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T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Kits Now Free, With Free Shipping Too

tmobile prepaid sim kit

Remember when we told you yesterday that T-Mobile prepaid SIM kits were only $0.99 with free shipping? Well, we have a better deal for you. How does free sound? Those same prepaid SIM kits in full, micro, and nano are now 100% free with free 2-4 day shipping.

You may as well order one or two (two is the max per person) if you are at all considering switching off your current carrier in the near future. Remember that T-Mobile is pushing out their LTE network as quickly as possible, plus prepaid plans are excellent for testing out service with phones like say, oh, the Nexus 5. The $30 unlimited text and data (5GB of full 4G speeds) plan is a no-brainer.

*Note – Their payment system appears to be having issues, so if you are getting an error, hang tight. I’d imagine that with this kind of deal, everyone and their goat is trying to order a free SIM kit.

Via:  T-Mobile

Cheers Scott, George and Ryan!

  • John

    No longer free, $10

  • treimers

    Is the $30 unlimited text + 5Gb data plan still available? I can’t find it on T-Mobile’s site.

  • Joey Funk

    just fyi, This deal is still going on! i just checked out for free!

  • Guest

    Not to be smug, but good thing i waited!

  • L

    got a micro and nano sim for free!!

  • John Risso

    I was able to place an order for 2 sim cards. Tech support in chat informed me that activation is also currently free. Here’s the info I received today in the chat: ” I would like to inform you as well that our activation is free today. You only have to pay for the cost of your desired plan.” and “…since you purchased the SIM cards today, you are eligible for the free activation.”

    • acras

      Is activation going to be free in a week though? Free activation today doesn’t do you any good without having the sim in your posession

      • John Risso

        I jumped back on T-mo chat to confirm and here’s what came of it
        “You: while making a purchase of 2 prepaid sim cards you told me that activation was also free today. How long will it be free? What if I do not have a device to activate for a week or two?
        You: will activation still be free?
        Jennifer: I understand you have questions regarding our prepaid sim cards. The Sim card are pre-activated when the are shipped to you and if the prepaid service is not fully activated within 30 days receiving it will expire.
        You: so there is no additional cost other than the plan as long as i activate it within 30 days?
        Jennifer: Yes, as long as you fully activate the prepaid sim card within 30 days.”

        • acras

          Thanks for the legwork on that , good info. Doesn’t matter for me on this deal because I’m not giving them my credit card for something thats free . I just left t-mo prepaid for Straight Talk T-mo to save $15 a month , I’m going to evaluate my calling over the next couple months and if they are low enough I might go back to T-mo for the $30/mo. plan , I still have a spare sim laying around here somewhere

  • A.Miller

    I can’t decide if i want to go w/ TMO or ATT GoPhone for prepaid. If I order this am I under any obligation to stay with TMobile, or even activate it?

    • acras


  • Mike Hilal

    One micro, one nano. Just cause they’re free.

  • Terin H

    I love T-Mo, but they told me 4 years ago that they had no plans of EVER improving coverage in my area. That sucks because I really want a Nexus 5 and currently have Verizon.

  • I wonder what’s better… $0.99 sim working reliably, or free sim that takes 10-20 tries to get it working…

  • Luke Thomas

    What sim will the nexus 5 use?

  • Simon Belmont

    It was funny. This morning I’d decided to grab two nano SIM cards to save for later use if I ever get a nano SIM card requiring phone, and I was going to pay the $2 total for both.

    I go to order them and I’m like “WTF, it’s free.” Of course, I had to try to process the order about 5-6 times (their payment processor is being slammed right now), but it eventually worked.

  • Luke Thomas

    What SIM will the Nexus 5 use?

  • Luke

    Micro Sim for the Nexus 5 correct??

  • John Smith

    Just because someone is nice enough to offer you something for free – it doesn’t mean you have to be a pig about it. It’s people like you that ruin it for everyone else.

  • TimeTravelHome

    I had to refresh the checkout page 5 times…but it worked! Later, VZW!

  • Joe Mihalich

    Man, the TMobile web site in general is horrendous.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    However they told me in chat ”
    You: Thank you. Can I activate the SIM card at ANY time, no matter how long?
    Jennifer: You will have 60 days to activate the SIM card.
    You: Ok if I don’t activate in 60 days can I request another one for free later on? I’m looking at T-Mobile but am with Verizon right now
    Jennifer: If you contact customer care will change out your SIM card.”

  • Nathaniel Newman

    YAY! ”

    Welcome to T-Mobile,

    Thank you! Your order has been submitted.”

  • Nunya Bizniz

    Make sure you scroll the “Terms & Conditions” slider down, then press the “Place Order” button. Just worked for me after a few tries.

