keep unlimited data contract). I want a fix or my full money back. A hard reset is totally unacceptable.

  • Matthew Divack

    anyone else getting a consistent force close of the stock Gallery app after the update?

  • mike

    Got the 4.3 update. But bluetooth smart don’t seem to work.

  • Willeminx

    Finally. And, off to throw on Dashclock. Finally.

  • TourGuide

    Does it have a new radio?

  • droidrazredge

    I found this change-log while trying to find all the things Samsung added to the S3 since the Verizon PDF seems to only reflect problems fixed and some new features, mostly with the Galaxy Gear Watch, but seems to detail the rest of the features vaguely. Can anyone confirm if they have been able to get Smart Pause and Smart Scroll to work on their Galaxy S3 ?

  • LukieZ

    I’ve noticed my battery is very slow to power up, any ideas on that? I’ve lost 5% just reading while plugged in.

  • Andy Smith

    see that once again folders remain open after closing out of an app. ARRGGHHH

  • Drew

    Great, It broke the dialer so you can’t make outgoing calls. Every time I hit the phone shortcut I get the “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped”. Didn’t the same thing happen to the S4? How did they not fix this bug for the S3 4.3 rollout?

    • Dave

      Have read you need to go in to the date and time format sections. Change the selection, then change it back…then should work…

      • Will Carter

        Thanks for the tip

  • Stephanie Wells

    Received the new update but all the stock ringtones are missing.

  • Justin

    Awesome update. The phone runs a bit quicker and everything works great. No issues or bugs encountered after heavy use today.

  • Icebird

    literally the only reason I’m excited for this update it for the transparent notification bar.. anyone else?

    • Steve B

      Is this included?

  • Richard III

    transparent notification bar!

  • Relaxn2Jazz

    Downloading in DC.

  • Daniel Storrier

    Just got my update for Verizon s3! So far no problems.

  • Pho_dog

    Got mine in central ohio

  • Sparktweek

    This update seems to breaks FoxFi functionality. Can anyone else confirm? Be wary accepting update if you rely on FoxFi.

    • cleffy

      yes it does. gonna have to wait for an update from FoxFi

      • Mchl496

        Crap… 🙁 right after i update i see this.

    • Growler

      It killed mine, too! Hoping FoxFi comes up with a fix soon!

    • Jeff

      Killed it!

    • Tim Smith

      Killed my SVTP hotspot app too! Sucks!


    YYYYEEAAAAAAHHHHH ABOUT TIME.. DOWNLOADING NOW. will there finally be new life to my SG3???


      ok so far its ok.. nothing great.. i thought i would be getting the new Weather clock .. and new touch wiz? it all looks the same so far????

      • jzwerlz43

        i cant complain so far. its much faster more responsive and i like the new brighter colors. also the ongoing wifi notification is gone im sure everyone is happy about that

        • pizzaparties

          You had the on going wi-fi notification this whole time? There was a hidden menu item you could access with a code in the dialer to turn it off. I turned mine off 2 weeks after having the phone (summer 2012).

          • jzwerlz43

            Really haha I would have had no clue -__- oh well it’s gone now so that’s all that matters lol

        • pizzaparties

          Is your dialer working? Seems like a lot of people are saying that’s not working. I held back on updating since one in the past completely ruined my phone.

          • jzwerlz43

            everything on my phone has been working just fine. i played around with the update last night sitting in bed for at least two hours without running into a hitch. today has been great too even after shutting it off overnight. only thing that annoyed me (completely unrelated to this update) is that dashclock is not supported with custom launchers so i was like eff that im not giving up nova launcher for this O_o

  • mark

    Updated in Boston. Phone runs noticeably quicker with the update. Loving 4.3 so far!

  • Dom Alegria

    Keeps failing to update, I’m on the official 4.1.2 and still having issues

    • Mistah Saif

      Same Here 🙁 , Help Please

  • jzwerlz43

    finally my prayers have been heard!

  • Brandon Fischer

    Updated and it uninstalled SwiftKey for some reason. I forgot how bad the Samsung preloaded keyboard was until I used it. It looks different but I don’t see anything special in this update that will be somewhat useful yet

    • Sandy

      I upgraded today and noticed that Swiftkey was gone. I re-installed the paid version with no problems.

  • Bionic


  • Will Carter

    WOW. The Wi-Fi notification is gone and it has a toggle at the top!

    • Will Carter

      And Blocking Mode!

      • michael arazan


  • droidrazredge

    Yes finally the update comes to the S3!!!! I can update my gf phone this weekend. She’ll be happy to know that it’s being updated.

  • Bionic

    says by me “software update is temporarily unavailable” anyone else seeing this?

