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T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Kits are Only $0.99 Right Now With Free Shipping

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Considering a switch over to T-Mobile once the Nexus 5 is announced? Then now isn’t a bad time to think about purchasing your prepaid SIM starter kit. Not only will an order over the next couple of days ensure that it will arrive on time for launch, but the price has been slashed from its normal $10 spot. T-Mobile is currently selling their prepaid SIM starter kits for $0.99 with free 2-4 day shipping. That’s a 90% discount if you were looking for additional reasons to jump on this.Β 

For those not familiar with prepaid T-Mobile plans, I’d suggest at least checking out the $30 unlimited data and text plan, because it offers up to 5GB of full speed 4G data. You do only get 100 minutes of talk, but do we really make phone calls anymore? I’m kidding of course, but if you wanted to test out T-Mobile service or at least their data coverage, this is a great option.

And while it’s not 100% confirmed until Google announces the phone, it’s looking like the Nexus 5 will use a micro SIM card.

Via: Β T-Mobile

Cheers D.B.!

  • I tried to place an order. Entered a billing address(PO box) and a shipping address(physical address), the system would not let me place an order because T-Mobile’s system doesn’t allow PO boxes as billing addresses. I called the customer service number and the rep explained to me that the system doesn’t let them override this limitation.

    All my mail, including bills go to the PO box, the physical address mailbox just gets junk mail. This billing snafu would break my established bill paying routine, and would probably result in my failing to pay on time.

    My question is, why has T-Mobile gone to such an effort to change the industry and get new subscribers, only to see new subscriber attempts fail on such trivial issues?

    This is the error message:
    “Sorry. We’re not able to use a P.O. box for your account address. Please enter a physical billing address. — Billing”

  • Just asking, What is the return policy on returning the unactivated SIM Kits? I’m trying to find it on their site but i can find the answer i need.

  • Alexander V.

    Silly question but does the T-mobile $30 dollar plan support LTE or only HSPA+ ? I have an iphone 5 on att but there is tmobile LTE in my area, but no 1900 HSPA +, there’s 1700 HSPA + us but the att iphone does not support it. Would it be able to connect to lte?

  • Timmy

    Hi! Sorry to ask a noob question, is this sim card any different than the monthly family plan sim card?

    I have an old phone with regular sim slot and my smartphone with micro-sim. I need to send in my smartphone for repair, and I am thinking of buying a regular sim so i can activate it and use on my old phone…

  • tu3218

    Is it micro or nano for newer android phones? Specifically the Nexus 5 πŸ™‚ Doing the calculations on cancelling verizon.

  • linqua

    A t mobile employee told me over the live chat that the nexus will take a nano SIM. I bought both.

  • evan brown

    anybody else having trouble ordering one?

  • warsaw79

    Never had TMO before but had a quick question. I currently use att
    prepaid and its coverage is mostly adequate. Where I live coverage map looks somewhat
    spotty with TMO, and to make matters worse it’s only 2G. Does it fall back to att with lack of signal or would i just be out of luck.

  • DrMcGillicuddy

    Heads up: T-Mobile rep told me that these prepaid SIMs “expire” after 30 days (though, there is a 20 grace period). Rep claimed that I would also need to “convert” from a prepaid plan to a post paid plan, when I was ready to activate. Not sure how all of this affects those of you who aren’t immediately ready to transfer over to T-Mobile, but be aware.

    • tigerpenguin

      Thanks for the tip, I was wondering about this as well

  • Roubaix

    Can’t get it because my zip code isn’t valid. I’m in middle Nebraska. Is there a way to get this? I want to get rid of vzw and get n5 when it comes out. Any ideas?

    • ビッググγƒͺーン

      the struggle lol

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      If your zip code isn’t valid, they likely don’t have coverage where you are (looking at their coverage map, I wouldn’t be surprised in mid Kansas). If I were you, I’d look at one of the AT&T MVNOs like Aio or StraightTalk. Not quite the same, I know, but as Verizon has shown, coverage is king when it comes to mobile devices.

      Edit: as far as the lack of coverage, if their map is not bright pink in your area, you technically aren’t covered, as the darker purple area is handled by a “service partner”, and is mainly there as additional coverage for times when those in the “pink” T-Mobile coverage areas are travelling.

