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Sprint is Offering the 16GB Nexus 5 Starting Nov. 8 for $149.99, T-Mobile “In the Coming Weeks”

nexus 5 official

We heard not too long ago that the Nexus 5 would be making its way to Sprint, but the Now Network has made it official. Sprint is the first carrier to announce a release date for the Nexus 5 that has only been out for less than two hours. Starting next friday, November 8, the phone will be available on-contract for $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Sprint was also quick to point out that if you sign up for their One Up program, it will only cost you $18.75 a month for your new phone. 

T-Mobile also wanted to make sure that everyone knew the Nexus 5 would be coming to their network as well. In a press release, they were vague about the date and price of the phone when it came to them, only promising that it would be “in the coming weeks… for an affordable price.” We will be sure to keep our ears open listening for a release date.

Anyone planning on switching to one these two carriers for the Nexus 5?

Via: Sprint | T-Mobile

  • Matthew DeCillis

    I’m doing a pre-order sprint form and it’s coming out to $49.99, not $149.99. They are giving you $100 off if you sign up for a new line or bring you # over from another service. It’s an online only deal.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    My line with Verizon is currently not in contract. However I have my dad and sister on my plan, and one of them may be in contract. Am I able to leave and go to T-Mobile and let them continue with their service? Can I transfer it to my sisters name so its no longer associated with me. ????? Halp meeee. Lol.

  • mace221

    If I take the nano SIM card out of a Sprint iPhone 5, use a mirco SIM card adapter, and put that into a Nexus 5, will I be able to use it on Sprint’s network without getting a new SIm card?

  • Steve

    Leaving Verizon and going to T-Mobile for this (though I’ll purchase it straight from the Google Play store when money allows). Question – Like many people, I got the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon when it came out, renewing my contract in the process. So my contract doesn’t end until December 15th. As it’s only a month and a half away, do you think Verizon would let me out of the contract early without the EFT, or am I expecting too much of the same company that’s held the updates to the Gnex?

    • Dusty

      Yes you are expecting too much. They have no incentive to let you leave without the ETF so most likely they will make you pay the ETF. In your case it would be $130. The lowest it’ll go is $120 but why pay another month of verizon just to save $10?
      If you are planning on making the switch i’d recommend it. Since the amount of money you save by switching to T-Mobile you’ll recoup the ETF cost after a few months.

      • steveP

        Even for me with my contract ending in late-March next year, making the switch is justifiable (if I could do it right now with T-mobile). The savings per month ($30 x 5 months until my contract is up) means I will only pay $10 more out-of-pocket ($350 – (19 months complete x $10/Mo)), not including the phone cost. Shame t-mo will not be selling the 5 directly for a few more weeks.

  • Jon Brashear

    Does the Play Store N5 support AT&t?

    • Kayla A. Echols


  • Gandalf’s Daddy

    Was already planning on switching to TMo from Verizon as soon as my contract is up, but this seals the deal!

  • Timmy

    Hi guys! sorry to ask a noob question!

    If I buy the Nexus 5 directly from Google Store, is it unlocked? can I just use it on T-mobile network?

  • droidrazredge

    and Verizon in the coming never….. According to a Verizon statement making sure that everyone was aware that the Nexus 5 would not be coming to their network.

    • droidrazredge

      On a side note, I don’t know whether to switch to T-mobile or Sprint, Any word on AT&T getting a Nexus 5 ? I’m trying to exhaust and look at all my options on the table here.

      • Kayla A. Echols

        The Google Play Nexus 5 works on AT&T. The bands are listed.

      • izick

        Either-or. The up side to being on Sprint’s network is that when you roam, it is on to Verizon’s network. The down side to T-Mobile is that instead of roaming, you just end up on T-Mobile’s Edge network or have no service at all.

  • M3D1T8R

    We all love to beat down on crappy Sprint, but I have to say good job to them for being immediately out the gate on this. Even if $150 OC may be a little high, at least they’re releasing it. This is good for the Nexus.

