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New Twitter Beta Released With Updated UI, Goodbye Hamburger Menu


Twitter has gone and updated the Android app’s user interface again. Real quickly though, we wanted to point out that the last UI was really nice, and so far, we aren’t the biggest fans of the new look. In an update that is now live for beta testers, Twitter has removed the hamburger menu, and instead, navigation now relies on three top tabs, as well as three floating icons along the bottom. One for your gallery, one to access your camera app for quick uploading, and one to compose a new tweet. 

It will take some time to really see if there was a reason Twitter opted to go against Android’s design guidelines, but let’s hope it was for a somewhat good reason. If you are part of the beta program, go grab the update through Google Play.

Play Link

Cheers Chris and J!

  • usaff22

    I actually like Twitter 5. Much better than previous versions, and I applaud them for their use of paginated columns and good design.

  • A Prodigy User

    People still use twitter?

    • Timothy McGovern

      It’s only the second most popular social network

    • coolsilver

      Only one I don’t need to use my real name.

  • Mickmayi

    It got rid of some force close probs i was having. I don’t like how they got rid of the “ME” tab of the main screen

  • TK

    Here it is if you want to download it. I attached the APK in the link below, check it out fellas


  • Joshua Bailey

    Can’t stand it. Twitter needs to abide by Android’s UI guidelines. Let the 3rd party Twitter apps do “their own thing.”

    Falcon Pro still seems like a great purchase.

  • coolsilver

    I just wish Hootsuite give their app a refresh.

  • Jon Kruse

    I liked the previous UI and do not like this one. I really don’t care about discover or activity. Why force me to see those on the main part of the screen?

  • JBartcaps

    I prefer this update, Twitter is actually trying to make their app useful and I applaud them for that.

    • Raven

      Twitter useful? The would be something. The only thing that I have ever found Twitter useful for is entering DroidLife give away contents.

  • Arko

    http://adf.ly/W1AKV wow look this !!!!ffs

  • Ian Smith

    DL commenters, is Falcon Pro still considered the best Twitter client? If not, then which? I need to get back into it and the last one I used was Plume which was great but recent reviews suggest that it’s not up to snuff these days. I’m fine with paying for one if it makes life easier.


    Nope…Falcon Pro FTW

  • turco320


  • samosa king
  • edmicman

    Saw this this morning. I don’t mind the top update, but I don’t think I like the floating icons. I feel like I’m missing what’s behind them or something. But then again I don’t really post anything to Twitter and instead just read things from it. Will have to leave them feedback I guess.

  • Alan Paone

    Top tabs are part of android’s design guidelines, and language. For an app like twitter, paginated columns make a lot more sense than a hamburger menu anyway. I like this a lot. Every app needs to work more like Boid did back in the day.

  • Mark

    Is there anyway to become a beta tester for this?

    • edmicman

      There were instructions awhile back, maybe on the twitter blog, or there might be a note on the Twitter Play Store page, too. You basically sign up for a Google Group and that gets you in to the beta download.

    • CW Larson
      • Mark

        i tried this but there is no option to join the group… it must be closed now… for anybody that is in it.. is there a way to invite somebody?

        • CW Larson

          Nothing in the group to invite people, this must mean it is closed for the time being. Perhaps you can contact Twitter about being added.

        • TK

          The group has been closed for at least a month now, they only allowed a limited number of people to join, you no longer are allowed to join nor invite others. Sorry

  • Kyle