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Live Chat: Apple’s iPad Event!


If you are in the loop, then you will already know that it is officially “new iPad” day for Apple. At 10AM, the company will unveil its latest slates to take them into the colder months, and we shall how they stack up to Android’s finest tablet offerings. You can plan on seeing all of your favorite Apple executives, throwing out big words like “extraordinary” and “gorgeous.” Should be a pretty good time.

Let’s have fun and live blog it. Won’t you join us below? 

Again, the festivities kick off at 10:00AM Pacific (1:00PM Eastern). Luckily for everyone who is able to, Apple is livestreaming the event right here. Once it goes live, we will attempt to embed the feed right here. Until then, let’s do this thing.

  • TheRobotCow

    I own a Nexus 7, Verizon Galaxy Nexus, iPad 2 and iMac.
    All i have to say is that each has their pros and cons. Just enjoy what you like, and this Osx mavericks update is pretty nice so far.

  • ShadowGTX

    Ok please tell me I am not the only one fed up with Droid Life posting Apple based stuff here. Reason I first came to this site was because I owned an OG droid, and noticed this site was going to be about other Verizon droids. Then it went on to become about all android based phones on Verizon which interested me even more. Later evolved into all android phones on the 4 major carries which had me going “well OK I guess it’s nice to know what they have”. Then it turned into ANYTHING android based which I now love. But enough is enough I’m tired of the Apple cap the Droid Life staff posts here. This website is not called tech life it’s Droid life, and only reason it stays droid is because there is already an android life. I come here to get away from all the apple stuff now we are getting it here so often. Enough Droid Life Staff this website was created for droid phones which evolved into Android powered devices NOT Apple or iOS powered devices. If I wanted that cap information I could go to the millions of other tech sites. Keep Apple cap away from this site if your staff likes Apple stuff that is OK, but have them keep it to themselves.

    • ShadowGTX

      Cap = crap
      stupid auto correct

  • dizel123

    Apple used to have iSheep, now they have Airheads

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    did they seriously put out an $80 ipad COVER!?….apple is delusional

  • AbbyZFresh

    Even as a die hard android fan. The new IPads look amazing. I’m actually jealous of Apple now for the first time since i left them for Android last year. Maybe I’ll get the IPad Air instead.

    • Michael Pahl

      you want 1GB of RAM?
      PS- the new Apple A7 iPhone 5S is the 15th fastest device on the market.

  • NeilGeorge

    I am surprised Apple has not done patent for AIR yet nor for C yet…

  • umbrellacorp

    I just ordered my first pair of iPad Air Jordans. Size 11.5.

  • Tyler

    I’m just going to leave this here for everyone’s viewing pleasure.


    • El_Big_CHRIS

      omg that blew my minds! 😛

  • cns2007

    Since Nokia and Apple events have come and gone, perhaps now Google will decide to show off their new hotness(es??).

  • Alex Goings

    Comparison post coming up?

  • droidrazredge

    WOW. Normally I like to bash Apple but the fact that they’re giving OS X Maverick to people with OS Leopard and up for free is fantastic. I’m going to tell my friends who have older version of an OS from Apple. They just showed Microsoft how to make people feel happy about their product and to really get someone to try your new OS. I’m looking at Microsoft saying Apple stepped up their game what are you doing Microsoft. Why didn’t you give Windows 7 as a free upgrade or your crappy start menu lacking Metro Windows 8 for free if you want people to leave Windows XP or Vista.

    • smartguy05

      Microsoft did just do exactly this with Windows 8.1. Microsoft is trying to switch to a minor update schedule like Apple with major upgrades every several years. Why would Microsoft, a software company, give away new software for people to upgrade from Windows XP? Those people will have computers that are probably going to have to be replaced soon. Those people will then get a computer probably with Windows 7 or 8, and if they don’t like Windows 8 they do have downgrade rights to Windows 7.

      • droidrazredge

        Let me explain what I meant to say because somehow it was interpreted differently than I originally thought. First regarding Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is not free. Windows update is only Free if you have Windows 8, not Windows 7, or Windows Vista. Windows 8 – 8.1 is closer to being a service pack thus the price tag of it being free compared to Windows 7 – Windows 8. In regards to Windows XP, I’m not referring to people with 2003 computers. They have people that have 2008- 2013 computers that would rather run Windows XP because of compatibility with their software, most notably corporations who can’t afford to switch over to a new OS because of risk and have to due slower roll outs in case software crashes that their companies can’t afford to happen. One has to realize that not only home users depend upon XP which is why it’s still being used 12 years after it debuted. Why should Microsoft gives new software for people to upgrade from XP ? to entice and help companies transition over to newer software development so the roll outs will be easier. Also because they would like more people to use Windows 8 and due to it’s current state most people will just A.) Stick with Windows XP or B.) Possibly try Windows 7. This would be a great way for Microsoft to get people off of XP and make them feel comfortable about a newer product.