    Of course I’m stuck with unlimited on Verizon, use 40GB/mo now with 4G, and my DNA is pretty great, so I can’t complain too much. But if I could use this phone…oh man.

  • CivilDroid

    If only there was a hint of decent Sprint or T-Mobile coverage in my area…..if only

  • guest

    can you but sprint version from playstore off contract? or the playstore device only supports tmo and att bands?

  • Buur

    So lock yourself into a 2 year contract on a crummy carrier all to save $200. With a $650 phone I guess I can see it but not with a $350 phone.

    • Steve B

      Exactly. Why not buy the phone outright for $350 and go to a decent carrier instead of being locked into a contract on a crap carrier?

      • DQ

        Which one is the decent carrier? I’m trying to decide.

      • krudl3rx

        In some places Sprint with Verizon roaming included is much, much better than GSM prepaid. And if you are going to stick with Sprint for 2 years, why wouldn’t you want to save 200 bucks?

      • izick

        Sprint roams onto Verizon, and if you have an older plan, that means unlimited talk, text, 4G LTE, and unlimited roaming data on Verizon’s 3G and 1x Networks. You can literally just go in and set your phone to only use Verizon’s network, and it will work unlimited. That’s a reason to stay with Sprint. I wish this phone had come out last year, because I already canceled that plan and got a Nexus 4 on Straight Talk.

  • Clayton Burnett

    i never thought an One Up/Next/etc deal would ever amount to “deal”…but this just might make since. So i’m on Sprint and I’m paying $85 a month now for unlimited everything. If i switch to the ONE UP plan, my bill get’s lowered by $20 a month. Then One Up the Nexus 5 at $18.75 a month and i basically am saving $1.25 a month AND i get new phones twice a year. Is my math right? (note: i don’t really care about keeping old phones and selling them…i’ve already got 3 sitting in a drawer) .

    • izick

      One Up is a new phone once per year, but the rest of the math is right.

  • Godzilla

    If i were to leave verizon I would buy the phone outright and then walk into a T mobile store and get a sim card and go month to month.

    • Ian Smith

      cool story bro

    • AFelm

      Yea that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m just praying the coverage/speed difference going from VZW to T-Mobile doesn’t feel like I went back to the Stone Age. I’m gonna keep my VZW a account for a little while to make sure I can live with the changes. I’ll still be saving money going month to month on T-Mobile and keeping my VZW account open for a basic phone I had bought for my mother. I’m hoping my plan plays out as well as I have it thought out in my head, haha.

      • izick

        You should go Aio Wireless. Great LTE Coverage.

  • TheWenger

    Left the wife on Sprint while I bailed for the VZW G-Nex. I guess I’ll go back and save her and also lower our total monthly bill.

  • Guy Pierce

    Yes I do!

  • Doug

    Ditching VZW for T-Mobile. The $ I save monthly for the next 5 months will more than cover my ETF.

    • Tac

      Just switch out the smartphone for a dumb phone. You’ll be paying $10 a month until your contract runs out that can be less than the etf depending how long you have left.

    • Steve B

      Whoa, whoa, whoa bro..do you have unlimited data?

      • Fresh360

        I do and its not even worth it anymore…Coverage is unmatched but speeds are slow, new phone releases are never immediate, and I am tired of living in fear that I will pay full retail 4 a phone and then they kill all grandfathered plans…

        • Steve B

          Okay, do as I am. List your grandfathered contract on ebay and make some money off your contract and then leave Verizon. This is called an AOL. Google it, it will change your life.

          • SkylaC90

            can you help me do that 2 please? I just returned my note 3. and now i’m looking to sell my unlimited data, I just don’t think anyone is going to want to buy it……… and I don’t want to mess it up for anyone.

          • Fresh360

            Good Lookin, I have 2 unlimited lines both ending on Dec 12th. Right in time 4 Xmas…

  • Steve B

    Cue up the rage comments Verizon customers.

