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Android 4.4 Update Rolling Out to Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 7 2013, and Nexus 10 Starting Tonight

Kit Kat

The time has come for owners of both the old and new Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets to update to Android 4.4 aka Kit Kat. The official Twitter account from Google says the updates will begin rolling out tonight, so start mashing those “System Update” buttons inside your Settings menu. 

As for Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 w/ cellular data, Google states that those updates are taking a bit more time to bake in the oven and will be available “soon!”

Kit Kat

Once you see the update, let us know which device you have an how much you are loving Kit Kat!

Via: @Android

  • Rob Kein

    Still haven’t gotten the update on N7 2012…

  • mcdonsco

    STILL nothing…big fat zero…nadda…zip, zero, zilch…


  • T Griffin

    I still haven’t gotten the update to my Nexus 7 2013, and it’s been 3 days. How long does it take???

  • Lee

    Still nothing for my Nexus 10. Even tried the Google framework trick. Getting frustrated!

  • Jom

    There’s no update for Nexus 7 (2013) owners here in Germany….wtf google!?

  • JohnPA2006

    Still no update yet, in New Jersey USA, 3:50pm EST

  • 198321

    When somebody says I want it now – your comments are give this kid a tissue? C’mon
    I really miss iPad. Got this nexus 7 but google can’t even get the update on their own devices, what about HTC? LG? Sony? Gonna take months and months. And I can wait, but if they say .. rolling out update today – and nobody really (or 1% of users) get update, and still nothing next day .. its annoying … Oh wait Google lies all the time so no surprise. Apple products are more expensive, but at least you know what and when you get it. With Android it’s wait and see ..
    +the update doesn’t even change anything, it’s the same Android we had 3-5 years ago .. Wish they add some features people actually use (not Google+)

  • mcdonsco

    Still nothing on my 2013 N7 – and I don’t want to side load it.

  • n11

    No update in Canada yet for the new N7.

  • MJZ

    No update for me on either of my N7’s (1 original and 1 v2)

  • KleenDroid

    I’m still enjoying my original Nexus 7!

  • amiel enriquez

    I still dont have the update im from philippines

  • amiel enriquez

    I still dont receive the update im from philippines

  • Joshua Rewerts

    Any word on HTC One GPE?

    • Hothfox

      You know, that’s what I’m most curious about. They got everyone excited about GPE phones, and said they’d receive updates pretty quick, but I haven’t heard so much as a rumor about a 4.4 update for the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • argeebee99

    Appx 9:30 AM EST, no update yet. 🙁

  • chris_johns

    now…since my og n7 is unlocked i just need someone to rip this and post a flash for it…lessss go devs

  • donkeykong85

    Ive been running 4.4 for about 12 days now on my gnex. Very fast. I really like it a lot better. ART is a much better too.

    • Hothfox

      Oh, that’s what I was going to do. I meant to switch to ART on my N5 and forgot. 😛 Thanks!

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    It will take months for the update to reach to Europe!

  • Pedro

    Just give me some factory images and I’ll be good.

  • wmsco1

    Will not have the Google new experience Launcher and some other Features.

  • what about the S4 google edition

  • Eric Bright

    This is the reason why I’m considering to shift to Apple — I’m extremely tired of waiting for everything to “roll out” and weeks it takes to reach my phone!

    • fartbubbler

      iOS7 was a rollout too. My son’s phone got it well before my daughter’s phone.

      • Eric Bright

        But it was so quick and I don’t think your daughter had to wait even minutes. What I noticed is that iOS updates happen simultaneously according to the regions, I don’t know if I am wrong.

        • michael bourgoin

          you also will be shorted features by device. This is one thing that Apple fanboys like to leave out when they talk about fragmentation. So yes, iOS 7 was updated to a whole bunch of different devices, except many of the devices had core features disabled and many were extermely buggy as the result of not really being able to handle the os. The same has been true of all the iOS updates

          • Hothfox

            This. Comparatively, I’d rather be left on ICS or Jellybean than have been pushed the KitKat update that my phone really can’t/shouldn’t support.

            I never really understood Apple’s fragmentation argument against Android. Apple leaves devices behind or leaves feature support off an iOS update for certain devices, thereby FRAGMENTING their lineup, doy.

