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Deal: DROID MAXX Drops to $199 at Amazon for Upgrades and New Accounts

amazon droid maxx deal

The DROID MAXX is currently available from Amazon for the reasonably low price of $199 on 2-year contract. Verizon is still hawkin’ this battery beast for $299 on-contract, so if you have dreamed of kevlar, Active Display, and incredibly obnoxious ringtones (don’t worry you can change them), then by all means take a look at this deal.

We reviewed the MAXX a couple of weeks back and had very few negative things to say about it. It does all of the tricks we love from the Moto X, but also includes insanely long 2-day battery life, wireless charging, and 32GB of storage. The appearance of the phone is certainly something that won’t appeal to everyone, however, cases can easily solve that problem.

This is one of Motorola’s best phones in a couple of years.

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Cheers Ryan!

  • cigs645

    If you can wait it will drop some more. VZ was also giving an additional discount if you’re upgrading from certain Motorola models

  • B!

    Does anyone know if I can get it from Amazon & have it shipped w/o being activated, that way I don’t loose my unlimited data?

  • Sporttster

    They got rid of the sd slot and HDMI out. This is why I preordered a Note 3. I have owned no other phones to date except Moto phones. They lost a loyal customer…..

    • prestone1

      Well, they gained more. Love this phone

  • Bill

    Does anyone know if you can keep your 4 GB for the price of 2 GB deal going this route?

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    I think you mean 3 days of battery life.

    • prestone1

      Yep, just put mine on the charger after 76 hours without a charge.

  • DER

    Is anyone else seeing this? Any reason why this wouldn’t go through?

    • Ken

      saw the same thing and was wondering. the last time i spoke with a verizon rep (monday) they said that upon activation, any unlimited that gets upgraded would lose it. however that means they changed the contract so you shouldn’t be bound by the contract anymore technically. what you signed up for, as stated there, was you keep unlimited. technically they’ll be the one breaking the contract if they take it away.

  • Anon

    Even at full price, I don’t regret buying this phone. Best I’ve ever used, stable, smooth, and killer battery life. The above deal makes it even better if you were on the fence.

  • fred

    This is the original price that Amazon had it at.

  • Schoops

    I just ordered this through Amazon, and I was able to keep unlimited data according to the receipt. Hopefully, Verizon lets that go through.

  • Ken

    hmmm this seems to show that you can keep existing data plan too (unlimited). does that mean if they decide to revoke that upon activation (which is what the verizon rep said they’d do) you can just cancel the new contract since it is different from what is stated on the site that you agreed upon?

    • DER

      I’m wondering the same thing…..

      • Ken

        i hope someone has an answer cause i want to try it, don’t want to get locked to it if they decide to take away unlimited upon activation. nothing on there says that it will be taken out though. just says “keep current plan.”

  • Demonhunter
  • Armorthane

    Bought my Developers Edition last week and love it! Screen is fine and even with images blown all the way up it still amazes me. OS is smooth, no lag at all! And the battery is killer! Would have liked on screen buttons but everything else is fine for me!!!

  • gregba7

    Same deal at Radio Shack. Just fast forward this to Nov 28th and im all over it. Unless there is a 32gb moto x on VZW available by then.

  • Pierito

    Cool now drop the Moto X off contract price…..


  • Stnkycheezman

    Love the phone…got it for 179 on newegg the week it was released. I actually like the looks of it over the moto X. I think the moto x looked too galaxy nexus like to me, which is what I had for almost 2 years. Plus 20 bucks cheaper and you get a bigger screen, a battery that you don’t have to even think about anymore, double storage, and wireless charging?

    Plus this phone does one more thing that the moto x doesn’t do that you guys didn’t mention….”call my droid” voice command. =P

  • Paul Hansen

    Wouldn’t trade my dev edition for the world.

  • Shane Redman

    the only time I get buyer’s remorse…

  • George Fayad

    Awesome. Kellex (and Ryan), thanks for sharing this!

    • rjc1629

      No problem, I’ve been waiting for a price drop cause I couldn’t let go of $300, lol.

  • MichaelFranz

    make me wanna return mine but i think i just past my 14 day mark this week

    • civilian

      what would you say to return it?

      • MichaelFranz

        could just say someone is offering it cheaper, or that you dont like it….its a process but in the end its up to you if its worth $100 savings

        • Michael Tate

          I just picked up two of these beasts for the wife and I last weekend when Verizon was allowing Unlimited plans to continue. AWESOME phone … but we paid $299 each … still better then buying it at full retail price to keep our unlimited plans.

          • MichaelFranz

            agreed, i was able to keep mine as well by screwing with the online system and moving devices around.

          • JoeTi

            I did the same. No regrets. It would have cost me a discount against data they no longer offer with new plans costing me $7.50/mo or $180 over the life of the new contract. I would have happily paid $200 more for this phone and almost bought the Maxx outright for $650. Best battery life ever! Heavy use got me a full day use, 7a – 10:30p, still had 62%. Crazy!

          • Eric G Canoy

            so if you go to amazon and say, “I want to keep my existing plan,” the unlimited plan will remain after only paying th $200 price tag?

      • evltwn

        You don’t have to say anything. You could just tell them you’re not happy with it.

    • rjc1629

      Today is day 14 for me… I will be swapping my s$ out at Best Buy tonight.

      • Dennis

        I went into BB like 2 weeks ago and they said they no longer price match phones :-/

        I assume that goes for all stores?

        • rjc1629

          Their price match policy states that they do not match contract phones, but I’ve been to two different stores and both said they would match. I would try another store.