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Grab the Official Call of Duty: Ghosts App to Help Optimize Loadouts, Manage Clans

Call of Duty

The new Call of Duty is here, and folks who stood in line all day at GameStop for their copy have been playing the newest member of the franchise like crazy. While the new Ghosts title hasn’t been rated as highly as previous CoDs, this game is what we have to live with for the next year until its Treyarch’s turn yet again. In the meantime, you can now download the official Ghosts app from Google Play, which comes with a lot of helpful features. 

For starters, you can customize each of your loadouts right from the app, which then syncs with your CoD account. This function makes for breezy on-the-go tweaking. In addition, you can join, create, and manage your Ghosts Clan all from the app. While in the Clans section, you can also communicate with other members of your Clan, which is an added bonus.

As a cherry on top, there is even a Clan Wars feature, which lets players “battle for territory against multiple Clans with locations on the Call of Duty Clan Wars map tied directly to Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer game modes.” Sounds intense.

Go grab it for free off of Google Play.

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  • Sergio

    This app doesn’t even work on my note 3

  • JuanStab

    I like how most of the people are saying how much they hate it because they are either bad at it or they just don’t like FPS in the first place so they should get off the website. Infinity Ward’s graphics have never been that great anyway so why bother complaining?

  • karl

    Its crap cause unless u can get the app u cant create a clan so wat a bunch of bollocks I know alot of people who havent bought because of this

  • Straylight

    I have nothing to say about this game, It’s pretty terrible. I just wanted an excuse to say CODBLOPS on the internet.

  • manilaboy1vic

    too bad ghosts is a monumental Failure.. framerate issues in the menus..

    • Nevets

      I wouldn’t really consider Ghosts a “monumental Failure” Menu stutter issues are resolved by setting yourself to Offline mode in steam.

      The game is in dire need of a patch to fix/optimize some things, but it also has only been out for 3 days now. Saying a game is a failure based on release day bugs would make nearly every game a monumental failure.

      • manilaboy1vic

        it just looks very bland.. i been trying to like it..

  • schoat333

    I played the BF4 beta, and it was horrible. I hated the guns, the mechanics just felt sluggish, and the game play was all over the place. It would be slow, then hectic, then confusing. Just not my kind of game.

    COD Ghost is a great game. The only thing I would change is the larger maps should allow more players. The game gets really slow with 6v6 on a large map.

    • James

      It was beta…

  • Detonation

    The people complaining about Ghosts and probably the same people who loved Black Ops 2. That game was awful and ruined multiplayer for people that were actually good…took all element of skill out and made it easy for everyone to get spray kills. Ghosts has made it harder again and it’s a much better multiplayer experience. And if you’re complaining about campaign…who buy’s COD for the campaign??

    • JimmyHACK

      I and millions others do. Ghost is the first COD that I didn’t finish SP first to play MP. In Ghosts I jumped into Squads first cause it looked interesting. I loved Black Ops1/2 for the SP…. Enjoying Ghosts SP and MP so far. I’m not complaining about any of them. Enjoyed them all, except 3, since COD1. yes engine is dated and I don’t understand with all the money they have why no new engine yet……. maybe next year for proper next gen?!?!

    • Eric

      BO2 was one of the best competitive call of duty’s of all time. You’d be out of your mind to disagree.

      • James

        Your right that BO2 was amazing for competitve. They coudlnt even play mw3 on MLG.
        But for pubs i like the infinity wards a trillion times better. Plus i guess ghost they are gunna work with mlg more to so that it it can have the kind of great boost for competitive cod that bo2 did.

  • Jason Mace

    Why didn’t this just get baked into the current Elite app?

  • fauxshizzl

    I can’t even resell my copy for $45 on Craigslist. Probably end up giving it to my cousin. This is the worst COD I have played so far.

  • JimmyHACK

    Really happy with how nice these “second screen” apps are getting for games. Personal favorite so far is the Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flap tablet app.

