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DROID DNA Receiving Update to Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5, Here is the Massive 5-Page Changelog

droid dna

Remember back in September when we found the massive changelog to an update for the DROID DNA that detailed out its receiving of Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5? We still aren’t sure why it needed a four month delay to finally arrive if it was seemingly ready back then, but it actually is officially ready now. Verizon posted up the support documents for the update this morning as build 3.06.605.4. As you can imagine in a jump to 4.2.2 and HTC’s Sense 5, which is an overhaul of their Android skin, the changelog is significant (5 pages to be exact). 

I highly recommend that you browse through all of the docs below, as this is a major change to what DNA users are accustomed to. Sense 5 introduces new People and Calendar apps, BlinkFeed (HTC’s scrolling home page newsfeed service), Video Highlights using camera footage, a new Dialer, and a new Gallery app. Again, that’s all detailed below.

If you were experiencing any issues with the phone, then also be on the lookout for all sorts of bug fixes. Bluetooth, WiFi, video recording, and battery drain issues have all been fixed, among many other things.

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Let us know if you receive it. According to HTC’s Executive Director of Product Management (@moversi), we could see it as early as today.

Update:  The update is rolling out now.

Cheers Mathur and Brian!
  • meak

    Also, I just found out I used to be able to send videos on less than 9 seconds, now you can’t even send videos. Wtf??? Unless I’m missing something, is that since others don’t have unlimited data plans? I don’t get it, why the Hell can’t I send videos in text or email? Anyone know lemme know k, thanks

  • meak

    The text background colors, you have to be in text options and it’s under general. How to get there, open your messages, so you see all texts, like when you can see everyone that’s sent you a text, hit the options, or it’d dotted thing in upper right corner, then open general. Should be there..

    • Meak

      Not *it’d.. I meant “THE”, hit THE dotted thing for options…ugh

  • Guest

    I can only talk to people on speaker any one else?

  • dtaylor

    Can you no longer change the background color in your text messaging? I can’t find it anywhere and HATE what it is.

    • meak

      Did you see my reply above?

  • meak

    Anyone notice the screen touch vibration is really soft.? It doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything, GOD I HATE THESE STUPID UPDATES THAT JUST JACK UP OUR PHONES!!!! U SUCK HTC OR SENSE OR WHOMEVER DOES THIS CRAP.!!!!

  • Braden Nixon

    I hate Sense 5 on my DNA. Can I remove it for the old 4+? If so, please tell me because I am about to throw this phone through the wall.

  • Kari Moen Pistor

    Since the update my texts take a really long time to send… Anyone else and how do I fix it!

  • R.

    I got the DNA update today. I was horribly dissapointed with the stark & ugly design of the icons and the basic black and gray. The organic color features are all gone! No choices either, Very sad!

  • meak

    I’m glad I’m not the only one upset by this…

  • meak

    This is totally lame, the audio now has issues. Another crap job, never update ever again!

  • Nikki López

    I hate it. My texts are slower than ever and sometimes I don’t receive full texts. Who can I contact to fix this?

  • Zenman

    Since the update my battery life has been sucking and my gmail has been sending and receiving emails very slowly. Phone was working just fine before.

  • Bill Pitkin

    I still (12/23/13) haven’t gotten the update. Should I feel picked upon?

  • saywhat

    Did this update break anyone else’s sms? Calls work, data works, but every outgoing text gets “SMS Error 65535, cause 3”

    • autolycus89

      Same issue here… If I use the Hangout app for SMS it works…

      • saywhat


  • kenerd

    Bring back the lock sound! Lame HTC..lame

  • delicate DNA.3rd one this year

    I’m experiencing all these similar annoyances. Also, when using the internet with DNA in horizontal position the swipe-in menus don’t work as well anymore. It seems to think I’m hitting the home button instead…still getting used to the changes…like having to relearn a device I was comfortable with. When are they going to design tech that learns OUR behavior and rhythms, instead of US fitting into THEIR molds.

  • Alan Jackson 44

    Aw, the strangling of technology to homogenize a society as one. DROID is nothing more than APPLE with a different style now. I absolutely hate the new look and feel and in my opinion Verizon has broken there contract by replacing my previous phone platform with one that is totally different without my permission. This is ONLY the BEGINNING of a beautiful END.


    • DNA

      I hate the next word crap!…I’m just glad they gave the option to turn it off….but I agree…this new update sucks…

  • Autobot032

    I am disappointed by the update due to the battery life. I like Sense 5, I like Blinkfeed, and the phone seems faster and more responsive, but the battery is draining fast and charges way too quickly, both signs of a dying battery. It’s not dying, in fact, it was doing quite well prior to this update. It’a big annoyance, too. When it says I have 5-8%, I actually have 1-3 and it shuts down with little to no warning.

  • ellis

    I got the update to my DNA today and I am so upset at how different everything looks. The whole interface is now SO UGLY by comparison. Gone is the elegant, balanced, colorful translucent look, and now we’ve got this flat, blocky, monochrome, “gothic” look that just SUCKS. I know this is a total first world problem but I feel like my phone just got downgraded to an aesthetic that began looking tired 5 years ago… Major bummer.

  • gig

    Yes same here I have been checking all week also and nothing. Its getting ridiculous.

    • DJ Lawless One™

      Power cycle your device then check for update. That did it for me.

      • gig

        How do I do that?

        • M3D1T8R

          Reset it. (Power off and on). I had to do it a couple times… see my post below.

  • matt

    Am i The only DNA user that has not received the update yet? i have checked the software update feature several times a day all week and nothing.. anyone experiencing anything similar?

    • M3D1T8R

      Yeah I was in the same boat until I did a phone reset today after reading about the update. I probably hadn’t turned off my phone in over a month… The reset seems to have done it, as soon as I did it it came up. Also I turned off fast boot (under Battery pre update, under Power after update), not sure that mattered though. After the first smaller update, I had to do another reset to get the second full update to show up.

  • M3D1T8R

    Can anyone please confirm that FoxFi still works after this update? I can’t download this until I know for sure. Just read through all the comments and saw no mention. I some how missed this article when it was originally posted even though I usually check DL several times a day. Today I got an email from Verizon telling me the update was available! That’s a first.

    • M3D1T8R

      Did the update and can confirm that it does still work! Horray!