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Download: New Google Apps From the Nexus 5 Dump (Search, Launcher, And More)

Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-23-16 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-14-13 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-13-07

Well, we’ve had a chance to pick through most of the apps in the Nexus 5 factory image system dump, so here they are for you to install if you’d like. Most are minor updates, but there are a couple worth looking at, like the new Google Search (it’s awesome), Launcher (“Google Home”), Keyboard, and Clock. We’ve got some screenshots, special instructions for installing the launcher (since it’s tricky), and then all of the download links. 

Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-26-21 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-26-03 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-25-50

To install the new launcher (Google Home), you’ll have to install 3 different apps – Google Play Services 4.0, Google Search, and the Google Home .apk. (Cheers to Phandroid for figuring that out.)

Oh, if something breaks, don’t blame us. These are technically unreleased apps that were meant for the Nexus 5. Some may work, others may not so well. I tested these on a stock, Android 4.3 Nexus 4. Depending on what device you have, you may run into issues. Be warned.

Have fun! I think we’re about spent for one day.

Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-26-31 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-27-54 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-27-12


Cheers Joe!

  • Anonymously

    When im done installing Ghome I get this toast: “PLACEHOLDER TEXT:Search not found”, then when I actually try to go into GEL it stops responding each time.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Sweet. Kitkat launcher and Search on my stock rooted 4.2.2 LG G2!

  • Alex Kennedy

    Anyone on here had this work on a currently stock HTC One Mini (when I say stock I mean with no mods and still on HTC Sense). And does it matter if my phone is locked, I bought my phone directly from O2 on contract as it was a good deal.

  • TJ

    I installed all three required apps for Launcher (Google Play Services 4.0, Google Search, and the Google Home .apk.), and I set up Direct Dial Widget on the home screen. It’s giving me an error message “the app isnt installed” Does anyone know why?

  • Christian Sotelo

    it didn’t work with my phone. samsung galaxy victory

  • Robert Lipowski

    To get mail working on my htc one I had to update exchange services from nexus 5


  • Austin2222

    Works on Nexus 4!

  • archie

    Can any one help I just did the process and everything works exept google launcher says google has stopped

  • KidCurt

    How can I get the Google launcher to work on the Droid Razr M?

  • kell0204

    Do I have to download Google play s all ready running v4.0.31

  • lolman

    I installed the google services , search and home , rooted the phone , overwritten the fix file , set the properties to rw-r-r and now my phone is stuck on LG logo! I have LG Swift L3 2nd generation. Please help me!

    • gitano

      What’s the “fix file”? Is it that lib…so file that goes in /system/lib? if so, I can’t seem to get that to overwrite since installing the new 4.0.31 Google Play Services. Is there a fix for that?

  • steven sullivan

    Everything except the clock works on my Gnex toro running PA 3.99 rc2.

  • Pruett

    All of this talk about not having the Google Experience launcher on older phones is funny because i just followed the steps on this post and i have been using the Nexus Launcher and apps since the 1st day this was put up.

    • Bascule

      Which phone?

  • Teng Nunag

    Hangouts crashes on video call 🙁

  • Ståle

    Is it possible to use exchangeserver with the new emailapp?
    (Email (v6.0-893803))

  • Akaiz

    Gallery editing picture crashes the app

  • Hangouts works flawlessly–don’t have much use for chats since I don’t have a G+ account…but I figured I should get used to the SMS part since it’s taking over from stock text.

  • One Meat Ball

    VNex rooted with 4.3. Search still crashes frequently even after trying the languages fix. Panorama and Photosphere do work. Setting reminders crashes with US English but works with UK English.

  • DueyGee

    4.4 Launcher works well on my International Galaxy S3 running Android 4.2.1

  • john

    panorama on the camera doesn’t work for me.

  • DerekL

    Trying this on a Motorola Atrix HD (MB886) and cannot get the error [Google Search has stopped working] to go away when I try to load the launcher. I tried changing all the languages, deleting the caches, and installing the GoogleTTS243.zip file in a recovery console and it still has an issue. I even tried copying the libgoogle_recognizer_jni_l.so into the /system/lib/ folder. Any other ideas?

  • Camilo Donoso

    I did everything to install google home, but it gives me an FC error with google search, and because of that google home never starts.

  • Galaxy Tab

    what about installing it on android 3.2?

  • Brad Ross

    Just installed the new Kit Kat Google Play Services, Keyboard, Search, & Home on a friends Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 (completely stock 4.1.2 from Big Red, no root, no rom, etc.). No problems at all, no FC’s, it’s just ALL GOOD. I did try the new Kit Kat Hangouts too but video calling just netted a black screen and wouldn’t do anything; uninstalled it, re-downloaded the latest version from the Play Store, now it’s golden again. She is loving the new launcher and “Ok, Google” search feature. I had to go in and manually turn on Google Now because it was disabled by default, but that was no biggie. Didn’t wanna mess with any of the other apps because I literally only had about 15 minutes to install things and give her a tutorial on how it works. Like I said, she’s diggin’ it, so thanks a million!!!

  • Busko

    So I installed the camera app , works fine on my phone…the only thing i dont see if how you can view your photos…anyone else have that?

  • Ugslick

    Can’t get the launcher to work on my LG g2x running 4.1.1 (CM) 🙁

    I installed velvet.apk (search) and the play services, but the launcher forces closes saying ‘cant find google search’. Oh well

  • Nate

    I downloaded and installed everything on my HTC One. The launcher works great and is extremely smooth! Only one problem…”unfortunately search has stopped working”. I kinda need that to work. It is a “Google” launcher after all.

  • Random

    Everything works fine! Except clock and voice search.. Still finding a fix for this. Thanks!

  • Israel resendiz

    The file does not want to go in sys/lib
    Someone please help?!?!?

  • Renan Lira

    it’s just missing the Download App, but all other is working great on a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Dima

    Do not intall on LG G2 – phone becomes very slow. Native G2 launcher is extreemly fast -just customized by LG :(, so Nexus owners will be bit oncomfortable with G2 build-in launcher

  • Katsu

    Anyone have a problem with Wallpaper? I tried to set an image as a wallpaper but somehow it re-scales the image again after I pressed “Set wallpaper” and leave a black area at the bottom of the screen.

  • Gavin

    Oh and one more thing, Google Search does not respond when I say “Ok Google”. Any advice on how to get this to work on my Samsung Galaxy S3?

  • Gavin

    Thanks Droid-Life!!! I’m a huge fan of the new Android 4.4 KitKat look!. However, the Google Home launcher lags quite a fair bit on my Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 (not rooted). Could you guys work your magic and update the Google Home launcher to fix the lag issues? 🙂

  • Edgard Lopes

    Note 2 100% Up to now. It was very good indeed!

  • Brody

    Works on Galaxy Note 2!

  • Roman Moise

    whenever i try to ho to the launcher home screen, it force closes google search and wont open. help?

  • Dentory

    you should make the icons a bit smaller with better graphics.

  • Jkdem85

    I upgraded the hangouts and most other stuff on my vzw note 3. I’m now missing some text messages that may have had mms messages sent in in the chain as well. I disabled hangouts and reinstalled the old copy from play. Nothing will work and I don’t know what to do

  • MynameisBob

    Installed and mostly running well on a Verizon GS4. I am getting an “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped” when I try adding a Reminder in Google Now. Anyone else get this error?

    • Jason Smith

      I just got that exact issue

  • I loaded up the Gallery, keyboard and Google Search. They are working nicely on my Galaxy Note 2. Thank you very much.

    • Jason Smith

      Gallery force closes for me on my note 3 when doing the image editting function.

  • chrollo lucifer

    Google home launcher not working!! I already installed the Google search and Google services but still nothing happen!

  • chrollo lucifer

    Google home launcher not working!!!!

  • Smeckle

    Does anybody know if/which of these will work on an ICS device? I’ve got an Iconia A500 that is not rooted.

  • Aer Alarcon

    Does the google search work offline?

  • All working good on stock 4.3 running Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 but it seems Google Home isn’t tablet optimized yet and the dock style is still launcher 2 style and pops up keyboard every time you go home.

    Still cool none the less 🙂

  • Austin_tacious

    If I restart my phone, some apps (that I’m fairly sure are moved to my SD) disappear from the folders I placed them into. Stock GS4.

  • Xylan

    I installed the Home Launcher, Google Keyboard, Google Search, Hangouts, and Google Play Services. all seems to he working except when you search something on Google Search. also I am using a T-Mobile® Samsung® Galaxy™ S4 on android 4.2.2

  • auris blazu

    using xperia z1 rooted with 4.2.2, when clicking on launcher app it says “google search was not found” I installed it, also camera buttons goes almost under phone’s onscreen buttons and picsphere crashes camera.
    Any ideas?

  • The new Google Search app is force closing every time I search for something using my Note 3. Anyone else?

    • Oh Nevermind. Thanks to Derek Ross for the answer below.

      “Long press the home screen, select Settings. Select Voice. Select Language to change the default. Change to another language, I choose English – UK. Hit Home. Do a Google Search. Repeat the first three steps. Change back to English – US.”

  • Amner frias

    Sweeeeeeeet. My s2 is going to be awesome. I need to upgrade >_< lol

  • Shubham
  • lalu

    Works fine on my Samsung galaxy s3 android 4.1.3, verizon

  • Nadeem Ansari

    Guys check out the latest system apps from Nexus 5 that seem to work perfectly and NOT ROOT NEEDED. Check it out right here http://goo.gl/hud4to

  • jim

    what is ‘ KEEP ‘ ?

    • Suralin

      It’s a simple task tool allowing you to set reminders on the fly.

      • jim

        Thanks, running Bamf and everything running great so far

        • jim

          Spoke to soon, had to dump the new gmail too

      • jim

        Have not installed home yet, not sure what it is or if i need it

      • jim

        had to drop goodle search, kept crashing

  • Lasse Sørnes

    On Samsung S4. This is not working;

    Clock ( black screen, then clock has failed)
    Hangout ( SMS works, but Video don’t)
    Photo (Photoshere don’t work)
    Gallery ( Edit photos don’t work)

    But the home screen and menus are perfect. Anybody knows something about these apps that don’t work?

    • Jedrzej Podpora

      Same here on Note 2 with 4.3 leak

  • Geerod

    To fix For the Google search error long press on home screen go to settings /voice and change the language to English UK. You can change it back after you’ve done a few searches

    • Lasse Sørnes

      On a Nexus device then? Not on a S4?

  • Lyondellic

    I just noticed that the phone icon in the screenshot of the new launcher does not match the one shown in official Google media images. Something fishy going on here?

    • Arcendus

      The phone app isn’t listed here, therefore the icon doesn’t match 4.4. The icon pictured is for the stock phone app of whatever device was used in the screenshot.

  • JMack82

    When I open the camera app is force closes. Help please…

  • justin

    work on 4.0.4??

  • Edward Rosinzonsky

    Any chance of getting the lockscreen? Trying to De-sense my HTC one as much as possible.

  • Vivek

    i installed google home, search and play services but after doing this my google now is not working…even if i remove everything except play services, which i dont know how to replace. I am using paranoid android ROM, Galaxy Nexus.

  • CORBIN-001

    Sooom I can’t get Google Home to launch on my RAZR M, everything else works, but when I try opening the launcher it tells me that”Google search unfortunately closed” even if it is open and running while I try opening the launcher. Help?

  • Pedro Burgos

    Now we need phone dialer and contact apk, but I appreciate the work they did, look awesome on my s4……

    • Austin_tacious

      That’s exactly how I feel.

  • I seem to be having troubles trying to install the Gallery from here. It just acts like it is installing but ends with “X App Not Installed”.

  • Any idea why Google Home won’t work on a RAZR MAXX HD? When installed (after having installed Google Search and Google Play Services) and later opened a dialog box pops up saying “PLACEHOLDER TEXT: Google Search not found.” Again, I do have the new Google Search installed. Also, the camera app does not seem to fit on the screen, the camera’s buttons are hidden under the MAXX’ navigation keys. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Austin_tacious

    I have a stock AT&T GS4. Has anyone else experienced a lack of hotword Google Search activation?

