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Verizon Galaxy S4 Update Build VRUEMK2 Approved – Allows Non-Samsung Chargers to Work, Fixes Other Issues

A new update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon has been approved (and may even be rolling out already) as build VRUEMK2. The update appears to be pretty minor while addressing a few bugs here and there. Things like Email connectivity have been improved, along with making  data roaming more consistent in Canada and Mexico, and better connections while using proxy servers.

But maybe most importantly, the update makes it so that non-Samsung chargers will work correctly with the phone. For those of you with multiple chargers lying around from various phones, throw yourselves a little party.

Verizon’s support page shows that the update is 329MB in size, however, that seems wrong and excessive for something this minor. I’d imagine the documents haven’t been updated yet and are still showing the 4.3 with Galaxy Gear update.

galaxy s4 update verizon

  • Vin

    When will the Samsung Galaxy S4 get the 4.4 kikkat update? does anyone know if there is going to be a Verizon update and when?

  • Daku Otaku

    After I updated from MJ7 to this, I lost my AWS support. I barely get 10mbps now, from getting 60mbps in the same area, pre-MK2 update.

  • Bill Ball

    I seem to have lost USB connectivity as a media device for transferring files to my PC since the update. Still charges when connected. I activated developer option and set USB debugging on and it made no difference. Darn. Also, I never had trouble with chargers IF I used the OEM 12-pin cable. A 5 pin micro USB would give me the low charge rate error message.

  • Rob W

    The update seems to have had the opposite effect for me. I never had any issues charging with any charger, samsung or not. but since i updated last night, NO chargers work. Samsung or otherwise

  • NEdonn

    MK2 also fixed problems with scs-2u01 network extender and S4. Prior to MK2 S4 would not hold 3G coverage reception thus having no improvements to # of bars for phone reception, since network extender works in 3G mode. Tested with Bionic, Rezound, and about five other 4G LTE phones that did in fact work with the network extender from the beginning. Some Iphone 5s users have been reporting same issue with network extenders.

  • gs4user

    well, now it won’t charge with a Samsung charger or another charger. Since the update, the charging system is effed…. #fail

  • RoboCop

    Anyone with this update lose the sound for unlocking the phone?

  • DrAndyRoid

    I am having a ton of other issues even after this update. When I wave over the sensor for quick glance, it doesn’t stay up for more than a second before my lock screen automatically pops up, wifi constantly loses connection and reconnects, speech to text and GPS doesn’t speak until I restart, and the list goes on. These issues started happening on my GS4 about a week ago. Beyond annoyed.

  • Alex Habba

    Can’t update if you have removed Bloatware apps with root, but if you haven’t then you can just put SuperSU in survival mode and install it with no problems.

    Can someone tell me how to get the update with it working and not losing root? at the moment when I try I get an error! (ME7 Rooted)

  • Jeremy Gentry

    Mine is downloading RIGHT NOW!

  • nexpos

    Looks like this DOES NOT fix the annoying Transition Animation Scale bug. When you set it to OFF it comes back to 1x in Developer Options after you use the camera. Really annoying!

  • nanopicofared

    Now, if they would fix the “SD card removed unexpectedly” error

  • Alex Habba

    Safe to update with root?

  • I wish LG would do this with their G2, I hate the slow charging on anything other than their chargers.

    • Nadora

      The charger that comes with the phone is 5V 1.8A. So any charger that has less output will give you the slow charging notification.

      • True, but even 2.0A chargers like the one from my S4, Note 2, and even portable and car chargers give that message.

        • Nadora

          Also true, but there is also the cable. It’s very important and in LG’s case it’s a really well made one.
          This phone likes a short, heavy wire gauge cable (20 AWG power and 28AWG data signal).
          Their wall chargers have the data pins shorted, this tells the phone it’s connected to a proper fast charge source and not a PC/USB 2.0 port that can only output 0.5A.
          USB 3.0 is capable of 0.9A and some newer revisions of 3.0 can output 1.5A or even 2.0A!

          LG does sell replacement adapters and cables, but they are not on their website, you have to call them to order these for some reason.

          Verizon’s rapid charger works with the G2.
          There is also a car charger version or you can just buy the cable separately.
          Hope this helps.

  • Eric E

    Will this break root?

    • Alex Habba

      What I’m wondering too…

  • Andrew Thomas

    Anybody know if fox fi still works after update

    • XvierX

      I just tried it and it worked fine. I tested it with my N7.

      • Andrew Thomas

        OK thanks. I am going to install now

      • Edward Smith

        Bless you brave soul!

