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Updated GPU Binaries Discovered for the Galaxy Nexus, Could Potentially Bring New Life to Dying Device

verizon galaxy nexus

Big things are taking place over in the XDA forums, as developers are now finding what appear to be updated binaries for the GPU found inside of the Galaxy Nexus. When Kit Kat was announced, it was also stated that the Galaxy Nexus would not be supported, given that the company which made the device’s processor, Texas Instruments, was no longer supporting the device’s hardware and had taken a leave from the mobile chipset landscape. 

Since updated code has been found for the GPU, it appears that either Google chose to call it quits for the device intentionally or was just unaware of any further support for the device from TI. Either way, developers are now hard at work on creating an updated kernel that could help solve multiple graphical issues that have been found on the device running the newest versions of Android.

If you are a developer for the Galaxy Nexus or are still rocking this device as your daily driver thanks to the loads of custom ROMs available for it, the news of newly found binaries for the GPU should have you quite thrilled.

Although, at what point do we say goodbye to a dear friend such as the Galaxy Nexus? The phone is more than two years old, having been unveiled back in October of 2011. We know this device has been the favorite handset of many people, including ourselves for a while, but at some point you just have to let it go, right? Apparently for many users in the forums, that time has yet to come.

Via: XDA

Cheers oleg and EC8CH!

  • Leo


    People come and help us to bring 4.4 in Galaxy Nexus back!!!!!!!

  • Kakaxa Bugaga

    Google have to make official KitKat for GNex.

  • Oh, and another thing. iOS 7 supports the iPhone 4, which dropped over 3.25 years ago. So yeah to HELL with Google for pulling this crap. I’m never buying another Google device again, ever.

    • Tiago Azevedo

      iOS 7 runs like crap on the iPhone 4 and it doesn’t support all iOS7 features. Is that kind of update you want for your devices?! A number telling you it is updated but not meaning it can preform the latest features?

      • Except that Google themselves have stated that KitKat was engineered for low spec phones, so there’s no reason it wouldn’t run well on the GNex.

        Also, the tech world has a long history of OS updates being made available for devices that don’t support all of the new OS’ features. For example, I’ve installed Windows 8.1 on 2 of my machines despite the fact that they don’t have GPS or touchscreens.

        Again, Google has no excuse or reason for pulling this besides throwing their users to the wolves just so they have fewer devices to worry about updating. Deplorable.

        • Tiago Azevedo

          It is not deplorable at all. Just because KitKat preforms well on lower specs devices that doesn’t mean Google has to support it. It is understandable they don’t support it.

          KitKat was engineered to preform well on lower specs devices for OEMs being capable of producing cheap devices capable of running the latest Android version, it wasn’t meant to OEMs and Google it self being capable of updating their older devices. The Open Handset Alliance commitment of updating for 18 months only is known for a log time!

          • 1) How many people out there even know the OHA exists, or its policies. 2) The 18 month support guarantee, even if it does exist, is ridiculous considering that contracts last 24 months on average.

            They don’t have to support it, but it’s good customer relations policy to do so. As I said before, 2 of the other major platforms – iOS and Windows – have much longer support. There’s no reason Google can’t do the same.

          • Tiago Azevedo

            1 – I’m majoring at Economics, and the very first thing I’ve been taught on collage was we have to assume that costumers inform themselves before purchasing anything, since information is easy to get nowadays and we assume costumers are intelligent people capable of evaluate the pros and cons before purchasing anything. Next time, inform yourself better before purchasing a new device.
            2 – That thing about contracts is almost an USA exclusive thing. Here in Europe most of the people don’t have any kind of contracts with carriers. I’m talking about 98% of people. It’s not OHA fault you celebrate contracts for 24 months. Actually, it’s not their business.

          • Timmy Tom

            It’s not USA exclusive. The UK is almost completely contracted for 12/18/24 month periods.Next time, inform yourself better before posting on behalf of Europe.

  • volvo240

    From the camera shots and battery life of the nexus 5 so far, I’m gonna just keep my GNEX and sell the Nexus 5 …. All these people getting a hard-on over nothing.

  • Higher_Ground

    “Although, at what point do we say goodbye to a dear friend such as the Galaxy Nexus?”

    That seems pretty simple – when we’re able to buy a new phone.

    “The phone is more than two years old, having been unveiled back in October of 2011.”

    I guess that’s technically correct, though the vast majority of DL readers didn’t have one until December at the very earliest (thanks, Verizon). So many people keep repeating this “2 years” mantra and while it’s pretty close, the fact that you’re having to round up to prove a point about moving on from an old device doesn’t sit well – you’re almost exaggerating its age. Even then, should we expect everyone to have bought it day 1? I’d say it’d be more reasonable to use a date just prior to the next update cycle – though for Google that’s a whole year, so 3-4 months would be more reasonable – about the time another flagship is released.

    “We know this device has been the favorite handset of many people, including ourselves for a while, but at some point you just have to let it go, right? Apparently for many users in the forums, that time has yet to come.”

    Don’t take this post the wrong way – it’s not a rant against DL, Tim or anyone else in particular. I value the opinions you guys offer, and it was precisely those opinions that convinced me to buy a galaxy nexus back in June 2012. I was sitting on an upgrade for my droid x, waiting for the next nexus phone to be unveiled (the N4). We suddenly got wind that unlimited data would no longer be grandfathered in, so I had to decide between preordering an S3 for $300, picking up a razor maxx or getting a gnex. I posed the question to y’all on one of the Q&A’s to the tune “Do you guys still recommend getting the gnex, even though it’s 6 months old?” The response was very helpful in making my decision, and I don’t regret it at all (well, if I could have seen the future and known the N4 would be so cheap off contract, maybe…). Y’all were pretty spot-on with concerns over the camera, reception and battery life, but to me the good still outweighed the bad (and it was cheaper than my other options).

    I know this comes across as bitter, but it’s really more of a plea for some restraint. I’m personally still on contract until 7/2014. I don’t know how people are getting early upgrades; I thought those went away years ago. I don’t really even want one – when my contract is up I’m 90% sure I’ll leave VZW. My point is just that I’m stuck on contract with a gnex for the next 7-8 months, and I know darn-well that I’m not the only one. In fact, I would wager that most people that owned a gnex on contract either still have it or gave up and bought a new phone. That’s what my coworkers did.
    I can remember a significant portion of readers polling that they use a gnex not that long ago – 28% (by far the highest %, almost double the next best) at the end of May, less than 6 months ago.

