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VSCO Cam Now Available for Android Through Google Play


Android photographers can now grab VSCO Cam right from Google Play, an application that has gathered quite a following over on iOS. After taking a few shots with it this morning, I would compare it to other apps like Camera Awesome, but VSCO Cam’s UI takes a bit longer to figure out; although once learned, it’s much more fluid and clean. 

The app has a built in camera, so snapping shots and then applying many different filters or tweaking looks is a breeze. The filters are on par with what you would see for free from Instagram, but there is also a massive selection of additional filter packages you can purchase for $0.99 each. The purchasable packages look to offer much more in terms of looks and changes for your photos. In addition to filters, there is a wide selection of different editing tools like saturation, brightness, contrast, shadow, etc.

The app is completely free to use off of Google Play, so go give it a shot and let us know how you think it measures of to Snapseed and Camera Awesome in terms of editing shots.

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Cheers Daniel!
  • Valerie Rub

    Does we can take picture in a Dark Night. We are going to next week in marriage party. we don’t have any web cam so we need to make some picture. It there dark night so can we make picture with same result as to campre Day picture.

  • Nayners

    This app is a waste of time. In the crowded space of camera apps, you’d better bring the ‘A’ game. Game, not brought.

    • Agreed. VSCO brought their D game at best.

  • amosk

    Anybody get this working on their LG G2? It installs, but force closes at the optimization screen.

    Oh yeah, and that video was the biggest waste of time. Seriously!

    • amosk

      Ah, I got a reply from VSCO to my negative play store feedback. They seemed interested in the available RAM. I usually have about 600MB free with apps closed. Had to reboot, airplane mode, force stop a lot of services in Application Manager, and it was finally able to load.

      • Robert Macri

        LG G2 has 2GB of ram.. VSCO is too large to run?

    • EternalWolf

      Same for me. I came on here to see if anyone else was having problems with their LG G2 as well. Mine also FCs when at the optimization screen. If I have to do what you mentioned below and reboot, airplane mode, FC a bunch of services, etc., to make it work, then it’s not worth it to me. I’ll give it a bit more time to see if they push out an update, but if they don’t, it’s one more app I can delete off my phone!

  • Chris Rosenquist

    Does any one know where pictures taken with VSCO are saved on the phone? I can only find them using the app. They do not show up in the regular Android gallery.

    • Adrian

      /storage/emulated/0/pictures/VSCOCam on my Galaxy Nexus (Jellybean 4.2.2)

  • Michael Bell

    Am I missing something here? I see 10 basic filters you can already get thru Instagram. Hell, the filters on my Note 3 blows this app away. What a joke.

  • Chippah

    Whats the Big deal with this?
    Its slow and and UI sucks.
    Is this just for fancy hipster photos?

  • shooter50

    Tried it, Ho Hum, Aviary offers better basic filters and a more intuitive interface. Not sure what all the hype is on this.

    • Tim242

      That makes two of us.

  • Adrian

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about the app. Downloaded it and will play with it more today. The UI is completely alien to me so it will take some getting used to. That said, This is the second iOS camera app (awesome camera) that came over from iOS that refuses to use my default gallery/image viewer. I use quickpic and there should be a way to make it use your defaults and not a camera roll. The photos are not where I want them to be using camera roll. Facebook does the same thing and I’m not sure why app developers keep doing things the iOS way. They are completely illogical for Android users.

    My iOS friends LOVE this app so I’m going to dive in to see what the hype is about. Right now, Awesome Camera is still my go to because even though it doesn’t seem to follow Google UI, at least things are somewhat logical in their placement. Hoping for great things in this app.

    • JMonkeYJ

      I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. I use stock Android, so I’m stuck with the sucky AOSP camera and have been looking for a replacement. Camera Awesome, Camera Zoom FX, and this are my top contenders, but I’m really not sure how to choose between them.

      • Adrian

        It’s actually a pretty slick and powerful app. I’m reading all of the internet whining about it and it seems clear that people either never actually dove into it, used it for 10 seconds and said “yuck, basic” or complained that it came out for iOS first.

        I’ve tried so many camera and editing apps for my Gnex and I have to say that as an editor, the only thing that comes close to it is Snapseed. I use Snapseed constantly but this does offer a lot of fine tuning that goes a little deeper than Snapseed. I also appreciate that the film presets allow you to determine how much an effect you want, so every one isn’t heavy handed like Instagram.

        I’ve shot a lot of film in my day and even though I’m mostly digital with weddings and such, I still use my film camera and that’s where this app shines. I’ve yet to find anything on Android that comes close to replicating actual film look the way this does. That said, it’s not without its issues. The UI is just plain ugly. It’s beyond basic and just doesn’t do the tool justice at all. Apps that come over from iOS REALLY need to work out the back button issue. Exiting the app accidentally is a real pita.

        Compared to Smugmug’s Camera Awesome, the VSCO Cam camera is just too basic. I’m finding more features and I’m hoping there is more to it, but they are too hidden if they are there. It should just be obvious and after finally getting two finger function on Camera Awesome (One for focus lock and one for exposure), I don’t think I could go back. Also, ISO seems to be missing too. CA also has video access with a slider which is great for going back and forth.

        I liked the fact that there are some other free packs in the app to download (Levi was a favorite of mine) and I’ll definitely spring for the introductory bundle. Like so many others, I opened the app and thought “this is it? why all of the hype?”

        Then I dug deeper and yeah, I get it now. Until they work out some stuff with the camera part, I will stick with Camera Awesome for shooting but VSCO Cam now shares the top spot on my phone with Snapseed for editing. If this is the first release, I can’t wait to see what the updates bring.