  • JimmyLo

    The new Google search app always force closes when I’m trying to use it on my Droid Ultra has anyone else had this problem??_

    • Arcendus

      Bunch of people. Please read the comments below for the fix…

  • Justin

    Does anyone know if these will work on the 2012 Nexus 7? Has anyone tried to install these apps on the Nexus 7? If so were there any problems? Any info will help 🙂 Thanks

  • eazyean1

    Gnex camera wont work now ? ??

    • Michael Martin

      works fine for me…

      • eazyean1

        its not centered on my screen….the nav buttons are over the the camera buttons

        • Ryan

          Ah, that’d be a screen size issue, since it was designed for a higher resolution device.

    • Arcendus

      Panorama/Sphere causes a FC, but that’s about it.

  • insert_build

    i just installed Google Play services v4.0.30 and i guess it just made my Galaxy S3 rooted (obvious) 10x faster than it was………/AM STILL RUNNING ON 4.1.2 stock Touchwiz Rom cant wait to update it to 4.3 once its officially out from AT&T………..iknow iknow there is a leak already on xda but 2weeks is not alot to wait for an update since 4.1.2 does pretty much everything for me
    anyone flashed the leak yet? how is it

  • guest

    sorry if this is a dumb question, but where can i find googletts??

  • Mike Ennamorato

    Also, every time I go to the home screen the keyboard pops up.

    • Arcendus

      If you haven’t set Google Home as your default Launcher it’ll do that. If you do set it as your default, that issue disappears, at least in the case of my Nexus 7.

      • Mike Ennamorato

        How do I do that?

        • Arcendus

          If that’s the issue, when you hit the home button it will ask what Launcher you want to use, and shows a little dialogue box where you can select to use your selection as default. What device are you using?

          • Mike Ennamorato

            I did set it at the the beggining. Using a 2012 n7.

          • Arcendus

            Whoops, I spoke too soon, turns out I’m having the same issue on my N7. How inconvenient.

          • Mike Ennamorato

            It sucks. Thanks for helping 🙂 !

  • Mike Ennamorato

    For some reason I can’t get the app drawer logo to update.

    • Arcendus

      Strange, just noticed that the app drawer updates on my HTC One but not on my Nexus 7.

      • Mike Ennamorato

        Maybe it does not update on tablets.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    It seems the new launcher doesn’t work on the RAZR’s. So far I’ve seen reports of it not working on M’s, HD’s and HD Maxx’s. Google search itself works but not the GEL.

    • Smickhenry

      Yeah…I have a Razr HD Maxx and the launcher doesn’t work

  • Arcendus

    Hmm the “Okay Google” hotword detection doesn’t seem to be working on my HTC One, anyone have any ideas as to why this might be? Everything looks good under Voice settings, and it’s working perfectly on my Nexus 7.

    • jim

      Same here, gnex running Bamf

  • Matthew Pfeil


    • Arcendus

      Nope, just a smaller grid.

      • Timothy Sternig

        The icons are bigger. Google is asking Android app developers to upload bigger icon images for their apps even.

        • Arcendus

          Ah, well then I’ll go ahead and down-vote myself for making such an uninformed reply 🙂

  • Gbpal

    how do you add more screens on the home page? I can only seem to keep it at 3, oh and I put majority of these on a stock htc one from tmo

    • CoreRooted

      Drag a widget or app from the drawer to the right most screen. It’ll automatically create a new screen.

      • Gbpal


  • Reginald Jefferson

    Hmm. The new search works but the new launcher FC’s

    • Alan Fortte

      I installed in one shot and it all works fine for me. I’m running 4.2.2.

      • Reginald Jefferson

        I’m running 4.1.2, Razr M, stock and rooted.

        • Alan Fortte

          Is Google Now closing or the launcher itself?

          • Reginald Jefferson

            Just the launcher. The new Google Now works fine when I do the usual swipe up from home to access it. Just can’t get the launcher start up.

  • mikewilson1021

    Trying to set a reminder in Now is causing a FC. Anyone else?

    • Jeff Schroeder

      It’s happened to me as well. I have an unrooted Gnex. I’m hoping there will be an update in the play store…

  • Mohammed Murtuza

    will downloading google search enable Google now on Android 4.0.4?

  • tu3218

    Love the launcher just hate seeing those TW icons! I usually use Nova but it seems the Ok Google from the launcher is only available for the google launcher and I can’t just add the widget in Nova 🙁

  • Mysticode

    Is the new Dialer amongst these any where?

  • YEMan0443

    Anyone else consistently getting “client error” when going to the media fire site? It won’t let me download some apk’s. Galaxy S3

  • darensdorff

    Just a quick heads up…the GoogleHOME.apk is 11.87MB
    Everytime I downloaded it on my phone I was only showing 11.5KB. Download the file a different way and you shouldn’t have any “parsing error” issues and it should install and run with no problems.

    Running it now on my Sprint Note2 without a hiccup!

    *NOTE: you do have to install the pre-requisite files first (GoogleSearch, and Google Play Services)

  • kirkdm92

    Anyone keep getting the notification for which launcher to use even though you made it your permanent launcher?

  • What about the dialer and contacts apk?

  • Maciej Bieniek

    I have a FC in Gallery when I want edit the picture. Nexus 4 with stock 4.3.

  • Jackie Chen

    Google search keeps crashing on me and the hot word detection isn’t working, anyone else has this problem and know how to fix it?

  • el oso borracho

    Can you please post a single zip with all of these?

  • abunizar

    Anyone have the keyboard popping up when you press the home button to get to the home screen? I’m on a Nexus 7 2013.

    • OFD

      Same problem for me. Also Nexus 7

  • lmarkov22

    What’s involved with getting a full album view on the lockscreen?

  • ReeceDevonport

    Is there any way to change the icons using Google’s Launcher, Touchwiz Icons are just making it look horrible.

    • CoreRooted


  • Jatann

    Does “Ok google” work on HTC One?

    • Arcendus

      I can’t seem to get it to work, myself. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and cleared data and cache, etc, still nothing.

  • Christopher Reeder

    I’m having problems with hotword detection on home screen. It worked when I first installed but not now:(

  • Timothy Sternig

    I installed all of this on the GS4 from T-Mobile. A lot of it works really well. The Clock doesn’t work at all, the camera works unless you try to use Photosphere (it will crash then), and I had to do the language switch fix to get Google Search to work. Other than that everything is working well and is fun to play with. Thanks!


    On Stock 4.2.2 GNEX. All except Camera, Keep, Clock, and Gallery installed. Working like a champ and looking and feeling 4.4

  • Scottie C.

    Every single one worked perfectly…except the camera apk. which seems not to be proportioned to my phone (Gnex), but other than that, its given the ol girl a much needed refresh. Especially since I can’t get the Nexus 4 (I’m on VZW). Thanx fella’s…I love u guys!!!

  • Bretton Key

    Can someone simply explain the differences in these apps?
    Currently with i605 (Note 2) running AOKP 4.3

  • Arcendus

    Anyone else having issues with the Clock FC? Any idea on a fix?

  • Tyler Casilio

    Anybody else annoyed with the New Google Plus Photos a little when your in your text messages and when you want to look at a picture, every time now it asks if you want to use G+ Photo’s or the Default. That’s actually really annoying

  • lmarkov22

    Running everything but the clock and keyboard on my ME7 S4 safestrapped with the Google Edition V6.0. No issues so far.

  • q

    What’s different with the keyboard? I didn’t notice anything.

    • kali bred

      Emoji if you long press the enter key plus the swype trail is gray instead of blue now

      • Dutch

        and some of the symbols (? and ! etc) are in a different location.

  • keithsmith22

    Galaxy Nexus – Only installed the Keyboard and Hangouts. They both work perfect and I can do MMS from inside the Hangouts app. You add a pic and it says converting to MMS. The recipients have verified receiving the MMS.

  • jose cruz

    Does any one have the dialer? Or where I can get it from

  • Scott Kart

    VZW Moto X: Launcher, gmail, search, and keyboard seem to be working nicely.  However my soft keys aren’t transparent any longer which is kind of annoying..any ideas?

    • sonicemerald

      My search isn’t working_ did you have to do anythinganything special?

      • Scott Kart

        Look through the comments…there are instructions on how to fix the force closes with google search. Something about changing languages then changing it back to english-us

  • patt

    Hangouts app is a mess. After sending MMS it crashes everytime even after phone restart.

    I love how everythinng is just waiting for stable version 🙂
    The Launcher is not that good limited folder space..
    so basically the only thing I am using is google keyboard..

  • Guest

    I installed the new 4.4 Playstore, Search, and Launcher on my Note 3 and Google search force closes all the time. I saw the instructions on how to resolve it with changing the default voice settings and changing it back (which works for a couple of searches) but it shortly goes back to force closing again. Has anyone found a permanent solution for this?

  • angelycam

    Ever since I installed all these onto my phone, it started overheating. Have done no streaming of any kind or used any apps…seriously none…has anyone else had this problem? GS3 Verizon not rooted os 4.1.2 SCH-1535 and it is also taking forever to recharge the battery. It’s been on 51% for 1.5 hours and counting…do I need to do a hard reset to clear everything out or can I just unistall updates on those apps installed? For some reason, I think it may be the launcher app, js…imo…

    • sam_evans7

      I’m having very similar symptoms on my VZW Note 2 (though I only experienced it getting warm for a few minutes)… I would also love to know the answer to your questions…

  • Pdewet

    I installed the launcher by installing the 3 files mention. I keep getting force closes on the search unless I keep it on UK English. Weird. Anyway… How do you uninstall all this of you don’t want it? Is there a way or do I have to factory reset?

    • CoreRooted

      Rule #1 of custom anything on Android: Nandroid. Backup, backup, backup. However, to get back to the stock launcher, I believe you have to reset. If you were using a third party launcher, then you should be able to go into Settings>Apps and clear the default for Google Home.

    • DanPatrickFlores

      Did installing it replace your stock launcher? On my Razr HD Maxx, it was separate, so when it didn’t work for me, I just uninstalled the Google Home launcher

      • Pdewet

        No i can still toggle between nova, touchwiz and google launcher. But where do you find google home launcher to unsintall? its not in my app drawer.

        • DanPatrickFlores

          Hmm, for me it showed up named “Launcher” in my app drawer.

    • Guest

      Try selecting “settings/application manager/google search” and selecting “uninstall updates”


    I downloaded the Google play services, Google search, keyboard, Google home and hangouts. I’m on a Verizon gs3 non root everything is working flawlessly so far. I’m even able to send and receive MMS on hangouts.

  • Anthony Saylor

    Anyone else having trouble sending mms through hangouts like in a group text?

  • Trevor Martin

    will these work without root?

  • Gabbro

    Cool ! Thanks !

  • tokuiten

    Will this work on my 2012 Nexus 7, or is it just for phones?

    • miri

      Pretty much all of it works, but I wouldn’t recommend the launcher because the tablet UI is unfinished and a bit of a mess.

  • rdoane

    Anybody having weird scaling issues with Google Home on the Nexus 7 (2013)?

  • Kyle Perks

    Search is so fast!!! Using rooted razr maxx. Did not try google now feature. Basic search is… well.. how it should be! Enjoy!

    • Kyle Perks

      google now is even blazin fast.

  • Guest

    SO FAST!! using rooted razr maxx. Was not using google now feature, thought that might be where some of the issues mess up. Enjoy!

  • Danny

    Hello, how can i set this new launcher as default launcher?

    • SplashMTN

      You should be prompted to complete the action using one of your launchers when you hit the home button, then you can select “just once” or “always” select “always” to set it as default.

      If that’s not happening try clearing the defaults of your current launcher and repeating the steps.

  • GabMC

    Clock doesn’t install for me. Tried pushing it to system/app and then it shows up in app drawer but I can’t open it I just get force closes. Anyone else with this issue?

    • DanSan

      I had the same issue.

