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Google’s Mobile Browser-based News Site to Receive a Major Makeover

If you are one of the people who choose not to use an app such as Newsstand or Currents to get all of the world’s news on your mobile device, then you will be delighted to hear that Google is launching a massive update for its mobile news reader. The current reader looks like a much older Google product, but the new version is sure to remind everyone of Android’s design language. And yes, there’s a hotdog/hambuger menu to use. 

The overall look gives off a Google Now-like card vibe, and you can even choose to use a light or dark theme; whichever your eyes prefer. There is a simplified navigation menu, easier integration with Google Feedback, and a ton of other features. You can view all of the highlights below.

Highlights of the new mobile site

  • Improved overall look-and-feel making it easier to read and track separate stories.
  • Ability to customize the webapp to suit your taste by changing the theme from light to dark, the font size and opting for a larger “story card” with more information per story at your fingertips (from the Settings menu, at top right).
  • Simplified navigation to any section within News; just click on the Google News icon (top left) to see a list of available sections (including any custom sections you created).
  • Easier integration with Google Feedback located in the menu at the top right.
  • A weather gadget in the Local section.
  • The popular “Editors Picks” option.
  • Social posts from Google + related to the story are included in the article cluster.

Once the update is live, you can check out the new look at news.google.com from your mobile browser.

Via: Google
  • Still miss my iGoogle 🙁 protopage is ok but not the same.

  • Why not just add news to Google Now? {{-_-}}

  • mikeym0p

    Can’t wait for mobile web applications to become as common as desktop web apps.

  • Trysta

    Will this only affect Google news on phones and not tablets? They revamped the tablet ui a while ago and it has always been a bit resource intensive even if it looks nice.

  • D.B.Evans

    It’s about time. I used to use that site; but have drifted further away as it became more and more outdated.

    Hopefully next they will finally bring the Google Finance app into the modern design as well as finally add international markets to it. That one also hasn’t seen any UI updates in years.

  • Scott Kart

    I can’t stand the unproportionate sizes of the ads and pictures on the mobile site

  • I use the site but have always wondered: why does Google make me sign into the news site more often than gmail? Seriously it’s like every other day…

  • Jeff C

    Why is it called a hotdog or hamburger menu?

    • George Davis

      The three horizontal lines look kinda like a hamburger. Nothing more profound than that. 😉

      • Inquizitor

        I still don’t believe they do, but that’s what Google insists on calling them. I’ll just keep saying “navigation drawer” and try to feel less silly.

        • Justin W

          It is the navigation drawer, but the button is called hamburger isn’t it? Or did they really call it the “hamburger” menu?

          • Inquizitor

            In official dev documentation it’s the nav drawer, but honestly any reference to hamburger or hot dog is just stupid in my opinion. It doesn’t look anything like either, it’s just bizarre. And this is coming from a guy who usually likes the playful names of Android versions (except Kit Kat).

          • F Young

            On some news sites, I’ve seen the three dots or squares stacked on top of each other as the traffic light, which I think is better than hamburger. I think hamburger should be reserved to the three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other, which is used for settings.

          • Inquizitor

            Fair enough, though I’m not a fan of that name at all, this distinction at least makes a lot of sense.
            Anyone else here still miss they wrench icon in old chrome?

    • joseph barrientos

      hamburger, because of the 3 lines, it makes a hamburger like shape 🙂

  • HurrDurrrr

    Speaking of mobile sites that need a makeover…Oh Droid-Life, sorry didn’t see you over there.

    • zwrose

      if you’re going to be critical, at least leave some feedback on what you think could improve!

      I think DL did a great job on the responsive redesign. Certainly better than trying to get the mobile version of the previous site to stick.

      • Inquizitor

        Their entire redesign really focused more on form than functionality. Way too much wasted space, especially near the top. It’s a big problem.

        • joseph barrientos

          only thing difference in function that is different is the global nav on the home page

          • Inquizitor

            By functionality I also mean practicality. Adding so much damn padding so the actual article doesn’t start until more than halfway down the page is a huge problem. And I have a high-density display, so I can only imagine the nightmare on a 1280 x 1024 monitor etc.

        • zwrose

          It’s not perfect, no. But my point was, just making jokes about it doesn’t help DL and their design partner improve. They’ve shown they are listening (titles are above article pictures, now), so productive rather than empty criticism can actually help make it better.

          I actually agree with you about the top of the page having a lot of unneeded space. Lots of padding on the site title (and the text itself could be smaller), and the logo pushed into the menu bar forces a lot of extra padding around the menu text as well. I wouldn’t mind seeing less space between header stuff and the article as well.

          In case anyone is listening, I’ve also had issues with search on mobile – having to hold it for at least a second to get the search bar to stay put wasn’t very intuitive to me.

          • Inquizitor

            I also find the desktop search bar to be strangely configured, it will only appear/disappear with mouseovers. Clicking it does nothing either way.

        • Justin W

          I agree in that there is a lot of white space, but I like the design overall much better than previously. The one thing I would change is the social persistant bar, Leave the social part at the top, transform it into the title bar with the menus, and it would be a lot more useful.

    • joseph barrientos

      not sure what you mean? their site looks great on my phone O.o