  • Josh

    Just downloaded and installed, so far it has rebooted 7 times.. think I’m stuck in a boot loop.. Thanks a lot Obama

    • Josh

      Update.. Pulled the battery after the last reboot (vibrates every time it restarts.) and it has since rebooted 2 more times… No Bueno.

  • Godzilla

    Was not aware of charger issues. I haven’t had any issues when using a 1.8amp Kindle Fire charger while at work.

  • Bill

    But will it break FoxFi for those of us with unlimited data? That is the question…

    • Tim242

      If it does, just use a hotspot toggle. When it prompts to check subscription, you just hit the home button.

      • tu3218

        Does that really work doing it that way?

        • Tim242

          Yes, I used it on my S4, and now my Note 3. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.erez.hotspot

          • tu3218

            What’s that app called? I tried that link on my S4 and pc and it’s not working. Thanks

          • Tim242

            Try thishttps://www.dropbox.com/s/yc95k8k4g5fvyy7/com.erez.hotspot-1.apk

          • tu3218

            sorry dude, that one isn’t working either lol I think the word “this” got attached into the link so it’s not letting me click it.

          • Tim242
          • tu3218

            Got it! Unfortunately when I launched it, it seemed to activate hotspot and when the subscription messaged popped up, I hit the home button and hotspot turned off. Pretty sure I followed all the steps correctly. I appreciate the file though.

          • Bill

            4.3 broke the home button trick. Foxfi was the only non-root tether option that continued to work. Why I posted the initial question.

          • tu3218

            Oh I see. When I got my S4, I had to update to 4.3 so I never got to experience it on 4.2 so I didn’t know of that previous trick since I’ve only run 4.3 on my S4.

          • Bill

            Yea it was nice. Any tether app worked previously just by hitting home when the nag screen popped up. I figure for the $8 I’ll support FoxFi since it works without issue (and will continue to hopefully).

          • tu3218

            Yeah that’s awesome. Too bad they fixed it but not surprised. Yeah I tried FoxFi out but it required me to have a passcode on my phone. I don’t like to have that so I never set it up, nor did I look into it anymore after it asked me that. I’d definitely buy the full version if I didn’t need a passcode on my phone to use it lol

          • Bill

            You can disable the pass code after the fact and it will still work. I did on mine. FoxFi even provides the steps on how to do it. Very simple.

          • Tim242

            It still works on the Note 3 4.3.

      • SaulTKnutts

        I’ve tried that trick, and can’t seem to get it to work. Would you mind adding details about timing, or whether any specific toggle widget is required, etc., etc.? TIA

  • crazed_z06

    lol, my gf just called and got a new device from Verizon. Only half of our chargers were working and I thought her USB port had gone bad.. Oh well

  • David

    Anyone running FoxFi with this new update able to confirm that it still works for wireless tethering?

    • Kyle S.

      Seems to load up and work just like normal.

      • David

        Great! Thanks Kyle S.

        • BH56

          Can you confirm that it worked for you as well with the VRUEMK2 update. Wanted to get a few more confirmations before moving ahead with the update. Thanks!

          • David

            Yes, I’ve used FoxFi quite a bit since updating and it has worked just as it did before. I’m fully stock and absolutely no issues. Go for it!

          • BH56

            Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply and details!

      • Mike

        Good news. Thanks! It would be cool if this update makes it so I can connect to my GoPro Hero’s WiFi without the stupid slow Internet error. My S4 is the only device I have that can’t connect to it.

        • Michael Clark

          Had the same issue, if you uncheck the Auto Network Switch in the Advanced Wifi settings it will connect to the GoPro correctly.

          • hkklife

            Yup, don’t feel bad, as the Note 3 has the exact same bug (at least when connecting to my Canon camera’s WiFi). You can also just manually toggle data off through quick settings or a widget and force it to us wifiwifi, so that might be a bit faster then delving into Advanced settings.

        • ADroidX

          Go into advanced Wi-Fi settings by hitting the menu icon in Wi-Fi then deselect automatic network switch. That did it for me. No more disabled due to slow connection.

  • Colton

    downloading now, thanks for the heads up DL

  • Guest

    got the update immediately. titsss

  • Joe Bertolino

    VZW Galaxy S3 update any where in sight?

    • michael arazan

      Was supposed to be Nov 22nd confirmed by Samsung and note 2 was supposed to be the 29th. Verizon back to its old BS again in stalling updates. Knew it was too good to last. No word in VZW-Community under GS3 either, except for the growing complaints.