  • Ian Smith

    Good looking out – these posts are what keep me from abandoning ship to AP when you for some reason allow Ron to post ludicrous rants on this blog.

    Got both nano & micro as I saw some dude on Reddit did a thorough tear-down and he mentioned nano SIM was rumored which contradicts with yours.

  • GutterIsATool

    With a $30/month plan, I might actually be able to finagle the numbers enough to show my wife that me buying the Nexus 5 will actually save us money.

    • tigerpenguin

      I did a comparison of the different plans with graphs and charts, you should show it to her as evidence! Check it out at http://goo.gl/aISfyQ

  • turdbogls

    so, being a First timer on T-mobile….how does this work? throw it in the phone to activate it, and choose my plan at that time, or will i have to set it all up before putting it in the phone? this will be with the $30 prepaid plan.
    sorry for the noob question.

    • malcmilli

      you have to get a “special” sim for the prepaid $30/mo option through either walmart or tmobile online

      • nwd1911

        Seriously? Dang, I just ordered two Micro SIMs. $2 won’t kill me, but these won’t even work as drink coasters!

        • malcmilli

          i mean you can try it i could have had a bad sales rep, but when i was on the phone with the sales rep a few months ago that’s what she told me, she said i had ordered the wrong sim. I asked if i could just buy a sim at the store and activate it n she said no i specifically needed to order it through the special $30 promotion.

          • turdbogls

            I think things have changed….you cant even get to teh $30 plan until you activate the SIM card. I think we are all good here.

          • nwd1911

            Thanks turdbogls. I’ll try this out once I get the SIM card & Nexus 5.

    • cptngoju

      When I switched to T-Mobile last year, I just ordered the SIM kit & once I received it, activated it on T-Mobile’s site & selected the $30 plan; no special SIM card required.

  • Aaron Weyhrich

    So I tired to buy this and it would not let me check out.
    prompted with identity questions about some random person’s age and my past cars, then would never let me finish. I spoke with LIVE CHAT she was no help but directed me to call a phone number….. grrrrr

    • ozo012

      I ran into the same issue but it was about my Mom, are you trying to ship to a different address that is not your billing address? The live chat mentioned they will not ship to PO Boxes.

      • ozo012

        I fixed mine by: Opening incognito window, changing my billing address to be the same as my shipping address (I think my debit card should still work…)

  • CrunkZone

    In addition to the N5 manual showing a micro sim the LG G2 on which it is based also uses a micro sim.

  • Justin

    I currently use Google Voice with Verizon, with my number that other people know being my Google Voice number (I don’t even know my real number to be honest). I do this because I don’t have a text plan.

    Going to T-Mo, I plan to get unlimited texting. This will be nice since I always have cell service, but data can be spotty on VZ, so I’m assuming even worse on T-Mo.

    So how do people suggest I proceed? Should I transfer my GV number to T-Mo? Can I still use GV or another option because it would be nice to forward incoming calls to a VOIP service when I am at home or the office and have a wifi connection (only have 100 talk mins).

    • Brendan Owens

      I really wanted to transfer my G Voice number to T-Mobile but they don’t support my area code since there is no physical T-Mobile store in my area (although we are one of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE cities)

      • Justin

        Well, I’ve got a T-Mo store on my block, so I should be good there. That sucks for you though, sorry to hear that. What a stupid rule.

        • Brendan Owens

          At least I got area code 401, whereas mine is 402. I’ve actually only had one of my contacts notice the difference

    • mondeca

      I plan to port out my GV number when my current contract expires and I sign up for a new plan that includes texting.

      Unless Google announces something amazing for GV when they announce Kit Kat.

  • J.J. Valenzuela

    little confused… can I purchase the sims alone and get the 30$ prepay later on both sims (i’m getting 2) or do I need to purchase the prepayed at the same time?? cause it automagically loaded the 70 or 80 dollar plan when i went to cart after adding 2 sims, which I do not want.

    • htowngtr

      you did something wrong because you don’t have to activate or add anything

      this is simply a SIM card

    • malcmilli

      the $30/mo plan is a special rate offered either online or through walmart, they have to send you a special sim

      • cptngoju

        I’ve been on the $30 plan since last year & I have a standard micro SIM.