    I get that TI isn’t making chipsets. I get that Google only officially supports phones for 18 months. But the average consumer that isn’t buying phones off-contract has to wait the full 24 months. Plenty of people don’t upgrade the very instant it’s available, either. So I would politely ask that we quit with the “when are you guys gonna get with the picture and dump that gnex” talk.

    A fan of the site that’s overly defensive with his ancient phone (23 mo).

    • I get that Google only officially supports phones for 18 months.

      Link? I was never aware of this. The GNex was touted as a long term support device. And even if that were true, 18 months is terribly out of sync with the average 24 month contract length as you pointed out.

      So I would politely ask that we quit with the “when are you guys gonna get with the picture and dump that gnex” talk.

      THIS. With phones now costing more than laptops at full price, it’s ridiculous to expect people to blow $600 – $800 every 18 months on a new handset regardless of new payment plan gimmicks (like VZW Edge) that only spread the pain out and cost more due to service fees.. Apparently DL, who get devices shipped out to them for review on the regular, doesn’t realize this.

  • Dave12308

    The GPU in the GNex is not exclusive to TI chipsets, so i’m not sure what this article is getting at?

  • Monkey_Driven

    I’m hanging onto mine as long as I can. No Verizon phones out there (minus the Moto X) blow my skirt up.


      Not even the Sgs4? Ive had the Galaxy nexus and the s4 is absolutely amazing…you need to test drive it! even with touch wiz, this phone is definitely a step up from any phone available on vzw.

  • Wow, it is amazing I was expecting something similar to this before. Now it can satisfy.

  • dan0matic

    Seeing as this post is the most popular post of the day on Droid-Life I think there are a lot of folks pulling for a good running 4.4 rom for this little engine that could.

  • Michael Werling

    You can’t forget it had a prominent role in the movie The Internship!

  • Marcus

    For me it’s very simple…What’s more important to YOU…Best Cellular Service..”For my area and many others I travel Verizon”, or a very nice phone and inferior cellular competitors IMHO….Would I love to leave Verizon…sure if there really was a better carrier..again IMHO…but what it all boils down to is what works for you in your situation….Choose wisely…..

  • It seems that people do not want to believe that Google abandoned the Galaxy Nexus. Folks, Google did it before. It did not update the Nexus S to Jelly Bean last year.

    • DL is so delusional sometimes it’s hilarious.

    • Michael Pahl

      384MB of RAM was a big no no on JB

  • Google chose to call it quits for the device intentionally or was just unaware of any further support for the device from TI.

    Holy hell man, put the Kool Aid down. Do you really think Google was “unaware” of this? Of course they knew, they’re just trying to minimize the number of devices and services they support, and so are making up reasons for dropping them (see Reader for an example of that).

    The phone is more than two years old, having been unveiled back in October of 2011.

    Seriously? How delusional and much of a Google homer are you? “Unvieled” != “available for purchase.” Wikipedia lists the release date as November 17, 2011, and VZW – the US launch carrier – didn’t start selling it until December 15. WAKE UP, Droid Life. Seriously. Not everything Google does is amazing or awesome. This is yet another example of them kicking their loyal fans in the face. I can’t afford to blow $ on a new smartphone every 18 months, and I bought the GNex for the long term update support the Nexus brand was supposed to carry. I guess now I know that’s a load of ___.

    • NeedName

      I’ve been saying this since 4.4 released. . . Google, and all Android OEMs, don’t want to update more than 18 months (6 months after end of sales in the case of a Nexus), and TI still has OMAP chips in the market they are supporting, but seems everyone is now sucking google’s junk like ifans do for apple — it’s gotten pathetic.

      If google would get a clue, do yearly release cycles and two updates per device, that would give a device up to the third year before it falls behind with less work — current hardware should last several years, IMO.

  • acras

    Not sure which Rom you flashed , but the 4.4 maguro Rom’s I’ve looked at state “alpha” right up front. That means there are going to be problems . The Gnex is capable , some elements are missing because TI is out of the mobile market and Google was concerned about support for the device, so a fully functional 4.4 ROM is going to take some work

  • carluverdrm2004

    Holding onto my G-Nex until Verizon gets Motomaker….. the wait will have been worth it! Crimson back, yellow accents, black front, 32 GB storage, custom Power on message, and a clear case to showcase my customizations…. I have the design saved on Motomaker.com, and am waiting for the day that I can click review and checkout and Verizon will be listed underneath and not just AT&T.

  • Tyler
  • Tony Cooper

    GNex…Don’t stop believing! http://youtu.be/VcjzHMhBtf0?t=3m24s

  • Jason

    You must not have followed the install directions and did it wrong cause that shiz runs great! Alot of people are not using the most current ver of CWM ( and having install problems, or they aren’t wiping Everything (cache, dalvick, data, system), also need to flash the new bootloader as well. Just reading all the comments on the thread most people are being lazy and not reading all the way through. Do it right and it will work great!

    • Tyler James Edward Hills

      Not quite. I followed every instruction to a tee even the order in which I flashed everything. But it was still mentioned that there were black box graphical issues and random reboots. So even with a perfect install you’ll run into trouble. But again it’s not like the dev didn’t warn everyone going in. Even with those issues I’m still running it happily and just waiting for the updates to smooth everything out

  • Still rocking the GNexus and will hopefully be replacing it soon with a custom MotoX on VZW. fingers crossed that monday pans out to be that day.