  • Sambit Rayginale Willkonson

    This is not relevant to the above article, but how do I get a nano SIM from verzion for my new Motorola X Moto Maker Edition????

    • hkklife

      Go to a VZW corporate store

      • Sambit Rayginale Willkonson

        OK hkklife. Thank you very much!

    • Ian

      It should ship with one, you just need to get it associated with your account. You can usually do that online with Verizon.

  • Mike Aurin

    This is a definite under the hood update to prep us for Kit Kat….right? RIGHT?! Just kidding. I love 4.3. Why would I want that chocolatey, crispy, wafery goodness of a Kit Kat bar when I can enjoy chewy bits of plastic.

  • jzwerlz43

    of course still no word on the gs3 update…cmon verizon pick up the pace

  • argeebee99

    I just reset my phone yesterday after getting fed up with the battery drain and hot to the touch after the 4.3 update. guess I should have waited a couple days, dammit.

  • Turd_Ferguson

    anyone still needing a moto X promo code? My friend changed his mind. Expires tonight at midnight

  • Mordecaidrake

    I use non-Samsung chargers all the time. Am I some sort of magician?

    • Chris

      Same. My Motorola charger has worked since May

      • pball_inuyasha

        Yeah I saw the headline and went huh? I’ve been using a motorola and asus charger so far. I actually just thought where is my sammy charger, it’s still in the box with the protective plastic on it along with the usb cable it came with.

    • Shaunwin

      I no problem here with other manufacture chargers either. Never even heard this was a problem.

    • Mike Hilal

      Nope. The person who writes the changelogs is just a tard.

      • T4rd

        No, I didn’t write that. =p

        • Mike Hilal

          I stand corrected.

    • Kyle S.

      Just because it works for some people doesnt mean it wasnt a wide spread issue since the 4.3 update.
      Just google S4 charging issues and you’ll find plenty of topics.

      My motorola car charger barely worked anymore, and my LG charger at my desk I would have to plug in and out like 10 times before it actually would start charging.

      I did the update, first plug in with a non-sammy charger and boom no problem charging.

      • Marc

        Had the same issue with non samsung chargers. It was weird the ones that did connect took forever to charge and sometimes you had to disconnect reconnect repeatedly to get it to work. hopefully this does the trick.

    • Edward Smith

      The error message I got was basically said “this isn’t a Samsung authorized charger so we’re going to charge your phone really slow to piss you off so you’ll buy another Samsung charger. Share and Enjoy!”

      Using Batter Widget Reborn I was able to verify that two electrically identical micro USB chargers both rated for 5v @ 2.1 amps (GS4 & Droid 4) the Droid 4 charger would 1/4 the speed of the stock GS4 charger.
      No reason for this other than Samsung wants to adopt Apple’s old “all accessories are proprietary” business model without dropping the micro USB jack.

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    Not sure how to tell the size, but it is not 329MB. Took me less than a minute to download.

  • Drooblz

    Has anyone else on the Verizon S4 been annoyed with the ‘WIFI connection is unstable’ message lately? I thought it was just my work wifi sucking, then it did it to me at home too.

    • Jason13L

      I was cruising G+ and it appears to be a known 4.3 issue. Since this hot-fix doesn’t seem to address it I wouldn’t hold my breath for a fix until 4.4 (if we get it).

    • Adrynalyne

      Note 3 does that as well.

      • Mitchman

        I haven’t seen the wifi unstable notification since I installed the last Note 3 update. I used to get it a lot when on a G wireless network.

      • Dats

        Yes I’ve seen it on N3 and S4 running 4.3 stock but I have my old s2 running 4.1.2 and it’s never happened

    • Adam

      this can be toggled in the settings, forgot where though.

      • Futbolrunner

        Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Auto network switch.

        I think thats it from what I remember.

    • Dats

      I noticed the same thing on my T-Mobile version and my girlfriend “had”been having the same issue on her new N3 both running 4.3

      • JoshGroff

        Same with my T-Mobile Note 2. >.>

  • NeilOMalley

    So I started downloading the update and it froze at 35%. Turned on Airplane Mode and it cancelled it. Rebooted and now is says “Software Update Is Temporarily Unavailable”. Anyone else seeing that?

  • moelsen8

    wait, say what? the verizon s4 didn’t allow non-samsung chargers to work? seriously?

  • hfoster52

    Starting my VZW Note 2 update mashing to see if its here as well. Alas it is not….

