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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T Receiving Android 4.3 Update

galaxy note 2 review

AT&T customers carrying around a Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung should see an update to Android 4.3 this morning, build number 317UCUBMK6. For those who own a Galaxy Gear smartwatch, you will now be able to connect the watch to the newly-updated device, thanks to the added Bluetooth 4.0 support. On top of Gear compatibility, users will benefit from Samsung’s KNOX security feature, which aims at protecting your device from bad software and hacking.

Samsung is also throwing in an updated premium suite of software, the same you would see on the Galaxy Note 3, and that list is as follows.

Premium Suite Features

  • PEN.UP
  • Group Play 2.5
  • Multi-Window (Note 3 Version)
  • Camera – Shot & Sound
  • Group Messaging
  • Samsung Link (Preload)
  • New Easy Mode
  • Samsung Apps
  • Knox

Make sure you are connected to WiFi and have a decent charge in your battery, then head to Settings > About device > Software update > Check for updates, and you’re good to go!

Via: Samsung
Cheers Heath!
  • Khai Alabaster II

    4.3 version really socks. It drain my battery even in save mode and it’s not normal when I charge my battery for 8 hours. Still not full. Please update to the new version or let us update back to 4.1.2! From malaysia

  • juice

    Got my update yesterday with Verizon and it works perfectly fine…. #thenetworkyouknow

  • Phillip Pullion

    can you still get the update if it been unlocked and using another provider like Walmart family Mobile?

  • Issa G

    After installing the update my note 2 can no longer read any kind of sim card . Any help? Thanks

  • ash

    I have at&t galaxy note 2 and there was no update for the 4.3

  • Vivek Chavhan

    Hello All,

    My AT&T android still doesnt show up the Android 4.3 Update….

    Current Android Version : 4.1.2
    Baseband Number : I317UCAMC3

    When ever I check for Software update, it says “Your software up-to date” and When I connect through Samsung Kies and check for Update, Samsung Kies says “Your Firmware is not Supported”…

    Please helpppp !!!

    • ash

      I am having the same problem!!! What the heck?!?

      • Vivek Chavhan

        Ash any Luck ???

        Still not able to Update !!!

        • Ash

          Yes! Two days ago I was able to get the update on my Galaxy Note 2 for At&t. don’t worry, I am sure it is coming to your phone soon! the only problem i have had with the new update is that some of my apps stopped working but all i had to do was uninstall them and reinstall them. I had to do that to about 5 apps so it really wasn’t a big deal.

          • Vivek Chavhan

            Ash will wait .. no other option left !!!

  • http://www.pjcii.net/ PJ King

    Firefox, voxer, Kindle, Adobe Reader, tango, and others keep crashing

  • http://www.pjcii.net/ PJ King

    T-mobile I mean

  • http://www.pjcii.net/ PJ King

    I have a note 2 on r mobile and just got it last night. Though it’s been aavailable for a I’m a minute now. But now I’m having issues were many apps always keep crashing, and spotify won’t load.

  • Vivek Chavhan

    Hello All,

    My AT&T android still doesnt show up the Android 4.3 Update….

    Current Android Version : 4.1.2
    Baseband Number : I317UCAMC3

    When ever I check for Software update, it says “Your software up-to date” and When I connect through Samsung Kies and check for Update, Samsung Kies says “Your Firmware is not Supported”…

    Please suggest. Thank in advance.

    • justin

      Hey im having the same problem have you figured out a fix

      • Vivek Chavhan

        Hey Justin:

        No Luck so far…. still waiting…

        Please help !!!!

  • RK

    it keeps crashing, I think with sites that use flash. Not sure but I hope any issues get fixed soon.
    Most of the update seems Ok so far but I am no phone WIZ to know for sure.

  • RK

    I got the update yesterday and am having issues with the internet app. that I did not have before the update. I have AT&T note 2.

  • RK

    I updated to 4.3 on AT&T note 2 and am having issues with internet app crashing every time I open a certain site that did not happen before the update.

    • adnan

      Same hereee…when i try to play a video on internet app it gets crashed…the videos play for about 10 sec that to it laags n then it crashes….there was no issues before the update…

  • rutgersjaffo

    I’m assuming Verizon will update mine sometime around the year I am old enough to collect Social Security benefits.

    • flosserelli

      I have been running 4.4 SlimKat (Verizon) for awhile without issues. Slick as buttered teflon. No Touchwiz features of course…but I never use the S-pen anyway (I love my Note 2 for the screen size and insane battery life, not the S-pen)

  • jugg man

    I just updated my mom s3 on at&t this morning everthang is working fine for now. My note 2 on at&t just told me that it is ready for a update as well but it’s late like 3:15 in da morning so I will wait till I get up 2 update my note 2

  • Ramont Wattie

    This is the reason why I hate verizon. Like we was suppose to get ours Nov 29th is almost Dec 29th.

    • frustrated verizon customer

      And I was told by Verizon yesterday that some note 2 owners have already gotten the update but could take another 4 to 6 weeks longer before it is sent out to all note 2 customers. Unfortunately we cant get cell service with anyone else where we live. But as soon as at and t puts up their new towers bye bye verizon! And samsung has the nerve to advertise the note 2 as a phone/tablet when you cant transfer stuff to micro sd card!

      • drwynn

        We can’t even get a Verizon signal win our house. We had to buy their $250 network extender to use our phones at our house. As soon as we get out of our driveway, we have a Verizon signal. I’m surprised they haven’t figured out a way to charge us on a monthly basis for the use of it.

  • pizn

    Fyi after upgrading I got an email from Dropbox upgrading me to 50gb of storage for 12 months on behalf of Samsung.

  • http://petervideos.com/ Peter Mansour

    Wow, a fast update….

  • Jonathan Hartman

    So the S3 update between now and the S VI.

    • LionStone

      So the S3 update on att still not rolled out?

      • Jonathan Hartman

        I’m on Verizon, and it is going to take forever it appears. Probably next year. :(

        • LionStone

          Ok…I was wondering about the att version because it was supposed to receive an update for S3 & S4, but it got halted due to issues. But didn’t know if it got fixed and rolled out yet?

        • Justin

          Might be pushing out today :-) Build VRUCML1, look for it!

  • Maxim∑

    Getting a nexus 5, My patience with republic wireless has ended

  • Roberto Taylor

    Verizon is always dragging their feet. I’ll be ordering a Moto X to replace my Note II in the next couple of weeks.

    • napes22

      Verizon is trying to figure out ways to add additional bloatware to the rom before it’s released.

    • rutgersjaffo

      Why downgrade your phone out of spite?

  • Guest

    This blocks gsm Over seas use.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    You make it look good!!

  • jbegs

    FU, Verizon, FU!

  • Rechie

    Where’s the Verizon one? Been waiting a while for this. This will most likely be the last update for the Note 2. I still love my Note 2.

    • Dan

      That and then still have to wait for the gods at xda to release the rooted de-bloated version.