  • I’m Just over it

    With the vast majority of people commenting here and saying that they are holding on until February or so to make the change to a new carrier, Where is the vast majority going ? I am one of those that is ready to make a change and my contract is up as of now on my Galaxy Nexus. Been a customer of Verizon for the past 20 years plus when they were Airtouch Cellular back in the 90s here in Southern California. I am dying to make a move but am hesitant to do so. Its the fear of the unknown. Is my next providers service going adequate ? Hmmm ? I am a Crack Flasher of Roms and love to try out everything thats available for my device. The support from developers has been amazing and I want to make the right choice going forward and have the same kind of support from the developers and community as I did with the Galaxy Nexus. Just tired of Verizons shenanigans and the lack of support for my device. I want the Nexus 5 but want to wait a couple of weeks to see what the masses are saying about it. Def confused………….. Insert sad face here ——-> 🙁

  • noop

    still have yet to let it go, but looking forward to the end of my verizon contract in march. after 15 years with verizon, i am looking forward to joining t-mobile. nothing’s perfect, but i don’t like the progression of verizon’s business practices. honestly, the gnex could be fine for another couple of years if the incompatibilities with drivers for KK can be sorted. cheers to the dev’s that keep this great nexus pillar alive. hooray for android. hooray for linux. hooray for unix. hooray for shared ideas.

    • Dude, this isn’t Verizon’s fault. This is Google pretending that TI support for the phone doesn’t exist when in fact it does. They’re lying to us.

      • Tiago Azevedo

        Google didn’t say it was Texas Instruments fault! They were clear on their FQA about the Galaxy Nexus. They didn’t lie!

        • Actually, they did blame TI (see http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/31/google-galaxy-nexus-kitkat/):

          From the above link:

          sources close to the company have pointed the finger at a different hardware issue on the Galaxy Nexus: its Texas Instruments-built chipset.

          ProTip: stop getting all your Android news from DL. They’re so slanted if Google introduced a feature that made your phone blow up they’d rave about how good and forward looking it was.

          Also, if you search Google’s Nexus support site for “18” (https://support.google.com/nexus/search?hl=en&query=18), you’ll the only results are the KitKat FAQs. This means that Google actually did NOT inform Nexus users of any 18 month support period until after KitKat’s release. That’s deceptive, unfair, and a pure bait-and-switch move.

          • Tiago Azevedo

            I don’t get my Android news from DL. It was the first time I came to this website.


            Here you can see Google officially stated it’s their policy not to support 18 months older devices. They do not blame TI for this.

            It was known Google only supports their devices for 18 months. I knew it when I purchased my Galaxy Nexus. They have done the same with the Nexus One and the Nexus S. Plus, it is the Open Handset Alliance commitment to support devices for 18 months only.

          • Here you can see Google officially stated it’s their policy not to support 18 months older devices.

            That’s the KitKat announcement, which means they only told users about that AFTER they spent over a year with the Galaxy Nexus. That’s bait and switch.

            They do not blame TI for this.

            Do you actually read anything people reply to you with, or just mouth off? See my previous post where they blame it on TI, complete with a link and all.

            It was known Google only supports their devices for 18 months.

            Again, you’re not reading. See my previous post. There is NO mention of 18 month support on Google’s support page aside from the KitKat announcements, so there’s no way the average user buying a Galaxy Nexus could have known about that.

          • Tiago Azevedo

            Yes, I’ve read what you replied, and yet again, I’m going to tell you the exact same thing: Google didn’t blame TI! “Sources close to the company” are not Google and their statements are not its official position! Officially, Google states they don’t support the Galaxy Nexus anymore because they don’t want to support an 18 months older device! They didn’t lie and they just told us they don’t want to support it anymore; they don’t blame anyone.

            Actually, Google didn’t need to mention anything about the 18 months support. It is an Open Handset Alliance commitment and Google is part of it. It’s not Google’s fault you didn’t inform correctly before buying their device! When I bought mine, I knew it wouldn’t be supported after 18 months since its release!

  • ToxMarz

    I usually let go when the phone no longer works, drop it, get it wet, lose it, or whatever reason. That hasn’t happened yet.

  • steven sullivan

    Long live the Galaxy Nexus!!!

  • MikeSaver

    Huzzzah! Now I can get 4.4 on my Gnex and enjoy it for 5 quick hours at a time before it dies!! I repeat, Huzzah!

  • Zach Mauch

    I still maintain that google ended support for the device to make a clean break with Verizon variants. You can’t very well say I’ll support GSM GNexs and not CDMA variants. They are moving on and getting away from the headache.

    • Like it or not, this is true. But why not just come out and say so instead of lying?

  • flosserelli

    This article needs a better photo, like Indiana Jones opening a vault of GNexes (GNexii?)

  • jim

    the gnex came out on dec 15 2001 correct?

    • DJ SPY


      • jim

        I know…typo lol

    • joejoe5709

      The rest of the world was around Thanksgiving 2011 if I remember right. The US got it around Dec 15 2011.

    • Tyler


    • 2001?

    • alex drum

      you know you can edit comments right?

  • edwoordd

    Last night I found a Gsm gnex at school, since i ordered the t-mobile sim cards i’ll give them a try, the gnex i found is in good condition 😀 luckily I have a verizon gnex so i’m still debating about buying the nexus 5 for prepaid or wait for something good to come to verizon.

    • Higher_Ground

      you know somebody bought that phone, right?
      I would think that either ATT or Tmobile would know who the phone belongs to.
      I would hate to lose my phone, wouldn’t you?

  • Pengwn

    When do we say goodbye? I said goodbye around noon when my Nexus 5 was delivered today!!

  • Is this the next htc HD2?? 😛

    • flosserelli

      That phone literally would not die. It was amazing how many times the HD2 found new life. It should have been named HTC Phoenix.

  • Paul

    I feel a little cheated by calling it two years old. I know it was announced in Oct 2011, but it wasn’t available in the US until mid December.

    • DanSan

      december 15th. I remember sitting outside the verizon store at like 9am waiting for them to open with my girlfriend. she was not happy one bit. The store was severely understaffed and just because it wasnt an iphone they apparently didnt give it any planning. Was at least 20 people online and they were calling in employees to come in asap as they were so screwed lol

    • jefbystereo

      Agreed, when I hear that it sounds like people are trying to downplay Google screwing people by cutting off support so quickly.

    • This. DL is drunk on Google Kool-Aid. What else is new?

  • droidrazredge

    I know this is a little off topic but do you guys think that the Nexus tablets will suffer the same 18 month life cycle as the Nexus Phones do ? The Nexus 7 has been out 13 months so far released in July of 2012, with 18 months being in January should we expect it to get the next version at least of android and see support drop after that or will Nexus tablets keep being updated for a long time.

