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Neptune Pine Smartwatch Hits Kickstarter, Hoping to Receive $100K for Mass Production

Neptune Pine

The Neptune Pine, a smartwatch first unveiled many months ago, has now landed on Kickstarter. You may recall, the device was already up for pre-order back in August, starting at $335 a unit. Well, the company is looking to leverage crowd funding to raise $100K to help mass production costs, a goal they say is within reach. 

As a refresher, what separates the Neptune Pine from other smartwatch models is its ability to run full Android apps, not tweaked versions that you would see running on Galaxy Gear or Pebble. This is an all-in-one, and is a full standalone device that does not need a constant Bluetooth connection to a smartphone. In essence, when you leave the house every morning, the only thing you will need to take with you is the Pine. It’s an interesting device, and we’re curious to see if there is any demand out there.

For a $199 backing, you can get a 16GB Jet Black pine, quite the deal compared to other offerings on the market. There are plenty of cheaper pledge offers as well, so go check out the Kickstarter page, then let us know if you decided to pledge.

Via: Kickstarter

  • DJyoSNOW

    Huh it would not take my cc and I have funds to fund. HUH (anybody)

    • Neptune Pine

      That is odd, this is the first time that we have heard about this. KickStarter is taking care of the payments, we do not have any control on the credit card process. Have you tried from a different browser?

      • DJyoSNOW

        I did try on my phone and PC…feel free to gmail.com me if there is any other solution. I’ll try again at my house later today. THANKS FOR THE OUT RESEARCH: I want one ;D

        • DJyoSNOW

          I’m getting so frustrated kickstarter says its unable to send me emails from the one I signed up from. It won’t change when I update it either. Oh well I’m soon yo just give up and cancel the account NO CLUE just seem sketchy.

      • DJyoSNOW

        Neptune Pine my bank saw the change as possibly fraudulent. It was possibly a over seas charge I had to verify from kick starter. Also I wish and hope my cc gets charged in good faith right away cuz I have the funds now. Wow what a hot mess….no I have no clue or verification even though the bank is to approve payment.

  • James

    way too large for a watch

  • Neptune Pine

    Hello all, we understand your concerns about the size of the Pine.

    The watch was designed to maximize functionality. The size allows users to access all the native Android apps, video chat, and easily access a full QWERTY keyboard amongst many other important things. Anything smaller would make regular usage of the smartwatch very painful.

    • Mikeg1969

      Looks like people agree…..just checked the kickstarter page again and it’s gone from 136 to 189 backers. $41k out of $100k with 32 days to go, I will have my PINE! 🙂

  • Wombat Face Killer

    Hello Tim-o-tato. My name is Poe-o-tato.

  • eyekey


  • fauxshizzl

    That thing is huge. Reminds me of the thing Leela wears in Futurama.

  • Mikeg1969

    In for one…I already wear a 53mm Invicta so this shouldn’t be uncomfortably bigger and for work being able to pair my bt headset with this and not have to carry a phone works perfectly for me.

  • Brian Wolfman

    Lord that thing is massive. i like my nice big LG G2 screen (assume note fans and others would agree). I want an extension of my phone I can use. Why would I want a step back in hardware? Simple people. Ugh, apple is gonna make one that works perfect and its gonna piss me off.

  • Kyle Miller

    Wow! Companies are really trying to make these watches the next big thing! I just don’t see this taking off anytime soon.

  • NexusMan

    If it wasn’t the size of a Sidekick.

    • Adrynalyne

      I know, its a little small. All smart devices start life this way. Just wait for the 5+ inch 1080p models.

  • Adrynalyne

    *Looks at watch*

    *Looks at large fingers*

    *Looks at the dialer buttons*

    Not for me I guess.

  • jbdan

    Thinking I’m in the minority (and an ole fart…), but I don’t want anything like this on my wrist. I want an Omega or a Rolex or a really nice Grand Seiko that has classic timeless looks. A watch that can be passed down to my son and so on. I’ll keep my smartphone on my smartphone.

    • Adrynalyne

      I don’t think you are in the minority…

    • JBartcaps

      How long have you been lingering?

    • Raj Bhatt

      Unfortunately Rolex watches don’t come for a pre-order price of $199.

      • jbdan

        That is precisely the point of my post 😉

  • Ian

    This would make telling Google Now to “Beam me up Scotty” that much cooler.

  • Droid Ronin

    Why not just tape my phone to my wrist?

    • NexusMan

      That’s what you would be doing.

  • Jon

    You’ve gotta be kidding me! This thing is comically huge!

    Here’s a hot tip…if you are single…don’t buy this. My wife would laugh me out of the house at first sight with this thing on, and I’m not kidding.

  • DRAF_Werd

    Not saying this doesn’t look somewhat cool, but good god it looks massive.

    • NexusMan

      First red flag: when they zoomed in a super close up of his face when he said “This is the new Neptune Pine.” They never show a close up on his wrist…because it looks ridiculously huge on him.

  • Ian

    If ya like em thick!…

    • I like big watches and I cannot lie. You other brotha’s can’t deny…that when a watch comes in with an itty bitty…oh nevermind.

  • Booyah

    I think Pebble has the right idea here; let the smartwatch be an extension of the phone, not a replacement. I’m definitely not looking to replace my phone with a watch. Surprised more companies aren’t realizing that.

  • The fact that Gear has sold 800,000 in 2 months and this one, which actually looks pretty cool, will probably sell next to nothing is just sad. I guess it’s a testament to what you can do with an unlimited marketing budget.

    • Booyah

      That, and it’s a lesson that sales don’t equal quality.

      • That’s the truth.

    • Ian

      800,000…With like what 40% return rate….ouch.

      • Not sure about that part, but Samsung announced either yesterday or today that Gear has sold 800,000 in 2 months. Not sure if that includes the returns or not. But that’s a good point. It probably doesn’t.

        • Cameron

          I think I heard that was just the number of devices that they shipped to retailers. I highly doubt they sold that many of those things. I certainly haven’t seen anyone wearing one.

        • fauxshizzl

          Pretty sure it is 800,000 shipped, not sold.

    • Adrynalyne

      Don’t be ridiculous. Samsung sold all that stuff due to superior products vs. everyone else. Marketing had nothing to do with it.


  • Guy Pierce

    Again, looks way better than Gear!

    • Ray Gray

      the thing looks like a tank

      • Guy Pierce