    • jbdan

      That’s a reason to “shift”? Why does everyone this day want everything right now 🙁

      • blackmagick20

        That’s the problem with today’s society. Too many people have become ‘I want it now, or else’ type of impatient sheep. If people weren’t constantly checking on the internet for every little detail, then this wouldn’t be a problem. Yes, I’m guilty of hitting my ‘check for update’ button quite a bit on my new Nexus 7 tab, but I’ll get it when I get it. I have things like a life and a job that mostly come first. Just my two pennies.

    • Steve B

      Get this kid a tissue.

      • Tony Byatt

        Get him some Pampers…What a baby…

    • Admfiff

      Does your phone still work in the short period when you Nexus isn’t the latest anymore? Yes. A few weeks after waiting months for the next Android version is nothing.

  • Nick

    just checked and still no. Now does tonight mean tomorrow morning cause its 2:01 am here in New England.

  • Israel

    Has anyone gotten it yet?

    • ryan savini

      I have no idea, but i need it…

    • a.d.AM

      Nothing in NYC as of 8am =(

    • clobberedchina

      It’s a little after 7 AM Mountain Time here. Nothing yet.

    • Jpx

      I still haven’t!

  • ryan savini

    have yet to see my update yet…. CM’ON!!!

  • Guest


  • droidrazredge

    Wait, Tim-o-tato does that mean since 4.4 is rolling out tonight I can expect a PR Announcement from Verizon tomorrow stating that I can use my Nexus 7 LTE on their network like they said I would be able to when 4.4 comes out or will I hear now we have to wait for Android 4.5 ?

    • Albert

      You are going to have to wait for 4.5 at least.

    • Adrynalyne

      Now they need another 4-6 weeks to recertify.

      • joder

        ^— This.

      • Jason Kahn

        That”s assuming they don’t find another “Bug” best hope is 4-6 weeks expectations is 3-6 months

        • Adrynalyne

          Yeah. I defended them the first round because hey, I am a software developer and understand system upgrades take some time. Now it comes out that they are just lying and avoiding the issue.

  • Dorian Brooks
  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Guest


  • Sean
    • grayson360


    • Dorian Brooks

      Ummmm…. Oh’kay

    • Puck85

      Japanese people with crayons make the worst stuff my eyes have ever seen.

    • sakitech

      I need to know what this anime is. Speak.

      • Sean

        Plastic NeeSan

  • Hatyrei

    I rooted my Nexus 7 2013 and running just the stock ROM. Will I still receive the update?

    • JRUIV


    • mgamerz

      yes, it will likely wipe root (almost guaranteed) as it overwrites /system

    • blackmagick20

      No. I have two friends that rooted their 2013 Nexus tablet and they can’t get updates.

    • Steve B

      As long as you didn’t modify anything within the System or remove any apps.

  • Dave Whyte

    Just make sure if you get it you do a logcat to get the download link or pull the update once it is done to share with everyone!

  • Matt

    Sweet. My nexus 7 is ready.

    • Albert

      My body is ready.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I wonder when my Galaxy Note 3 will receive Kit Kat 4.4. Hopefully soon!

    • MistaButters

      Who’s your carrier?

      • EvanTheGamer

        Verizon…neva mind. Guess my GN3 won’t be getting the update any time soon.

        Damn! lol

        • MistaButters

          I won’t post the laughing politicians again. But just know, it goes here.

  • Tom Z

    Do I have to do anything if my 2012 N7 is Unlocked and Rooted before trying to take this update? For that matter will it even work?

    • EvanTheGamer

      I was wondering this exact thing myself.

      I tried getting OTA updates on my Galaxy Nexus way back when, but because it was unlocked/rooted, it wouldn’t take. So I’m thinking the answer is no. Hope I’m wrong!

      • blackmagick20

        My buddy wasn’t able to update because he has his 2013 Nexus 7 rooted.

    • rivard35

      as long as its stock image it should be fine, I could be wrong…but i do know for a fact it will update even if its unlocked.

    • Mike

      My unlocked/rooted 2012 N7 pulls updates perfectly fine. It will just unroot you. But it won’t lock your bootloader.

      • Tom Z

        Will I be able to get root back?

        • Hothfox

          Just hook it up to ADB and push the super user .zip like you did to root it in the first place?

  • Liderc

    Random, but are there any brick and mortar stores that might have a Nexus 5? Thinking about just buying one and testing it on straight talk or something to see how the coverage is.

    • Derek

      I’ve seen Best Buy stores with them in stock

    • Guest

      I bought mine from Best Buy, they have it listed as the Sprint version, but since they’re unlocked I bought phone only and brought it to T-Mobile.