  • DanSan

    for those who are installing these apps on cyanogenmod are you copying them to /system/app and then installing them or you just installing them like normal. have not had any luck installing anything..

    • Juan Bernal

      I just installed all the apps as if they were regular apps. Using the file manager I just installed APK’s. The two I had problems with were Clock and Gallery. I just backed up the old ones with Titanium and then uninstalled, and installed the new ones and everything is working fine. I am getting the occasional Search crash.

      • DanSan

        what version of android u on?

        • Juan Bernal

          latest CM 10.2. So 4.3.1

  • SplashMTN

    Loving the new launcher and keyboard. The Camera app doesn’t work properly on my Gnex due to screen size, but I can live with that.

  • Tarek Elsakka

    Thank you very much for this post.

    I installed everything, but I cannot get the Launcher to work. Whenever I open it it says “PLACEHOLDER Text: Google Search not found”. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it to no avail.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Anyone have same problem as me on Nexus 4?. Google now crushes every time I ask for an action.

  • Péter Friedrich

    I’m having issues with the google home, when i select it, it says google search has stopped.

    • duke69111

      Just checking but did you

      To install the new launcher (Google Home), you’ll have to install 3 different apps – Google Play Services 4.0, Google Search, and the Google Home .apk. (Cheers to Phandroid for figuring that out.)

      • Péter Friedrich

        I have all 3 installed and still no luck, maybe it doesn’t work on 4.1

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Once Google, ALWAYS GOOGLE! I love the new Google Now, Home and Camera!
    I really want a KitKate NOW! Do you?

  • And suddenly my GS4 is amazingly better. Goodbye touchwiz!

  • Frettfreak

    I am sure i am gonna get flamed for this one… but Honestly, after using the sense launcher in Sense 5.5 (even 5.0 for that matter) i really dont care much for the GEL launcher. i DO like having the google now one swipe to the left instead of blinkfeed (which i actually like as well) but its the little things. No folders in the app drawer, not able to search to find an app. All little things, but so far i like the sense launcher better…. I know. I am going to hell for that, but i gotta be honest.

    • neolid

      You can use Google Now to search installed apps.

      • Frettfreak

        NICE! Thanks

    • butro

      No flaming, but there are way better ways to use Android than hitting the app drawer all the time. I am on an HTC One and you can still use Google Search to find an app so not sure what you mean about not being able to search for one. Honestly I find the app drawer a last resort. All my frequently used programs are in a couple folders on the main screen with email on another screen and calendar on another. I rarely hit the app drawer.

    • Anthony Saylor

      I agree completely. I’m using sense launcher over the Google one.

    • Arcendus

      I don’t blame you, I’m still pondering all this myself. I immediately installed Nova Launcher when I got my HTC One just because I had a GNexus prior to that and, you know, change is awful 😛 so the other day I decided to give Sense a shot, considering all the people who say they eventually ended up loving it, set up all my screens and started getting used to it. Then THIS comes out and I have yet another option to consider…

  • Shane Reilly

    The clock is giving me a problem. The apk listed above will not install. If you try and make a digital clock widget with the old clock you can’t see it. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Aaron Spence

    For any HTC One users, did any of you lose your sense lock screen? I actually prefer that one. Any idea how to reactivate it?

    • butro

      No, the HTC lock screen is still there. I even checked to see if you can use Google lock screen and it does not seem to be available.

      • Aaron Spence

        Any idea how to get it back?

        • butro

          So it’s gone for you? No idea how to get it back as it never left for me.

        • butro

          Under Personalize in the Android settings, you can’t re-select a HTC lock screen?

    • Arcendus

      That’s strange, I didn’t lost my lock screen – what kind of lock screen is it giving you?

      • Aaron Spence

        It’s giving me the regular lock screen. I’m running android revolution, but its a sense rom. Also, I had to install the google device policy (for work) and i think it prohibits lock screen widgets….not sure if that has anything to do with it. Any one have any clue?

  • GJV

    Anyone else getting Google Search FC when you hit settings in the launcher and then select wallpapers?

    • Larry

      Same with my LG G2. Search works and so does “OK Google”, just don’t see that text in the search bar anymore. I did at first, then it went away

  • DanSan

    clock just force closes on me when i go to run it. tried installing it like a normal app and then tried copying it in /system/app and hitting install. neither worked.

  • cheeto0

    Will the launcher eventually be in the play store?

    • Azeem

      Probably when 4.4 KitKat is available for the Nexus 4, 7, and 10.

  • Cory Hanes

    Currently have all apk’s installed and working seamlessly. Thank you DL!! These apks were signed by Google right? 🙂

  • Robert Young

    cant seem to get my Beautiful widgets to apply to the home screen?? or go weather?? on th GS3 but other than that everything works fine!

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Norwegian price of Nexus 5 – 860.691 USD
    These people think we are idiot!

  • Carlos M

    everything working on my HTC ONE TMOBILE! I FEEL i have the best phone with the latest 4.4 kit kat update =)

  • d-rock

    Camera only supports up to 8 Megapixel!
    Keep won’t install
    Home won’t install
    both get parse errors and download VERY quickly like it was a bad upload.

  • Enrique Ja-El

    nevr mind figurd it out

  • Arturo Bornacelli Mendivil

    probando en galaxy s2

  • Oscar Gonzalez

    Thanks , Dialer and contact apps ????

  • danon

    Has anyone gotten this to work on the DAN?

  • Jared Muskovitz

    I installed everything on my Droid Maxx but had to uninstall the launcher and the Google Search because the search crashed everytime it was used and the launcher doesn’t work without it. Bummer – I love the new look. Kept the keyboard and whatnot though.

    • wickets

      note 3 same problem,but only after a few times of use…out the box(? lol) it worked great

  • Enrique Ja-El

    how do you install gallary keeps saying noti installed

  • Nick

    Anyone noticing a faster battery drain after the installs? Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but it feels like it’s draining faster. Using Moto X.

  • evan brown

    The speed of the launcher is insane
    -VZW GNex user

    • SplashMTN

      Just thought about giving it a shot. I guess I have to now.

      • evan brown

        you wont regret it

    • Jeff Schroeder

      Have you had issues with Google Now crashing when you try to add a reminder?

      • wickets

        huge,,,,on note3…had to uninstall search….will wait for official upgrade

        • Dedren

          If your phone is unrooted you can do a temporary fix for the crashing.
          1. Longpress an empty space and click ‘settings’ then ‘voice’
          2. Click ‘Offline speech recognition’ and uninstall any languages you have downloaded in the past
          3. Go back once and Click ‘Language’ and change it to some other language that you can speak (I used English UK)
          4. Go back to the home screen and tap the voice search icon and do a voice search and make sure it is successful in pulling up something
          5. Repeat steps 1-3 but this time set the language to your preferred language
          6. Finally click ‘Offline speech recognition’ and download the matching language then enjoy until the next time you restart your phone

          If you have a rooted phone you can fix this permanently by copying the new libgoogle_recognizer_jni_l.so file to /system/lib/ (make sure the folder has write permissions)

          This XDA post has a link to the zip file: goo.gl/zF6XwL

          • wickets

            yeah, thanks a ton….i did that but after a few searches it went all downhill…….will try again and see what happens…..i think trying to set reminders set off the problems…thanks agin for the input

          • wickets

            working again, thanks

        • Jeff Schroeder

          I’m hoping there’s an update in the play store for the new Google Search. That’s all I’m really missing, other than the clock and the launcher. Not the biggest fan of the launcher. But I would love the reminders feature to work…

          • wickets

            messing around with the launcher now…….setting screens is a time consuming labour of luv lol

          • Jeff Schroeder

            I’m using nova and I’m spoiled by the multiple dock pages. Once Google adds that to their launcher, I might switch haha

      • evan brown

        yeah I just tried it, it crashed, I dont use that function anyway so it doesnt bother me.

  • Manuel Jolliffe-Mahoney

    Will this effect the googleplay store ex like buying movies or down loading apps or games?

  • south563

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    neighbour is working part time and averaging $9000 a month. I’m a single mum
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  • Pons

    Well, Google Home doesn’t work on Xperia V. But the new Google Search works flawlessly. Awesome!

  • cool_guy

    Runs great on my original Droid Incredible

  • George Av

    Placeholder text: google search not found

  • Cael

    Can’t install Calculator or maps. Keep getting a parsing error. Wallet works perfectly along with Play Games. Droid 4, not rooted

  • Zach K

    Anyone on VZW try out the new launcher/play serivces? I noticed GOOGLE WALLET is actually launch and possibly working on my S4?!?!?!?!?! That BS message from verizon doesnt popup when you launch it now….interesting….

    • Cael

      Just installed the new Wallet apk on Droid 4. Working fine/.

      • Zach K

        Rooted though? Forgot to mention my phone is still stock so it has never worked before. Also – didnt d/l the new apk – which is what struck me as interesting.

    • Ricardo Rodriguez

      It has been working on VZW S4 but “tap and pay” isn’t enabled.

    • Drayton Fair

      Saw that it launched as well, but I don’t see an option to pay with NFC, just the wallet balance, pay by email, loyalty programs, etc. At least on the “stock” wallet. Anyone know if the new wallet apk allows for NFC payments on VZW S4?

  • paulsg63

    Most of the features are working on my Note3.. I’m trying to add another launcher page.. can’t seem to find where thats done.. anyone? TIA

    • wickets

      +paulsg63 any issue with setting reminders via Now? When i tried adding a reminder it FC’d ? thanks…on note 3 too ergo questions lol

  • ..

    Awesome, all the apps except Clock seem to work perfectly on my Galaxy S4 i9500 4.2.2 😀

  • gambit07

    Will other launchers (or apps) be able to integrate the Ok, Google search feature that the stock launcher has now?

    • darensdorff

      I was able to install the new search and have it running on my Sprint Note2 while using Nova Launcher/Prime. No issues, and recognizes the “Ok Google” command with ease…

      • gambit07

        Do you mean the search function from the launcher? I know it can be done once you’re inside google now just fine, but to be able to do it from a launcher other than the stock google one (or other apps) is what I’m looking for..

        • darensdorff

          Oh gotcha! Sorry misunderstood what you were referring to. Dont think it works from the launcher (Nova)…

  • Hrubak

    Push this to /system/lib to fix hangouts video chat https://www.dropbox.com/s/yg6o01s4d3bupan/libvideochat_jni.so must use a root file manager

  • Nathan Bryant

    A lot of these apps were updated in the Play Store yesterday to the latest version.. It would be a lot better to just have the official and have everything working. Because some of these won’t work right because they depend on each other.

    • wickets

      search and hangouts were upgraded?? thanks

      • Nathan Bryant

        Search was, but not the new Hangouts, so you do wanna install the .apk for Ha Hangouts.

        • wickets

          last update for search in my play store was oct 2

          • Nathan Bryant

            Mines updated last night. I installed the leaked app then played with it. Crashed after searching. Did the recommended fix but it crashed after finding the result. Uninstalled because there was no point. Uninstalled the other apps needed for the launcher to work. Went into the paly store and Google search had an update. I’m not sure if in that prices I tried something or it could be a roll out.

          • wickets

            ok thanks….will wait patiently hahaha

          • Nathan Bryant

            Haha. No problem.

  • Zach K

    Services, Hangouts, Search, Home(launcher) work well on the GS4 for anyone interested.
    I used the ALL option when installing to be safe/reckless.
    Stock (till a 4.4 ROM looks good) and on BigRed

    • Justin Bontrager

      Did you try MMS on hangouts? It crashes for me on GS4.

      • Zach K

        No, only tried a basic txt message. I was able to view an earlier group message with a video though – not sure if that helps.

      • Zach K

        Crashes on mine – did you install the new gallery APK? I havent, might be the issue?

        • Justin Bontrager

          I installed the new gallery. The camera app was also crashing when i tried to change modes.

          • Zach K

            Camera app crash before or after the new gallery? My camera is working so i will avoid the new gallery if it breaks the camera

  • Tim Swann

    did they change anything in the email app? Did they add anything where you can change what days to sync email and during what times? Samsung does that in their stock email app and I’d love to have that for my work email.