        • smartguy05

          Mavericks is only free if you have Mountain Lion, Lion or Snow Leopard, I don’t really see a difference. But, to be fair, I don’t give a rats ass about Macs and don’t really know the differences in the versions. Also giving free software doesn’t help these corporations. Almost all of them get the new software with their regular computer purchases or have enterprise licensing. I work for a business that can’t upgrade all our computers because of compatibility issues with specific software we can’t upgrade because of government slowness. All the new computers we do get that don’t need the old software are running Windows 7 and a few are even on 8. While I appreciate your response, it still doesn’t cover downgrade rights. Windows 8 will allow downgrades to Windows 7 or, God help me, Vista. Windows 7 will allow downgrades to XP. If people are having issues with the aesthetic changes from XP to 7 there is something wrong with that person. The changes really are minimal and the interface is actually easier to use. Not to mention you can always resort the classic skin which makes it look almost identical.

  • Jason Kahn

    Look at the stock price pre-event, and post event, tells you what the money people think about Apple’s long term prospects at producing something innovative again. The iLine of products is clearly Apples cash cow they are going to ride that money train as long as people keep buying their stuff

  • W. Paul Schenck

    Cannot believe all the crap they just make up! They have an “oleophobic” coating. What? you need to create a new word to justify the astronomic price?

    • Jeff
    • Droidzilla

      That tech has been out forever, and yes it’s a valid word for it.

    • W. Paul Schenck

      Ok, so it’s a valid word. I still think it’s ad hype to use a fancy word that comes from the roots “oil” and “to fear” to say that the screen does not collect fingerprints. Can we not just say things plainly without trying to sound sophisticated. “The device will stay great looking because the coating repels fingeprints.” Was that so hard?

      Oleophobic… Retina Display… Lightning Connector… ad hype

  • Armus

    Can we crucify Cook over the 81% remark yet? That is the biggest load of horse crap I’ve ever heard – even better than the crap apple usually releases.

    • mustbepbs

      I like how the slide had ZERO information on it to backup anything he said. Other OEMs need to start creating slides with fake information.

  • Godzilla

    I find it funny that the new Nexus 10 will probably cost 400 bucks and have better or on par specs as the new iPad mini with rectal display.

    • Tyler

      I might go as far and say that the iPad 2 is worse than the current N10. iPad 2 is being sold at $400 right now on their site.

      • Chippah

        the ipad 2 gets like 5 times the battery life than the N10.
        I have both.. shrugs..

        Note 10.1 2014 edition is still $100 cheaper than an ipad with an sdcard slot, and spen

    • Silver Veloz

      “rectal” LOL

      • michael arazan

        We need that rectal display for when Verizon comes

  • Fly_Dog

    Apple’s continues price gouging on the base models and upgrades. Same as it ever was: +$130 for cellular, +$100 for each step in storage. Sheesh!

  • Jason Kahn

    The Sony Xperia Z is still thinner and waterproof 6.86mm Thick vs 7.5mm Thick

    • Godzilla

      but its a sony……….

  • Shane Redman

    I’ll just leave this iPad Ai…..I mean Samsung commercial here for you guys


  • Saif

    i don’t think there is a tablet thinner or lighter than ipad air or mini 2 “didn’t do the search for similar tablets as the mini” ! i think Apple just raised the bar!!!

    • bionicwaffle

      Apple didn’t raise the bar for a better tablet. They made the iPad smaller and lighter. They still have a terrible operating system. They also could have given it a larger battery or a competitive price. The iPads are so expensive. Especially the iPad Mini when compared to the new Nexus 7 or even the Kindle Fire HDX 7. The iPad Mini doesn’t even come close.

    • Godzilla

      not everyone likes a super light device that feels like it’ll break easy.

    • Jason Kahn

      Sony’ys line of tablets, are both thinner and waterproof. They are a bit hard to find in the U.S. though

  • Godzilla

    400 bucks is way too much for an 8 inch tablet

    • DC_Guy

      But it’s an iPad!!!!

      • hoosiercub88

        Which is why people will buy it.

    • mustbepbs

      Tell that to the Note 8. Although they did drop the price.

      EDIT: People will buy it.

  • Destroythanet

    The current Apple execs suck at these keynotes compared to Jobs.

  • sc0rch3d

    Google can now drop KitKat and N5 with no keynote and blow them out of the Air

    • DC_Guy

      I see what you did there

    • Godzilla

      how i wish

  • Colton

    guess i’ll have to wait to get Mavericks on my Macbook since i have verizon… darn you verizon… /s

  • capecodcarl

    I feel like a complete tool for buying an original iPad just 3 years ago. I should have waited a year and got an iPad 2 instead. My iPad can’t even run iOS 6.

    • Dre Fay

      yeah you should have bought a Xoom

      • JoshGroff

        God I loved that tablet, and hated it, but mostly loved it.

        • Dre Fay

          I’m rocking a cynogen rom right now that’s 4.3, and to think no one’s used the first Ipad in years.

      • capecodcarl

        At the time (July 2010) there were no Android tablets available from any major players. A handful of cheap Chinese imports that were running Gingerbread, but nothing decent.

