#NewVSCO is Coming Soon for Android, Offers Newly Designed Community and Search

An updated VSCO app is soon to make its way to both Android and iOS. Not only does the update include a fancy new UI, but VSCO has essentially reworked the entire platform to offer more of a community-driven experience.

Once updated, users can still look through other content creator’s work, as well as search for topics they want to see photos of. While the ability to share your photos with the VSCO community has been there for quite awhile, this update should bring much more attention to that experience.  (more…)

VSCO Cam Updated, Brings ‘Copy + Paste’ Batch Editing to Android and iOS

A highly requested feature from users everywhere, according to the company, is now available in an update for the VSCO Cam application for Android and iOS devices. Called Copy + Paste, users can now select multiple photos to perform the same batch edit on, shortening time spent on tweaking settings for users who like to edit multiple photos at once.  (more…)

VSCO Cam 3.1 Brings Sync, Launch to Camera, and Search

VSCO Cam, the popular photo editing app, has released another update for Android users bringing three headline features to everyone and a few more goodies for select devices.

The first, and probably most important, new feature in 3.1 is sync. Now users can sync edited photos between devices. If I start editing a picture on my iPhone, but have to put it down before finishing up, I can finish the edits on my Moto X before sharing the picture to my Grid or Instagram. Syncing my first photo took a few seconds, but after that future syncs were almost instantaneous. Images that are syncing have a spinning animation over them from the Library view; once synced you’ll see two overlapped circles in the top right corner.  (more…)

VSCO Cam Updated to Version 2.1 – UI Tweaks, Import Larger Images, and More

An update for VSCO Cam is out this week, one which brings various minor UI tweaks and other added features. Users after the update can add larger photos to the app for editing, plus VSCO’s location and privacy settings received updates. The development team also states that the app received a few performance enhancements, which should boost the app’s processing speeds.  (more…)