  • adh328

    I just purchased an HTC One in May on ATT. Never had any problems with it and it was the first Android phone that I really really liked. Was killing myself yesterday wanting to buy a Nexus 5 but finally resisted. Great looking phone and oh so tempting however these downloads should ease the pain. Now running what looks like stock Kitkat on my HTC One 🙂 Thanks!!!

    PS Has anyone rooted and installed stock Android on an HTC One on ATT? If so, I’d really like to know how to do this. (Never rooted or anything before but pretty computer savvy).

  • brian chandler

    Ahhh when will it be on the nexus 7

  • sap226

    Installed the new launcher but now my Home button defaults to my left-most screen, not the center one that I want. Any suggestions? Can’t find anything in the homescreen settings. VZW GNex 4.2.2

    • c_topher_v

      That is how it is meant to be. The first screen is your homescreen. Check out this video at the 1:30 mark to show how it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ5p-pgGbjI

      • sap226

        Ohh ok, thanks. I’ll just have to get used to it haha.

  • DanSan

    safe to assume the camera/gallery doesnt allow for changing storage location? and since when are they 2 separate apps? didnt they always use to be 1 app?

    • Cael

      It depends on the OEM. If the OEM used a separate gallery then you’ll have 2.

      • DanSan

        im using CM10.1.3 and i only have Gallery2.apk. highly doubt it will have save to SD card support

        • Cael

          Not sure then. Other people have been having 2 separate camera/gallery apps nonrooted. I was able to disable Moto’s gallery and now I’m just left with Google’s as default. Don’t know why its doing it for root. .

  • CrewF24

    get ready to laugh… but so far only Google Home is not working on my Bionic… (waiting for VZW to announce access to MotoMaker)

    • terry12s

      I just recently purchased a new Droid Maxx as I got in on the unlimited data glitch. Because of that I now have a Bionic sitting around that I should mess with – KitKat on my Bionic is a great idea!!

    • Max

      Yep, I have everything working on my Bionic too except Google Home. The “Google Search has stopped” error coming up for you too? Had to uninstall Home.

      Oh and there was a parsing error when I tried to install the clock. That the same for you too? I didn’t try Camera and Gallery yet. Should I…?

      • CrewF24

        I was not able to get the google launcher to work. Same error. I tried several of the “fixes” but in the end had to uninstall. I also found that Hangouts severly slowed my phone down to the point that i finally rolled it back to v1.2. The camera and gallery work fine.

  • sparty569

    This is great. Now people will have time to take the security out of the email app by the time a ROM for my phone comes out.

  • James

    Does the Hangouts SMS the new messaging app? If this is the case, does Samsung and HTC and the others get rid of their messaging app as well?

    • Cael

      They probably won’t. Probably a situation like Chrome. They’ll probably have theirs as default and you’d have to go to Hangouts and pick if you want it default.

  • Jonathan Williams

    The word dump will never stop sounding funny…

  • BobButtons

    Any chance for an icon pack?

  • chris kilps

    Is there some where I can fine a change log for all the apps?

  • Wow, I think the Kit Kat “google home” just because my fav launcher of all time on my VZW Note 2. No issues with FC on anything yet.

    My Steps so far (using all download links above):
    1.) Installed Google play services 4.0 (PrebuildGmsCore.apk)
    2.) Installed Google Search (Velvet.apk)
    3.) Installed Google Home (GoogleHome.apk)
    4.) Launched Home (using home button) and everything seems to be working.
    5.) Installed Hangouts (Hangouts2(2).apk) and enabled SMS — awesome!

    Going to install more. Hooked.

    I’ve used (and paid for) all the launchers. Google Home makes my phone feel amazingly fast and brand new.

  • jayray78

    Gallery.apk won’t install. I’ve tried through a file explorer and tried installing as a system app. I even disabled the old camera app too. Nothing works. DNA CM 10.2

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Cael

      You might have to rename it to whatever the gallery apk on your phone was.

  • Androidilike

    Why does it put the gallery and the camera as new apps instead of replacing them. It replaced th old with thew new Google search and same with hangouts but gallery and camera are new apps.
    Is it because of touch wiz?

    • Cael

      Yes. Samsung has different camera and gallery apps through them.

  • Rich Robinson

    Google Play Services & Google Search appear to be working great on the LG G2 stock home

    • Rodeojones000

      Have you tried the new launcher? I’m also using a G2 and I’m about to give this a try.

      • Rich Robinson

        Have not – let us know if it works – thanks

        • Rodeojones000

          I’m getting crashes with Google search. Tried the trick posted on Phandroid (chance voice to something other than English-US, do a search, switch back to English-US) but crashes persist. Launcher works, but crashes if you attempt to change wallpapers by long-pressing on home screen (says its Google Search that has crashed). I’m stumped.

          • Rich Robinson

            Damn, that sucks! Did you check the forums of AndroidCentral or XDA?

  • BobButtons

    Is the dialer an app? After installing everything my phone still uses the stock dialer. Would be awesome to switch that as well.

    • Cael

      It’s evidently baked into KitKat so no its not an app.

  • Rodrigo Alves de Brito

    THANK YOU! Though I know I’ll get 4.4 for my Nexus 4, it’s so good to know how the new interface feels on my device. By the way, everything is working just fine, except for the Google Search, which still leads to force close when English-US is selected. Nice job!

  • BobButtons

    LG G2 on VZW with all this installed is as close to a Nexus 5 as I’ll get.. til roms hit.

    • Nathan Grier

      Did you install everything on the G2 or just select apps? And have you had any issues so far?

      • BobButtons

        Everything worked great outside of Search crashing as mentioned in numerous other comments. The solution of changing the language to a different one and back fixed it though.

        • Nathan Grier

          I tried it and It fails after I switched the language back to English (US). It does work if you keep it in English (UK) so maybe I’ll leave it on that setting. Thanks again

          • Rodeojones000

            Same here. Phandroid instructions even said to change back to English-US. Weird.

  • Aaron Spence

    anyone having an issue with the new launcher? I keep getting “Parse error”. Google search and google play services installed just fine

    • Aaron Spence

      My solution was to download to my computer than transfer to phone (i used Drive). Downloading from phone’s browser wasnt downloading the whole thing.

  • beav

    Im having issues with apps finding my location. Especially in Foursquare. Does anyone have some insight?

  • Lalit Mali

    What about the phone apk? Please share if it can work in phones under v4.4

    • Cael

      No phone apk/.

  • Brad Dickmann

    I want to know why my notification bar and navigation bar are not transparent. It’s the little things!

    I also have google search crash on me when I try to search and I can no longer swipe left and get to the cards.

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus

    • Sean

      That’s a framework change, not one in the app. The launcher is probably requesting transparent bars but an <4.4 system doesn't know what to do with that.

      • Brad Dickmann

        Ah ok. Thanks!

        • Sean

          No problem 🙂 to fix the search force close:

          Long press the home screen, select Settings. Select Voice. Select Language to change the default. Change to another language, I choose English – UK. Hit Home. Do a Google Search. Repeat the first three steps. Change back to English – US.

  • Brian Himes

    Any fix for the camera app on the galaxy nexus yet?

  • jmgnole

    Here’s the Phandroid fix for the Search crashing. It worked on my N7 2013. So far, everything seems to work. (crossing my fingers to avoid jinx.)


    I presumed that the link is OK since they were mentioned earlier.

  • chris_johns

    ok another question…weres those fancy emojis shown in the screen shots from google…the keyboard doesnt have anything new really except a few non face emojis…just wondering i fig we get the same ones from the stock emoji jb keybaord at least

    • Kevin

      mine only has some symbols, but not whats in the DL pic

      • Cael

        People have been saying it depends on which Android version you’re running. 4.4 has all and 4.1 has the least.

        • Kevin

          interesting… i’m on 4.2.2 (lg g2) and have an OK selection

  • Rene

    Videocalls doesn’t work in Hangouts ! (Nexus 4) App crashes 🙁

  • chris_johns

    im scared to press the sms hangouts notification…does this remove the stock sms app or just it wont receive any texts anymore?

    • Kevin

      the messaging app remains

    • Cael

      And it still receives texts. You just don’t get any notifications from it.

  • LondonLeedsFan

    Is there an APK or something for the dialler? I’m still stuck with touchwiz!

  • kfath1978

    Anyone try these on a gnex yet?? New messenger app worked fine for me.

  • chris_johns

    are these just like reg side load app installs…or are we pushing them to system?

  • Cael

    Gallery is working on Droid 4, not rooted. Was worried at first because it was sooo slow but it’s good now.

  • DirtyDenim

    Not a fan of this “flat” UI trend.

  • chris_johns

    keyboard gave me an error wouldnt let me install

  • One of the Hangouts settings is “Auto-retrieve MMS.” Wasn’t it known that MMS wasn’t supported yet? Or was that just speculation?

    • Jeff Badger

      SMS and MMS are supported on phones with Android 4.0 or above.

  • wickets

    for some reason goog keyboard has disappeared from app drawer after downloading new version. I see it when i go into settings—>applications, but its not in apps or select input method choices…..any help would be greatful. The new Now is drop dead incredible……thanks for files etc

    • Cael

      The keyboard disappearing happened on my Droid 4, not rooted. So I assume that is normal.

    • wickets

      found it in language and input section of settings 🙂

  • Eliah Strijbol

    The clock seems to crash constantly, the gallery app won’t install and the camera app brought my phone into a bootloop, but aside from that, everything works properly.

  • Justin

    Anyone else have this problem? The keyboard seems to big on my nexus 4 on 4.3

    • Cael

      People with Nexus 4 have been having that problem.

      • Justin

        Figured out it had to do with my theme I had applied.

      • Justin

        Figured out, it was because of custom themes.

  • Gustavo

    Can someone upload the launcher files to google drive and share? Mediafire is blocked here at work.

    • can you download them from your device’s cell network right onto the device?

      • Gustavo

        I live in Brazil, cell network here is crappy. Same speed as a dial-up connection. Yes, I’m being serious.

  • I have 2 devices:
    HP Touchpad with CM10.3 (which is 4.3): So far, Google Play Services, Google Search, and Google Home work fine. Havent tried anything else yet.

    DROID RAZR MAXX HD running 4.1.2: Have not tried anything yet. Seeing as this device is not on 4.3–or even 4.2 for that matter–and is not rooted is there any apk here that will give me irreversible issues? I can handle broken apps, as long as I can “Uninstall Updates.”

    I will keep you guys posted with both devices as I try things out.

    • Cael

      I’m on 4.1.2 wihth my Droid 4. Camera and Hangouts work perfectly. Keyboard and Search do as well, but their icons disappeared from my app drawer, I have a new Voice search icon however. Google Play Services’ icon grayed out, don’t know if that normal but it works perfectly. Going to attempt most of everything in a min…

  • Cael

    Hangouts work great on Droid 4, not rooted. The keybord will allow me to choose other emoji, can’t anywhere else. They show up in my default text message app and I can c/p them to other places.

  • Justin Steinberg

    Has anyone tried these on a droid maxx?

  • tlennon

    I tried to install the clock and I get “App not installed” error. Anyone know a fix?

    • Cael

      Evidently you have to be rooted and rename your phone’s default clock apk to match.

  • Aer Alarcon

    install as normal apk? my google home asks for google search lol.

  • Nasser

    Work flawlessly in my Note 3. I hope that the launcher will support 5 rows to get the most of the large screens such as the note 3

  • Manuel Jolliffe-Mahoney

    Witch one works for gs4

  • Vlad

    Anyone have the dialer.apk???

    • Nasser

      The dialer is not a standalone App. It is oder so it will come baked inside the stock Android.

  • Manuel Jolliffe-Mahoney

    Do we need a rooted phone?

    • Cael

      Just for the clock.

  • Cael

    Camera works perfectly on Droid 4, not rooted.