        • malcmilli

          i guess i phrased it wrong, yeah its a standard micro sim, but i was told by the sales rep i had to specifically order the sim by selecting the $30 plan online, i couldnt just buy a sim and then try n toss on the $30/mo plan afterwards.

          It could have been a bad sales rep, but i was told, this was back in february.

          • cptngoju

            Unless things have changed since last year, the rep is incorrect. I ordered my SIM kit from T-Mobile in November, then activated it with the $30 plan when I finally received my Nexus 4 in mid December.

      • J.J. Valenzuela

        thank you for the quick reply. ordered 2. cookies were left over was the issue.

  • htowngtr

    Still best idea to get nano and use a micro adapter. Never have to worry about getting new SIM.

  • Frank

    Really nice. Wanted to give T-Mobile a try with the Nexus 5 I’ll be buying whenever it’s released. Am a little concerned with T-Mobile’s network. But with that $30 plan, and only 99 cents for the SIM cards might as well give it a go. It’s refreshing to want to go with a provider who seemingly desperately wants business rather then the monolithic Verizon…All that said won’t be porting my number or anything for a month or two. Just in case T-Mobile, and then a AT&T MVNO if that fails don’t work as well as I’m hoping.

  • Bill Anderson

    “Sorry. We’re having some problems with your order XXXXXX. It looks like our Payment Processor couldn’t be reached or might be down. Please try again or contact us so we may assist you with this order.”

    • Ian

      Try again, worked for me the second time

      • Bill Anderson

        I don’t think it liked my work address as shipping. I removed that and it went through

    • Frank

      Worked for me the first time no issue at all.

    • Chris Wallace

      Worked for me also. Got both a micro and a nano to be safe.

    • CARPDM

      I got the same thing, just did the chat with rep thing and he fixed it πŸ™‚

  • Brendan Owens

    I jumped on the $250 Nexus 4 a few months ago and am now a proud T-Mobile customer using the $30/month plan. Got my sim the last time they were $.99, and the calculated 2 year operating cost (phone, sim, plan) comes in at under $1000. Take that Verizon!

    • Justin

      How are you doing on minutes? Is it hard to stay under 100? Do you have anything setup for VOIP when you are on wifi?

      • Brendan Owens

        This month I still have 49 minutes left and under a week until my new payment, so I’m doing great. If you think you have 3 minutes per day, and many days go by without a single call for me. Data wise I’m not even to a gig yet so life is good!

  • Jeremy Alajajian

    Anyone in here from the Charlotte area? My body is ready to go to T-Mobile, but I have no clue if the coverage is adequate

    • Brendan Owens

      This will at lease give you some idea http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage.html

      • Jeremy Alajajian

        A genuine thanks for that. I already looked at that. I never trust the coverage maps from providers. I like to get real world info.

      • Jim Trayer

        Is it just me or does “very strong” look very similar to “2G”. Why don’t they use different colors?

        • Brendan Owens

          Of you type in an exact address then click on it it will tell you exactly what the coverage is in a little popup bubble. And yes, we get it T-Mobile that you love pink, but enough is enough haha

    • hkklife

      A coworker has an N4 on TMo and his coverage immediately uptown is usually quite good but it does vary drastically. Around uptown (think NoDa, Dilworth, Park Road etc) it’s excellent but Southpark is a little spotty, or at least it was when I last saw him in action with it. Further south, around Ballantyne it’s very good but drops off dramatically as you head towards SC. Hope this helps. I always pay partial attention to his coverage results because TMo is my backup plan when/if VZW takes away my grandfathered unlimited.

      • Jeremy Alajajian

        You have any idea of the coverage around the speedway/University areas by chance? I am in the same boat. Looking to possibly make a proactive move to their $30 plan, since we all know they will rip the unlimited from us soon enough. Thanks a bunch for the info.

      • Bigwavedave25

        Wow, thanks for the specifics!! I work in Northlake but live in South End area (Madison Park, not far from Park Rd). I wanted to know this exact information. People on G+ have a few speedtest screenshots posted but not much detailed info other than the speeds.

        I would love to borrow someones old GS3 or similar (or buy the cheapest one I can find) to test out the service. I’m adding both the Micro and Nano (wife is an iPhone user) for when I can. I have a GNex now, so no chance of me unlocking my phone for any other bands…

  • azzieftw

    Just to clarify. If I select the prepaid option now and decide to go to a Simple Choice Plan instead, I’ll need a different SIM, right?