  • Clockwork81

    COD Ghosts is the best COD I’ve ever played and yes I’ve played them all way back when most of you little fan boys were still on the titty. Treyarch needs to take a page from their book and see what a real COD is, BO2 was one of the worst games I have ever played…

    • schoat333


      • manilaboy1vic

        agreed, crap game.. graphics are horrible, framerate issues on low graphics settings.. even a guy with a Titan card thinks the graphics are junk set to extra.. maps suck too.. audio is lame too.. what a waste of 60 bucks.

    • panicswhenubered

      Yea, I stopped playing after BO1. MW1 and MW2 were a lot of fun. The support perks got a little out of hand though. It felt like you spent more time hiding from helicopters, AC130’s, and airstrikes than actually running around fighting people.

    • Eric

      You are out of your mind. ghosts is one of the worst cod’s yet….

    • James

      Amen brotha

  • CrazyPaladin

    Cool, now the only thing I need is the game itself… Wait, I hate CoD

  • shamatuu

    MP is not that great.

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  • S2556

    Not buying a fps this year. So bored and tired of them.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Droid MAXX not compatible. 🙁

  • Jordan

    For people who have “incompatible devices” here is a link download straight from google play store so you can sideload it. I did this on my note 2. http://t.co/MPvzb9jm5l

  • droidrazredge

    We have EA with Battlelog and Commander Mode via phones and tablets and Infinity Ward with Clan Wars and Load-outs via phone and tablets. Makes my decision on which game to purchase even better.

    • Nathan D

      The Battlelog app is actually pretty awful.

    • NeilGeorge

      You have a wifi connection, You have battlelog installed on your tablet.. You can join a game that has a commander open, you can join in the fun .. You can’t beat that.. Does COD do that with the tablet?

      Battlelog is not that awful.. Name any other app that is good?

  • Eric

    If you actually bought ghosts, I feel bad for you.

  • Placeman

    The N7 is a great second screen for this game. That is, if it was compatible.

  • davidukfl

    Droid dna… Not compatible

    • fauxshizzl

      I had never had that happen until I got the DNA. Now it happens quite often. What is it about this phone that makes it incompatible with so many apps?

  • CivilDroid


    • Nathan D

      Too bad the Battlelog app is complete garbage.

  • poopster

    Not compatible with Verizon galaxy nexus

    • they added Gnex compatibility now. Along with HTC One and Moto X

  • Morbid138

    Bought the game and sold it 2 hours later. I like Treyarch’s take on the COD series better.

    • Graphics are horrible :/

    • James

      I like infinity ward games waayyaya more. To each is own.

  • IrishSid

    Not compatible

  • Bassdj

    I don’t know why this game got such bad ratings. I thought it was a great improvement. Definitely more realistic.

    • NeilGeorge

      Wait you are saying COD is more realistic??? HOW!!!!

    • Christian Trevor Clauss

      Call of Duty and realism shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

      • Bassdj

        Correction: it’s partially realistic now

    • Tyrone_83

      It’s basically a cut and paste game. Don’t expect any big changes from them each year. They still use a decade old game engine.

      • michael arazan

        I miss the old days of call of duty like united offensive where you had giant maps, jeeps, and tanks to use. Along with modders who created historic maps of ww2 battlefields. And different options of gameplays like busting bunkers for destruction to win. That’s why I switch to battlefield, for vehicles, and bigger maps, but the maps could be bigger.

        • fauxshizzl

          The maps in the new COD are way too big in my opinion. I spend way more time looking for people than killing them.

          • James

            Thats ridiculous, you must be even more adhd than the average COD player. Try out cranked game mode! Sounds perfect for you.

          • fauxshizzl

            I will check it out. If the teams were at least double the current size that would also be an acceptable fix to the map size.

      • Nicholas Thomas

        i guess you dont pay attention when they talk about a game its a new engine look it up

        • Tyrone_83

          The game will debut an engine built by the developer, originally described as a new engine, but later clarified to be the same engine as used in previous games with “significant” upgrades – Review Tech USA on his YouTube channel

          Also Mark Rubin also confirmed this on Twitter and you can even look it for yourself.