  • Adriano Celanti

    The clock is not working in my Galaxy S3 4.2.2

  • Jeff

    The e-mail worked fine on my Nexus 7 running 4.3, but not on my HTC One V running 4.2.2 It opened fine but did not give the option for Exchange

  • Adnan

    What about dialer? Or contacts?

    • Voi

      I also want this. My SGS3 turned into a nexus light and it is pretty neat but I really would love to replace the god awful touchwiz dialer and contacts too. Also the lock screen would be cool to get.

  • Cael

    Google settings icon is completed gray on my Droid 4 (not rooted), otherwise works fine… Google search…OK Google is now just Google…

  • Pavan

    Working perfectly fine on mine!! Except the clock.. Which gives a parsing error..

  • Ray

    For the clock apk to work you need to rename or delete the stock clock you already have on your system tray (need root). This fix was mentioned on the XDA forum when they released all of these apps along with sounds, fonts and bootanimation.

  • Justin

    do all these work on the 2012 NEXUS 7???????

  • jonefuroy

    play service and hangouts seems to be working on the lg g2 with beanstalk 4.3.1015

  • Adam Capes


  • Adnan

    Nice, only clock isn’t working on Nexus S. Everything else OK!

    • Adam Capes

      Try Settings > Apps > Swipe to ALL > Click Clock > Clear Data

  • glenda

    whoah….cant wait to have one.

    check out http://afollow.net

  • Gallery installed but crashes when trying to use camera, also removed gallery and camera from app drawer as well as shortcuts. Sprint Gnex 4.3

  • cyaniris

    Clock app does not work, crashes with “java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: android.text.format.DateFormat.getBestDateTimePattern” on CM 10.1.3 for GNex.

    • Adam Capes

      Try Settings > Apps > Swipe to ALL > Click Clock > Clear Data

  • Marco Barcelon

    Worked very well in my galaxy S3 !
    Now it looks awesome .. thanks joe

    • what version / carrier you have?

      • Marco Barcelon

        I have the international s3.

      • Marco Barcelon

        International version .

  • Edward Rosinzonsky

    Would it be possible to get the messaging app? I’m stuck with the HTC sense one on the HTC one.

    • rob rivera

      Yes. Side load Hangouts. Integrates carrier SMS and IM together. I’m using unrooted HTC One running 4.2

      • Edward Rosinzonsky


  • gary

    Is it possible to install these files on samsung galaxy s4?

  • Linus Mary

    Google Keep doesn’t work. Clock says parsing error. Gallery sucks bIg time so I uninstalled it. I didn’t try the new Home, Google Now and 4.0 PlayStore. All the rest are working properly on my Galaxy S2.

    I hold on to the press statement from Samsung that Galaxy S2 is receiving 4.4 Update.xD

  • natank

    I do need GoogleDialer.apk and Contact.apk to work. Please

    • goodm

      I also need it.

  • Jonas Gaute

    Wont open apps by voice for me, crashes.Any solution? (Nexus 4) Also, more homescreens?

    • natank

      Drag the app from app draw to see second home screen

  • Nicola Francica

    Someone has tried the Gallery? It crashes when I try to edit a photo 🙁 There is another app/plugin to install to do this?

  • goodm

    Damn, Silly question:
    How to add more home screens?

    • natank

      Drag the app from app draw to see second home screen

      • [email protected]

        Thanks, but I found it before 😉

    • Arcendus

      Lol I had the same issue earlier, thought I was such an Android Pro I could just skip past Google’s helpful introductory instructions and figure it out

  • El_Marko

    Oh my HTC One, this new version of Google Search doesn’t want to use my default language (English (US)). Instead, it seems to function perfectly well set to English (Generic). Weird. But, I’ll take it.

  • I was looking forward to the Nexus 5 will have many new changes and more utility from Google. However, the updated version also brings a lot of interesting things

  • karimo

    I’ve tried both steps to get Google search working but it doesn’t work. I’ve extracted the zip with the search recognizer and done the change language fix but I can’t revert back toEnglish (Us) without losing the always listening feature.

  • Gabriel Bobon

    Google Search is crashing for me on htc one int 4.3 how can reinstall old google search? 🙁 is crashing only when i try to search on google… Cards is working perfect…

  • cheeto0

    will the launcher eventually be in the play store?

  • Louay A. Elhai

    The pen function on gallery crashed the app any suggestions?!

  • xzero425x

    Love the launcher and how Google now is there when you slide left. Makes me sad everything isn’t transparent 😛

    No update on Google music?

    Also I hate the emoji keyboard…like wtf there’s only a few and ones no one ever uses!!!

  • Derek

    Clock works fine on my Nexus 7, FC on my Moto X. Anyone get the clock working on their phone?

    • Adam Emshwiller

      FC’s on my MotoX too. have you been able to get the search to work yet on your X?

  • Andy Ross

    What about the new Dailer?

  • Geran Smith

    Did anyone figure out how to change the number of home screens in the launcher?

    • Brian Utne

      You add an icon/widget and it automatically makes a new screen.

  • Julian Hardy

    Nice work – thanks! All loaded fine on to my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2013

  • xix19

    So for everyone who is having problems with the google home error. The first time I downloaded google search it didn’t have any permissions. I did everything a second time and noticed that google seach now had permissions. Now google search wasn’t working so i did the language thing from uk to us and now google search was working. I then downloaded the google home and it works now. I hope this helps.

    • greyhulk

      What is the “UK to US” thing? I’m still getting force closes when I try to search using the search bar.

    • Alex Coldstone Simon

      did you uninstall updates for everything?

  • I have a RAZR MAXX HD. I was able to install everything except for the clock and launcher (I made sure to download the new search app as well as update play services and it wouldn’t work right). I also tried installing the camera app, but I’m assuming since the launcher didn’t install correctly that the buttons in the camera app were actually under the menu buttons on the MAXX HD’s screen.

  • Michael Bannon

    I have loaded all but the Gallery and Clock APK’s (these two won’t install for some reason, if anyone can help that’d be great).

    I have an Australian released Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-I9305T), rooted and running CM 10.1.3-i9305 and everything works smoothly, even Search doesn’t force close on me.
    I’m loving the Google Launcher and keen to try out SMS via Hangouts.

  • Lucas Rains

    This is what my camera app looks like. Still works, it’s just a pain because it’s cut off. Anyone else getting this? How can I get the old camera back?

    • miri

      Same here, but for me it didn’t install over the old camera. If it did for you, then you might want to try finding it in settings > apps and uninstalling updates.

      • Lucas Rains

        It didn’t replace the old one at first, but now it’s gone. And the only option in settings is to just uninstall the app, not updates. Weird.

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    i’m on an htc dna, installed search and services and then launcher, when i try and launch the launcher(ha), it says google search has stopped. any suggestions? search works great, really like to update look and speeds. services is installed fine as well.

    • same problem on htc desire x

      • usaff22

        Read above, there’s a permanent lib fix.

        • Alex Coldstone Simon

          every time i try and move the file there, it says it can not be moved here or something along those lines.

          • usaff22

            Try Root Explorer, make sure to have root permissions and mount R/W.

          • Alex Coldstone Simon

            i am not rooted. forgot to mention that little tidbit

          • usaff22

            Ah. That explains it then. You’ll probably have the force-closes until Google issues an update then (let’s hope so)

          • Alex Coldstone Simon

            thanks for the help

        • nailbomb3

          Which lib fix? because if its the one I’m thinking of moving that lib to /system/lib still doesn’t make the Launcher work on Razr Maxx.

          • usaff22

            Make sure the permissions of the lib are set to 644/rw–r-r and that you have the appropriate permissions including root access and system read-write capabilities

          • nailbomb3

            no joy. When I unzipped and moved that lib thou it didn’t say anything about overwriting any existing libs?

          • usaff22

            It should overwrite an existing lib but if you don’t have the right permissions it won’t work. Try using Root Explorer, make sure to mount system as RW. If you are using ES, make sure Root Explorer is set to on, system is RW and it asks you for Superuser permissions. If one of those are not met, it won’t work.

          • nailbomb3

            No, what I’m saying is that lib wasn’t there to begin with. Launcher still crashes upon execution too. I tried moving the 3 relevant components to get the Launcher running to /system/app with Root Explorer and set them as 644 and that still didn’t work. Crashes Google Search every time. Hrmmm

          • usaff22

            Here’s a quick flashable, flash in the recovery of your choice. It contains the new GoogleTTS app with libs, Photosphere Libs (but not the camera app in case you don’t want that) and the Search Fix (but nothing else). Let me know how it goes.

            Download it here:


          • usaff22

            You must have root permissions and mount the system as read-write

    • white

      Same on moto RAZR maxx

    • Chris

      Same on HTC One S

      • Bascule

        Interested to know if you got this working? I have the same thing on my HTC One S.

    • Victor Pacheco


      I was having the exact same problem on my RAZR MAXX, using a custom ROM. Tried the fixes, but they didn’t work. Installed CyanogenMOD (not for this reason, just wanted to test it) and the launcher works perfectly with it, so I guess there is a deeper reason why the launcher doesn’t work sometimes. By the way, I also had the Google Now problem mentioned above and the fixes didn’t work with me to use in US English, however it works perfectly on UK English, so I left it configured as such.

  • Colin Huber

    Anybody lose their microphone icon for speech-to-text on the keyboard?

  • Nikhil Poddar

    Cant take screenshots anymore :

    • Nikhil Poddar

      can someone help me out here? Im on the n4

  • Ben Joynes

    Every single one of them worked fine on my Note 3, except I don’t see an option for HDR in the camera.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Works great with the note 3 😛

  • The app drawer is awful on my Nexus 7.

  • Chris Ta

    Google Search keeps crashinh on me. AT&T GS4

  • Bryan Moross

    N5 Camera app doesn’t work on GS2 (however, previous “Play edition” works better than stock)

  • Travis W

    Gallery app won’t install on Verizon GS3 running 4.2.2. Anyone else having this issue or have a fix?

    • Bryan Moross

      Gallery works fine on GS2 running 4.0.4 (I know…) but I don’t see a difference from Gallery 1.1.4, from Droid Life here: http://bit.ly/1aY4GZI

  • greyhulk

    Yeah, this version of Hangouts doesn’t like my Note 3 at all. It launched once and now all I get are force closes. Had to uninstall. I haven’t tried it on my Moto X yet. Anyone have any luck with it?

    • flosserelli

      No problems here. Redownload & reinstall?
      I don’t care for swiping between SMS and chat. I keep archiving SMS by accident.

  • Brian Bauer

    Any way to import email settings from stock app to new email app?


    How about the Contacts app?

  • James P

    I installed Home, Keyboard, Search, and Play Services on my Nexus 7 running stock 4.3. Most of the time when I hit home it goes to the home screen but pops the keyboard up. Anybody know a way to make it quit doing that?

  • GhostlySnow

    Just so people know, the new search allows you to use the voice command “launch xx” to launch xx app!

  • George Colyer

    I have the 2012 Nexus 7. Installed launcher, home, and search. Fixed the search problem but when I press home the keyboard pops up and stays there. Also in landscape mode icons don’t fit right and the Google search bar is behind the app icons and inaccessible. I don’t think it is optimized for the Nexus 7 yet. Uninstalled updates and will just wait for official update. Also, does hangouts appear different on a wifi tablet than a phone? I still use Google Talk on my phone because I like the ability to see if my friends are online and available and hangouts doesn’t let you see that. I don’t want to update unless hangouts will do that.

  • Colton

    was really hoping for more of a Hangouts styled emoji keyboard..not just a few random black and white icons. But thank you Droidlife for staying up to date with everything! These past fews days and today have been exciting and i wouldn’t read it anywhere else!

  • NikkDotCom

    Anyone able to grab the new dialer (.apk) file from the N5 dumps or 4.4 Source?

    • MAx

      Dialer isn’t an apk, it’s an odex and therefore you can’t get it unless u flash 4.4 which we wont have for a bit.

  • Cody Hickman

    Just downloaded everything (excited much:P ) on my Droid Maxx (the new one), everything works perfectly except for a few things that I noticed. First “Photosphere” feature doesn’t work, showing that the Camera has stopped working. Second, if I try to add a new reminder with the new Google Search, Google Search will crash. Otherwise, all of these new features work perfectly! Also, the launcher hardly uses any RAM!

