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Google VP of Project Management Details Chromecast Plans for 2014, International Expansion and Open SDK

In a recent interview with GigaOm, Google VP of project management Mario Queiroz, who oversees Chromecast, laid out a few plans that consumers can expect to see from the HDMI dongle device in 2014. Google has seen quite a bit of popularity from the little device priced at $35, which connects Internet content from services such as Netflix and YouTube to your living room’s big screen. Since its release, the service has been extremely limited by what apps it has been compatible with, as Google continues to finalize Chromecast’s SDK for developers. Only recently has Google allowed a large list of ten approved applications to work with Chromecast, but consumers want more. 

In 2014, Queiroz states that Chromecast will head overseas, and in fact, says that folks in different countries should be “pleasantly surprised” by how wide the international expansion is planned to be. A reason Google wants to enter the International markets quickly is to allow developers in foreign nations a chance to have their applications compatible upon release, as the SDK will soon be fully open to all developers across the world. Google’s vision is to have any app be compatible, and Queiroz states that, “there will be an expectation from consumers that any and every app will be ‘castable.'”

With an International launch and an open SDK coming next year, Google is still looking at the bigger picture, hard at work with consumer electronic manufacturers to bring the “Google Cast” standard to as many devices as possible.

Since the beginning, we have always hoped that any app we use on our phones could be castable to our TVs. If it can possibly handle games and other intense applications, then it would nearly eliminate the need for other third party hardware that sometimes costs an arm and a leg. Yes, we’re looking at you Android-powered game consoles.

Hold on to those Chromecast dongles – they’re about to get a whole lot more valuable.

Via: GigaOm
  • Robert Reese

    I$ what i$ to be expected from Google #20134! Can’t wait!

  • g_what

    Wasn’t it open initially (for developers to hack), then Google shut it down, and now they want to open it again? I’m not complaining, just a bit confused.

  • Joey Sandoval

    If there are chromecast games it would be odd to hear someone say “quit playing with your dongle”

  • also just bought a chromecast on amazon for $25 after my student prime discount 🙂

  • how do i play local videos on my android phone onto my chromecast connected TV?

  • jaredgreenwald

    My wishlist for Chromecast support are as follows:

    1 – Anything that has a UltraViolet backend (Flixster, CinemaNow, VUDU, etc.)
    2 – Amazon Movies access

    Those plus Google Play Movies & Music are basically all I need to make this my ultimate streaming device….

  • Ryan B

    Wow, whats with you guys at droid-life today… every article good to the last drop. Nice job and keep up the awesome articles!

  • starnovsky

    Consumers want an easy and well performing way to cast torrents to TV via Chromecast and an easy way to mirror a phone screen. Not a bunch of apps that nobody uses.

  • dragonflyr

    Might wanna check out the RealPlayer Cloud app. I very hesitantly installed it on my PC and phone. So far I’ve been impressed. Going to try tonight with Chromecast. But, from a couple tests on my work wifi, this just might work very well (and easily) as a media server on a home network with chromecast.

    • ddh819

      nice thing about realplayer cloud is that it works with chromecast, roku, and IOS, in case you have been messing around with various boxes

  • sr_erick

    I wish they had a hard wired Ethernet version or adapter for this. While wireless is nice, I’m trying to get as much stuff as possible in my home hard wired.

    • arthuruscg

      Yep, There is only so much wifi home bandwidth available.

  • pdogs

    Did he just tell us to hold onto our dongles?

    • CHRIS42060

      I hate the word dongle, and I am not sure why haha.

      • She_Beast

        It is an odd combination of “dong” and “dangle,” a dangling dong.

        And yet, I like the word. “Moist dongle,” on the other hand… :{

        • Kevin

          don’t plug in a moist dongle, you might fry it.

        • TC Infantino

          Moist Dongle, in your other hand? I lol’d

    • joe

      such wit
      most impressive

  • AbbyZFresh

    Amazon Prime and some live TV apps would help.

    • Michael Gillenwalters

      Options are always nice. I use my Roku and my Xbox for Prime, adding another choice would be nice.

    • dragonflyr

      not gonna happen. well, “probably” not gonna happen. Amazon wants you to exclusively use their Kindle devices .. I just don’t see them loosening the reigns regarding devices and viewing options. Live TV / networks .. no way. The networks are all in bed with the cable/sat providers.