    • Godzilla

      haha, yeah. It’s a love/hate relationship for sure. I love their network but damn.

      • Steve B

        I’m currently in the hate side of the relationship.

        Thanks to you though, I looked into AOL’ing my grandfathered data and went ahead and purchased a N5 today. Once it ships, my plan is going up for sale on eBay. Thanks my friend.

    • Tac

      What rage? I’m switching to tmo 🙂

      • Steve B

        Me too..or AIO…or Straight Talk…or Solavie…damn, going to be really nice having options month-to-month.

        • michael arazan

          I’m going to be checking out the Sensorly app to see if it may be worthwhile to leave Verizon for sprint or aio. In MO and IL sprint is a lil better than att, and T-Mo is awful once you leave the city.

          • izick

            Just remember that Aio Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T, and therefore, uses only their network. It’s like Virgin Mobile to Sprint or GoSmart Mobile to T-Mobile USA.

      • Sankyou

        Same – Big-Horned Red to Tmobile January 4th. Can’t wait!! I hope
        you’re reading this Verizon. Your customer service didn’t bat an eye
        when I told you the last straw was post-dating my early upgrade (which I
        missed the cutoff by 3 days). I’ve had TMobile before and they’re
        great in Denver. Not sure why I switched over in the first place.

        • GentlemanScholar

          TMO is good in Denver? Have you used their LTE as well?

          • Sankyou

            No. When I was with them 2 and a half years ago it was HSPA+ only. It was as fast or faster than Verizon’s LTE most of the time. Cell coverage overall was slightly worse than Verizon but very good overall.

    • Sankyou

      Same – Big-Horned Red to Tmobile January 4th. Can’t wait!! I hope you’re reading this Verizon. Your customer service didn’t bat an eye when I told you the last straw was post-dating my early upgrade (which I missed the cutoff by 3 days).

    • tyguy829
      • Steve B

        Hope for what? Not a Nexus phone. Maybe a wearable device.

        • tyguy829

          you don’t know that, especially with verizon rolling out voLTE in 2014.

          • NeilOMalley

            If you think that Verizon will have VOLTE coverage in 100% of their current coverage, including 3G you are delusional. Maybe in large cities but they will still require CDMA radios to fall back on. I still dont have 4G where I live. Its going to be a few more years at least.

          • tyguy829

            No new infrastructure is needed for voLTE, it’s a matter of flipping a switch to turn on voLTE for all LTE towers. 99% of their 3g footprint is already covered–it seems you are just really unlucky. And as soon as voLTE is turned on, google (or anyone) will be able to sell LTE only phones, regardless of whether the 4g rollout is officially 100% complete.

  • Godzilla

    I cant stand sprint but that is a damn good deal if contracts are your thing.

    • Sankyou

      It’s all about where you live. Sprint is awful in Denver and their customer service/billing is borderline fraudulent. Been with ATT and Sprint for 5+ years each, VZW 2 years and TMobile 1 year so I have a decent sampling.

      • GentlemanScholar

        I’m going to try out TMO when my Nexus 5 comes early next week. If they’re coverage is bad, then I’m heading over to AT&T. TMO’s LTE coverage map in Denver looks good. I’m done with my 2 year Verizon and GNex experiment.

      • izick

        That’s assuming that companies, like people, never change. But that’s simply not the case. I’ve been impressed with everything AT&T sense I left them in 2009, and I’ve been not so impressed with T-Mobile, even though I was extremely happy with them before I went to Sprint. But at the time T-Mobile had the best rated customer service, and now they don’t.

        • Sankyou

          Yes I’ve always been happy with AT&T’s customer service as well. Sprint not so much. They charged me $600 for international calls made when it showed on my bill I was making calls from my home state at the same time. Called me a liar and ended up making me pay half of it. They also charged me an extra $.72 on a separate bill for 2 and half years before they could figure it out and would not credit the charges after. These are egregious mistakes and nothing they could ever do would change my opinion of the bloodsuckers that are Sprint.