  • WhY am I getting $10??

  • Rob Schlegel

    “100 minutes talk | Unlimited text | First 5 GB at up to 4G speeds

    This plan is only available for devices purchased from
    Wal-Mart or devices activated on T-Mobile.com”

    Can anyone who has the $30 plan described in the post clarify that last part? Does this mean I have to buy a device from TM, or would activating the sim via their site achieve the same thing?

    • Nayners

      This means nothing, really. You can activate this plan through Walmart, or T-Mobile online only. You cannot walk into a store and activate this plan. I’ve been with T-Mobile, and this plan, since the N4 launch last year. To me, it’s the best deal in mobile.

      • Rob Schlegel


  • AndrewScottRox

    Does anyone have a link to the specific plan Kellex is talking about?

    • CARPDM

      I think it’s this http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-plans

      100 minutes talk | Unlimited text | First 5 GB at up to 4G speeds

      This plan is only available for devices purchased from
      Wal-Mart or devices activated on T-Mobile.com

    • WCM3

      This page: http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-plans

      About halfway down on the left. Small section: “This plan is only available for devices purchased from Wal-Mart or devices activated on T-Mobile.com”

      • AndrewScottRox

        I see it now. Thanks!


    Thanks again Droid Life!!! just ordered 2 micro sims πŸ™‚ GOOD BYE VZW!

    • Tim242


      • CARPDM

        haha! I’m keeping VZW for a month or so while I try them out. In Los Angeles so I hope they have decent coverage, my monthly bill will go from $80 to $30 worth a try

      • turdbogls

        all depends on where you are. i have multiple friends on T-mobile here in the orlando area, and they have no comlpaints. going from a $80 unlimited verizon plan to a $30 “unlimited” plan (only use about 5GB/month)
        it is def worth a shot. i always have ATT to fall back on though.

        • Chris Hannan

          Where I live, T-Mobile has pretty good coverage, even with LTE in a few places, but it’s very unreliable when I go inside. I decided to pay for another month of service to test it out with LTE and in my bedroom, I’d go between 1-3/5 bars, and texts would fail to send half the time. Data kept cutting off. I had the right APN settings too.

          I never have problems with Verizon at all, so I’m not even considering switching as long as I still have unlimited data.

      • TheOiulkj

        Why do people even care about this? I mean sure, in our minds we like to pretend we travel the world on a daily basis, but in reality, you mostly only need coverage at home, at work, and at the various places nearby. VZW’s big red map means nothing to me if those 3 areas are covered just as well or better on T-Mobile.

        In fact, with verizon, I have at least 5 dead spots during the 15mile drive from my house to my school. Verizon’s coverage is over-rated in my opinion.

        • Tim242

          I live in a larger city with HSPA+ 42 and LTE. I tested them out. Despite the map showing that I am saturated in 4G coverage, my street is EDGE, and it’s FREAKING GPRS in my apartment. I had similar experiences all around the city. The 4G coverage doesn’t even cover the whole city on their map, forget about the suburbs…EDGE land. This isn’t about traveling the world, this is moving about and having reliable service in my home metro.

          • Steven Strain

            The only problem is many people may put this chip in their
            unlocked AT&T phones that aren’t fully compatible with the T-Mobile network and get the poor service they expect. I
            did that with my old AT&T iPhone and at first thought I made a huge mistake, until I traded it for a Galaxy.

          • Tim242

            I had fully capable phones. I know my bands : )

      • StankyChikin


  • Dan Lopez

    Just bought a micro and a regular.

  • Wyatt Neal

    In other news … this is honestly the price I would actually expect a stupid thing like SIM to cost. I mean, if there was like a dual core A4 inside it or something … sure $10 … but it’s like 8k of memory and a crappy connector. $1 seems about right for the rest of eternity until SIMs are no more.

    • mondeca

      Especially since the only purpose of the SIM is to enable all the other services they want to charge me for. They should be sending SIMs in the mail, like AOL used to do with discs.

      • Anyone

        yeah, AOL is doing well as a business aren’t they?

        • Gary Graf

          They actually are.

