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T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Kits Now Free, With Free Shipping Too

tmobile prepaid sim kit

Remember when we told you yesterday that T-Mobile prepaid SIM kits were only $0.99 with free shipping? Well, we have a better deal for you. How does free sound? Those same prepaid SIM kits in full, micro, and nano are now 100% free with free 2-4 day shipping.

You may as well order one or two (two is the max per person) if you are at all considering switching off your current carrier in the near future. Remember that T-Mobile is pushing out their LTE network as quickly as possible, plus prepaid plans are excellent for testing out service with phones like say, oh, the Nexus 5. The $30 unlimited text and data (5GB of full 4G speeds) plan is a no-brainer.

*Note – Their payment system appears to be having issues, so if you are getting an error, hang tight. I’d imagine that with this kind of deal, everyone and their goat is trying to order a free SIM kit.

Via:  T-Mobile

Cheers Scott, George and Ryan!

  • YummyVerizonUnlimited

    Too bad free SIMs don’t make a crappy network any better. Everyone I know on T-mobile can barely get a text to send from their phone.

    • fuzzylumpkins

      you’re confusing T-mobile with Sprint.

      • Chris Hannan

        No, T-Mobile has that problem too. I decided to try T-Mobile’s network again since I finally have a phone compatible with their LTE network and in my area, I’m much better off disabling LTE altogether.

        In my bedroom, I’ll switch between 1-3 bars of HSPA+ and probably around 1/3 of my texts fail to send on the first try.

        I love T-Mobile as a company and their prices are great, but I don’t think I can rely on them as my main cellular provider until they get some lower frequencies.

        • fuzzylumpkins

          because texts are sent over HSPA+ right?

  • acras

    Free sim with free shipping , but they have to have a credit card number or they won’t complete the transaction , lame.

  • Michael C.

    still working! I tried about 80 times in the last 2 hours and it finally just went through so there’s still hope!

    • tigerpenguin

      did you refresh the entire page or just click submit again?

      • Michael C.

        I just clicked submit again. Just keep trying. The credit card payment system is being overloaded and the system can only process x amount of orders before timing out every other request so just keep trying

  • J. Wolf

    Sweet, just ordered a mini and a micro for FREE! However; I still paid $1.98 for two earlier, still an awesome deal. As others have said before, GOODBYE VERIZON!! I’ll miss my Gnex, but the Nexus 5 will make me forget it!

    • Kyle

      You tried just now?

      • J. Wolf

        Yes, took a few tries, but it worked.

        • Kyle

          GOT IT FINALLY! Thanks J. Wolf for getting me to try it again!

          • J. Wolf

            Glad it worked for you.

  • JoshGroff

    Bought 1 earlier today, guess I’ll get a free nano and extra micro just in case.

  • Kelly OBrien

    just keep trying. just ordered all 3 for free. confirmed all of them on order. keep getting the error but just kept at it until it went through. worked perfect for me. GOOD BYE VERIZON ! HELLO NEXUS 5

  • Dash Foster

    Tmobile must have realized it was too good of a deal because they are now $.99

    • Kyle

      No, use the link Kellen gave.

      • Dash Foster

        Thanks! I clicked the right link and finally got it to order.

  • Kyle

    They told me to call them back tomorrow…so I will.

    • Kyle

      Never mind, got it!

  • Bill Hill

    Welcome to T-Mobile

  • Joe Mihalich

    The funny part of this is, the billing system is failing trying charge me nothing. Seems like some server code should be bypassed here since the charge is $0.00

    • moelsen8

      they will run everything through for security/fraud purposes no matter the amount.

  • MafiaMM

    Wasn’t there like a “hidden” plan people were all over? What was it again?

    • Allan

      $30 unlimited text & data

    • I wrote about the “hidden” plan, check my profile for more info!

  • Brendon Maldonado

    According to the T-Mobile Customer Service Rep I just talked to on the phone, this is some sort of glitch in their system. He said the sim cards are showing up free on their system as well, but their supervisor has given them a code to override that, to make them 99 cents again.

    • J. Gilbertson

      Welp… this “glitch” left an email in my inbox that says $0.00 to be charged. They can cancel my order if they want but I’m not paying for a sim kit that I may or may not use. Could be good for them if I decide to try it out and like it.

    • Brendon Maldonado

      Well, I got it to work online, so it seems that that rep was misinformed, or this glitch hasn’t been fixed yet.

  • besweeet

    Took about 10 tries until it finally went through.

