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Sony Develops Wireless Chargers That Can Fully Juice Devices in an Hour

samsung galaxy s4 wireless charger

According to Nikkei, Sony and Rohm are to introduce a new wireless charging device, capable of fully charing a smartphone in just an hour. Sony comments that the, “device uses 10-15 watts and supplies twice the electricity of previous chargers, cutting charging time by half, to around one hour.” As of right now, the specifications are being finalized by the¬†Wireless Power Consortium, based on the Qi international standard.¬†

Rohm, the company responsible for creating the microchips that will go into the Qi-compatible smartphones and chargers, was able to keep heat production down (which is the general worry of speed charging), even with the amount of power needed to charge a good-sized battery in under an hour.

Luckily for consumers, plans to get these chargers and chips into devices, then onto the market is planned for late 2014.

We always talk about companies focusing on making a better battery tech, as in bigger batteries for phones, but this doesn’t sound too bad to start.

Via: Nikkei

  • E A butler

    I have a Galaxy S3 and just purchased the Galaxy note 3 and I am a huge supporter of wireless charging. I hate having wires all over the place. I have 4 Qi charging devices. 1 in my office at work, 1 in my study at home, 1 in my living room and 1 Oregon scientific alarm clock/qi charger. I usually us those double capacity batteries but with the wireless charging its just so convenient to top up the battery whenever it drops down bellow 50% just to ensure I have full power if I’/ m gonna be on the town later. I don’t like being one of those people with 15% at 9pm at night knowing i wont be home until 11 or 12pm

  • Daistaar

    In other news, a 17 year girl invents a way to fully charge a mobile device in under 30 seconds (hypothetically a super-conductor)…


  • LionStone

    As a regular wireless charger with my DNA & N7, I mostly just charge at night and it’s as fast as the cord the phone came with anyway, they are both 1a output. I do see wireless charging strips at the airport for some time now but they aren’t Qi I believe because my phone didn’t charge when I laid it on it to try. I think it was for blackberries?

  • ElecEngineer

    Does anyone know which charger that is in the picture? I am looking for a full Qi compatible tray instead of just the puck.

  • bboyairwreck

    anyone wanna suggest some good Wireless chargers for my Droid Maxx?

  • napes22

    Guys, 2014 is the price that Sony will charge, not the release year.

    • Adrynalyne


  • Jared N

    You lika da juice, eh? You want more juice? I getcha more juice.

  • bull3964

    I could see it being useful for public areas where you want a quick top off (think integrated into bars or restaurant tables) or being integrated into center consoles of cars, but I don’t really think it’s a killer feature for home use.

    I have two wireless chargers (the LG puck and a Tylt Vu) and they both charge my Droid MAXX and Nexus 7 roughly as quickly as a wall charger and that’s good enough. It’s fast enough to bring my phone from completely flat to fully charged in a few hours.

    I typically put my phone on charge at night before I go to bed and charge my Nexus 7 during the day when I’m at work. So, there’s very few cases where I would need to full charge up a device in an hour. As it is, I only charge my phone every other day anyways.

    At home, the phone is sitting on the wireless charger a few inches from a bluetooth home phone system so I can leave it there charging while I talk on a regular cordless phone.

    • bboyairwreck

      how much you pay for those and would you recommend any of those? I also have a Droid Maxx

      • bull3964

        The LG puck you can get at any verizon store for like $39. It works well enough, but it’s a bit fiddly to get positioning right on the MAXX as the coil isn’t directly in the center of the device, it’s in the upper half.

        The Tylt Vu retails for $69.99 (I used an REI coupon and got 20% off) and it holds the device upright at an angle which I like because then I can see active notifications from across the room. It also uses the newer QI free positioning tech so you don’t have to be as exact in the placement.

        One downside of the Tylt is it uses a proprietary connector on the charger, not microUSB. The LG puck just uses microUSB.

        Both come with an AC charger though, some wireless chargers only come with the coil device itself and you need to supply your own AC charger.

        I prefer the Tylt, but it is definitely a premium product. The LG puck works well enough if you just want basic charging. You eventually get used to the positioning of the device on it.

        • Jeremy Pryor

          And this bluetooth system you speak of? Sorry im a Newb, been reading posts here for three years, but seldomly post.

          • bull3964

            Many home phone cordless systems now have bluetooth capability so you can connect in your cell phone when you are home and treat it like a landline. The one I have is made by panasonic and I got it at costco, I can’t remember the model number offhand. But there are many systems like it.