  • Jordan Long

    can anyone get it to give them a data only micro sim? it seems like it is defaulting back to full sim. i assuming these can be cut down too?

  • SparkysShocker

    Does prepaid still get the unlimited global data and texts?

  • jscofi

    Bye Bye Verizon.
    just purchased a micro

    • Wyatt Neal

      Ditto. Even if I’m not dropping them instantly (doing a test to make sure I’m not going to totally hose myself). VZW is on the way out and T-Mo is first up. If they suck, US Cellular / AT&T is following right after.

      • DonSerrot

        I dropped Verizon and went to Straight Talk a while back. I knew for sure that’d work in my area. I’m totally jumping on this though, cause $30 is less than $45 and It’s a great opportunity to test the waters and see if T-Mobile would work here for me.

  • nvitone23

    You can only order 2??

  • jbegs

    Can you use one of these and get their new Tablet 200mb of free data per month?

    • jack584

      Would be really nice if you could,but I wouldn’t mind habpving to pay even $10 bucks for it, cause we’re getting free data after all.

      • TheOiulkj

        I agree. In fact, I wouldn’t even mind having to pay $30 a month for free data.


        • jack584

          The free data is for life…

    • whoa

      Yes You defiantly can

      • whoa


    • Sam

      No. You have to have a postpaid plan, not a $30, or any other prepaid plan.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’m still thining At&t 60$ pre paid LTE plan. I don’t think I can lose with that one.

    • InclusiontoInnovation

      Is this the same as AIO wireless? I was thinking about switching from Verizon to AIO for the Google Nexus 5

      • Zach Armstrong

        No they are both different on AT&T you get a 2GB cap and then its $10 for another 1GB and AIO you get unlimited but they throttle it down after a 2GB or 7GB depending on which plan you choose

        • Chris Wallace

          AIO throttles you all the time period.

          • InclusiontoInnovation

            Thanks, I appreciate the info

          • Zach Armstrong

            Yeah on speeds But 8mbs should be fast enough for most people

  • Tac

    Even if it’s not a microsim, you can always cut it down to size. So purchase bigger just to be safe.

    • They make adapters for nano SIMs to turn them back into micro SIMs. πŸ™‚

      • Tac

        Even better, sounds like you can’t lose with buying just one, no need for all three like some are doing.

  • Buur

    Nice. Sim ordered. Saves me a trip to Walmart.

  • D.B.

    At this price, I am buying both a micro and a nano. One of those will work on the Nexus 5.

    • BSweetness

      I did the same. I’ve been eyeing a move to T-Mobile in the next few months. Having one of each on hand will keep me prepared.

    • Chris Wallace

      I did the same. I’m excited! Good move T Mo!

  • Droidzilla

    Half Life 3 confirmed!

  • nvitone23

    Are T-Mobile’s family plans considered prepaid or postpaid? What exactly is the difference and if I have a family of 4 switching in December should I buy these now? EDIT: We are all getting Nexus 5’s πŸ™‚

    • Well they don’t really do contracts, but their Simple Choice plans are probably technically postpaid.

      • Droidzilla

        They are, but if you have 3 people on it it’s only $50/month each for unlimited everything. With 4 people it’s only $45 each. Not too shabby.

      • nvitone23

        when does this promotion run until?

    • envoy510

      Postpaid, for sure. I just moved from prepaid to postpaid because it was $5 cheaper and 100x less hassle (better website experience, payments, etc). There are no family plans for prepaid.

  • Metal_Link

    Do we know what size the Nexus 5 will use yet?

    • Pretty sure it’ll be micro.

  • About to use this on my Nexus 5 soon. Sup.

  • bigknowz

    micro sim?

    • Wyatt Neal

      Assuming you asking based on a Nexus 5; but based on the leaked details, you’d get a micro sim: http://phandroid.com/2013/10/06/nexus-5-service-manual-8mp-ois-camera-32gb/

    • That we do not know heh. I’d imagine it’ll be micro SIM.

    • umataro42

      Even if you play it safe and get all 3, it’s still just $3.

      • I tried to get all three, but the limit is two.

        • umataro42

          Yeah, I also tried and was only able to order two. According to the article linked above, the Nexus 5 is supposed to be micro sim, and previous rumors were that it would be nano sim, so I ordered one of each.