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Download: New Google Apps From the Nexus 5 Dump (Search, Launcher, And More)

Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-23-16 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-14-13 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-13-07

Well, we’ve had a chance to pick through most of the apps in the Nexus 5 factory image system dump, so here they are for you to install if you’d like. Most are minor updates, but there are a couple worth looking at, like the new Google Search (it’s awesome), Launcher (“Google Home”), Keyboard, and Clock. We’ve got some screenshots, special instructions for installing the launcher (since it’s tricky), and then all of the download links. 

Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-26-21 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-26-03 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-25-50

To install the new launcher (Google Home), you’ll have to install 3 different apps – Google Play Services 4.0, Google Search, and the Google Home .apk. (Cheers to Phandroid for figuring that out.)

Oh, if something breaks, don’t blame us. These are technically unreleased apps that were meant for the Nexus 5. Some may work, others may not so well. I tested these on a stock, Android 4.3 Nexus 4. Depending on what device you have, you may run into issues. Be warned.

Have fun! I think we’re about spent for one day.

Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-26-31 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-27-54 Screenshot_2013-10-31-19-27-12


Cheers Joe!

  • Anonymously

    When im done installing Ghome I get this toast: “PLACEHOLDER TEXT:Search not found”, then when I actually try to go into GEL it stops responding each time.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Sweet. Kitkat launcher and Search on my stock rooted 4.2.2 LG G2!

  • Alex Kennedy

    Anyone on here had this work on a currently stock HTC One Mini (when I say stock I mean with no mods and still on HTC Sense). And does it matter if my phone is locked, I bought my phone directly from O2 on contract as it was a good deal.

  • TJ

    I installed all three required apps for Launcher (Google Play Services 4.0, Google Search, and the Google Home .apk.), and I set up Direct Dial Widget on the home screen. It’s giving me an error message “the app isnt installed” Does anyone know why?

  • Christian Sotelo

    it didn’t work with my phone. samsung galaxy victory

  • Robert Lipowski

    To get mail working on my htc one I had to update exchange services from nexus 5


  • Austin2222

    Works on Nexus 4!

  • archie

    Can any one help I just did the process and everything works exept google launcher says google has stopped

  • KidCurt

    How can I get the Google launcher to work on the Droid Razr M?

  • kell0204

    Do I have to download Google play s all ready running v4.0.31

  • lolman

    I installed the google services , search and home , rooted the phone , overwritten the fix file , set the properties to rw-r-r and now my phone is stuck on LG logo! I have LG Swift L3 2nd generation. Please help me!

    • gitano

      What’s the “fix file”? Is it that lib…so file that goes in /system/lib? if so, I can’t seem to get that to overwrite since installing the new 4.0.31 Google Play Services. Is there a fix for that?

  • steven sullivan

    Everything except the clock works on my Gnex toro running PA 3.99 rc2.

  • Pruett

    All of this talk about not having the Google Experience launcher on older phones is funny because i just followed the steps on this post and i have been using the Nexus Launcher and apps since the 1st day this was put up.

    • Bascule

      Which phone?

  • Teng Nunag

    Hangouts crashes on video call 🙁

  • Ståle

    Is it possible to use exchangeserver with the new emailapp?
    (Email (v6.0-893803))

  • Akaiz

    Gallery editing picture crashes the app

  • Hangouts works flawlessly–don’t have much use for chats since I don’t have a G+ account…but I figured I should get used to the SMS part since it’s taking over from stock text.

  • One Meat Ball

    VNex rooted with 4.3. Search still crashes frequently even after trying the languages fix. Panorama and Photosphere do work. Setting reminders crashes with US English but works with UK English.

  • DueyGee

    4.4 Launcher works well on my International Galaxy S3 running Android 4.2.1

  • john

    panorama on the camera doesn’t work for me.

  • DerekL

    Trying this on a Motorola Atrix HD (MB886) and cannot get the error [Google Search has stopped working] to go away when I try to load the launcher. I tried changing all the languages, deleting the caches, and installing the GoogleTTS243.zip file in a recovery console and it still has an issue. I even tried copying the libgoogle_recognizer_jni_l.so into the /system/lib/ folder. Any other ideas?

  • Camilo Donoso

    I did everything to install google home, but it gives me an FC error with google search, and because of that google home never starts.

  • Galaxy Tab

    what about installing it on android 3.2?

