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Download: New Google Apps From the Nexus 5 Dump (Search, Launcher, And More)

Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-23-16 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-14-13 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-13-07

Well, we’ve had a chance to pick through most of the apps in the Nexus 5 factory image system dump, so here they are for you to install if you’d like. Most are minor updates, but there are a couple worth looking at, like the new Google Search (it’s awesome), Launcher (“Google Home”), Keyboard, and Clock. We’ve got some screenshots, special instructions for installing the launcher (since it’s tricky), and then all of the download links. 

Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-26-21 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-26-03 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-25-50

To install the new launcher (Google Home), you’ll have to install 3 different apps – Google Play Services 4.0, Google Search, and the Google Home .apk. (Cheers to Phandroid for figuring that out.)

Oh, if something breaks, don’t blame us. These are technically unreleased apps that were meant for the Nexus 5. Some may work, others may not so well. I tested these on a stock, Android 4.3 Nexus 4. Depending on what device you have, you may run into issues. Be warned.

Have fun! I think we’re about spent for one day.

Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-26-31 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-27-54 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-27-12


Cheers Joe!

  • The new Google Search app is force closing every time I search for something using my Note 3. Anyone else?

    • Oh Nevermind. Thanks to Derek Ross for the answer below.

      “Long press the home screen, select Settings. Select Voice. Select Language to change the default. Change to another language, I choose English – UK. Hit Home. Do a Google Search. Repeat the first three steps. Change back to English – US.”

  • Amner frias

    Sweeeeeeeet. My s2 is going to be awesome. I need to upgrade >_< lol

  • Shubham
  • lalu

    Works fine on my Samsung galaxy s3 android 4.1.3, verizon

  • Nadeem Ansari

    Guys check out the latest system apps from Nexus 5 that seem to work perfectly and NOT ROOT NEEDED. Check it out right here http://goo.gl/hud4to

  • jim

    what is ‘ KEEP ‘ ?

    • Suralin

      It’s a simple task tool allowing you to set reminders on the fly.

      • jim

        Thanks, running Bamf and everything running great so far

        • jim

          Spoke to soon, had to dump the new gmail too

      • jim

        Have not installed home yet, not sure what it is or if i need it

      • jim

        had to drop goodle search, kept crashing

  • Lasse Sørnes

    On Samsung S4. This is not working;

    Clock ( black screen, then clock has failed)
    Hangout ( SMS works, but Video don’t)
    Photo (Photoshere don’t work)
    Gallery ( Edit photos don’t work)

    But the home screen and menus are perfect. Anybody knows something about these apps that don’t work?

    • Jedrzej Podpora

      Same here on Note 2 with 4.3 leak

  • Geerod

    To fix For the Google search error long press on home screen go to settings /voice and change the language to English UK. You can change it back after you’ve done a few searches

    • Lasse Sørnes

      On a Nexus device then? Not on a S4?

  • Lyondellic

    I just noticed that the phone icon in the screenshot of the new launcher does not match the one shown in official Google media images. Something fishy going on here?

    • Arcendus

      The phone app isn’t listed here, therefore the icon doesn’t match 4.4. The icon pictured is for the stock phone app of whatever device was used in the screenshot.

  • JMack82

    When I open the camera app is force closes. Help please…

  • justin

    work on 4.0.4??

  • Edward Rosinzonsky

    Any chance of getting the lockscreen? Trying to De-sense my HTC one as much as possible.

  • Vivek

    i installed google home, search and play services but after doing this my google now is not working…even if i remove everything except play services, which i dont know how to replace. I am using paranoid android ROM, Galaxy Nexus.

  • CORBIN-001

    Sooom I can’t get Google Home to launch on my RAZR M, everything else works, but when I try opening the launcher it tells me that”Google search unfortunately closed” even if it is open and running while I try opening the launcher. Help?

