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T-Mobile Announces Tablet-focused Press Conference for October 23, Will Take Place on Twitter(?)

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This afternoon, T-Mobile has announced that they are to host Un-carrier 3.0 Part II live from Twitter. The way it should go down is T-Mobile’s CEO and CMO will sit inside of a boardroom, and from there, will answer questions about the company’s latest Un-carrier news from media and consumers through Twitter and text messaging. Luckily for those who don’t feel like scrolling through endless tweets, there will also be a live audio stream available as well. 

But what is it that T-Mobile is talking about? According to the e-vite, it is something about “unleashing the tablet.” We have no idea what they are referring to yet, but we’re assuming T-Mo will let everyone in on its newest plans soon enough.

The festivities are set to begin tomorrow, October 23 at 9AM Pacific.

Wow, a press conference on Twitter? That’s so UNcarrier of you, T-Mobile.

Via: T-Mobile

  • Daistaar


    T-Mobile Un-leashing iPad Air with 4GLTE and iPad Mini with Retina Display Starting at $0 Down – with Free Data for Life

  • This photo hasn’t been edited enough, you can still see some dimension to her face

  • Daistaar

    Why wouldn’t anyone just guess that they will announce that they are carrying the new LTE enabled iPad Air and Mini and they will follow the same pricing scheme as any other device with service where you pay it off over time?

  • T_Dizzle

    When did Shakira become a vampire?

  • LaTonya Washington

    She has this stunned look on her face like she has been sitting at he PC trying to enroll for Obumacare.

  • JoserJDM

    I received a message on my phone this morning about wifi hotspot being activated so I went to a Tmo store to make sure I didn’t accidently activate it for extra money on my monthly bill. The guy @Tmo told me that every person with unlimited 4G plan is now getting free 2.5GB hotspot a month. No extra charge if you reach the limit, they simply turn it off until the next billing cycle. Sooo maybe that’s it…

  • Richard Yarrell

    Another great T-Mobile gathering. This will be interesting.

  • metropolis

    I wonder if they’re going to do Unlimited data for Tablets. That, my friends, would be a game changer.

  • razorwit

    Wouldn’t it be great if you had a T-mobile cell plan that they would let you add one tablet for free as part of your service?

  • Spe1996

    Interestingly T-Mobile’s site for the pay as you go data has been down since Friday. Somehow connected??

    • Spe1996

      I should clarify it’s the my.tmobile.com where you manage your account for pay asyyo go wireless that has been unavailable

      • Dane Carpenter

        Works fine for me

        • NexusPhan

          Same. No problems viewing my prepaid account.

  • Blue Sun

    Shakira appears to look very concerned about our tablets.

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      Interestingly T-Mobile’s site for the pay as you go data has been down since Friday. Somehow connected??