  • alex drum

    Am I the only one still stuck on removable batteries? not saying i need multiple per day but it’s nice to know when this battery dies (reduced life, long charge times, doesn’t charge at all) all i have to do is pop it out and swap it for a new one. less concerned about daily usage as I am the lifespan of the device.

    • Matthew Wahlquist

      Wall charger and 2 spares… $12 each on amazon. I have no perceived battery issues.

    • JMonkeYJ

      I carried around an extra battery when I had the GNex. Now that I get phones without replaceable batteries, I just carry around one of those battery charger packs, so it’s not a big difference 🙂 It’s actually even better, because I don’t need to replace it every time I get a new phone and it has way more capacity than most (all?) phone batteries.

      • alex drum

        I totally understand the external battery charger but main concern is life of the device, not necessarily if i can get through a day. Realistically chargers are always available car, desk, ect… I am more concerned about if I want to keep a phone say for 3 or 4 years. with a non removable battery that battery will eventually just die and the phone will become unusable, with a removable battery when a battery dies (not talking about running out of charge, I’m talking the battery is damaged and useless) you can just pop it out and put in another one. like when something goes wrong on a car you just have to fix the part, not buy a new car.

        • JMonkeYJ

          I see what you mean, and I misunderstood your original comment.

    • I don’t see myself buying a phone that doesn’t have one.

    • Stone Cold

      Not at all I do not want a phone without a removable battery.

  • DanSan

    I dont understand why everyone thinks they are “trapped into a contract”. its EXTREMELY easy to get out of it and you can do it right away without paying a dime.

    Get your new phone (nexus 5 if you choose), grab your carrier (t-mobile for example) and sign up for new service with a new phone number. Once that is set up and you’re up and running on your new service, call up the new service customer service. Tell them you want to port your verizon number to your new service that you just set up. They will ask you for your verizon information and start the process. Once it has started, right away go into your verizon account and request your phone number be changed.

    Basically this will tell T-mobile to port over your original verizon number. What this normally does is auto terminate your verizon plan and charge you but we dont want that so thats why you need to request a new number on that original line so it still has a number attached to it. Repeat this step for the amount of lines you have that you want to swap. Now sell your verizon account using AoL if you have unlimited data left on those lines, it will fetch a nice chunk of cash.

    You now have a new service with your original number. Didnt pay a termination fee and you walked away from Verizon without an issue and a brand new phone.

    • Adrynalyne

      You missed the part where it is extremely easy IF someone would actually want to buy your contract.

      • DanSan

        if you have unlimited data, its very easy. Especially more than 1 line with it.

        There is 0 excuses to wait, unless you cant find a buyer.

        • Adrynalyne

          That is just it though. You say it is extremely easy, but everything you said hinges on “IF”.

          I’ve no doubt I can get a sucker to buy my unlimited plan, but what about the two limited ones on my family plan? Suddenly not so easy.

          • DanSan

            The level of easiness gets higher and higher the more unlimited lines you have so you will better your chances. Yes if you do have non-unlimited lines it can hinder how successful you are selling it. Hence why you line up a buyer first, make sure you know you are getting rid of it then commit. It takes 5 days of an ebay auction to try and test out the waters to see if you can get rid of it. 5 days of waiting is a lot easier than waiting 4+ months.

          • Adrynalyne
          • DanSan

            you really splitting hairs on the different varying levels of easy? Regardless I was trying to give people an option to get out of their plans without waiting almost a half of a year.

            Basically its not very difficult, somebody out there might be willing to buy your unlimited even with tiered phones on them. Never know til you try

          • Adrynalyne

            I know, we see these comments every time people are looking to get out. I am just saying, your idea of extremely easy is subjective to the account type.

            It was good information for you to post, regardless.

  • Guy Pierce

    FOR SALE: 2 Verizon Lines, Unlimited Data and Text and 1400 Shared Minutes.

  • wh1te_mag1c

    It’s a cool phone, just not very practical. I have to always be paranoid about how much battery life it has. I can’t ever use it freely. I know I should have bought an extended battery, but it’s a little late for that now.

    • hfoster52

      Had and still have the extended battery wasn’t much better.

    • Mike Hilal

      I carried 3 extended batteries (2 in my pocket, one in the device). And could use the device freely all day and night. It’s also handy to have an external battery charger around as well.

  • Matthew Wahlquist

    The binaries may make for a nicer version, but I have kitkat (shiny) running with mpokang kernel on my verizon galnex right now and it is fantastic… and I have unlimited data. Not going anywhere.

    • alex drum

      I would just like you to know that you’re picture has been the background of my computer for the last 2 years and you are the first person i have seen use it, I applaud you. PS I’m in the same boat as you, Gnex + Verizon network (reliability/coverage/speed) + Unlimited data = Win. I personally just bought a new one (still in box) for $250 and a couple of regular/extended batteries(total of $350)… I am digging in and holding my position for the foreseeable future.

  • George Fayad

    I still switch to my Galaxy Nexus once in a while, mostly to remember what an awesome device it is. Having been with my Moto X for a couple weeks now though, it honestly feels like a Moto Nexus.

    • NorCalGuy

      – kit kat

      • George Fayad

        I have Shiny KitKat on my gNex right now and its quite choppy to be honest. at this stage in my gnex’s life, it just can’t compete with the smoothness of the X.

        • Matthew Wahlquist

          either your hardware is actually failing or you are doing it wrong. try the mpokang kernel after a fresh install, cleanly wiped as in the instructions and you will have almost no issues. crazy good for a first release.

          • George Fayad

            I’ll give it a shot. I did a really quick flash to update CWM and then flash KitKat and Su. Didn’t do much else besides mess with the launcher and take a peek through the settings. Shame in that 20 minutes or so i was able to watch the battery drain with that puny battery. My seidio is in my backpack somewhere….

          • Jason

            I wiped everything, cache, dalvik cache, data then flashed bootlaoder, rom and then root and it’s pretty smooth. I haven’t used the kernal everyone is talking about but I might try it as there are alot of peeps saying it helps. I have only had 3 reboots. usually when switching through things quickly but supposedly the mpokang kernal fixes this

          • joejoe5709

            Agreed. I did a somewhat dirty flash of Kit Kat and it wasn’t pretty. So I did a complete wipe and then it worked as advertised. It’s actually pretty smooth considering it’s nowhere near official for this phone.