  • Pedro Burgos

    Now we need phone dialer and contact apk, but I appreciate the work they did, look awesome on my s4……

    • Austin_tacious

      That’s exactly how I feel.

  • I seem to be having troubles trying to install the Gallery from here. It just acts like it is installing but ends with “X App Not Installed”.

  • Any idea why Google Home won’t work on a RAZR MAXX HD? When installed (after having installed Google Search and Google Play Services) and later opened a dialog box pops up saying “PLACEHOLDER TEXT: Google Search not found.” Again, I do have the new Google Search installed. Also, the camera app does not seem to fit on the screen, the camera’s buttons are hidden under the MAXX’ navigation keys. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Austin_tacious

    I have a stock AT&T GS4. Has anyone else experienced a lack of hotword Google Search activation?

  • JimmyLo

    The new Google search app always force closes when I’m trying to use it on my Droid Ultra has anyone else had this problem??_

    • Arcendus

      Bunch of people. Please read the comments below for the fix…

  • Justin

    Does anyone know if these will work on the 2012 Nexus 7? Has anyone tried to install these apps on the Nexus 7? If so were there any problems? Any info will help 🙂 Thanks

  • eazyean1

    Gnex camera wont work now ? ??

    • Michael Martin

      works fine for me…

      • eazyean1

        its not centered on my screen….the nav buttons are over the the camera buttons

        • Ryan

          Ah, that’d be a screen size issue, since it was designed for a higher resolution device.

    • Arcendus

      Panorama/Sphere causes a FC, but that’s about it.

  • insert_build

    i just installed Google Play services v4.0.30 and i guess it just made my Galaxy S3 rooted (obvious) 10x faster than it was………/AM STILL RUNNING ON 4.1.2 stock Touchwiz Rom cant wait to update it to 4.3 once its officially out from AT&T………..iknow iknow there is a leak already on xda but 2weeks is not alot to wait for an update since 4.1.2 does pretty much everything for me
    anyone flashed the leak yet? how is it

  • guest

    sorry if this is a dumb question, but where can i find googletts??

  • Mike Ennamorato

    Also, every time I go to the home screen the keyboard pops up.

    • Arcendus

      If you haven’t set Google Home as your default Launcher it’ll do that. If you do set it as your default, that issue disappears, at least in the case of my Nexus 7.

      • Mike Ennamorato

        How do I do that?

        • Arcendus

          If that’s the issue, when you hit the home button it will ask what Launcher you want to use, and shows a little dialogue box where you can select to use your selection as default. What device are you using?

          • Mike Ennamorato

            I did set it at the the beggining. Using a 2012 n7.

          • Arcendus

            Whoops, I spoke too soon, turns out I’m having the same issue on my N7. How inconvenient.

          • Mike Ennamorato

            It sucks. Thanks for helping 🙂 !

  • Mike Ennamorato

    For some reason I can’t get the app drawer logo to update.

    • Arcendus

      Strange, just noticed that the app drawer updates on my HTC One but not on my Nexus 7.

      • Mike Ennamorato

        Maybe it does not update on tablets.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    It seems the new launcher doesn’t work on the RAZR’s. So far I’ve seen reports of it not working on M’s, HD’s and HD Maxx’s. Google search itself works but not the GEL.

    • Smickhenry

      Yeah…I have a Razr HD Maxx and the launcher doesn’t work

  • Arcendus

    Hmm the “Okay Google” hotword detection doesn’t seem to be working on my HTC One, anyone have any ideas as to why this might be? Everything looks good under Voice settings, and it’s working perfectly on my Nexus 7.

    • jim

      Same here, gnex running Bamf

  • Matthew Pfeil


    • Arcendus

      Nope, just a smaller grid.

      • Timothy Sternig

        The icons are bigger. Google is asking Android app developers to upload bigger icon images for their apps even.