  • JohnPA2006

    Downloading now, north new jersey. yay!!

  • Adrynalyne

    Sneaky little skank spammer. Adding in your spam after I reply to you….

  • Nick

    I’m gonna stick with 4.4.2 CM 11 Nightlies and hope they pack in the new radio/modem that’s in the stock build in a future update

    • jmsbwmn

      Haha, I’m right there with you, although I’m rocking CM 10.2. I’ll be waiting for at least an M snapshot before I try CM 11 again.

      • Nick

        If you do jump ship to 11, I’m using the paranoid Android Gapps. The only problem I had with this build/Nightlies was a YouTube bug but they fixed it. Running awesome ever since 🙂

        • jmsbwmn

          I was actually on 11 until this morning when attempting to turn WiFi on threw me into a boot loop. I was loving 4.4, though, especially after enabling the on-screen buttons.

          • Nick

            Did you try reflashing the rom or doing a complete wipe before installing. What Gapps were you using?

    • otter34

      I’m considering getting an sg3, however one thing I’ve come to love on my nexus is the dedicated recents button and how these 3 soft keys can be customized. are those things possible to do with this phone?

      • Nick

        Don’t quote me on this but I think there are certain roms out there that allow you do to just that. I know I’ve done it before but for the life of me I can’t remember that roms name, I’m sorry

        • otter34

          Thanks. Long press to kill an app and the recents app button I use constantly. Now that I think of it, long press to kill is even more important and more frequently used

  • c–dog

    Remember if you take the update you will be locked out of the bootloader forever and might not be able to get root back for some time.

  • Wayne


  • jdhas

    I thought I saw some pigs flying earlier today….

    • Adrynalyne

      Someone threw their Note 3 into the air?

      Kick them in the teeth!

      • michael arazan

        I’ve wanted to use my sg3 as a clay pigeon quite a few times, and probably will with my 1897 winchester shotgun next year when the moto x 2 comes out.

  • landon

    Hopefully a new radio/modem is packed in this update. Love running 4.4.2 via cm11!

    • PrDawg

      There is a new modem. Old modems don’t work with 4.3 RIL.

  • utes_86

    Still pushing Isis? Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • jimt

    No Kitkat love, either.

    • Adrynalyne

      Did you expect there to be any? It takes time for Samsung to add jank.

      • jimt

        I know I guess I should have put a /s. I have a nexus 5 but my daughter has a G3

  • YEMan0443

    Downloading in CT!

  • Jason Dolbear

    I am downloading the update as well.

  • 213ninja

    No Note 2 love yet I guess….

    • hfoster52

      Says one red headed step child Note 2 owner to the other.

      • michael arazan

        I’d guess it will be next and with in a week, or two. It does have a bit more software in the tw for it.

  • Jonathan Alstad

    Only 5 megabytes for Verizon’s cloud storage?

    EDIT: Downloading now!

  • Adrynalyne

    LOL, poor Note 2 users.

    • Cubanito1967

      Even Cricket S3 beat the Note 2 update!

    • Thomas Partida

      I already left my note 2 for the moto x. Samsung really needs to wake up an take care of their flagships before flooding the market with more unwanted phones.

    • T4rd

      Yeah, I installed this. Runs great!


      Stock Verizon 4.3 Note 2 update.

      • Adrynalyne

        Its not stock if ripped from another phone. Just sayin….:p

        • T4rd

          Nope. Read the OP. It’s the leaked official Verizon ROM. Which is why you have to use Odin to flash the latest modem/baseband for it.

          • Adrynalyne

            Nope to that. I was witness to the activity when he ripped it from a Note II. So stock, sorta, but not directly from the source and maybe not even the final version.

          • T4rd

            Then where did the new modem/baseband come from? That can only come from Verizon. I don’t think Beans would lie about that.

          • Adrynalyne

            I promise you, he ripped it. It was on twitter when he was doing it.

    • jboogie1289

      No kidding!!!!! Even AT&T’s Note 2 version is getting their update.

    • Kenneth Browne

      My wife has NoteII on Verizon. she got her upgrade with no problems a couple of days ago.

      • Adrynalyne

        These comments were made 8 days ago 😉

        The OTA has come out since.

  • Matthew Divack

    Yes, downloading now!

    • blah

      I get a LOOOOOT of “unfortunately xxx has stopped”

      Like, hundreds of apps.

      Only way I have figured to fix is to uninstall and reinstall each one…

      what a PITA

  • Ray Gray

    Time out who the Hell is Kyle? Introduction

    • TJWaterskier

      Edit: I have no idea what I’m talking about… :/

      • Kyle Wiggers

        I believe you’re thinking of someone else. I’m a new writer.

        • TJWaterskier

          Oops! Sorry haha