        • EC8CH

          For me, other than the gpu bugs and an occasional reboot (likely due to same bugs) 4.4 is silky smooth on my G-Nex. Amazing quite frankly for a first release.

  • HotRodJohnson

    I will let go when Verizon pries UNLIMITED data from my cold dead hands!!!

    -Until then I’m streaming Netflix movies all day everyday!

    • hfoster52

      Look at the article that the posted about how to keep unlimited data. Trust me you will want to let go of that phone when you do.

  • AndrewScottRox

    The funny thing about the GNex is it’s been very well loved due to all of the Verizon customers that suddenly had access to a Nexus device. Now that Big Red doesn’t have them anymore, it’s now like a rare beast that will never be seen again.

    • joejoe5709

      Lol. I like that. Like a mystic beast, probably the most popular developer phone ever created.

      The Nexus 5 will be telling its grandchildren Nexus phones stories of this rare and mysterious savior that brought stock Android to the masses in “the time before 1080p and quadcore”. Someday, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will rise again!

  • William_Morris

    To my great disappointment, my GNex died last night. Cache memory failure. Upgraded to a Moto X.

    I am very pleased, so far.

    • Keith

      Sorry for your loss.

      • William_Morris

        Thanks. I’ll drink a beer to its honor tonight. 😉

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I’ll drink a beer in it’s honor tonight too!

  • NorCalGuy

    That point at which this massive amount of development stops, what other phone has this large of a dev community? This might have been one of the first phones to see kk even though Google said no.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Hells Yeah!

  • Ronald Bernard

    This could be a noob statement but ……it could be exciting for those of us that are stuck on Verizon and have no hopes of an upgraded Nexus device. Am I right? If devs are able to figure out some new ways to give the GNex new life I may have to take it back from the mother in-law and give her my MotoX. I really like my MotoX but I LOVED my Nexus!

  • I literally just got off the phone with Verizon. I ordered a Nexus 5 and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have any issues switchingcarriers. I told them I was switching for the Nexus 5.

    The rep said that after some research, shecould tell me if they were getting the device. After a brief hold, she told me they wouldhave a “modified version of the device” in 2014.

    I’m still switching, but this may be helpful info for others of you.

    Obviously i can’t prove this, but I have no incentive to lie. Maybe others could call and see if they get the same story.

    I have been a customer for years and have received a couple calls from their retention deparwnt as well, FWIW.

    Sorry for spelling mistakes

    • Ronald Bernard

      You get an up vote…FOR NOW..lol

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Yeah I have seen a few articles claiming the word from Google is that they will be working on a few devices in 2014 that will work on Verizon’s network. My guess is that if this is true these devices will be LTE only, Big Red is supposed to have VoLTE up and running sometime next year.

    • joejoe5709

      Yeah… I imagine so when VoLTE comes into play. But that’s still at least a few months away and even then who knows if it’ll be available in your hometown that quickly.

      Honestly I think I can gimp my Gnex along another 4-6 months and I’ll see what the rumormill starts coming up with after the holidays. Worst case scenario, if we haven’t heard any convincing rumors by February or March I’ll probably go for a Galaxy S5 in the springtime.

      • Robert Willis

        That’s exactly what I was telling a colleague today. At this point, if 4.4 gets worked out, I might as well wait until 2014 phones come out like the S5. No point of getting an S4 or lower right now.

        • joejoe5709

          No offense at all to those who bought a current flagship. There’s really no wrong answer here and it’s all about personal preference. But it’s Nexus or nothing with me and it seems that the current crop has major downsides to them. I’ve been really really tempted into an LG G2 but I think long term I’ll be happier with an insanely popular phone like the S5 or if the Nexus does come to Verizon. Not only that, the S5 is almost guaranteed to knock our socks off. The S4 is still a relevant phone 9 months later. That’s awesome.

          And I totally agree. I tasted Kit Kat with Shiny’s offering and it’s pretty darn awesome. If Kit Kat could be somewhat stable on the GNex, I’ll be fine for six months easily.

      • Jason

        In the same boat, no N5 so I was trying to figure out what to get. nothing came to mind for anything during the holidays. I got a call from the vzw peeps trying to get me to come in and upgrade, told there was nothing I wanted and I would probably wait for the gs5, he told me that due to the poor sales of the gs4 that the phone would be coming out in January vice the march time frame. If that is true I will more than likely go that route. As for now I am rocky the shiny 4.4 Rom and it is pretty awesome, especially if this new driver fixes the graphics problem it will be perfect!

        • joejoe5709

          Slow sales? I thought it was the fastest selling Android phone in history or something crazy. Perhaps slow sales over the last 6 months?

          Anyway… I’ve heard that too about a Jan release. We’ll see. I have a feeling that they may release this one worldwide a week or two prior to North America. Demand was almost too much for supply. A slower rollout is a good idea. I think this is what LG did with the G2.

          For specs, it’ll have to at least match the G2. It’ll likely beat it in a lot of respects and probably introduce a ton of gimmicky features with Kit Kat Touchwiz. I’m betting on a slight deviation in design. Samsung’s family design is getting a little old and people complained it looked too much like the S3. It kind of seems like they’re experimenting with new materials like the leather Note 3.

          • Jason

            From what I hear they still sold something like 40 million but they expected more. I have no clue personally, the low sales is what the vzw guy told me. As for design I have heard that with the leather, metal as well. I don’t know though, all rumor mill. Hopefully the gs5 is a beast and will be worth forking out the cash to pay retail and keep my unlimited data. I don’t use a lot of data as the gnex radio blows and I have trouble at times with service. Not to mention I fell out of the root game for awhile but I’m all in now with this Shiny KitKat ROM. Bringing much needed life to my aging gone!

  • Michael G

    My GNex is still a great phone. I’m running CM 10.2, battery life isn’t the best but most devices are the same. It’s not laggy and I have the 32GB model so I have plenty of memory left. I’ve flashed most of the KK apk’s that were posted here last week; my Hangouts has SMS now. What does 4.4 have that should entice me to move on if your GNex is still in good shape? That’s my mentality anyway.