  • Alan Paone

    A little much on a nexus 7

  • DJ SPY

    The launcher doesn’t work on my Maxx HD. I can’t even open it. It says Search Has Stopped. How do I enable the emojis on the new keyboard?

    • Max

      Same with me… I’m on the Droid bionic, it seems like a lot of the moto phones aren’t working well with the launcher. but some on the maxx say it’s working fine.. i just uninstalled the launcher and tried again.

    • gpaine

      Same error message on the original Razr Maxx (I know. I need a new phone…) Search, Play, Camera, Hangouts, and Gallery all working great though. I also keep getting the parsing error on the clock apk.

  • nameme1

    Clock apk is broken… Parsing error

  • Kyle Sutter

    Sending a picture on Hangouts SMS broke it. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Brian Utne

      Yup! Shame 🙁

  • Justin

    Anyone else? Keyboard is to big on my Nexus 4

  • Jake Montague

    Google Search Crashes for me on Verizon Galaxy SIII 4.3

    • Denis

      same here

      • usaff22

        Read above, there is a permanent lib fix

        • Andrey Pankov

          how were you able to remove the old file and replace it with the one found above? I tried using the root explorer and after the “move” the files still was not there…do you need to be rooted in order to make changes to that file?

          • usaff22

            Yes, you need to be rooted to make any changes to the system unless a firmware upgrade is released by the manufacturer.

  • Abhilash Kudva

    Requires Root access or just install as normal apk ??

  • Everything but clock and home work on my Razr Maxx.

    • gpaine

      Same here. Let me know if you figure out Home.

  • Booyabobby

    What new in Keep and Calender?

  • Jordan B.

    The gmail works on my Moto X (AT&T), but the calendar caused some errors and the clock app would crash every time

    • Derek

      Yeah the clock would crash every time and the date on the clock widget doesn’t look right either

  • No updated Google Wallet in the system dump?

  • NorCalGuy

    search, keyboard, Google now, home, and gmail all work great the camera opens and shoots but photosphere fc’s the camera and I can’t get the gallery to install either. G nex 4.3.1 aokp

    • Bahamas

      Please let me know if you get gallery installed

  • Bahamas

    Gallery won’t install

  • Nathaniel Marrufo

    Every time I do a search, i get the force close. Google Search has stopped working. Im on a Sprint Galaxy S4 running latest nightly of CM 10.2
    Any ideas guys?

  • Jeff Schroeder

    Force Close on Google Search when I try to add a new reminder. VZW Gnex

  • jmich

    Force close on Google Search VZW LG G2

    • Albert

      Just change the Voice and default language to UK english, make a google search, close out the app. Open it up again, change back to english US, problem solved.

      • jmich

        Yes, this worked…when I held down the home screen, I clicked on settings, clicked on voice, clicked on language, clicked on english…, click on UK, backed all the way out. Said “ok google”, it did not crash.
        Thank you

        • Nathaniel Marrufo

          I do all of this and nothing.
          I can search with voice or manual typing but when the results appear, it crashes but you can read or hear the results in the background. Any ideas?

          • jmich

            I ended up reverting back. On my LG G2 I went to Settings, Application manager, google search, uninstall updates, went to google play store and updated google search

      • miri

        Not working for me, but UK english works fine. I guess I’ll be stuck speaking in a silly accent until the next update.

  • Cael

    ↖↔◀▶❇▪‼♠♥♣♦↩↪=-O 😛 😉 🙁 🙂 :-! :-$ B-) :O :-* 😀 :'( :- O:-) :-[ these are all the emoji that the keyboard gives me on my droid 4

    • Zane Mikel

      Same here 🙁

  • Jeff Schroeder

    Damn. I wish the clock would work on my Gnex. Not a big fan of the new launcher. Going to stick with Nova because I’m spoiled haha. But yeah. I love how clean the new clock looks and I want. =(

  • jazzruby

    2 of these apps are using the new SDK/API level 19 KitKat

  • REMP

    Can Anybody get the Dialer Apk?? Its awesome!

    • Max

      You can’t manually install the dialer app because it’s .odex, not .apk.

      You’ll have to wait to flash 4.4. You can’t get the dialer/people app individually.

  • Max

    Okay, so I downloaded and installed Google Play Services, then Google Search. Tested both for a few minutes, both were working perfectly.

    Then, downloaded and installed Google Home. Installed fine, but then as soon as it finished, the screen said “Placeholder text: Google Search Not Found” in that gray box that comes up and fades away as an alert.

    I ignored it and went to my app drawer and clicked on “Launcher” app. (Google Home).

    A box came up that said “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped.”

    And it does nothing after that, screen just stays in the app drawer.

    Any advice?

    • Max

      Also, by the way, Google Search is not broken, it’s working fine on my phone- Droid Bionic, not rooted, running 4.1.2

      • cwillen

        so you’re stuck in the app drawer? can you launch other apps?

        • max

          No, phone is working fine. Google Home just won’t load. I just tried to download again, and this time the same “Google Search Has Stopped” alert, and every time i clicked off of it, it kept popping up, so i couldnt do anything on my phone. finally found a way out the cycle- pulled down notifications bar, and clicked the settings button from there, went into apps, and deleted the launcher.

          hopefully they launch it in the play store officially so i can try it out.

      • Same thing on my Razr Maxx running 4.1.2 as well

  • Adam Emshwiller

    I’m getting a FC on the google search.. (ATT Moto X). Any thoughts?

  • jmich

    Thank you

  • richkoos

    I downloaded home, search and services to my nexus 7 and the “ok google” worked, but then I downloaded it on my one and it didn’t. Maybe the app has a permission for nexus devices to use the phrase?

    • serotheo

      Doubt it, I have it on my Note 3.

    • miri

      I think your language pack needs to be updated, though I forgot how to do it.

  • terrybear2k

    not working really that well on htc sensation i guess, the icons are too big, probably the dpi was set for nexus 5’s 5 inch screen and not for sensation’s resolution

  • Cyber Jethro

    I don’t think these are optimized for the nexus 7. The icons are way to big and it doesn’t utilize the new translucent icons.

  • miri

    I think this will keep my Galaxy Nexus happy for a while.

  • DPAK

    Does anyone know if these work for the Galaxy Note 3?

    • serotheo

      Yup. All installed on mine.

    • Nicholas Ruiz

      Works on my VZW Note 3

    • gary

      if these works for Galaxy s3?

      • mackjao

        works just fine for me … i didn’t install the stock email and camera app though. not really a need when the one sammy includes is way better (aka the camera)

        • Andrey Pankov

          So you installed all of the APKs (other than email and camera) and they all worked? Are you running 4.1.2? And are you rooted?

          • mackjao

            everything other than home, clock, gallery, and email and they all work fine for me. verizon s3 running 4.1.2 with no root.

          • Andrey Pankov

            Awesome! Are you interested in trying the home launcher?

          • mackjao

            haha i did try it on my nexus 7 (haven’t tried on s3 yet)… i saw basically all the improvements that kellex mentioned earlier. a left swipe from the main home screen gets you right into google now and it has a nice clean feel. voice commands also work from the main screen. had to revert from home though since google now kept force closing when i used voice commands, but there’s a file somewhere here in the comments that’ll prevent the fc.

          • Andrey Pankov

            Yeah saw that. I havent tried any of them on my 2012 N7, trying to upgrade some my gs3 first. But maybe playing around on the N7 would make more sense.

          • mackjao

            haha yeah i figured some tinkering on stock android would make more sense. it’s easier for me to revert if something does end up going buggy with the stock android app apk’s google has for their nexus devices

          • Andrey Pankov

            So, I’ve installed calendar, hangouts, camera, gallery, gmail, and keyboard with no problems, all of them work great. However for some reason Clock and Keep are not cooperating 🙁

            Oddly enough, Keep wants the new Google Play Services and the clock just gives me a parsing package error.

            Think I’ll be moving onto the N7 to test out the main play services, home and search functionality.

          • mackjao

            yep google play services is more integrated into the os with 4.4 so you’ll need to install the new apk if you want keep to work.
            from the comments that i read below, the clock apk is broken so it will not work atm. hopefully they’ll get a new apk for that soon.
            but yeah that sounds like a good idea!

    • Defenestratus

      Hangouts force closes on me when I send an MMS on my note 3

    • pagger

      yes on my unlocked uk note 3

    • kevin

      I found a failure with the email.apk and exchangeforgoogle. Cant get the exchange email setup. Not a big deal but I had high hopes as I hate the default email app on the note3

      • kevin

        And googles tts force closes everytime I try to set it as default

    • James Turner

      All but the search works on my note 3. Launcher only works if you install the search apk.

  • Ryan Callihan

    This almost makes up for my galaxy nexus not getting 4.4! Thanks!

    • AJ

      Have you installed them? Do they all work on the galaxy nexus?

      • Ryan Callihan

        Yeah! Well I only installed what I care about (Launcher, Search, Play Services) Go for it.

      • Ryan Callihan

        Oh, and the keyboard and Hangouts. Those are A-okay too for me.

  • Cael

    Downloaded and installed the keyboard. Disappeared from my apps. Gotta get used to the gray but works great. Droid 4, not rooted.

  • Tacholi Othenan

    How to increase the number of home screens in Google home?

    Testing on stock note 8. Google search and home working fine. Yet to test the remaining apps.

  • Jeff Schroeder

    Anyone have the clock running on their Gnex? Mine is stock. I know many people have been having issues with the clock force closing. Any fixes?

    • Justin

      I had to fully uninstall it, it was force closing anyway, so why not? I used Titanium Backup…

  • Maxwell Morrow

    looks like all but the clock and the launcher are working on my Droid Razr, for anyone else out there that is wondering if it’ll work on theirs. the launcher just crashes, clock says it has trouble parsing the package.

    • max

      Question- did you install Google Play Services –> Google Search before installing the launcher? (You have to do that first.)

      • Maxwell Morrow

        yup, i installed everything, with the exeption of the keyboard, since I’m happy with my swiftkey. i installed play services first.

        • Max

          hmm.. i just finished installing Google Play Services –> Google Search. I made sure Google Play Services was functioning perfectly before going on to install Google Search. Went into Android Device manager and rung my device to see if everything was communicating properly, and also installed and uninstalled an app both in the play store on my computer and in the play store on my phone.. then I made sure Google Search was working. It’s very very very fast for me, and i love the changes. It did have an issue signing into my account initially but i just force closed it and reopened and it was fine. Probably just confused the app.

          I’m gonna go ahead and try out the launcher now.. hope it works. (Droid Bionic.)

          • Maxwell Morrow

            i wish you luck. 🙂 as far as i can tell, all of my other new apps are working fine as well. i may mess with it more tomorrow and see if i can get it to work…

          • Max

            Just tried, it says “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped .” When I try to launch the launcher.

          • gpaine

            Razr/Razr Maxx don’t like the launcher is what I am seeing.

  • banggugyangu

    Anyone figure out the new command for playing music through google now? “Listen to…” and “Play…” both don’t work for me and haven’t for some time.

  • rthvk

    Google Home looks just terrible on the N7, no wonder it’s seemingly not included in the KitKat update for the device.

  • Justin

    Does anyone have the 4.3 clock? I get force closes on mine now ://

  • 2Berad

    Everything but home and the Google search work on droid MAXX:( hangouts its awsome.:)

    • Shane Redman

      I got Search and Home to work on my Maxx. Did you install Services > Search > Home in that order?

      • DJ SPY

        I don’t know if I installed them in that order but search keeps force closing on me. Also, since when is the Google Settings App gray?

  • MrDivaNYC

    Hangouts on my Note 3 crashes when trying to send a picture. what’s next?

  • j-wood

    So I installed the launch (with play services and new google now) on my GS3. It all worked (including just saying OK, Google at homescreen!), except for when I added widgets. It seems any third party app was just blank.

