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Pictures of Supposed Galaxy S5 Chassis Leak Online, Definitely Made of Metal

Galaxy S5

For those who enjoy a good hypebeast on a Friday morning, pictures of a metallic chassis are making its way out of France, being reported as the skeleton for the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone from Samsung. Much speculation has taken place over the past few months, with debate going back and forth on whether Samsung would continue sporting plastic bodies or would they move towards a more premium aka metallic body. Each material (plastic and metal) have its ups and downs, but if these pictures are to be believed, it appears Samsung has finally made a switch.Β 

If this is the skeleton for the GS5, then we can already tell you a few things about it. Since we can remember, Samsung has been placing its cameras in the middle of the backside on devices, but these pictures indicate that the camera and flash will be placed on the edge. In addition, Samsung usually puts the headphone jack on top of devices, but here the jack in placed on the bottom. That’s a change we wouldn’t mind seeing, but both of these changes are somewhat major for Samsung’s design style. As the last piece of info we can take, the charging port at the bottom of the device does appear to be large enough for a USB 3.0 plug, and not just a normal microUSB port. Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 3 sports USB 3.0, so having it inside the next Galaxy wouldn’t shock us.

Galaxy S5

To be perfectly honest, these frames look more like a Nexus 5 body type to us, so it will be interesting to see what Samsung will pull out behind the curtain next year. From the rumors circulating, the company could unveil its next flagship in early 2014, less than a year later after the launch of the current Galaxy S4.

The only thing we can completely confirm at this point, is that the person posing with the chassis in these pictures has long fingernails. Confirmed.

Galaxy S5Galaxy S5Galaxy S5Galaxy S5

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  • “The only thing we can completely confirm at this point, is that the person posing with the chassis in these pictures has long fingernails. Confirmed.” – Best thing I’ve read on DL this week.

  • Justen DeBowles

    Lol… fandroids hate Samsung and Verizon too much to let any good news about either of them change their opinion. Even if those two are responsible for the Boom android had in 2010 – 2013.

    people complained about plastic… so they made metal… Folks still complain. Apparently disliking the largest android presence is the cool thing to do.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Too little to late…Plastic boooy…………..

  • LewisSD

    Not sure why people care about TW being on this phone. If it bothers you just flash a custom rom!

  • master94

    lol imagine Samsung trolls everyone by making the inside metal but the outside plastic.

  • Pally

    Comparing the frame measurements to the S4 and G2 specs, it looks like the S5 may be getting a 5.2 inch screen.

  • CHRIS42060

    So all we know for sure is that Victor Creed may have infiltrated Samsung in France and taken a picture of the Galaxy S5 chasis? I wonder what Stryker is up to now……

  • Someone

    This doesn’t look very curved like the concept from yesterday. I am disappoint.

    • Mike Hilal

      I am glad you are disappoint.

  • jim

    was playing around with the Note 3 yesterday, damn that phone is just leap and bounds above everything out there, love it

  • Pakmann2k

    That is a molding piece.

  • jim

    I have no problem with a plastic phone,, drop that metal one and look at the dents lol

  • joejoe5709

    This looks more like a casting model more than an actual chassis, but okay.

    I’ve seen other reports that they think it’ll be overall larger than the GS4 and a 5.3″ screen. The G2’s 5.2″ is pretty big so 5.3″ is really pushing it. All Samsung needs to do is have a 5.2″ that matches the G2 with no on-screen keys and they can still claim more usable space.

  • Shaunwin

    I know I am in the minority, but I just don’t understand the hype around metal chassis and/or metal uni body design. If a company would put the appropriate amount of design time into the phone or table, plastics function and look well. The Note 3, Nexus 5 , Moto X and G2 all function and look great. Metal chassis and/or metal uni bodies bring so many other issues to game. With that being said, metal accents are a complete different story.

    • Adrynalyne

      Its a fad.