        • JMonkeYJ

          Thanks a lot. I think I will check out Camera Awesome. I’m a little worried about the iOS transplant apps supporting Android fully, tho, which is something that makes Camera Zoom FX attractive. I care mostly about the camera features, and not so much about the editing features for all of these apps.

  • jim

    doubt i’ll need it, just bought the Note 3, goodbye gnex

    • Tim242

      Nice choice! White, or black?

      • jim

        black, gave up unlimited, but got 6 gig for 30 bucks

      • jim

        the battery life alone is amazing, how much you getting on it ? and 3 gig of ram

        • Tim242

          I get between 20-38 hours depending on usage. But about 5 hours, or slightly more of screen on time is steady.

          • jim

            done a lot of reading on it, wanted to make sure I didn’t get burned like my gnex experience, with all the features on this phone plus the best hardware, puts this phone head and shoulders about every phone on the market , when the first one came out I thought OMG its so huge,but its not really that much bigger than the gnex, and feels good in the hand

          • Tim242

            Yeah, it’s crazy how easy you get used to the size. It fits in my back pocket with room to spare. When somebody talks about how crazy it is to have a phone this huge, I just say, ” This isn’t a huge phone, it’s a small tablet that just happens to have a phone app.”.

          • jim

            have any issues with it yet ?

          • Tim242

            No, but I am itching to root it so that I can debloat. I will probably use safestrap to install beans ROM. I used that on my Note 2 and S4. It is TW based, so you.still get features like multi window. You get all apps in multi window. It has AOSP theming. Oh, and Xposed framework is built in. I LOOOOVE Xposed! Do you plan to root/ROM? I have the files ready, just have to do it.

          • jim

            not sure I rooted my gnes, well I had to to make it work, wont do it for a while for warranty reasons, plus I don’t want to lose any of the features, running Bamf on the gnex

          • Tim242

            You don’t lose any features with beans ROM. It is fully TW based. I had the Gnex for a year. I ran AOKP on it the whole time.

          • jim

            so how is the beans ROM make it better ?

          • Tim242

            I like using a TW based ROM so that I still get the features, but can customize it to my liking. Beans ROM leans toward AOSP theming, so that is why I like it. I like what TW does, just don’t care so much for how it looks.

    • Chippah

      note 3 was a big disappointment for many of us.
      fyi – Compared to the Gnex development on the Note 3 SUCKS!
      I dumped my n3 for a G2.. awesome Dev scene like the gnex.

      • jim

        cant wait to dump this gnex

      • Same here, best move I made!

      • Bigwavedave25

        Interesting, I picked up a G2 on a deal thinking I would sell it towards a N3 DE…
        I do really like the G2 more than I thought.

  • Tim242

    Horrible UI. It is not intuitive at all. Chalk this up to an over-hyped app. Snapseed and PicSay Pro FTMFW.

  • Dan

    Is this really all any site has to talk about today.

  • This reeks of “developed by an iOS dev team” or a project manager who doesn’t understand that there are very distinct differences in the way apps are expected to flow between iOS and Android. How else do you explain the fact that there’s no back button support? If you go three levels in and hit the back button, it exits the app. WTF?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yeah, that’s lame. Also, I’ve noticed this type of app/game behavior in other apps/games as well. If I hit the Back button, I expect to go BACK to the previous screen, not exit the app altogether.

      Not the smartest of moves by app developers.

      • It’s probably because, like I said, either the dev team doesn’t understand Android or the project manager didn’t. iOS just has that one button to work from, so there is no “back” functionality like that in iOS. The PM probably said “No, this should work like iOS. Pressing back should just take you out of the app.”

        • Mahercs

          Funny. My brother finally left his iPhone after my many years of my badgering him to try Android. On Thanksgiving, he told me the “back button is the greatest invention ever!” LOL

  • Tom Z

    Was that the most useless video you’ve ever watched?

  • yay!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle Christopher Sheridan

    These are definitely not on par with Instagram. They exceed Instagram a thousand times over.

  • kr8os71

    But why is it version 2.0? Isn’t this an initial release?

    • Kyle Christopher Sheridan

      The beta.

    • Kyle Christopher Sheridan

      The beta was version 1.0.

  • FAL_Fan

    That video is truly a waste of time…truly.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Agreed. It’s like…”Yeah, great…you added some text and transitions to a video. Awesome!” lol

      One would ask why they didn’t just make a 5 minute video of a dev showing off all the features of the app.

      • FAL_Fan

        Exactly! +1 had they showed me what sets their app apart from the plethora of other camera apps I would be much more interested in at least installing it, but for now I don’t even have the desire to waste my time going to Google play to look for it.

  • Trent Russell

    OK putting my tinfoil hat on here….

    App launches at 11:30am EST.

    By 11:45 EST the app has 150+ 5 star VERY LONG reviews in the play store????

    • EvanTheGamer


    • There was probably a private beta taking place on Google Play. so that explains that more than likely.

      • picaso86

        or perhaps paying for some reviews….

        • Valerie Rub

          I am very excited to see there feature.

      • Trent Russell

        The dates on the reviews are all 12/3, though perhaps the dates reset to the public play store go-live date?

  • Colton

    i just want a snapseed equivalent for video, Google…

    • evcon

      Google owns Snapseed. Problem solved!

      • Colton

        i know that man, i mean for video! Like fine-tuned control over videos also, you know?

        • evcon

          Ah, I think you left out the “for video” initially haha

          • Colton

            OH! yeah I changed it immediately (I thought). Haha my bad!

  • another photo app to play with for Android. Lets see how this is.