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Motorola Announces the Moto G, a “Premium” Experience Starting at $179 Off Contract

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This morning, Motorola officially unveiled their new smartphone dubbed the Moto G. It’s every bit as mid-range as we expected it to be because that’s exactly the point. Motorola doesn’t think that off-contract buyers of smartphones should have to pay $600 to enjoy a premium experience that’s capable of running the latest apps and versions of Android. With Moto G, you are looking at a phone with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, HD display, and a price starting at $179 full retail. Yes, we’re now talking sub-$200 for a smartphone.

In terms of features, the phone runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (quad-core) processor and shows off Android through a 4.5-inch HD display (edge-to-edge). You are looking at an un-skinned Android 4.3 out of the box, with an upgrade to Android 4.4 Kit Kat coming in early 2014.

Should you be looking at a downside, there is one major feature missing: LTE. The phone will work great on HSPA+ and even CDMA, but unfortunately, an LTE chip was not included.

If you were hoping for some of the customizable options that are included in Motorola’s flagship Moto X, you get some of that as well. There are 19 customization items in total, thanks to interchangeable backs called Grip Shells, Flip Shells, and Motorola Shells. It sort of is like a mini-Moto X in a way.

The Moto G goes on sale this week in Brazil and parts of Europe. In the following weeks it will land in Latin America, Europe, Canada and parts of Asia. A U.S. launch is expected to happen in January 2014.

The U.S. variant will cost $179 for an 8GB model and $199 for a 16GB model.

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Via:  Motorola

  • Joe Butler

    What an awesome value. Go Motorola/Google.

  • volvolove

    AWESOME NEWS!!! I had a iPhone 5 on verizon and sold that bad boy to get a Nexus 5 – On T-mobile I have the $30 plan for the Nexus. Now, trick is to get a flip phone for verizon and drop 3g/4g – I have 4 mo till the chains and shackles are lifted! from verizon, my bill is cheaper having two phones over one!

  • chris125

    Well this looks like it is aimed at showing that Kit-kat really can run on lower specs and run well.

  • http://www.mecha-digital.com/ Jason@MechaDigital

    Gah, they had me interested right up until “no LTE”

  • JT

    Does it have Active Display or Hands Free stuff like the Moto X?

  • J Dub

    Battery size? Is the Snapdragon 400 a 28nm process chip? I don’t really care about LTE with H+. The H+ networks tend to be less crowded now.

  • ggverizon

    Do realize this has no LTE.

    Bummer. Another phone Verizon won’t get

    • chris125

      verizon is getting it…

  • j

    Merry Christman, Mom!

  • Jarred Sutherland

    That’s a fantastic price for what looks like a pretty good device! If it gets the same treatment with updates that the Moto X seems to, I will have to use this as a recommended phone for those looking to keep their budget in control.