    • TAUSMC

      I don’t understand it either. People with metal phones 95% of them put them in bulky plastic cases. So you still have the “plastic feel” with a metal phone and now the phone is thicker and bulkier. Metal scratches easier, it’s heavier, dents up, non removable battery, and more expensive to replace if it has a removable back like the HTC One Max has. I don’t like putting my phones in cases because I want to enjoy the thinness and design of my phone. With my Galaxy Note 3, I like the flux leather look and feel. Plus it doesn’t show finger prints. I really hope they keep that look for the Note series. Also you have to have a removable battery. My phone still looks new after almost 2 months. If I need to replace the back because it got damaged, it is only around 5 dollars to do. I say if you don’t like the plastic, then don’t buy the phone. Obviously millions and millions of people don’t mind the plastic because Samsung sells more of the S and Note series phones then any other Android phone company. And most of the Apple people that jump ship get the Samsung phones. So people that want metal phones can buy an HTC One, One mini, One Max, and or the teeny tiny IPhone. I agreed with the other person that it is just a fad. A little amount of people fad. Samsung just wants to try to please everyone so they can gobble up as many sales as they can no matter how little amount of people that actually care if a phone is metal or plastic. Oh I also think it is funny with Apple fan boys always talking crap about the polycarbonate “Cheap” plastic Samsung phones are. But yet you don’t hear them complain about the polycarbonate plastic on the IPhone 5C. Apple uses the same plastic as Samsung but yet they don’t complain about the 5C feeling like a plastic toy. It’s ok if Apple does it…lol

  • Dave

    Not to stir the pot anymore, but I’ve dropped my GN2 umpteen times without as much as a scratch. My Bionic vaporized on a 3 foot linoleum floor drop. Granted the lack of an up to date OS probably didn’t help its cause.

  • Leif Sikorski

    I really hope that they won’t do it until someone figures out to make a metal body with a removable battery. So far nobody of the other companies has figured it out. The benefits of a metal unibody are pretty low compared to a better signal and battery door in my opinion.

    • Tim242

      You can have a metal unibody with a removable batter. HTC has done it many times, including the Inspire and Thunderbolt. On the Inspire, it was removable from the side. On the Thunderbolt, the intire body was metal, with a cutout for the battery door.

      • Leif Sikorski

        Yes, you’re right. But those are pretty old now and were pretty heavy compared to the devices we’ve today.

        At the moment Samsung is the only one offering a high-end phone with a removable battery and it would be pretty bad if they stop doing that just to go with the trend of metal unibody phones. The variety of devices has always been one of the strongest points of Android, I don’t want everything to be the same. If people want the unibody they have so many good choices with HTC, LG, Nexus and so on, but there are also people who prefer a removable battery and don’t care that much about the material or use a case anyway. For some the material makes a phone premium, for others the flexibility.

        Another thing is the signal reception – it’s usually better on phones who doesn’t have a metal body. I would prefer if Samsung would just use some different kind of polycarbonate – more like the Moto X.

        • Tim242

          I’m totally with you. I don’t care about the use of plastic. However, soft touch would be a welcome change. I do not use cases either.

        • TAUSMC

          I like what they did with the Note 3. The flux leather feels nice, gives you grip, and doesn’t show finger prints. But yet it still is the polycarbonate plastic. I sure hope Samsung doesn’t get rid of the removable battery. That is one of their best features because I can just change out the battery if I need full charge and don’t have an opportunity to plug the phone in.Or if the battery takes a dump I don’t have to pay 90 dollars for someone else to replace it for me. You can find OEM batteries on ebay for around 12 dollars.

    • TJWaterskier

      Wasn’t the OG droid a metal body (mostly) with a removable metal back?

  • Patrick Crumpler

    I don’t understand the long, gross, yellow fingernails. How do you meet people or even go out in public.

  • panicswhenubered

    Galaxy S5 with Samsung Tizen operating system and Samsung Hub app store, no Google Play. haha… j/k

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    I love a little hypebeast with my morning coffee. Thumbs up DL lol

  • gtg465x

    Who cares about the materials. If Samsung doesn’t make their software less hideous and bloated, I’m not buying. TouchWiz has looked more or less the same since Gingerbread, and it wasn’t very pretty back then either.