    That said, do we think Google is going to release all this to the play store (like the launcher), so we can all make our phones “Google” experiences?

    • Steven Berger

      How do you get it to work saying Ok Google on the home screen? Thought that was only Nexus 5…I have play services and google search and the home launcer installed…im on GS4

      • j-wood

        No idea, I didn’t do anything special. I installed play services first, and then my phone rebooted. Then I did Google Now, and finally the launcher. I was able to use the OK, Google hotkey from that point as long as my phone was unlocked.

        • Steven Berger

          my phone never rebooted….rebooted and nothing happened…you must just be lucky 😛

  • Ryuuie

    How would one undo the Launcher, Services, and Search if need to?

  • richkoos

    Almost downloaded the hangouts update again, whooops

  • slow88lx

    Ok, so where is a 5 row version of the new launcher?

  • Max

    Just wanted to clarify- when you install the new Google Play Services apk, it makes the icon for the “Google Settings” app gray (instead of green)… it’s not just me right? The gray gives off the vibe that the app is like “deactivated” or something.

    • Steven Berger

      Mine is gray to…I went to check to see if Android Device Manager was still working, to see if it was still connected, the location was updating correctly, but when I went to ring device nothing happened…my phone did not ring…dont know what that means

      • Steven Berger

        nvm it seemed to ring about 5minutes later….

      • MAx

        Good call. I just went to Android Device Manager as well, it took a good minute or so to actually locate my phone. It was probably just confused haha. All’s good now.

        • Steven Berger

          Yea mine took about 5 minutes till it finally rang…the gray is just probably a design change since the battery icons are now white, etc.

  • needa

    Moto X confirmed working: calendar keep keyboard services hangouts search.
    force close: clock

    • I read on another blog that if you clear Clock data it should fix it. Have you tried that? Curious because I have a Moto X and am considering whether or not to install these new apps

      • needa

        nope. redownloaded. installed. fc. cleared data. fc. rebooted. fc. cleared data. fc. uninstalled update. back to og.

        • Shane Redman

          Clock won’t work, that wasn’t one of the apps separated from the OS like most were

    • Adam Emshwiller

      same here… FC on google search…. im pretty sure it has to do with the touchless control “ok google now” vs “ok google” commands conflicting.

  • vic

    Hangouts works on sprint galaxy s3 4.1.2 touchwiz

  • Brennan

    Works on the nexus 10!!

  • Rob Fetterhoff

    I updated Google Search on my Galaxy S3 and it doesn’t work because it needs Google play services updated but there is no update for me to grab.

    • Max

      yes there is it’s right above man.

      • Rob Fetterhoff

        I’m dumb… thank you sir. 🙂

        • Max

          no prob 🙂

  • Luxferro

    The weirdest thing just happened to my CM 10.2 install on my N4 when playing with the new apps. Something removed my root, superuser app and all. About to flash it back, but curious if this happened to anyone else, or it was just some kind of one-off occurance.

    • Max


      • Luxferro

        oh well, now after flashing koush’s superuser app and rebooting, i’m stuck at google screen. Gotta start over now :p

      • Luxferro

        More weirdness. Rom Manager somehow uninstalled.

  • Christian Mark Ramos Godoy

    The Launcher is not yet ready for tablets. The app drawer is very populated by app icons. Thanks, though! I notices some changes with the launcher. Looks clean! too!

  • FreeStuffGuy

    Im going to wait till I get my N5 to get the full 4.4 experience

    • needa

      why? these apps will be updated through the play store. at least… some will.

  • Damented

    All of these worked on T mobile LG G2

  • StankyChikin

    The OK Google worked for a few then stopped.. Now in prefs it says Google is the hot word instead of OK Google lol

    • MAx

      i think u just have to manually switch? I haven’t used it yet but about to…

    • toddersv

      Same here, I cleared the data to try and fix the force close and now the “Ok, Google” command doesn’t work.

      • StankyChikin

        Updated the language pack and now it works.

        • Ian Douglass

          spoke to soon – after updating the language pack and giving it a few minutes, it came back!

      • Ian Douglass

        Did the same exact thing (before finding the permanent fix) and now the “Say ‘Okay Google'” text and functionality is lost. I tried updating the language pack but that didn’t help. Even the Google Now bar at the top has a differnet logo than it originally did. any ideas?

  • MrDivaNYC

    Unfortunately on my Note 3 Hangouts seems to crash when sending pitures. I installed play services 4.0..what next?

    • needa

      i didnt need play services for hangouts to work. maybe delete. and start over?

  • Max

    Could someone give some more specific instructions on how to run the new launcher? I know above it says we have to install Google Play Services 4.0, Google Search, and Google Home, but in what order?

    Specifics please?

    And will this have any chance of destroying my phone? I know this isn’t like even close to rooting as we’re just downloading .apks, but will it be simple to revert back if it doesn’t work on my unrooted Bionic running 4.2.2?

    • Shane Redman

      Services > Search > Home

  • Rafter

    Search seems to crash for me everytime I say a command

    • Mark

      Crashes with text/typing too

      • Jeff Skilling

        Phandroid found a solution that worked for me (on a Spring Gnex): “Long press the home screen, select Settings. Select Voice. Select Language to change the default. Change to another language, I choose English – UK. Hit Home. Do a Google Search. Repeat the first three steps. Change back to English – US.”

        • Tyler James Edward Hills

          That worked for me. For one search. After I went back to home and tried again, crashed. Tried this multiple times and still only got one search per use before it was back to crashing. On a vzw GNex with CM 10.2

        • usaff22

          Everytime you swipe it from Recent Apps (Google Search, not the launcher) you need to repeat those steps unfortunately. Think I should exclude it from recents by decompiling and editing the apk, but then I won’t get Google Search updates 🙁

        • natank

          Not work for my gs4.

          • Josh Flowers

            worked for mine. It’ll Force Close one more time, then all follow-up attempts should be ok (until you restart the phone, then repeat process). or, install the permanent fix in the sys/lib folder

        • andres barroeta

          thanks 🙂

        • Bradon Says

          Didn’t work for me 🙁 (sprint note 2 paranoidandroid).

        • BobButtons

          Worked on my stock VZW LG G2.

    • michael arazan

      What phone are you using?

      And if others could post what phone they are using that works or not to.

      • Joshua Polivka

        I am having the same issue Google home works and my information pops up
        In the cards for Google now but any time I do a search it force closes…AT&T Galaxy Note 3

      • Same issue with search on an HTC ONE M7 running CynogenMod 10.2, going back to a previous backup and just updating Hangouts for now.

      • Taylor Abrahamson

        I’m on an S4 with CM10.2 (4.4). The only thing that isn’t working for me is the new google search. When I finish my voice query it force closes. I just uninstalled it and reinstalled the latest from the play store and i’m back to normal.

      • James Briano

        I’m having this issue on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. (The new search seems amazing, but ya, it’s crashing)

      • Rafter

        Nexus 4

    • memckimmy

      See if you can find a copy of the GoogleTTS apk from this system dump. Installing that fixed it for me.

  • kevin

    So far everything works on my note 3 (snapdragon version)

  • John Kitchen

    I’ve got Hangouts, the launcher, the gallery, and the new Search all running great on my Ultra

    • needa

      are there changes in the gallery that makes it worth it? i was also wondering if the camera would be an added camera. or would it replace the moto camera?

      • Shane Redman

        It’s an added.

  • tobie azeez

    Why can’t apps like phone and people be downloaded?

    • Max

      I believe since they are system apps and not Gapps. not 100% sure though.

      • tobie azeez

        Okay thanks.

    • Luxferro

      because they are odex’d apps.

  • TheDave1022

    Any way to have more than 2 home screens + now? tried clicking around everywhere and cant figure it out. Looks pretty awesome though.

    • elvisgp

      A new screen will appear to the right if you add something to it, like an icon or widget.

    • Shane Redman

      My only gripe with home is that you can’t have a blank page

  • Max

    Dare I ask… has anyone had any success with the apps on the Droid Bionic, not rooted?

    • guest

      new hangouts works fine thus far

  • Michael G

    Dear Lord Google Search/Now is so much faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan O’Neill

      SOOOOO much faster!

  • TSK

    Just FYI, if you must be on the bleeding edge, this is a 4.4 ROM for the N7 (2013) no gapps yet, but its a start!!! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2506462

  • Skittlez

    time to make a video, Kellen!

  • pookietookie

    Tried some of these apps on my Gnex. Camera and Gallery work but the controls for the camera are positioned too low (I assume for higher DPI devices). I also had issues with the Clock (it wouldn’t install). The new Google search seems to work after the language fix posted below but the “Ok Google Now” doesn’t seem to work.

    • Jeff Schroeder

      Yeah the camera issue is a biggie. I disabled my old camera and I can’t get that back. Is there a fix for that?

      • pookietookie

        The only fix I know of is to reinstall the camera and gallery APKs from your ROM. I have the latest stable AOKP so I suppose I need to grab the APKs from there. Or look into my Titanium backup. That’s probably the best option.

        • Jeff Schroeder

          I got it. I just uninstalled the updates on the gallery and I’m back to stock. Thanks though.

  • Derek

    Clock force closes on Moto X, no root.

  • mi470

    Camera force closes. Original Nexus 7, Wi-Fi, 16 GB, No Root, Stock Android

  • Nee Austin

    emojii that actually works (HTC One and N7) If you don’t see the smiley button hold down the “send” button even if it doesn’t have 3 dots. I only see a subset of symbols though. On the N7 the symbols are completely gray while on the HTC they are in color.

    • billy routh

      Are you running an Aosp or sense Rom on your HTC one?

      • Nee Austin

        ARHD 31.0 (sense 5.5/4.3)

  • imnotmikal

    Anyone know why I can’t get Google Now? I have Home, Search, and Framework installed. Searching works fine, but I can’t get Google Now for some reason…

    • imnotmikal

      Nevermind, found it.

      • jab416171

        I can’t get google now. How did you fix it?

        • imnotmikal

          Long press on your homescreen (in the new Google Home) and go to settings. Very top is a switch to turn Now on and off.

          • jab416171

            Awesome, thank you!

  • MichaelFranz

    Will google keyboard work by just replacing the system app through root explorer?

  • Kevin

    Lg g2 keyboard doesn’t show those same symbols. otherwise it’s working well

  • Eric

    Surprised all of it works on my GS3.

    • cruzhm

      What ROM are you using

      • Eric

        Stock touchwiz

  • MikeSaver

    THANK YOU for all the posts today and giving me just one place to go for all the news

    • Ian Smith

      public service announcement: there’s at least 10 android blogs that did the exact same thing; some better, some worse

  • In the first picture, what messaging app is that? That can’t be Hangouts…

    • Nate Bousfield

      It appears to be the stock messaging app from 4.3. This isn’t 4.4, just apps pulled from the system dump.

  • Sean


    • James Friedman

      Candy is dandy!

      • Shane Redman


        • James Friedman

          Damn straight! HTTR!

      • BeLogical


  • Justin Bontrager

    Yay!!!! Verizon S4 running stock launcher.

    • Steven Berger

      Although unfortunately some of the icons are off, like the phone, etc.

      • Justin Bontrager

        If I use MMS in hangouts it crashes.

  • rustynutzz


    • kern8703

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      in 4 weeks on the internet. have you read this web site http://www.Pro67.ℂℴm

    • kris

      I installed what I could, but a lot of the apps give parsing errors when trying to install the .apk’s, I’m wildly guessing my being on CM9.1 (4.0) being the reason.

      • Gert-Jan Anema

        Yes Kris,

        That is the issue. It is minimal API 16 what is Android 4.1

        • Josh

          I found my parsing errors were due to my phone downloading the file incorrectly from the links. I used my desktop to open the download page and then used chrome on my phone to open that page and download the file.

      • Dineshpd

        I have a same problem…what should we do for install all things

        • kris

          You need to upgrade Android to -as Gert-Jan Anema says- a version with API 16, and that’s 4.1 and upwards.
          If you’re on anything lower than 4.1, you’re out of luck, I’m afraid.