      • Liderc

        Did they have it for the same price as the Google store?

        • slider112

          Looks like $450… for the 16gb :O

          • Ian



      Ill sell you my N5. Just can’t take the leap to drop Verizon.

    • Hothfox

      I think you can buy them at Best Buy for a markup.

  • mmoreimi

    Just got my 2013 n7 today and unlocked the bootloader…did nothing else. Any idea if I’m still able to get the 4.4 OTA?

    • AbbyZFresh

      Not yet, OTA is still not in mine yet.

    • derpaderp

      unlocking the bootloader has no effect on whether you’ll receive an OTA.

      so don’t worry, you’ll get it when it’s pushed to your device (or if you do the google services framework workaround)

    • Dave Whyte

      Yeah unlocked bootloader will not stop you from getting the OTA. Only thing is if you modified anything else or are running a custom ROM.

    • capecodcarl

      No. You’ll get the update as long as you’re running the stock ROM. Be patient and eventually you’ll see a system update in the notification area.

  • xzombiex66

    Hell i still haven’t gotten the official hangouts update, not very confident ill ever get this lol

    • BuckNut23

      You aren’t the only one waiting impatiently for the hangouts update… I don’t understand what’s taking so long.

    • Albert

      Just side load that b*tch. The market version that was posted a few days again on this website (not the nexus dump version) works great. After updating I recommend wiping hangouts data then rebooting to ensure its workability.

      • TylerCameron

        You realize the sideload version has bugs that causes text to get cutoff at the ends of bubbles and fc’s when doing a video call, right?

        • Milind Shah

          as he said that was the nexus 5 dump version!

      • xzombiex66

        So i side loaded it, seems to be ok, but will i continue to get updates through the play store? I cant remember as its been a while since i side loaded a google app.

    • DERP

      Weird. I’ve gotten the SMS update on two devices a few days ago. Even got another Hangouts update after that (no visible changes).

    • Malcolm James II

      EXACTLY how I feel!! Lol

  • Does the trick of clearing the data/cache on System Framework still work to try to force the update?

    • tu3218

      I’ve been trying. It may still need to be officially released from their servers. Not exactly sure how it works though.

    • Lucas Rains

      I just tried it a couple times. No luck.

      • ok. i’ve tried 3 times. no luck here either. pins and needles.

  • Mike Aurin

    Has there been any information on Samsung’s intent to update the S4/Note 3 to 4.4? I’d assume it would receive it eventually but I think they are the only company who hasn’t given a time frame.

  • Morbid138

    Can someone gimme a link on how to get my rooted Nexus 7 2013 back to stock so I can receive and install the update!? On a side note, does anyone know how to get the AOSP Browser running on the Nexus 5?

  • Jonathan Gonzalez

    Tim be on that writing grind

  • cjohn4043
    • S2556

      wtf is that

      • Jimmy Baez

        Avatar: The Last Airbender. One of the greatest shows ever.

        • AbbyZFresh

          Season 2 Korra is starting to get up there too so far recently.

          • Jimmy Baez

            I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Korra, but I just can’t get hooked on it as much as I was with The Last Airbender. I used to love Aang!

          • Mal

            While I agree that ‘Korra season 2 is way better than 1, even if you don’t watch any more episodes you should really watch season 2 episodes 7-8.

          • Joseph

            I was hooked till they made a movie and ruined the whole series lol

    • Sean

      Loved this show! Great memories back in middle/highschool!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Launcher? I’m so confused as to what to expect without the launcher.

  • Tirionfive

    About F-n Time. What has happened, Google. You used to be on top of it AOSP (See what I did thar?)

    Honestly, 2 Weeks after the Announcement is WAYYYY too long. I didn’t buy a nexus to f-n wait for updates.

    I may sound entitled, but that’s what I bought my N7 for. The speedy updates. Yes, It is a N7 2013.

    • I wouldn’t even care if it was two weeks after the announcement as long as ALL Nexus devices can get it on the same day.
      As it stands now, I have to wait two weeks after a phone has kitkat AND I have to wait for Google to do their stupid staged rollout.

      • Tirionfive

        Not only that, but the fact that Exclusive launcher. WTH is with that sh*t?