  • Bruce

    Well, if this is true, then we can say goodbye to the curve body with flexible screen.

  • Chuck Norris disapproves the finger nails.

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    (All over your body, baby)
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    (All over my body, girl)

    • EC8CH

      +1 cuz Keith Sweat

      • mustbepbs

        Did I ever mention that I know a guy that has the name Richard Sweat, but goes by Dick?

        He actually introduces himself as Dick Sweat.

        Yes, he’s old.

        • EC8CH

          Nope… First time I’ve heard about your Dick Sweat.

        • E A butler

          I am stealing your story .. and will retell it as if it’s mine.

          • mustbepbs

            Well it IS the internet.

  • Colton

    Jack Black approves.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Ah made out of metal, but still runs touchwiz. Phone might as well be made out of dog poop.

  • Daistaar

    If hypothetically this is a GS5 chassis, this would mean that Samsung is now putting the headphone jack on the bottom. You can see the power and volume cutouts, then what would be the bottom with a headphone jack cutout.

  • Rand Paul 2016

    Could be the new F series

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Oh look, a crazy lunatic has appeared

      • rals

        Oh god, here we go again! More Obama supporters out of their hospital beds.

        • Adrynalyne

          Don’t be ridiculous. They can’t afford the insurance for their hospital beds.

          • rals

            LMAO Touche

      • James_75

        Yep, freedom from tyranny….a crazy concept to many.

        • KleenDroid

          Most don’t even understand what you mean.

  • Ant

    The real question here is does an all metal body mean the end of removal battery for the s5?

    • grumpyfuzz

      no, the HTC one max has a metal back that is removable to access micro SD, the battery in that was just sealed in. knowing Samsung, they will probably keep it in there.

    • RXG9

      It better not be.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Already? How many months has it been since the S4 again?

  • Mark Curtis

    It’s just the chassis, Samsung doesn’t know what the phone itself should look like because the iPhone 6 isn’t out yet.

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      Because all of Samsung’s phones recently have copied iPhone.

      I mean… come on. Do you _really_ believe that? _Really_?

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I don’t think Samsung directly copies anymore. It was obvious from an art standpoint back awhile ago when many of the Touchwiz icon art looked too close to Apple’s icon art. Those were obvious “why’d you do that, that’s stupid” moments. The overall design of the phone is a stupid patent, its a block. Samsung would step up a few notches if, IMO, they’d drop the hideous Touchwiz and go back to a stock like interface. But, obviously, people like Touchwiz .. so my point is mostly moot.

        • IanKellogg

          if they could go back to a stock like interface but keep the multiwindow i wouldn’t be able to contain myself.

          • Adrynalyne

            They can.

            They of course, will not.

    • Arthur Dent


    • cancerous_it

      Like how Apple copied the TV remote control for the Iphone 5?

    • BCoils

      lol, nicely done.

    • Aaron

      Really? The s4 and note3 don’t have that enormous Tyra Banks fivehead and Jay Leno chin that the iPhone has been sporting since birth. How do you figure that Samsung is copying Apple?

    • Adrynalyne

      I dislike Samsung as a whole, but that is an uneducated comment. Use an iPhone, then use any Samsung device in the past two years to see how wrong you are.

  • SmokeNMirrors

    Soon we’ll be clamoring for flexible plastic bodies to go along with our flexible displays!

  • nina

    as others have said, it could just be the chassis. it could also just be a prototype cast-

  • MichaelFranz

    thank you samsung….now for touchwiz and useless software features….

  • JP

    My body is ready…

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    They need to make this thing real solid. Metal chassis and shell. No removable battery. Get rid of the SD card to bring it more in line with Android standards. No stupid quadHD screen. Focus on battery life. Lighten up TW.