        • Arcendus

          Ah, well then I’ll go ahead and down-vote myself for making such an uninformed reply 🙂

  • Gbpal

    how do you add more screens on the home page? I can only seem to keep it at 3, oh and I put majority of these on a stock htc one from tmo

    • CoreRooted

      Drag a widget or app from the drawer to the right most screen. It’ll automatically create a new screen.

      • Gbpal


  • Reginald Jefferson

    Hmm. The new search works but the new launcher FC’s

    • Alan Fortte

      I installed in one shot and it all works fine for me. I’m running 4.2.2.

      • Reginald Jefferson

        I’m running 4.1.2, Razr M, stock and rooted.

        • Alan Fortte

          Is Google Now closing or the launcher itself?

          • Reginald Jefferson

            Just the launcher. The new Google Now works fine when I do the usual swipe up from home to access it. Just can’t get the launcher start up.

  • mikewilson1021

    Trying to set a reminder in Now is causing a FC. Anyone else?

    • Jeff Schroeder

      It’s happened to me as well. I have an unrooted Gnex. I’m hoping there will be an update in the play store…

  • Mohammed Murtuza

    will downloading google search enable Google now on Android 4.0.4?

  • tu3218

    Love the launcher just hate seeing those TW icons! I usually use Nova but it seems the Ok Google from the launcher is only available for the google launcher and I can’t just add the widget in Nova 🙁

  • Mysticode

    Is the new Dialer amongst these any where?

  • YEMan0443

    Anyone else consistently getting “client error” when going to the media fire site? It won’t let me download some apk’s. Galaxy S3

  • darensdorff

    Just a quick heads up…the GoogleHOME.apk is 11.87MB
    Everytime I downloaded it on my phone I was only showing 11.5KB. Download the file a different way and you shouldn’t have any “parsing error” issues and it should install and run with no problems.

    Running it now on my Sprint Note2 without a hiccup!

    *NOTE: you do have to install the pre-requisite files first (GoogleSearch, and Google Play Services)

  • kirkdm92

    Anyone keep getting the notification for which launcher to use even though you made it your permanent launcher?

  • What about the dialer and contacts apk?

  • Maciej Bieniek

    I have a FC in Gallery when I want edit the picture. Nexus 4 with stock 4.3.

  • Jackie Chen

    Google search keeps crashing on me and the hot word detection isn’t working, anyone else has this problem and know how to fix it?

  • el oso borracho

    Can you please post a single zip with all of these?

  • abunizar

    Anyone have the keyboard popping up when you press the home button to get to the home screen? I’m on a Nexus 7 2013.

    • OFD

      Same problem for me. Also Nexus 7

  • lmarkov22

    What’s involved with getting a full album view on the lockscreen?

  • ReeceDevonport

    Is there any way to change the icons using Google’s Launcher, Touchwiz Icons are just making it look horrible.

    • CoreRooted


  • Jatann

    Does “Ok google” work on HTC One?

    • Arcendus

      I can’t seem to get it to work, myself. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and cleared data and cache, etc, still nothing.

  • Christopher Reeder

    I’m having problems with hotword detection on home screen. It worked when I first installed but not now:(

  • Timothy Sternig

    I installed all of this on the GS4 from T-Mobile. A lot of it works really well. The Clock doesn’t work at all, the camera works unless you try to use Photosphere (it will crash then), and I had to do the language switch fix to get Google Search to work. Other than that everything is working well and is fun to play with. Thanks!


    On Stock 4.2.2 GNEX. All except Camera, Keep, Clock, and Gallery installed. Working like a champ and looking and feeling 4.4

  • Scottie C.

    Every single one worked perfectly…except the camera apk. which seems not to be proportioned to my phone (Gnex), but other than that, its given the ol girl a much needed refresh. Especially since I can’t get the Nexus 4 (I’m on VZW). Thanx fella’s…I love u guys!!!

  • Bretton Key

    Can someone simply explain the differences in these apps?
    Currently with i605 (Note 2) running AOKP 4.3