  • Brad Ross

    Just installed the new Kit Kat Google Play Services, Keyboard, Search, & Home on a friends Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 (completely stock 4.1.2 from Big Red, no root, no rom, etc.). No problems at all, no FC’s, it’s just ALL GOOD. I did try the new Kit Kat Hangouts too but video calling just netted a black screen and wouldn’t do anything; uninstalled it, re-downloaded the latest version from the Play Store, now it’s golden again. She is loving the new launcher and “Ok, Google” search feature. I had to go in and manually turn on Google Now because it was disabled by default, but that was no biggie. Didn’t wanna mess with any of the other apps because I literally only had about 15 minutes to install things and give her a tutorial on how it works. Like I said, she’s diggin’ it, so thanks a million!!!

  • Busko

    So I installed the camera app , works fine on my phone…the only thing i dont see if how you can view your photos…anyone else have that?

  • Ugslick

    Can’t get the launcher to work on my LG g2x running 4.1.1 (CM) 🙁

    I installed velvet.apk (search) and the play services, but the launcher forces closes saying ‘cant find google search’. Oh well

  • Nate

    I downloaded and installed everything on my HTC One. The launcher works great and is extremely smooth! Only one problem…”unfortunately search has stopped working”. I kinda need that to work. It is a “Google” launcher after all.

  • Random

    Everything works fine! Except clock and voice search.. Still finding a fix for this. Thanks!

  • Israel resendiz

    The file does not want to go in sys/lib
    Someone please help?!?!?

  • Renan Lira

    it’s just missing the Download App, but all other is working great on a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Dima

    Do not intall on LG G2 – phone becomes very slow. Native G2 launcher is extreemly fast -just customized by LG :(, so Nexus owners will be bit oncomfortable with G2 build-in launcher

  • Katsu

    Anyone have a problem with Wallpaper? I tried to set an image as a wallpaper but somehow it re-scales the image again after I pressed “Set wallpaper” and leave a black area at the bottom of the screen.

  • Gavin

    Oh and one more thing, Google Search does not respond when I say “Ok Google”. Any advice on how to get this to work on my Samsung Galaxy S3?

  • Gavin

    Thanks Droid-Life!!! I’m a huge fan of the new Android 4.4 KitKat look!. However, the Google Home launcher lags quite a fair bit on my Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 (not rooted). Could you guys work your magic and update the Google Home launcher to fix the lag issues? 🙂

  • Edgard Lopes

    Note 2 100% Up to now. It was very good indeed!

  • Brody

    Works on Galaxy Note 2!

  • Roman Moise

    whenever i try to ho to the launcher home screen, it force closes google search and wont open. help?

  • Dentory

    you should make the icons a bit smaller with better graphics.

  • Jkdem85

    I upgraded the hangouts and most other stuff on my vzw note 3. I’m now missing some text messages that may have had mms messages sent in in the chain as well. I disabled hangouts and reinstalled the old copy from play. Nothing will work and I don’t know what to do

  • MynameisBob

    Installed and mostly running well on a Verizon GS4. I am getting an “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped” when I try adding a Reminder in Google Now. Anyone else get this error?

    • Jason Smith

      I just got that exact issue

  • I loaded up the Gallery, keyboard and Google Search. They are working nicely on my Galaxy Note 2. Thank you very much.

    • Jason Smith

      Gallery force closes for me on my note 3 when doing the image editting function.

  • chrollo lucifer

    Google home launcher not working!! I already installed the Google search and Google services but still nothing happen!

  • chrollo lucifer

    Google home launcher not working!!!!

  • Smeckle

    Does anybody know if/which of these will work on an ICS device? I’ve got an Iconia A500 that is not rooted.

  • Aer Alarcon

    Does the google search work offline?

  • All working good on stock 4.3 running Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 but it seems Google Home isn’t tablet optimized yet and the dock style is still launcher 2 style and pops up keyboard every time you go home.

    Still cool none the less 🙂

  • Austin_tacious

    If I restart my phone, some apps (that I’m fairly sure are moved to my SD) disappear from the folders I placed them into. Stock GS4.

  • Xylan

    I installed the Home Launcher, Google Keyboard, Google Search, Hangouts, and Google Play Services. all seems to he working except when you search something on Google Search. also I am using a T-Mobile® Samsung® Galaxy™ S4 on android 4.2.2

  • auris blazu

    using xperia z1 rooted with 4.2.2, when clicking on launcher app it says “google search was not found” I installed it, also camera buttons goes almost under phone’s onscreen buttons and picsphere crashes camera.
    Any ideas?