          • delyon

            What about if only one app is giving the parse error? I was able to get everything working except the clock. Odd…Anyone else have this issue? Im rooted, running Hyperdrive RL15 on a verizon s3

          • 1timeaccount

            I am having the same problem. everything wants to install except the clock. it says: parse error. And if i open the launcher it says: unfortunaly, google search has stopped. can anyone help?

          • gibbkg

            You need to have android 4.2+ for the clock

          • vaKKah

            i am using cyanogenmod 10.1.3 (jb 4.2.20 and i get the clock error message

    • JRUIV

      Lo freaking L

  • anonymous

    Hangouts works on stock (4.1.2) Xperia Z (tmo)

  • Shane Redman

    Surprised to see Gallery here…

    • TheDave1022

      Only one that wont install for me on Gnex CM 10.3 nightlies

      • Shane Redman

        Well, I say that because the G+Photos that came with the G+ update was pretty nice, so I use that now over the other 2 on my phone.

  • Miloš Mirković

    Email and Camera show as separate apps, not updates, but the rest are all installed and working. I really dig the Launcher/Google Now hybrid.

  • Steven Berger

    Anyone know why the contact pictures that show up in my dialer(running Hyperdrive on my GS4) do not show up as my contacts photos in the Hangouts app?

    • bluemon

      Facebook Sync?

  • Thanks for the credit Kellex. Been a busy few hours trying to get GEL to work and the Force Close fix.

  • Shane Redman

    Can’t get them to download. Also tried that keyboard…I’d wait for the update in the play store

  • Brandon Haines

    bout to install everything. not fond of the launcher though, im stuck on lightning launcher

  • Tylar Overturf

    To fix the Google Now fc when searching you need to add this file to your /system/lib/. http://www.mediafire.com/download/0hb7wj2b18lw7jo/libgoogle_recognizer_jni_l.zip

    • Long press the home screen, select Settings. Select Voice. Select Language to change the default. Change to another language, I choose English – UK. Hit Home. Do a Google Search. Repeat the first three steps. Change back to English – US.

      • Tylar Overturf

        or that lol. Either way works for me.

      • Nicholas Ruiz

        Brilliant. Thank you!

      • Perryn Andrews

        if i revert to US, it force closes again, is it that different to leave it on UK? that doesnt FC on me

        • Paul Weber

          You can leave it on UK, but if it is on UK and you restart your phone, and then change back to US it should work.

          • Katsu

            I restart the computer after witching it back to English US and it forces close again.

      • Chris Ta

        Wait a min…mine’s still not functioning properly

      • Stefan

        Works like a charm! Although, I’m thinking about keeping the British Voice

        • JMack82

          It sounds more human than the US voice.

      • Zach K

        Worked on a verizon S4 – stock – thanks!

      • Eric R.

        I can’t even do that without it FC,
        What are my options?

      • kareem goddard

        u sir are a genius thank you

      • mikesuds

        Can anyone explain this? I am not a newb. Been flashing roms/kernels since my original Droid. but what the hell. Repeat the first 3 steps? Well the steps aren’t numbered. What steps are considered the first 3? No matter what I do with these instructions, can’t get it to work on my Gnex.

        • Jonathan Paul

          Long press home->

          Just leave it there and use it like normal.

    • Dan Lopez

      Extract it or leave it zipped?

      • Tylar Overturf

        extract it and move the file to /system/lib/ or do what derek said above.

        • Dan Lopez

          Got it working. Thank you both!

        • Hmm – It get an “Cannot copy or move file!” message, because the target file exists. Can not overwrite :-/

          • rustynutzz

            Use root explorer, I was getting the same message with es file explorer.

          • Thx, that did the trick! 😀

        • Bradon Says

          Worked for me (sprint note 2 paranoidandroid).

      • Eliah Strijbol

        I’ve extracted it and then copy paste.

    • Xyrax

      How do you add it to that folder? Says read only file system when trying to do it through ES File Explorer

      • yashvchauhan

        Use ROM Toolbox as a root browser

      • James Walker

        Is there any way to add this without root?

        • MasterMuffin

          ADB? Not sure, just root 🙂

        • auris blazu

          root is safe, you can easelly unroot by reflashing original OS, just don’t install busybox after root, if you will want to unroot phone you may will get some issuses

    • Eliah Strijbol

      Thank you, it works for me (Acer liquid e2, a budget beast)

    • Tried to do this 5 different ways with Jrummy toolbox browser. Every time its says operation failed. Yes, I extracted it.

    • Matthew Fura

      After I did this, the FC’s are fixed, but my search bar no longer says ‘Say “OK Google Now”. The hot word still works though. Anyone else have this issue?

      • brkshr

        You probably have to download the offline speech recognition again. It’s in the same settings menu.

        • Matthew Fura

          This was actually the first thing I tried. No go. I’m going to try clearing cache and data and downloading again to see if that fixes it.

          • usaff22

            It will work, but then it will disappear again. I guess you just have to live with it – that’s what I’m doing now unfortunately

          • Mysticode

            I switched it back to English (US), and it came back, without errors.

          • usaff22

            Without the lib fix, if you swipe Google away from recent apps or reboot the phone, it’s more than likely the issue will come back

          • sporto

            I’m having the same issue. Were you able to fix?

          • Matthew Fura

            What usaff22 said below. Clearing cache and data and then re-downloading the offline language fixes it, but it goes away again. Just have to live with it until I get my N5 next week.

        • Ian Douglass

          yep – that’s what fixed it.

      • Ian Douglass

        yes! same issue – the mic logo is also slightly different than when it had ‘Say “Okay Google”‘. You find a fix for that?

      • JMack82

        How’d you get the hot word to work? I have to go back to tapping the mic to search.

    • brkshr

      Thanks! For whatever reason, Derek Ross’s, ‘fix’ wouldn’t work for my N4 or N713. This file did work.

    • butro

      The file fix works for my T-Mobile HTC One 4.3 (stock, rooted). The changing voice method only worked once, then you had to repeat steps – as others said. Thank you Tylar for this. I was a bit annoyed but no longer! I am loving my hybrid 4.3 and 4.4. My buddy who is awaiting his Nexus 5 in the mail is probably annoyed as I have the cool new features before him. HA!

    • Awesome, this worked! Thanks

    • creed

      Awesome! Thank you sir. That worked for me. I was just coming back to this page to see if someone had a fix for that issue.

    • Drayton Fair

      I unzipped the file on my PC, moved the file back to the phone and overwrote whatever in the /system/lib/ but it didn’t seem to work on my stock S4. Tried Derek’s fix a few times. Any other hints? Or should I get used to the UK British accent?

    • Michael Little

      Worked perfectly for me. Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon

      • Jorge jr

        You instaled with root or just downloaded and started using?

    • Drayton Fair

      anyway to overwrite on stock?

    • memckimmy

      For those of us without root, installing the GoogleTTS apk from the system dump seems to take care of the problem as well. Spread the word …

      • gary

        Do you have the tts apk file.update version from currmt Play store not working

        • memckimmy

          Disregard – it worked for a little while then went back to force-closing. Still in search of a solution for those of us without root. Sorry.

          • gary

            Thanks anyway.hope someone find a fix for search fc US English voice activated.
            For now it have to be UK English and touch to speak .
            all others except clock for i9300 and yes this Search is fast .
            Thanks drod-life for a great holloween treat

    • ImANoob

      where do i find /system/lib/

      • Azeem

        You need to be rooted and have a root file explorer.

    • Israel resendiz

      When I add this file to my /system/lib/ it says file conflict. Please help

    • Camaros_Kill

      hey do you happen to have the stock lib file it replaced? i think the modded file messed with some of my apps aability to connect to google play.

  • Jeff Schroeder

    Anyone try this on a GNex yet?

    • Dan Lopez

      I’m updating my Vanir ROM but will try this once I’m done restoring apps.

      • Jeff Schroeder

        Mine is stock/unrooted fyi

    • Jason

      hangouts works on GNex

    • Ethan G

      I have everything on my 10.2 CM Sprint Gnex and it’s all working fine. A calculator.apk I found is giving me a parsing error but that seems to be the only thing I haven’t had working. The list I have working is:

      Google Play Services
      Google Search
      Google Home
      Email (you’ll need to track down the exchange2google.apk for exchange to work on it)
      Hangouts (tested sms both send and receive work)
      Google Keyboard
      and GoogleTTS

      Everything works with no force closes, I can navigate, sms text, have rebooted phone and reconfirmed everything working. It’s all solid, just need to get myself the calculator.apk from a different source or grab it myself.

      • Michael G

        Thanks for posting this list. GNex owners appreciate it since KK won’t be coming our way.

        • Ethan G

          No problem. Bear in mind, I’ve had these on my phone for all of 30 minutes, so when I tested them, it was really basic (i.e. does it open, can it do what it’s supposed to, can I get to any other menus, does it respond well, etc.). I won’t go so far as to say there aren’t problems somewhere, I just didn’t see any with spending a minute or two on each app.

          • Michael G

            No worries. Can always revert back. Clock doesn’t want to cooperate with the install but no biggie.

          • Ethan G

            Yeah, with clock make sure that you open the app properties and clear data, then it will cooperate.

          • Michael G

            The existing clock app > clear cache & data?
            I did that and when I go to install from Root Explorer it just says it was unable to install. So far everything else has. I’ve tried re-adding to my SD card and am wondering if I’m out of luck.

          • Ethan G

            If everything else is working then that means your unofficial apps is checked so that shouldn’t be a problem. Try setting your system/app folder to rw and then try to reinstall from root of sd card. If that doesn’t pan out, find a different source for the clock.apk.

          • Michael G

            Did that except for the different source. If the clock is no different than 4.3 I’m not going to worry about it. If it were different like this new dialer, then I’d consider the extra work. It’s late and I WAS PLANNING on getting to bed early tonight. Guess that won’t happen now… lol

          • Ethan G

            lol, I hear ya. I still have a two page paper to write tonight and it’s 11:38. Anyway, a last ditch effort you can try that could go south is to delete your clock and move the new one into system/app and set it to rw-r-r

      • Jeff Schroeder

        Anyone have issues with the camera? It looks like the app is too large for the screen?

        • Ethan G

          Looks fine here.

          • REMP

            ahhh, i see what you did there….

        • 28stieren

          Only problem I have is that it is incapable of making 16:9 pictures.
          Anyone else have that problem?

          • JustReboot

            If you are using the S4 or another w/ aosp, the native resolution is 13MP (which is 4:3.) For that reason, I switched to Zoom Camera FX (as it supports 9.8 MP which is wide format) / The S4, as an example shoots in 9.8MP by default (Wide) / 13 is actually the same rsoltion plus extra top and botton which makes it look 4:3.

        • Ryan B

          Yes, Im getting the same on my moto x. Also, clicking photoshere causes force close.

          • Scott Breitbach

            Same here on my Note 2. Had a side-loaded apk that worked previously.

          • Ryan B

            The google play edition? Yeah me too. To get it back just uninstall both the camera and gallery app and then re-side-load your old apk.

        • Akrem

          I do have the same problem.

      • Jason Hansen
        • chaoslimits

          Link is dead?

          • Jason Hansen

            Try the updated link

          • Yagermeister

            Link already maxxed out…

            “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

            Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.”

          • Jason Hansen

            I shared this out of my dropbox:

      • for exchange2google.apk go here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14825752/Exchange2Google.apk

        Via Android Police

    • Oldie but goodie

      I am rooted but running stock 4.3. It all works great.

      • Oldie but goodie

        Actually mms doesnt seem to be working. just sending an empty message.

  • Dan Lopez

    Wow, I have never had so much chocolate wafers in one day! Thanks, DL!

  • Philip J. Fry

    I cannot wait to get mine.

    • snowblind64

      Same here.

      I thought about side-loading these apk’s on my Nexus 4 but decided it would be better to wait until I have the Nexus 5 so I don’t diminish the awesomeness of my new gadget.

  • jbdan

    Wow you guys rock thanks for all the time put in today!