  • Adam Truelove

    Just FYI people, these drivers are not new. They are about one year old or so. But they are newer than the ones included in AOSP, so that is why everyone is so excited. Maybe, just maybe, these “new” drivers will solve the issues in Kit Kat. Personally, I’m not holding my breath.

    • EC8CH

      Yeah, but where is the source for this statement:

      “They also might be updated soon so stay tuned”

  • joejoe5709

    Oh awesome! I’ve probably got a few more months of rocking the Gnex so this is good news! I tried Shiny 4.4 and it was a little too rough for my tastes. Cool stuff and it was fun to try Kit Kat, but I’m back on 4.3 for now. Not only were there too many random reboots, but the graphical errors were really ugly. The worst part: I never did find an elegant way to port over my text messages to Hangouts. There’s gotta be a way.

    I’m dying for Kit Kat though. My Gnex absolutely flew on Kit Kat. They did A LOT to make Kit Kat lightweight.

    Hoping Google brings the 2013 N7 to Kit Kat soon.


    Although DDK 1.9 is an update. It’s a year old and still a 3.0.y kernel .

  • elms

    my vz contract expires dec 15ish. if this pans out my 1 month wait won’t be so hellish.

  • EC8CH

    I think a lot of us would have a much easier time moving on from the G-Nex if the Nexus 5 were made available on Verizon.

  • br_hermon

    1 Word…


    • j

      This. GNex will die when all of them are physically destroyed, and not before. The GNex was one of the first Android device that was high end enough to provide a fluid and non-frustrating experience on a daily basis, and things have only gotten better since then. It’s pretty smooth and quick, and with Shiny ROM, issues are faaaaar and few between. I don’t need a new phone to fix what ain’t broken. All I’ll gain by upgrading is a smoother and quicker experience, but that alone isn’t worth it.

      • Tyler James Edward Hills

        It’s the only android device i’ve ever owned but it started my love affair with the OS and un-brainwashed me from iPhone’s. Even when I switch in a few months, this phone will always have a crazy amount of sentimental value l

  • RW-1

    I hope this can sum it up: The Gnex is not incapable of running 4.4, we proved that with ROM’s, it has the memory and although a dual core processor – the supposed end of life for it was due to TI Support, not that the new Android OS required something it couldn’t meet. so if this works out there is no reason to call it Dying. Its when there would be no reason to continue using it – my comparison there would be trying ICS on the OG – didn’t work out in that regard, but we have already seen that the reduced footprint and changes on 4.4 actually benefit the GNex’s performance. If this corrects the issues, fingers crossed, it will rock, and VZ will pay the price – no one with one will upgrade to something else, it will be the Gnex until they leave VZ for something better, like an N5 or whatever is next out there.

    • Tyler

      You’re going to be waiting a while, Verizon has their head so far up their a** that they can’t hear the complaints of anyone anymore. You’re not going to find a device on the same level of support as the Gnex until Verizon releases a new Nexus, if they ever do.

      • RW-1

        You really should read my sentence “until they leave VZ for something better”, never said we would be staying on VZ. There will not be a nexus on VZ again, that is a fact. Waiting would be more of, perhaps, waiting for a price drop on something else outside VZ, or for those who’s contracts end in late 2014, whatever is out there or being released this time next year.

        • Tyler

          My bad, misread that. I think that if Verizon ever allows the 2013 Nexus 7 to use their LTE that we will eventually have a chance at another nexus once VoLTE hits and phones don’t require that CDMA radio. Either way its going to be a couple of years if not more till phones don’t have CDMA radios.

    • Guest

      “The Gnex is not incapable of running 4.4”

      Um what? It is absolutely more than capable. What are you smoking? 4.4 requires a less powerful phone than any strain of Jelly Bean. Google specifically took the effort to make it run better on old hardware than any previous version of 4.x.

      Just because software support was dropped, doesn’t mean it can’t run it.

      • PhoenixPath

        So do you just not know what that sentence you quoted means, or are you on crack?

        “The Gnex is not incapable of running 4.44″… means it is perfectly capable of running 4.4.

  • Firelight

    I’m still stuck for a couple of more months, damnit. So this is good news indeed if it leads to improvements. But between the antenna, battery and damnable memory-issues … as much as I’ve loved the GNex – I hate it, too!

  • markgbe

    galaxy nexus? what is this, 2011? geez. Do you guys still play kick the can also?

  • Danny


    • Ian

      At least your Caps Lock key still works…

      • Danny

        I’m upset I apologize

    • mog386

      Buy a few off of ebay and swap out parts. That’s what I’m doing, gonna make mine into an PMP for my car.

  • wills96

    Since Verizon has yet to get anything thats a worthy successor, I’m still stuck with it as the daily driver. Moto X has me tempted, but I dont think that things future proof enough to get stuck with for two years…

    • EC8CH


      Me too

    • Adam Truelove

      Get a Nexus 5 on GoPhone. Do it now!!

      • wills96

        Employer only pays for Verizon or I’d do something like that. I can’t be the only one…

        • Adam Truelove


  • hfoster52

    Broke mine out of retirement for my wife when her S4 screen died (So the story went) and it was so slow… and still had issues with the radios.

    • palmercurling

      flash the new radios. i did, and it made a huge difference.

      • mog386

        Yeah, but they are still junk compared to radio firmware in the newer phones.

      • hfoster52

        Had them updated when the 4.2.2 came out. Where there newer ones?

        • Jason

          No, the “new” ones are still FK01 and FK02 and they didn’t help my service at all. Gnex not known for it’s stellar radio.

    • LANCE

      S4 ?!

  • enigmaco

    This phone is like bebe kids it does not die it multiplies.

  • Kyle Wilkins

    I haven’t found a device on Verizon that fits what I’m looking for yet to retire my Galaxy Nexus. I’ll be more than happy to make it my second string phone once one comes along. I need on screen nav keys, unlockable bootloader, and some sort of developer support (yeah i basiclly described a Nexus) and I would drop some nice cash on a phone that had all that plus a battery or battery life of that of the MAXX.

    • Clift

      LG G2

  • Haskell Gray

    I can live with my glitchy charging port if this pans out. If not, i’ll have to get something else. What is a Verizon Prisoner to do?