        • Dre Fay

          yeah the Xoom came out in like april of 2011

  • mustbepbs

    How the hell can they charge $399 for an iPad 2? That is obnoxious. That thing is over TWO years old!

    • Godzilla

      no doubt

    • Destroythanet

      LOL not sure why anyone in the world would buy it just to save 100 bucks.

      • capecodcarl

        Might as well buy a 4th generation iPad with retina display off eBay for around $400.

    • palomosan

      Well some people will, I have a friend that she’s been waiting for the release of the new one so she can buy last years, I’ll try to convince her not to, just pony up the other hundred and get the latest stuff but for most, $100 is a $100.

      By the way she’s one of those Apple fans that don’t need the latest stuff, she’s one in a million.

      • mustbepbs

        ..But it isn’t last year’s. It’s three generations old at this point.

  • DC_Guy

    iPad Air!!!! I can’t!! (But I might! LOL)

  • Godzilla

    I use an iPad Air, here is why you should buy the Nexus 10.

  • Jason


  • Godzilla

    Nexus tablets FTW

  • mustbepbs

    Why does Apple feel the need to put down their competitors during their keynotes? It’s so childish.

    • Destroythanet

      Do you consider Samsung childish as well?

      • trixnkix637


      • mustbepbs


    • master94

      Jealousy, they arent number one anymore and have to play catch

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I think the bigger question is : Why does it bother you what a company does with their announcement of their product?

      It really saddens me that this somehow has a negative effect on people. Your moods must swing wildly from commercial to commercial.

      • mustbepbs

        It’s just painfully obvious and petty. For being so “premium”, they sure do need to take potshots to remind people to buy their product.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          I still don’t see why this bothers people. It’s a corporation who’s bottom line (just like every other big corporation out there) is to make money. I mean, I could see an emotional response if they insulted a loved one or something like that .. but they are insulting a company and a product. I guess it’s just disturbing to me how easily corporations dupe people into wrapping their emotions around a device.

          • mustbepbs

            I don’t care about brand loyalty or anything like that, it’s just childish. Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with Apple the brand or Android the brand. It’s about grown ass men not being able to sell consumers something without reminding people that they’re “cool” and someone else isn’t.

  • Godzilla

    oh my god i hate apple execs

  • DoctorJB

    Ipad is magical!

  • pappy53

    Well, you gotta admit that Apple knows how to do quality presentations. Samsung should have copied them on that, too!

  • shdowman

    New MacPro…./drooooool

    • hoosiercub88

      I don’t get the idea behind it. It’ll be fast and great for people who actually use it as a workhorse, but everything on the damn thing is proprietary.

      • shdowman

        Welcome to the world of Macs…

  • DC_Guy

    I’m cracking up at Kellen saying he feels lied to about the Mavericks update. I too went to my Mac to see if it was available for download yet and no luck 🙁

    • hoosiercub88

      Not here either.

  • NeedName

    I seen the headline here on DL and threw up a little. . .

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    They do some cool apple to apple integration.

  • JohanV
  • n11

    It’s circle-jerk day for ifans!

  • Adam Truelove

    A new gold iPad?

  • Rick

    How does Droid-life get to go to this event?

    • Shane Redman


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      They don’t go they just post off of the Live Stream

  • Jason


  • TheWenger

    If the iPad MIni gets a decent screen I may consider letting my wife get one.

    • jbdan

      “letting” lol!

      • Destroythanet

        Voted TheWenger up for being straight up Alpha!

        • Adrynalyne

          On the Internet, anyway.

  • jbdan

    I’ve never seen a live Apple event.

    • Chris

      No one expect those who get tickets to those events.

  • JPfingsten

    Just waiting for the new Nexus 10, honestly! 🙂

    • Maxim∑

      me to I have a 5S and N7 2013 right now, and was really hoping to get a N10 leak.

      Because with Google, No leak = No product

  • Steve B

    Where’s Ron?

    • FAL_Fan

      What a silly question! You know he’s front and center!

    • mustbepbs

      Masturbating in the front row.

    • rubyburr325

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    • KB

      Seriously. He only does Droid Life Show. This is his area of fanboyism.

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  • b16a2smith

    I am actually excited for Mavericks.

    • hoosiercub88

      I was, then I seen that it’s not available right at this very moment.. then I looked at the updates it does to the actual OS, glad it’s free.

  • Keep it lighthearted guys. We can all have a little fun every now and then can’t we? :^)

    • XvierX

      Oh good. I didn’t want to have to hear CNET commentary anyway.

    • Ian Smith


  • Yaniv

    Another Apple event?! Oh well…

  • Nayners

    No, Kellen. No.

    • Yes, oh yes!

      • Nayners

        This is not the event we’re looking for..

        • Manny

          Sadly for this is the only event that matters which is why it’s being covered in here .

        • Daistaar

          Nothing to see here. Move along…

      • T4rd

        That’s what she said. (She’s very proper in the sack)