  • Paul

    Still laughing at Verizon that I got a $200 GS4 from Amazon and kept my unlimited for the foreseeable future. F U VERIZON! HAHA

    • Bassenza

      Did the same and got a GNote3! Hooray for internet glitches!

    • Ben Murphy

      Rockin the G2 here =)

    • laheelahee

      huh? how?

    • steven

      Don’t worry they will change something so people can’t do that or they will go back to it when they lose to many customers

    • MadAtVerizon

      GOOD FOR YOU! I WILL DO THE SAME WHEN I GET A NEW PHONE… Verizon is charging WAAAAAAAAAYYY too much already. I am on Samsung Gal S3 and lost my Foxfi AGAIN!!!! I might root it just to spite verizon. rediculas to have to pay them for a service they are NOT providing, but blocking. Anyone want in on a lawsuit?

  • evltwn

    I have never had a problem using a “Non-Samsung” charger with mine.

  • Jayracer7474

    im using a non samsung charger right now on mj7

  • jamisles02

    Just did an update check and it came up. Installing as I type.


    Installing now…

  • StargateNH

    Wait, What? Standard chargers would not work with the GS4? Was it only the Verizon model or all?

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Why couldn’t it use non-Samsung chargers in the first place?

    • Carlos Lopez

      I was wondering the same thing 0.o

    • hfoster52

      This I think was in response to people reporting slow charging of the phone after the 4.3 update.

    • NeilOMalley

      I use non Samsung chargers and never have any issues.

      • dicksniff

        me tooo

    • Kyle S.

      Quite a few people had problems with non-sammy chargers since the 4.3 update. Either them not working at all, or needing to plug in multiple times to get it to recognize.

    • Mike

      One of the jelly bean updates (i think 4.2.2) screwed up the charging of phones with non samsung chargers. You would get the message “For faster charging use original charger.” I would get this messages sometimes when i used a USB extension cable on my charger or an Android LG car charger. But since the newest update, that message went away. (GS4)


    what happened to the SG3 up date?

    • jzwerlz43

      verizon is of course officially the last major U.S. carrier to still need to update to 4.3….. and still no word of when they will do that

      • MARS GRAF-X

        UGGHHH sucks i cant wait..driving me nuts ..

        • jzwerlz43

          me too ive been checking it for it a few times a day since the leaked november date… who knows how long itl take…verizon is probably still going through its testing phase to make sure its bug free since the original update was filled with bugs…at least when it comes to update quality verizon usually does pretty well. hopefully they get it done before christmas

    • Justin

      The gs3 update should hopefully be coming soon. There is one guy on xda forums with his 4.3 screen shot, he said he got it a few days ago but it could very well be fake, however another guy on xda got the 4.3 update for his sons note 2 on Verizon, beanstown106 helped him get it off his phone and he built a custom rom from it.

      • MARS GRAF-X

        i did the whole rom thing a while back.. on my INC.. it was fun.. but also a pain .. really dont want to have to go threw that..

      • c

        I am the guy from Xda “bulls1969” with the screenshot..why would I fake it ? it has a few bugs on it. I’m thinking about downgrading and waiting for the OTA.

        • Justin

          Got a screen shot of the about device with the build and kernel date? When did you get your vzw gs3 4.3 update ota?

          • c

            yes got screenshot of everything on xda , and got it on 12/04/2013 @ 2:27 am

        • Justin

          Is it a test build of 4.3 for vzw gs3? Not the official ota that they are going to push?

      • michael arazan

        ATT already received 4.3 for the SG3 without the problems the European Versions were having said a few who had it at AndroidCentral. Those people with 4.3 could of been on a different carrier.

  • wolfedude88

    Call me lucky but the gs4 I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks has always worked with my lg and HTC charger.

    • Mike Hilal

      I think they just turned off that retarded message that says to attach your OEM charger. Other usb chargers have always worked.

      • evltwn

        Never saw that message.

        • REN3GADE

          I did once… while using the Samsung charger.

          • Adrynalyne


          • Mitchman

            Verizon’s forums are loaded with people saying their OEM charger doesn’t work with the S4 after 4.3 update. Hopefully that is fixed with this update.

        • Mike Hilal

          It happens when the device detects low amperage. ie, those cheap .5A chargers they sell on fleabay. I’ve seen it come on with the stock charger on my Note 3.

    • DMIG

      Having issues since the 4.3 update.
      Phone won’t connect to wifi unless i turn on airplane mode then off again.
      Just got this new update yesterday and now can’t connect to wifi at all.