    • hkklife

      The Note 3 is a massive step in the right direction. I have no complaints there build-quality wise other than the potential fragility where the battery door meets the microUSB port.
      I would worry about a metal chassis worsening Samsung’s already mediocre reception & RF performance. No, the removable battery NEEDS to stay, at least for one more generation, unless they can pack in massive Motorola Maxx-style capacity.
      SD card absolutely needs to stay as it has become a huge differentiating feature for Samsung. With megapixel counts and video file sizes (1080 60P or 4K on the Note 3) skyrocketing, expandable storage is nearly a MUST. Agreed about the 4K screens being a total waste. Let’s settle on 1080P and leave it there for a while. TW needs a massive overhaul in every aspect but the camera app.

      • pizzaparties

        Samsung’s reception is so bad. I’m happy with my S3, but I think I’ll be heading back to Motorola because of the reception issues of Samsung. In my city (NYC) 2 bars is usually the best I get.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        SD card is not necessary, though upping the internal storage is. 4K video is cool, but it feels forced considering that 1080p is already pushing the limits of human sight at reasonable distances. I’d rather have a more accurate/efficient/higher DR sensor than a higher resolution video one, especially considering it will still be several years before 4K panels become mainstream enough that having that video capability on your smartphone will matter. As for removable battery, its a trade-off, removable can be convenient but it is a pain to have to design around and it has many more limitations and restrictions than a non-removable cell.

    • crazed_z06

      Speak for yourself. The Note 3’s screen is stunning. I know everyone says 720P is “good enough”, but I want more than good enough. I dont see why people like dont SD cards. I have 40GB of MP3s of in my Note3. Total space on the device is 96 GB. Battery life is not an issue either. Phone goes nearly 2 days with heavy usage.

      • Adrynalyne

        Your definition of Heavy Usage is quite light then.

        • IanKellogg

          its 1pm now, i have been listening to sirius xm on my note with the screen off the whole time on 4G and im at 70% battery. I would not say this thing lasts 2 days. It is quite good though.

          • Adrynalyne

            Right. I stream Pandora 8 hours a day while on LTE, and Im at 60% when I go home. That is with the screen off the entire time. So it is good, but not two days good. Imagine if it was heavy usage.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            You listen to Pandora on LTE like you don’t care about paying huge overage fees! (line stolen and edited from The IT Crowd).

            That or you have unlimited still πŸ˜‰

          • Adrynalyne

            I still have unlimited πŸ˜€

    • Arthur Dent

      “quadHD”… like 3840×2160?

      LOL. Yeah, that’ll happen.

      • Adrynalyne

        I think he meant quasiHD. I hope, anyway.

      • Just_Some_Nobody

        Reread what I said.
        I wasn’t saying they should do it.

      • Just_Some_Nobody

        That would be quadFHD.

        I said quadHD which is 2560Γ—1440.

    • Trueblue711

      Sorry, but I love my removable battery (which I just had to replace), SD card slot which gives me an extra 64gb for $40, and my 720p screen on my GS3.

      Based on your preferences, an iPhone sounds like a good fit. I like my choice, thank you.

      • Just_Some_Nobody

        I have an LG G2 and am quite happy with it, thankyouverymuch.

  • Jordan

    I’m already in love! Sign me up for a 2 year contract now Verizon! πŸ™‚

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    it’s just the chassis. The 5c chassis is metal too.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Could just be the Chasis… I don’t think Samsung cares about dumping more money into costly materials… they love their plastics.

  • hyperbeatser

    praise jesus if samsung is actually finally moving away from all plastic!

  • WCM3

    that guy needs to cut his fingernails..

    buzz, your girlfriend, woof…

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      He needs those to snort his cocaine

    • tutaina

      we also can assume this is an asian dude living in france

    • Leif Sikorski

      Different countries – different cultures. In some asian cultures long fingernails are still some kind of status symbol to show that they don’t have to work in a factory. To us it mind sound weird, but we’ve many weird behaviors as well. Although they usually keep just one long.

      • KleenDroid

        Is Kellex Asian? πŸ™‚

  • Sqube

    If the phone is actually metal, it might be time to give Sammy another chance. I’m loving my One, but I’ve learned enough to know that brand loyalty is a fool’s errand if that brand isn’t giving you anything.

  • sparty569

    But but but, it isnt curved.

    • BCoils

      curves or no sale! how do phones that aren’t curved sell???