    • Brandon

      This is exactly my problem, but my answer is hopefully coming on November 11th.

    • Kyle Wilkins

      Call Verizon about your charging port. I have had a few of my Galaxy Nexus’ charging ports poop out on me and they replaced them no problem. One guy saw how many times it has happened and game me credit towards my bill because of down time and I wasn’t a dick on the phone.

      • Haskell Gray

        Did you have any cosmetic damage? I dropped it 1 time and it has a couple dings on the corner and a small chip from the bottom right corner of the glass, not even a display area. I’m not sure if they will accept it under the warranty because of that.

        • Kyle Wilkins

          Yeah. I don’t know if they will replace it if it has a chipped screen but mine came will nicks in the corners and was too frustrated at the time to get it replaced. I would call anyway, its worth a shot. Craigslist is also great to look for phones. I got certified replacement galaxy nexus with all the stickers still on for $125. Make sure you take it to a Verizon store if you go that route though. Don’t want to pay a nice chunk of money for a device with a bad ESN.

      • Dale

        Warranty? Mine was up ages ago….

        • Kyle Wilkins

          Yeah I don’t know man. I call it in, they still tell me its under warranty and replacement. I don’t ask questions.

  • Dale

    Trying to hold on to my Gnex until I can switch from Verizon in Feb.

    4. more. months.

    • Kevin Ogilvie

      With ya… I only have to get to Dec 15. ATT here I come!

      • Adam Truelove

        Same here. I have to buy 2 N5s. One for me, one for the wife.

        • Quest

          Dec 25 already have 2 N5s on order and 2 T-Mobile Sims!

      • Blue Sun

        The reception has been nice over here. I just left VZW for AT&T on my lunch break yesterday. Be prepared to give the AT&T rep your VZW account number to make the process go a lot faster. I had to attempt to pull up a pdf bill on my phone to get that info. It definitely slowed down the process not having that info handy.

        • Chris VanAnden

          I’ve thought about making the switch…I’ve been eligible to upgrade since August, but haven’t yet.

          Any benefit you see from switching to AT&T over VZW? The pricing seems comparable, I just miss out on some devices from what I can tell.

          • Blue Sun

            The difference for me was $100/month for 2GB on Verizon to $40/month for 3 GB on AT&T. I went from a single device plan on VZW to being an additional line on my wife’s plan. The N5 has LTE & HSPA coverage and I feel I haven’t experienced a reduction in coverage.

          • 4g63mark

            In my area Verizon has the best coverage. If you have good coverage with both VZW and AT&T, then the choice really comes down to personal preference. With all things equal, I’d only go with AT&T because they have the 32GB Moto X. If Verizon had the 32GB version as well, it would be a toss up. I fulfilled my contract with Verizon along time ago and would only leave if a truly impressive Nexus came along that I couldn’t live without. With this Nexus 5 being what it is, there’s clearly no reason to leave VZW for it.

          • Chris VanAnden

            In my area they’re all pretty good, but I do go to areas where this i not the case. Verizon tends to work everywhere I need it to.

            Also, I don’t have the luxury of just jumping onto a line. If I switch I’m switching over my line and another which means I have to jump straight to a family plan.

            I agree with you though, I haven’t seen anything that screams “leave VZW”.

            Also, I like the name. Had a GSX myself (own a WRX now though)…fun car, such a tinker motor haha.

          • 4g63mark

            Glad to talk to a DSM guy. 🙂 All the money I used to put into turbo upgrades and motor builds, now goes to tinkering with Android smartphones. The class A license I now have and the expense involved convinced me to move on.

            Have a great evening bud.

      • David Narada Brown

        Dec. 18th for me. already have a str8 talk sim n all.

    • Chris Schmucker

      Ugh, March 15th

    • I’m right there with you. I have to wait until next July 🙁 but I’m really looking forward to getting off of Verizon and being able to hopefully have a real Nexus device.

    • gardobus

      Same here. My wife and I both have GNexii and our contract is up in Feb. Hoping to move to TMo.

    • James Briano

      Heading to T-Mobile ASAP.

    • Tim Swann

      I have until December 18, exactly two years since I signed my contract. Someone I know can lend me a GSM Note 2 so I can try it out on TMO and see how I like their coverage where I would need it.

      • DanSan

        just use your current phone to test it. im going to assume you have a VZW note 2 which has GSM radios in it, should be able to work on tmobile. grab a sim card, throw the $30 plan on it and boom.

        • Tim Swann

          I actually have the VZ GNex so he’s going to lend it to me whenever I want to give it a shot.

    • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

      I never thought one of the best parts of military statuses would be the ability to drop carriers on a whim, OH DEPLOYMENT? *cancels contract* I want the N5 so badly though 🙁

      • Jason

        I don’t know how your dropping your contract but for both me and my wife both being active duty we can only temporarily turn our service off till we are back from deployments and then that just makes our contract 6 months longer as the time we are gone does not count.

        • Ray Gray

          Wrong you can cancel your contact at anytime and military suspend your account without extending your contact. I have done it several times when I have deployed.

          • Braden Abbott

            Wrong. There is no official law or policy. Ma bell waives early termination fees when you get deployed. They will also let you resume your grandfathered plan up to 39 months later, all as a courtesy. They also have huge government contracts so it might be a business arrangement.

          • MikeSaver


          • Ray Gray

            There is a law it’s called soldiers and sailors relief act of 1940. Whether it’s a law or not they all let you get out of your contract with no penalty so what’s your point?

          • Braden Abbott

            My point is that At&t is the only carrier that will waive your ETFs and just let’s you keep the phone.

          • Ray Gray

            No they aren’t the only carrier it’s the law. I used to work for at&t they do it because they have no choice

          • Braden Abbott

            Read up buddy, the other guys only let them suspend contract, not cancel. For instance, on T-Mobile, you still end up having to pay off your phone.

          • Ray Gray

            OK it’s worked for me on Verizon that’s all I care about I don’t have 4 carriers at once

    • G_Romero

      Or… sell your contract. I did this on ebay and made some pretty good money. Much better than waiting for it to end and canceling for zero dollars. I think droid-life even did an article about how to do this a while back?

      • Dale

        I would, but unfortunately I have a family plan and don’t want to give up all our phone numbers.

