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Thursday Poll: Did You Buy a Nexus 5?

Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is now here, and everyone who was interested in the phone quickly scrambled to Google Play, snatching up their devices as quickly as they could. It seems that a couple of the models are already out of inventory, so let us know down below if you were able to grab one.

Seems like a straight question, so let’s hear some straight answers. Also, if there is one thing that is stopping you from picking up the Nexus 5, let us know down below. Go!

Did you buy a Nexus 5?

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  • Grrr

    Not buying one. Stupid Verizon not picking it up. Out of all the carriers, Verizon has the worst hardware. Awesome data network worst hardware.

  • Roy Harrigan

    I have a Note 3. Why would I downgrade?

  • nickyb

    I bought the note 3 for verizon. If it worked worked with VZ

  • Preach2k

    No! I love my Note 3!!!

  • Raven

    Man, I want a new Nexus phone, but there are 4 things stopping me. Not on Verizon (only decent coverage in my area), too big for me (a 4″ phone is all I want to carry), no MicroSD slot (I use too much local media not to have one), and I don’t want to lose my unlimited data.

  • Jeff

    The poll should have an option that says “No, because I’m stuck with Verizon.” I guess I still could be on the fence though. Motorola’s announcement of Project Ara is intriguing.

  • sucrenoir

    I cannot buy the nexus 5 in my country. I am still stuck on 4.2 on my htc one… 🙁 Last android device for me. Next one will be a Nokia or an Apple.

  • MrWicket

    Not yet, have to wait a bit.

  • RXG9

    If it had a removable battery I would buy it. Since it does not my next phone will be a used GS4.

  • new guy

    going to wait for a review 1st …

  • Chris Wilkey

    December 15th and I will!!

  • Shamo316

    cant buy one because of verizon 🙁

    • morpheus282

      That’s my problem too.

  • After the crap Google just pulled with no KitKat for the GNex, heck no. I’ll never buy another Nexus or Google device ever again. Fool me once …

    • morpheus282

      I’m not too surprised by the no KitKat for GNex move, but only because the phone was treated like a red headed step child since a month after its release.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Bought one. Dropping to a basic phone on Verizon. Using the $30 savings to get T-Mobile $30 month prepaid. Testing the waters, been with Verizon quite a while.

    • HeartStrong07

      I did the same

    • duke69111

      I’m thinking of doing the same for one of our lines. T-Mobile is available where she spends most of her time anyways and she will at least be able to call out using the dummy phone still on Verizon if in the other 5%. Plus I can keep that line for upgrades for my unlimited line.

      I would be curious to know how the activation/setup process works for you when you get the prepaid setup. Thanks.

  • Awais

    I’d rather wait for the new HTC TWO? HTC One 2? Or sth like that or wait a little more and get GS5. While I’d love to get 4.4 on my s4, I don’t think its worth ditching everything inside my S4 for.