      • Michael Gillenwalters

        Xbox, PS, Roku, etc already do it.

        • dragonflyr

          true. but, when it comes to android tablets and phones.. it just seems Amazon wants you to use their tablet. Since the chromecast is able to open up tablets and phones and fling stuff to the TV (local content,etc), that just seems to not be something Amazon wants to “give up”. They very well might, but probably un-willingly. Basically .. the Chromecast is all about freedom. And I just don’t see Amazon wanting to grant that much freedom.

          • Michael Gillenwalters

            I completely agree. However, it’s on my Christmas wish list.

          • dragonflyr

            agreed. as a Prime user I’d love it too!

          • BroRob

            I’d even consider buying a Kindle Fire HDX if that would allow me to cast Amazon Prime. I’m already on the fence about buying one for my wife so she can have access to the free online library they offer, this would convince me to purchase one.

        • CHRIS42060

          None of these are controlled by a device which is a direct competitor to the Amazon Kindle line. Amazon needs some things maintaining interest in their devices, and the Amazon Prime videos is one of them for the time being.

          • Ed G

            Amazon Prime can be sent from iPad to Apple TV via Air Play.

      • Jeff

        Picked one up a couple days ago – works great with my new Fire HDX.

  • Kevin

    this thing has a ton of potential

    • EC8CH

      Yep… first device to get that the best 10 foot UI is no UI at all. Use the handheld devices everyone already has as the interface and have the TV do nothing except play the content… Brilliant!

      • Kevin

        The more capable they make this, the more likely I will be to cut the cord…tried streaming some TV one time from my computer, but too much lag.

        • EC8CH

          I’m guessing that’s part of the hold up. Content companies fear this thing just like they fear anything that makes putting online content on a television screen more convenient. They have to protect their control over distribution.

          • Kevin

            imagine if the NFL Sunday Ticket/Google negotiations are true… that’s a big reason we have DirecTV in the first place.

          • Adam Emshwiller

            That’s what I’m hoping for. Lose DirecTV and play sunday ticket on chromecast. Its a brilliant idea that needs to come to life

    • Sporttster

      Unrealized potential so far….

  • Jacob

    good… i just purchased 2nd one for $25 through amazon.
    this will be “one of many” gifts for my gf haha

  • jbegs

    $29.99 at Best Buy this week!!

  • litobirdy

    2014, ugh when? Fall? Summer? hopefully early spring the latest.

    • veRdiKt

      December 31st, 2014…. DEAL WITH IT.

  • sc0rch3d

    bought my 3rd one yesterday as a stocking stuff for the little one. she loves watching netflix on the “big tv”

    (and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Netflix for adding profiles over the weekend)

  • Ben Landwehr

    Thank goodness. I’m incredibly glad Plex is available now. However, it can still be a bit annoying syncing new movies. But still glad I can watch local videos on my TV now. And for whatever reason it keeps adding my Season 2 of Game of Thrones as some crazy japanese series, so I have to manually change each one back. But it’s a small gripe. Most update correctly. I still would rather have Allcast working without the need of DLNA.

    Minus Plex, Avia is the same thing, basically. However it’s incredibly laggy/is always buffering.

    Regardless, I love Chromecast. Use it every day! Though if the PS4 had local media sharing I’d probably use it quite a bit less.

    • Booyah

      I’m actually digging Avia. Since you can add your Plex server to Avia, you can still cast all your Plex stuff without paying for that ridiculous Plex Pass. Just watched a few movies this weekend and didn’t lag one bit (I think the recent update solved that).

      • Ben Landwehr

        I’ll definitely have to check that out. I haven’t used it in the last 3 days or so.

        • Chris M

          I havent had a single issue with Avia since the Chromecast support went live. It works like a charm!

          • Ben Landwehr

            Well I’ve actually just tried it. It streams content perfectly from my computer and plex. However, media stored on my phone is awful. You’d think it coming directly from my phone would be a better experience.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I love my Chromecast, I’m actually going to pick up a 2nd one. I brought it t a wedding few weeks ago, tethered it to my phone and used my N7 to cast. Worked awesome!