  • KleenDroid

    I tried it and refreshed probably 50 times… No deal.

    Did an online chat and he called me and they couldn’t get it to go through either. He checked with his supervisor to see if there were any issues and he said no. Lol

    So to be honest this just shows me that I shouldn’t even bother with them. Had I been having this issue with Verizon they would have figured something out.

    For me the free sim cards and apparently T-Mobile are not worth it.

    • duke69111

      I tend to agree. I’m having the same luck. If you look at tmobile’s support account on twitter its a real mess.

  • I can confirm that it finally worked for me too! As the others said, I just clicked the submit button again after it gave an error, didn’t have to refresh the page.

  • where do i sign up for the $30 unlimited data and text? How about minutes?


    • I wrote about it in detail on my blog. Check out my profile for the address, hope it helps!

      • so i order the phone and activate sim then i can pick a plan? also how much does it cost per minute if i go over 100?


        • You have to order the prepaid sim card kit online, and when you activate it online you choose the plan mentioned, and this is the only time you can choose it. AFAIK, the minutes are $0.10 per minute if you go over (you must have balance in your prepaid account), but I suggest you take advantage of the workaround I mentioned in my blog.

          • Haven’t been able to order after refeshing like 20 times…

    • Adamania

      You can also go to Walmart and get the plan. I think the whole starter kit is like $40, but at least then you don’t have to wait for shipping.

      • Is there an initial fee if you order online?

        • Adamania

          That I don’t know. I debating going there, but I ended up selling my Nexus 4 and decided to stick with AT&T for the time being.

  • Dave12308

    Just ordered mine. Dumb question though. Why does T-Mo charge for SIM cards to begin with? I can walk into my local AT&T store and they will give me as many of them as I want for free.

    • It’s their equivalent to an activation charge.

  • Boss As Hell

    Also got a micro and nano after a handful of tries. Thank you for this post!

  • cgalyon

    Thank you for the heads-up! Ordered a micro and a nano in anticipation of the Nexus 5. Still not 100% sure if I will go with T-Mobile or Republic in the long-run, but this will enable me to try without a contract…. awfully nice to have that option. It’s almost consumer friendly. 🙂

  • Mike

    Ordered two one Nano and one Micro. Nexus 5 for me, Iphone 5s for wife. It just went through after about 10 trys. Thanks Kellex and Driod Life!

  • Tom

    Sorry. We’re having some problems with your order 33289704. It looks like our Payment Processor couldn’t be reached or might be down. Please try again or contact us so we may assist you with this order.

    • guseppe16

      I got the same error after trying 20 or so times. Ended up opening the online chat and got the order ok’d after about 5 minutes.

  • T.C.

    Thanks, was finally able to get a couple. Took roughly 10 times, but free is free.

  • Traveler21

    Just confirming it still works this morning here on the east coast @ 9:05am. Ordered a Micro and a Nano. Went through on the second try. 😀 GOODBYE Verizon

  • My order went in this morning first try :^) 5:52am Pacific

  • Mathew Colburn

    Ordered 2 Micros, a Nano, and a normal SIM this morning. Pretty painless.

  • dmagicp

    I have been wanting to try T-Mobile’s service in Columbus, Ohio before I bail on Verizon. Can anyone tell me if the GSM bands on the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 are compatible? It would be nice to get one of these Sims and drop it in my phone to try it out along side my Verizon service to see how it compares.

    • I think you have to root the Note 2 and put the T-Mobile APN’s in there manually. And then its no LTE and maybe not all of the GSM bands they use. Not 100%. I did it about a year ago and walked away thinking T-Mobile’s service stinks. But am on them now and am very happy.

  • Iyvin Benjamin

    I have been trying for 3 straight hours and nothing, it keep giving try again 🙁

  • Franky Beans

    yep like everyone else said you have to keep resubmitting the order if it doesn’t go. I just got my order processed after the 10th or so try. good luck.

  • JPfingsten

    I’m stuck in T Mobile 2G area for now, but it’s worth getting a sim for free for the day they hopefully refarm this into H+…

  • Tony Cooper

    Are there any fees with this? That is, they’re free to buy, but are there any “admin” or other junk fees they start charging just by buying these?

    • afaik, no I don’t think so. It’s not a scam or a bait. Yes, I know, it’s hard to trust carriers at times.

  • BobtheGreatII

    Just got mine through. Got my confirmation email too. Just kept hitting the order button every few minutes.

  • Bessie Arino

    Just got my order through, had to submit it about five times.

    • tigerpenguin

      did you refresh or just clicked “place order” again?

      • Bessie Arino

        I just kept pressing “Place Order” over again.

  • tigerpenguin

    still getting the service down…

    • Iyvin Benjamin

      Me too! I have been trying for more than an hour