          • Jeremy Pryor

            Thank You! Should make the wife very happy!

  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the greatest smartphone ever made O_O

    • Ryan Gullett

      Google play edition***

      • That one’s boring :-

        • Big_EZ

          Definitely boring, it doesn’t have all of Samsungs bs to drive you crazy.

    • KG

      … until the Note 3 came out

      • You can’t make Galaxy devices go against one another :-

        • slmhofy

          You made me LOL ::Thumbs up::

  • zepfloyd

    The problem is Li-ON batteries we all use inherently don’t like fast charging based on the chemistry and physics of the materials. Over the long term, even if this works, slow charging would still get you better lifetime battery value and use.

    • Menger40

      With almost all new devices sporting sealed batteries, this is definitely important.

    • Big_EZ

      Yes, but how fast can this be. Most current QI chargers are less than one amp, as long as it doesn’t go over 2 amps it shouldn’t have much of a negative affect.

  • Godzilla

    Nuclear batteries with a half life of 3,000 years or GTFO

    • CSick

      Why would you want them to be half-decayed after 3000 years?

    • bitpimpin

      Even with that people would still complain if they weren’t removable!

    • Adrynalyne

      Don’t forget the 5 pounds of lead casing around the phone. Those 1st gens are bound to poison someone.

      • Big_EZ

        Samsungs plastic should suffice. If not, wrap it with Motorola’s kevlar. HTC has already been testing this tech out, it’s why they’ve bombed the last year.

    • Joe

      Half life of 3000 – 2997 = 3. HL3 confirmation confirmed.

      • Adrynalyne

        It is only funny if you can justify why you would subtract 2997.

      • kashtrey

        Better would have been, 3+0+0+0=3. HL3 confirmed.

  • Godzilla

    ……………and fry the battery or cut it’s overall lifetime in half.

  • Maximus

    This is great! I can let my phone charge while I’m on the john…IF this thing will work through my otterbox. If I’m ripping off cases and buying special backs…then its just like Smart Scroll….a gimmick that I don’t want, use, and it just doesn’t work.

  • Dayhve

    Big whoop! My GS4 fully charges in an hour already. *fart sound*

  • Eric R.

    I need this for my Dna. The Nokia one takes way to long

    • Dominick White

      How long does it normally take for you, the Nokia one charges my Dna from 20to 100 in a hour and 30 mins

      • Eric R.

        Takes me about 2.5 hours

  • Miguel Angel Portela

    Call me short sighted but I’m not entirely sure I understand the appeal of these wireless chargers. I mean it’s a cool display piece, sure but what if you want to use your phone while it’s charging? Or…oh screw it it I don’t know.

    • Jordan Webb

      Reduces strain on USB ports, you don’t have to fumble in the dark to plug it in.

      That’s about it.

    • sirmeili

      My dream is a wireless speaker dock that incorporates NFC and BT for a quick audio connection. Just set the phone on the dock and it connects to the BT for sound and wireless charges it. If android phones had a 1 connector for docks, I wouldn’t need this, but plugging in the USB then the Headphone jack (which is on TOP!) is a bit cumbersome.

    • Adrynalyne

      Its just another convenience device. There are a lot of future implications of it too, such as building it into furniture that you can just drop your phone onto.

    • zurginator

      After getting my first wireless charger, I must say it’s amazing once you realize you’re used to it. It helps that mine props the phone up at a 45* angle, so I can still use it.

  • skinnysara

    HA! You said ‘Juice’!!!
    That reminds me of the time fat Tony came over to my house and dropped a juicy Lucy in my loo. He had eaten corn on the cob earlier that day, so the bowl was peppered with empty yellow corn casings too. I love fat Tony, but he needs to crimp his cable somewhere else!

    • Ej McCarty


    • Eric Palmero

      I don’t even…..

    • Godzilla

      dafuq did i just read

  • bitpimpin

    Thank god its based on the Qi standard… Last thing we need is yet ANOTHER wireless charging standard (someone queue the competing standards gif lol)

  • NemaCystX

    This could be ground breaking considering wireless charging is mostly a novelty and just a trickle charge compared to traditional sources

    • T4rd

      I don’t think I’ll ever buy into it. I use my phones a lot while charging. It might be nice to have a pad in my kitchen for guests phones and stuff, but that’s about it.