    • Did you just keep re-submitting it, or try anything else?

      • besweeet

        Just kept resubmitting the info.

  • MrCapcomDS

    Worked for me I got the error then hit refresh and it processed

  • mbaldwin85

    Took 3 tries but it went through

  • Christopher Quan

    I got ripped off at a T-Mobile store last week and they made me pay $20 for the sim alone. No activation kit or anything. $20 mistakes are not cool.

  • jack584

    Anyone know what method they use to ship SIM cards? I’m guessing just regular mail in an envelope, or is it a private carrier like FedEx or UPS? I kinda doubt that unless you paid for overnight cause it would cost more, but you never know.

    • aaa

      it’s UPS

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    if you call, they will place the order for you, unlike the chat service which will tell you to refresh. i got 2 micro sims and 2 nano sims(you never know…). hopefully i can get the nexus 5. does anyone know what is the cheapest way to get service with a small data from Tmo?

  • Michael Heaton

    Yeah, I’m not having much luck either. Trying to grab nano and micro just to cover bases with the Nexus 5.

  • ryan savini

    tried like 20 times….NO GO

  • muddy46

    I tried 2 different web browsers, refreshed the page many times, cant get the order to go through 🙁

    • Adamania

      Aye, same here. Oh well, I’m in a contract anyways. I just like free stuff.

  • Adamania

    This reminds me of http://healthcare.gov!

    • capecodcarl

      Actually it reminds me of the Google Play store last November when I was trying to buy a Nexus 4. “Hey look, it finally added to my cart. Let’s just click purchase so I can pay and…. DAMN IT!”

    • DaveTea

      Nah, some people actually want the SIM kit.

      • Adamania

        I was referring to the inability to check out, but I see what you’re doing there!

  • J Dub

    Would just like to say if you are a current VZW customer looking to dump them T-Mobile is not the way to go. Tried T-Mobile and was not impressed. My area has “great to good” coverage based on their maps, but my “3G” speeds were abysmal. I gave them a chance, but just couldn’t handle it. In an area with the best coverage (dark pink or whatever) I still could not get signal inside the local Target. I would recommend an AT&T SIM from Straight Talk or NET10. They have came clean recently about their throttling limits. NET10 has it all over their website. 2.5GB per month before throttle. The cost is like $46 and change per month if you auto refill.

    • Adamania

      Definitely try it before committing to anything. I was in the same boat in my area. I was in 4G/3G speed area and only got edge. Their HSPA is fast though, if you get it.

      • hamneck

        anyone have thoughts on the cheapest way to try TMobile? I’m with VZW, but i’m interested in giving TMobile a try. I ordered a Tmobile SIM (micro and nano). But, i don’t have a GSM phone. So, i guess i’d need 2 things:
        1) cheapest phone/way to get something i can use to try
        2) tmobile plan that i’m not locked into

        Any thoughts?

        • Droidzilla

          Craigslist, prepaid.

        • Adamania

          Find a cheap unlocked GSM phone on Craigslist or something would be a good starting point. That way, if the coverage blows, you won’t be out a ton of money. Otherwise, T-Mobile has a return policy that allows you return the phone in X amount of days and you’re not obligated to fulfill the contract. That could be worth a shot as well.

    • jbdan

      Well that depends on your location. Tmo service is equal to and better than big red where I live and travel. Tmo prices are superb. Key to your statement is try it before you make the switch

      edit: oh, and vzw 3g is just as slow as tmo edge in my location. They’re both abysmal

      • J Dub


        While it does depend on your location, the frequencies T-Mobile uses are naturally poorer at penetration than those used by Verizon or AT&T.

        Also, T-Mobiles own support website stated that if your 3G download speeds were under 1000 kbps then you needed to call and open a ticket because you had an issue. My speeds were about 300 kbps.

        I tried their service all around my home area and even in Washington DC metro area where the whole area is blanketed with 4G LTE. That was really the last straw as I couldn’t get signal at lunch to plan with friends while inside and I was in a very good 4G LTE service area.

    • yochanan

      Target seriously has something about their buildings that block mobile signals. Full bars outside, no bars inside. They have free WiFi, so it’s not too bad.

      • UniBroW

        I can be in my local Sams club, right next door to target and have full LTE and go into Target and boom no signal. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit to find out they had some cell phone jammers installed so you want to utilize their free wifi.


        • J Dub

          Target has free WiFi? Never knew.

