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Target Makes Brightspot Prepaid Plans Official

target brightspot

On Tuesday, we broke news with full details of Target’s desire to launch a new prepaid service called Brightspot that would be powered by T-Mobile’s network. Late last night, Target made Brightspot official, announcing that it will launch Sunday, October 6 – just as we had reported. 

The details are also as we had reported, with plans of $35 and $50 to start. The $35 plan includes unlimited talk and text, but no data. The $50 plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data, but you will only see 1GB of full 4G speed data. Target did not announce their $65 plan, but our sources indicate that it will be available through Target.com/Brightspot and includes 4GB of full 4G data.

Subscribers of Brightspot will be rewarded with $25 Target giftcards for every 6 months that they keep active service.

SIM kits and service can be found inside Target stores in Target Mobile areas.

Here is the statement from Target:

Target knows guests are looking for mobile phone programs that offer quality, flexibility and convenience without breaking the bank. On Sunday, October 6, Target will launch brightspot, a pre-paid mobile program that offers unlimited talk, text and web, with up to 1 GB at 4G data, on T-Mobile’s network for just $50 a month. Don’t need unlimited data? No problem! brightspot also offers unlimited talk and text for just $35 a month.

Guests can also take advantage of great savings with brightspot. For every 6 months of pre-paid purchases, guests will receive a $25 Target GiftCard. In addition, guests can save an additional 5 percent savings on their pre-paid purchases when they shop with a Target REDcard in store or on Target.com/brightspot.

target brightspot

  • guest

    Walmart is cheaper and has a better plan:
    $30/month and you get:
    5GB of HSPA+ + unlimited 2g after that
    Unlimited SMS
    100 minutes

    haven’t made the jump yet but its very enticing

    • Christos P Mitchell

      Say a video game is $60 everywhere else, and walmart has that game for $40. That’s what we call price gauging and that’s what Walmart does. You’re an idiot to think Walmart is “Better”

  • Guest

    1GB?? What happens when you go over?

    • Jonathan

      You get slower data speeds.

  • umbrellacorp

    Oh, Target. You could do better than that, for sure.

  • monkey082506

    I joined AIO a couple weeks ago…haven’t had a complaint yet, not sure about this one though.

    • Tony Stark

      I looked into AIO and I’m disappointed that there are no family plans. Almost as if ATT won’t take the AIO project seriously.

      • monkey082506

        I’d give it time, once the public picks it up I’m sure things will change but it’s pretty new still.

  • whatvine?

    i work at target anda lot of stupid people shop there… i would be surprised if they dont do good.

    • umbrellacorp

      Stupid people are… everywhere. And they’re multiplying and voting.

      • KleenDroid

        They can’t help it because they are Democrats.

        • XvierX


        • umbrellacorp

          lolpolitics and upvote

    • JRUIV

      Well..If they don’t sell WELL. 🙂

    • Tony Stark

      LOL That was an epic way of starting your post!

  • d

    dumb question, would my Gnex on vzw LTE work on T Mobile? Does that phone have the radios for TMo?

    • Rand Paul 2016

      Not a chance

      • d

        LTE Radios are different?

    • CasperTFG

      Verizon: CDMA/LTE technology
      Tmobile: GSM technology


      • d

        That much I know but they do have an LTE network now.

        • CasperTFG

          Yes, their LTE 1700 MHz (AWS) Band/Class 4 is in service/being built out. On a side note Verizon’s 1700 MHz (AWS) Band/Class 4 is promised/under construction.

          The issue becomes the toro radio is 700 MHz Band/Class 13 (LTE).

          If I confused you, that was my intention.

          • Christos P Mitchell


            “The Verizon Samsung S3 is GSM carrier unlocked if you have installed the June 20, 2013 update VRBMF1. You can use any GSM sim that uses 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 GSM frequencies including AT&T and T-Mobile. For CDMA use you can modify it since you have it rooted if the carrier uses the 850/1900 frequencies. No 4G except on Verizon.”

          • CasperTFG

            Correct; bootloader unlock, root, modify radios. The issue becomes Verizon’s 1700f MHz Band 4 (same as T-Mobile US) is planned for 2013. If it’s up and running in his area more power to him.

          • Christos P Mitchell

            Yeah I notice I can’t send picture messages via SMS, its weird, but everything else works. — i’m in Huntington Beach, CA

            Also, i just found a cat. should I keep her/him?

  • Chris

    This goes well with targets new “mobile center” they have inn theirn electronics departments,

    and yes kids, physical stores DO still exist .

  • lensgrabber

    Isn’t the $30 walmart unlimited data/text 100 min voice still better for most people that don’t talk much or are users of VOIP services?

    • Rob Delaney

      I think you are referring to T-Mo with that price and info. Though it isn’t unlimited data pre say as you are throttled at 5GB down to 2G speeds.

      Wal-Mart has Straight Talk ($45 a month) that is unlimited text and minutes with 2.5GB at 4G speeds then throttled down to 2G as well after that. The side catch with Straight Talk is they reserve the right to cut your speed for the month if they see continuous usage of data speed over a period of time. My guess is if you are torrenting a movie over 2G that will take a long time.

    • Buur

      Ya, would seem to be significantly better for those who don’t talk. That plan includes 5GB of 4G data.

  • Josh Shaw

    Another one of these….

  • thecharrr

    Oh boy, it’s yet another crappy T-Mobile virtual carrier