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Pingdom Releases Android App for Website Uptime Monitoring

Pingdom, a service that almost any website owner should be quite familiar with, released an Android app this morning to support their website uptime monitoring service. If using with your site(s) or server(s), Pingdom will show you reports on which is up or down, allow you to resolves outages with root cause analysis, view statistics on each site, and most importantly, will notify you with alerts. 

I’ve installed the app already. So far, it looks fantastic with a hamburger style slideout menu, easily swipeable pages. and a well-put-together UI. Website owners, get to installing.

Here are the features:

– Get alerts as push notifications directly to your Android device (push notifications require Android 2.2 or later).
– Quickly resolve outages with new and improved root cause analysis.
– View the current status (up or down) of all your monitored sites.
– View uptime and response time statistics for each site.
– View current and past outages as an account-wide summary.
– Quickly switch between all your connected accounts (requires a Team account).

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  • Chris

    Well, it is cool that there is an app, but who is going to control the website from the smart phone? I think that it is not convenient at all. It is much better to use a real cloud-based solution e.g.Anturis, which is more reliable and more convenient.

  • rthvk

    If only I knew about this on Monday… Could have used it on the Moto Maker site

  • Valerie Rub

    is it part web site monitoring locating and performance. Mean tell you where is your web page what location you are target of this web page How much up-time downtime here complete process of web page reports.

  • They’ve had an app for a long time, but this looks to be a nice improvement.

    • Valerie Rub

      I am agree with your comments.

  • Franz

    Huge fan of Pingdom! They should just add Shell and sFTP capabilities and it would be perfect! Putty + Pingdom!