    • fuzzylumpkins

      in most areas, T-mobile’s 3g is now converted to HSPA+, which is the fastest 3g in the country. Their LTE is not everywhere yet, but it’s not horrible to fall back on their really fast 3g, especially if it’s unlimited. Their 2g (EVDO) is abysmally slow though.

      note that their coverage is essentially being targeted at cities; their rural coverage is practically non-existent.

    • KR

      I was a VZW customer for over a decade and I left for T-Mobile, and couldn’t be happier. It all depends on your location.

      Feels like a less bogged network, with better/reliable speeds where there is coverage (which is everywhere I inhabit). More device options, and mine came with the update no later than when I activated it (Moto X DE). I’m also a heavy wifi user, so even if reception were bad, it wouldn’t be a big issue (and my local Targets all have wifi).

      5 GB before throttle @ $30/m works great.

      • J Dub

        I wanted it to work great, but it just didn’t. Granted like others have said it depends on your area. Maybe my area was getting refarmed at the time and that effected my speeds. I am on wifi most of the day too, but when you are traveling or out on the town you need service. Especially with a smartphone. I wanted the 5GB for $30 but it was pointless as I would never be able to stream anything or look at websites while out.

  • MrJigolo

    Thanks DL. Got a nano sim. Hopefully most 2014 Android phones start using nano sims rather than micro.

  • ArrowCool

    Just think of it as practice for Friday.

  • Alex siuda

    what size sim does the nexus 5 suppoesdly have?!

  • LoganLopez

    Took about 15 tries but finally was able to purchase 2. One for Nexus 7 and Potential Nexus 5. Thanks Kellen!

  • Ray Gray

    Thanks Droid-life nothing like free

  • anthony

    After my 25th try or so, it worked! 3 sim cards on the way, 1 micro sim from earlier for a dollar, and a nano + micro for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • moelsen8

      yeah must have taken me 25+ tries too, rapid-firing it. finally it did work, though.

    • capecodcarl

      Do you have 3 phones or are you just stocking up or something?

      • anthony

        will have 2 when i get the nexus 5, saving the nano sim for next year if it still works for the bigger iphone 6 lol

  • Jared Tau

    I guess T-Mo realized alot of VZW customers that purchased a GNexus would be out of a contract soon. So, they want to scoop up as much of us as they can.

    • moelsen8

      they run these, or at least they did, every month or two. haven’t seen them hit free for the better part of a year now, but i have a ton of them that i got from whenever they did these free things. damn slickdeals.

  • Mark

    During checkout… it asked for your primary number…. that wont break my current service with Verizon correct

    • Allan


  • moelsen8

    their payment system is always hit or miss. the security they run everything through is on steroids, half the time on these promotions you get flagged. my conclusion has always been to move on if you can’t get it through on the first try or two. otherwise try calling, usually have better luck talking to someone.

  • XvierX

    Just tried. Still not working.

  • Chris Hilbert

    Took 3 times before my order went through.

  • Glad I waited! Trying to order a micro and nano SIM, but the payment system is having issues

  • So which one does the Nexus 5 take: nano or micro?

    • ryan

      Get both?

      • Yeah, thought of that the second I posted the question. Silly question on my part.

        • Jonathan Williams

          I just ordered both…. 2 refreshes later…

    • fuzzylumpkins


      • Simon Belmont

        It’s using a micro SIM card, I believe. The FCC documents said as much, at least.

        It honestly makes more sense anyway, as MOST phones out there use micro SIM cards. Nano SIM card equipped phones are still a rarity.

    • eibyer

      The previous article said it’s looking like micro but since you have limit of 2, why not get both?

  • JZ

    With the Nexus 5 dropping so soon, this is a great way to make sure people have their SIM cards ready when the phone arrives!

  • Jason

    I just added 2 and got is for $0!! And yes it did say payment system was broken. I just went ahead and tried again for 3 times and 3rd time was a charm! thanks kellen!

  • besweeet

    Doesn’t work for me: “Sorry. We’re having some problems with your order [redacted]. It looks like our Payment Processor couldn’t be reached or might be down. Please try again or contact us so we may assist you with this order.”

    • Ray Gray

      if you chat in they will process your order took just a few min

      • skinja99

        I am typing with an agent now.
        She doesn’t want to process it for me

        Any tips?

        • Ray Gray

          Weird my chick just told me to refresh and it was all good

          • guy

            I like to play dumb and slip in little tidbits like an order number or what not and they seem to want to help a lot more.

          • MinnesotaMom

            Your “chick”?? What year is this?