      • Adam Marr

        Yeah, you would think a company as stacked with servers as Google could roll out nexus updates on demand without a hitch. Considering the difference in adoption rate of iOS devices vs nexus devices, Apple at least does a good job of getting people updates in a timely fashion…

        • AbbyZFresh

          It’s better than releasing it all at once only to deal with extremely slow updating time due to so many people trying to update at once with all the pressure and not enough bandwitch. Just ask Apple.

          • Adam Marr

            Yeah, but the BIG difference is they push it to many MANY times more devices. Really, whats the ratio of iPhones/iPods/iPads that updated to ios7 vs the number of N7/N10s? Not even close. Just ask Apple.

        • michael arazan

          With all the time they take in creating a new version of the OS, you’d think they would plan to test it out on all their devices before they announce it to the public, so when they push the updates, it would go out to all devices so you could Use All the Services simultaneously across your Nexus devices .

      • Mark Whelan

        Don’t wish too much…I have the Nexus 5…it hasn’t been getting a lot of press but they have a serious bug in their exchange client…causes sync loop and battery drain like no tomorrow on some handsets…on exchange 2010…has an issue if your company has a security policy…on exchange 2003, syncs, but issues marking items read on the server. …ends up in sync loop after a few hours / stops syncing…



        • Keith0606

          I’d invest in Touchdown. Been using it for years on all my android devices. By far the best way to get exchange email.

          • aye_winchell

            i second this, i actually got a free license when i bought my droid x years ago, and exchange syncing wasn’t working, i have been using it ever since and 3 people i work with bought licenses and still use it.

        • Hothfox

          If someone’s company is still using Exchange 2003, they deserve issues, especially since Microsoft isn’t even going to support it after April 8th of next year.

          • Mark Whelan

            Read the bug report…happens on all versions, 2003 to 2013. They need to fix the client…
            Touchdown and enhanced email work perfectly on kit kat.

  • MikeSaver

    Nothing yet and I’ve been hitting that button arkham asylum style

  • Baines

    Just hit the check now button repeatedly……nothing yet.

  • AbbyZFresh

    i’m glad Google didn’t forget the Nexus 10. Thanks.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I mean its only a year old.

      • CaptainHowdy13

        Yes, in 8 months they will forget it

        • capecodcarl

          If you don’t like your hardware being end-of-lifed after 18 months then buy an Apple product. 🙂

          • Adam Marr

            Thanks for that useless comment, but while phones may not be supported much after about 2 years due to contract cycles, tablets, and especially “flagship” tablets should have a longer shelf life. And lets try some basic math here as 1 year + 8 months != 18 months, genius.

          • Josep Reis

            doesn’t that equal 20 months? lol

          • MikeSaver


          • Hothfox

            Yes. 1 year (12 months) + 8 months = 20 months.

          • capecodcarl

            Google supports their devices for at least 18 months with software updates, though historically it has averaged 20 months for Nexus products up through the Galaxy Nexus.

            We’ll see if the Nexus 7 (2012) breaks this trend with an update after Kit-Kat, but I am not holding my breath. I really hope it does considering I own one!

          • Simon Belmont

            It very well may (I own one, too). Google pretty much had their hands tied on the G’Nex after TI stopped supporting their OMAP SoCs.

            As far as I know Nvidia still supports the Tegra 3. I’m sure it has some updates left in it.

          • Blue Sun

            I think that his use of “!=” means “does not equal”

          • Jom

            well that use is still wrong. in mathematics, when you put ! over = it means “it must be”. He failed

    • JBartcaps

      Im glad someone posted something other than a gif. Good Job!

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • elvisgp

    There you go people, now stop complaining.

    • malcmilli

      what about nexus 4

      • elvisgp

        Well never mind then…. umm gather your pitchforks and torches?

    • PhoenixPath

      Lmao… people on the internet so complaining?

      You’re new to this while internet thing, aren’t you…? 😉

  • jbdan

    Nice! N7 ready been looking forward to this

  • Matthew DiGiacomo
  • Cubanito1967

    I love you Google

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Oh yeah

  • BiggiePhat
    • Christian Trevor Clauss

      I laugh at that every time lol

      • Christopher Moore

        First time seeing this. That’s why he played the hobgoblin.

        • It’s really very funny. I laugh every time I see it again and also after. lol

    • Christopher Moore

      It would be better if his eyes were flashing red.

    • Buur

      So incredibly creepy and awesome.

    • DERP

      I forgot I had this page open in a new tab and almost jumped out of my seat when I saw this GIF. Thanks.