        • Larizard

          same issue here.. in a family plan with 2 unlimited data, 1 2G data, and 1 basic phone….

          • Devi8

            Doesn’t matter only the one line (or multi line) that gets AOL gets stripped away and becomes its own plan under the person. the family plan stays intact with the other numbers under the original owners info

    • Mike

      ^ Exactly this…4 more months…

    • James Hill

      Enjoy T-mobile. I’ll still be using America’s most reliable network. Can you hear me now? Oh yeah, guess I’ll have to wait 4 months; after you give up your unlimited 4G LTE.

      • Dale

        I will be going to AT&T, thank you very much. Which, by the way, was ranked the #1 network in my area just recently.

  • AxemRed

    This looks like it’s 1 year old, from November 5th 2012. But I’ve heard that it’s still newer than what Google has been using. Hopefully something comes of this.

  • Shane Redman

    “We know this device has been the favorite handset of many people, including ourselves for a while, but at some point you just have to let it go, right?”

    I don’t know, Tim….Don’t you still boot up your D1 from time to time?

    • Hah I think booting that bad boy up would be a nightmare. So much jank. Might have to just for old time’s sake now.

      • wtfsss

        I broke my RAZR M last weekend, and in the wait for the nexus 5 coming later today I have been using a droid 2 and let me tell you: you do not want to boot up that droid 1.

      • palmercurling

        im booting mine, because i want to see if someone tries porting KK to it for s’s and g’s.

        i hope it happens.

        • ArrowCool

          Same as you. Literally wiped the dust off the OG this weekend in hopes of just seeing how a KK ROM would work with it.

          • belsonc

            Thinking a KK rom would take the entire weekend to install by this point…

      • Tom, i couldnt tell from the post or the XDA link, is this thing ready to flash and test. the links in the XDA article don’t seem to have any zip downloads for flashing in recovery. any ideas?

  • Brandon Tiller


  • palmercurling

    being stuck on verizon this is GOOD NEWS EVERYONE.

    • sc0rch3d

      being stuck is a choice you chose to make everyday. GET OUT….GET THE F*** OUT!! 🙂

      it’s like screaming at the skinny white hot chick in a scary move that you know is going to die.

      • Jonathan Berry

        If you’re in contract, it’s probably a choice you have to make. Paying an ETF on top of buying new phones gets expensive very quickly.

        • Pedro

          And then 6, 8 or ten months down the line, you’ve realistically made all that money back.
          And you’re putting more into your account every month thereafter.

          • Evan Knofsky

            However some people don’t have the money to pay the ETF and buy a new phone.

          • Pedro

            But they are more than capable of signing that contract for a subsidized phone.
            You make your choices, and you live with them. And then you whine about them a year later (not aimed at anyone in particular).

        • Larizard

          I have $180 ETF.. upgrade in May ’14.. but that’s waaay too long of a wait.. lol. Might just shell out to get on T-Mo.

      • palmercurling

        i dont have the option to switch, i (luckily, and i know im lucky) have a plan under my family account, and am not in control of the account. also, college student with a limited budget, staying in my family account means i dont need to pay.

        yes, its a choice, but not really a choice.

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          My situation to the letter. G-Nex with unlimited data and part of a family plan as I am a college student. You have no idea how bad I wanted the Nexus 5 to work on Verizon.

          • Jordan

            I’m a college student & pay my own phone bill. Being in college is no excuse.

          • Ej McCarty

            Watch out we’ve got a bad ass over here

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            Haha alright just find time for me to get a job or find me a paid internship and I’ll be set. Right now I have no money to afford a phone bill on top of everything else I pay for. I’m very grateful my family covers it while I’m in school, glad you have the money for it yourself though.

          • Jeff C

            Work harder.

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            On it.

          • If you have to have the Nexus 5, carry two phones. Use your G-Nex strictly as a phone, turn off every battery eating stuffs, and turn on tethering. Buy a Nexus 5 and tether it to the G-Nex. I found that the battery of G-Nex, when it’s being used as a tethering only device, actually last longer than being used as a smartphone (the display is just way too power hungry.) Do all your talking on the G-Nex, and do all your other stuffs on your Nexus 5.

          • Larizard

            That is not a bad idea at all…. Hmm.

          • Khary Anderson

            Same here. I’m with a new Moto X

      • Mike

        Get out and go to what? T-Mobile and never have data? AT&T and get screwed the same as Verizon? Sorry not everyone lives in a city and has access to all four carriers.

        • andrew401

          Then move or stfu

          • Jason

            I hope your joking and not just being an ignorant douche

          • Mike

            Wait, so you want me to take my family, move to a different house, away from my job, just to get cell reception with a subpar carrier so that I can have a Nexus device? You really need to get your priorities straight. I’ll take my Unlimited 4G LTE on Verizon with a phone on 4.3 anyways (Note II with CM), and enjoy the Nexus experience the best way I can, with my Nexus 10.

        • kselby

          Straight Talk, using AT&T’s network without the hassle of dealing with AT&T. Cheap plans too, that is what I am going to with the N5.

      • OreoMan

        I wouldn’t call Carmen Electra skinny!

    • Eric

      Get the LG G2, root it, throw on cm 10.2, Super Nexus.

  • Samvelavich

    I love developers…

  • Walter Partlo

    My GNex didn’t die, it has simply moved on to another job as a baby video monitor.

    • Snowbo13

      same here!

    • Kelvin Chin

      What camera did you use?

      • Walter Partlo
      • Tyler

        There just wasn’t any night time video monitoring(gnex = awful low light).

        • all you need to see on a baby monitor is if the baby is still there, breathing, and awake or asleep. gnex can do that, and once you got a few pieces of software to play nice, it can probably do it while also doing 90 things no other standalone baby monitor can do..grainy hidden cam images from a baby’s room can be pretty creepy too so you get that out of it as well

          I actually used one in my attic (taped around a flexi desk lamp) to figure out what was going insane in my attic every night around 3AM. They were raccoons. It’d email us frames in real time if it saw anything…mostly shadows on the floor but sometimes actual photographic evidence. gave us a little report at the end of the day. it was a good tool for this.

          • Weber

            That’s awesome

      • Snowbo13