          • Ray Gray

            The year I call your mom my “chick”

    • Jake W

      It just let me finish checking out!

    • Stev J

      The same thing happened to me yesterday with the $1 deal. I just tried it once more and it went through.

      • I’ve tried it about 30 times in two browsers and no luck 🙁

        • jab416171

          Me too

        • Simon Belmont

          I just kept trying. It worked after the 5th or 6th try.

          I probably would have given up for a while if it hadn’t worked after 10 tries. Haha.

    • Chris Wallace

      Same thing happened to me, then I got an email at 2:30 in the morning saying it was processed. Can’t beat free with free shipping!

  • Garrett

    Does this only buy the SIM or does it also sign me up for the service?

    • Garrett

      Dumb question

    • besweeet

      No devices is needed to order SIM cards.

  • Scott Kart

    Can I use to take advantage of the free 200mb data for a tablet?

    • gokusimpson

      I asked a t mobile rep in the store and she said they will still charge 10 dollars for activation so it doesn’t matter if the sim of free

  • Trysta

    Will these work if you are already a T-mobile customer and need a new sim (say a microsim for a certain phone that may or may not be released soon…). I just want to not have to pay to migrate my number from my current sim to a new microsim.

    • besweeet

      Why would you want to do that? A SIM is a SIM, regardless of size, so you can cut them down if you’re going to a smaller device, or use an adapter if you’re going to a bigger device.

      • Allan

        Not sure why you got down voted… I agree completely.

        • besweeet

          More and more people nowadays succumb to laziness.

          • maratu

            If it was a free replacement, I’d rather just do this than risk damaging the thing.

      • TheOiulkj

        scissors – about a buck

        sim adapter – about a buck

        new sim card – about a buck

        Pro tip for life: don’t be ghetto when you don’t have to.

        • besweeet

          It’s not ghetto when the only person seeing what you’re worked on is… Nobody.

          • Ian


          • besweeet

            There it was.

  • blackjaguar25

    Maybe they’re collaborating with Google to get EVERYONE on T-Mobile with a Nexus 5. SIM cards start getting delivered, Nexus 5 is released, and everyone flocks to T-Mobile.

    It’s the most beautiful thing I can imagine.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Perhaps everyone in a metro area, but those of us out here in the boonies get nothing but EDGE. The post office could deliver data faster than waiting for stuff to load on EDGE.

      • Wyatt Neal

        Technically, the post office will always be able to deliver more data faster … it’s just the one time latency that kills ya 🙂

  • John

    Why do i still need a card on file to pay?

    • LoganLopez

      Same reason you do it when you “purchase” a free app from the amazon app store. Their system requires it.

  • Link fixed!

  • You owe me $2.14, Kellen!

    • 🙁

      • Ryan

        Bill him lol

        • ビッググリーン

          So i just found out that you can use Talkatone or groove IP to bypass minute limits.

          • KR

            Yep, I’ve been using Zoiper and a free pbxes account for just that reason and it works great.

            Since you can make calls over wifi with this method, it works even better, even in otherwise low-reception areas.

          • ビッググリーン

            I need some help setting pbxes up.

      • Wyatt Neal

        It’s alright … $1 drop in the bucket was still not a bad IMHO

      • Derin Richardson

        Lol seriously! It’s cool. Just drop the money in s community pot so we could all get a round of beer instead! 🙂

    • TouchdownMSU07

      Go Green!

      • Allan

        Quiet little brother.

    • UM

      Go Blue!

      • Jonathan Williams

        Hail to the Victors!!!

      • Mike Menard

        GO BUCKEYES!

    • Ian

      Yea but without him, you wouldn’t have known about the freeness either.

  • Jason Stanton

    I’m willing to bet that these are getting pushed out before a nationwide Isis wallet launch to make way for NFC sims… Unless these have the NFC secure element.

    • Ryan

      I can use Google Wallet just fine on my N4 with T-Mobile. And I mean with NFC payments, so I don’t know if there’s anything special in particular about the SIM card for it. At least I don’t know for sure.

      • UniBroW

        Right, but isis utilizes a special sim card instead of the secure element that’s on the phone itself.

        • Ryan

          I see. I don’t know the specifics for ISIS, just Wallet since they’re taking their sweet time rolling ISIS out.

  • besweeet
  • Dan

    Broken link!

  • Comeiro

    I’ve been trying to order one for the last hour and haven’t had any luck. When contacting customer service they just told me to try again later. Woo.