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Dead Zebra Begins Preview of Series 04 Android Collectibles, Here are the First Two


As you have probably realized over the last couple of years, we’re big fans of Android collectibles. Each time the folks at Dead Zebra post up a new series or limited edition Bugdroid, we’re all over it. Like earlier this week, when “the vault” opened, giving us a second stab at some of the rarest of the limited runs. Or coming soon, when they release Series 04. 

That’s right, Series 04 is done and in preview mode. DZ has already posted up the first two collectibles (“Astronomiton” and “Fisherman”) for the collectors in the building to see, one of which was done by Andrew Bell, the other by Kong Andri.

Like Series 03, there are all sorts of collaborations with artists like Kong, Sergio Mancini, Fakir, Shawnimals, kaNO, Kronk and Scott Tolleson.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the previews, but we were told to expect the full boxes within a few weeks.

Anyone else excited as we are?


Via:  Dead Zebra [2]

  • Higher_Ground

    Those are definitely slick but there’s no way I can get away with adding more to my collection. Might have to put a few up for sale at some point.

  • TylerChappell

    These are far more exciting than any console release. Fact.

  • Blue Sun

    Astronomiton will be mine!

  • Rovindra Singh

    That Fisherman one looks awesome, can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    • Cathy

      im digging this series more then others. i’ll grab that astronomy one it goes on sale.

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    • TylerChappell

      Hopefully it’s not too fragile with the pole and line lol

  • morgan boyle

    im digging this series more then others. i’ll grab that astronomy one it goes on sale.

    • James Friedman

      What makes you dig it more?…. You’ve only seen two

      • zurginator

        They both have handlebar moustaches…. How can you turn that down?