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Google Play Currently Experiencing App Install and Update Issues (Updated)


If you are noticing issues with app updates or new app installs through Google Play, you are not alone or imagining things. Google Play is currently experiencing issues, though we do not know how severe they are. At this time, we are unable to update or install new apps without receiving an error (pictured above).

The web version of Google Play also appears to be struggling.

We’ll update this post as soon as we know more or once service is restored to normal.

Update 3:31PM:  We are now able to update and install new apps. How are things on your end?

  • Mystique

    October 10, 2013 @ 6:15 am EST

    Still issues, custom TW GS3 on Verizon.

    Also FiOS at home.. No different..

    Downloads never finish, used to get an error..

  • david cooke

    Complete newbie as far as Android is concerned I keep trying to install an app. I am then told to install Google play. I am then told ‘authentication is required,. You need to sign in to your google account. I think my wife signed in with her account. She forgot her password and son deleted this account. Is this why I can’t sign in?
    The phone number she indicated when she signed in has been thrown away with the old phone!
    I guess I have to delete her account somehow, how do I do that please?

  • Ching Chang

    I can’t even access my android playstore!!!

  • Michael Hoggan

    I still cannot download or install

  • Dean Connelly

    I have been freakng out all day, just payed £620 for a galaxy note 3 and apps won’t download good thing other people are having this problem as I was about to ask for my money back, I have no apps and the phone is boring without them 🙁 Google please get this sorted!

  • Jessica

    Can someone help me? I’ve been having this ” Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped” thing and my phone has been very slow and has been lagging. I’ve come to the point where I really hate my phone and threw it to the floor once. Unfortunately it survived. Can someone help me?

  • breo

    I have the note 3 that I just bought and each app I’ve downloaded doesn’t have play anywhere. It’s just random pictures. So confused!

  • Tosh

    Still not working for me, thought my phone was faulty! Can’t stream YouTube either hoping that’s part of this fault? 10am UK qnd don’t know anyone else on android having these faults! 🙁

  • Hatsune Vocaloid Miku

    I have a similar problem, no error message though (The “Error retrieving information” one).

    Just updated my HTC One X to Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5 this morning. Can’t update or download anything from the Play Store (Yes it can but VERY slow to the point that I gave up even just putting the phone there on the couch). Everything else works fine (except a crash bug in Gallery >> Camera Shots) until I discovered that I can’t update anything.

    Tried everything I can find on the internet, including: Clearing cache/data off Play Store, removing account and sign in again (just to fix the error message, and yes it is now fixed), clearing cache/data off the Google Framework Service, force stopping the two (Play Store and GFS), restarted countless times, nearly pushed the reset-and-erase-everything button…

    So glad to know that I’m not the only one facing this problem. 😛

    Hatsune Vocaloid Miku

    Edit: Still can’t download anything though (8:13PM London Time).

  • Bigwavedave25

    That’s why I couldn’t update RUA2!

  • iceburgh

    I got the error message when it tried to update Google Play service. I have version 3.2.66. Did I end up getting the current version? Otherwise all my updates eventually d-loaded.

  • Peter Tom Jewitt

    Mines working ok

  • Nat-Li

    On s4 but older fone works ok

  • Nat-Li

    6:00gmt not been working for hours, UK 🙁

  • sl249

    This literally happened as I was switching roms. Just my luck

  • Gareth

    Weird because I’m having the exact same trouble with the apple app store…only not error message??? Weird isn’t it??

  • AJ Bradley

    I’m still having problems, have been for a couple days. Won’t download new apps or update existing ones… Grr…

  • JWells

    Just had two updates fail on my Galaxy Note 2. Rebooted and then they installed. This has been happening on and off for a week or two.

  • Joshua Rewerts

    Back up in Iowa!

  • shooter50

    go into apps, google play and clear cache. Then go into apps, downloads, clear cache. Problem solved

  • Christopher A Ryan

    This happened to me literally 10 mins after I activated my new g2 from the glitch and Im using my old sim card.. I thought I was screwed. I thought it had something to do with the glitch.. Checked my g/fs phone and let out a sigh of relief.

    • I bought a new Note 3 at 2:30pm Pacific and the Play Store hasn’t worked yet. Thank goodness for DL. Good to know its not just me.

  • Joshua Rewerts

    Still broke in Iowa

    • Cody

      I can confirm. My shiney new G2 with unlimited data can not install a thing.

  • Jamey Hebb

    Still not working properly just north of Baltimore, Maryland (via web or android). Time here is 7:22pm. Thanks for the update — no other news of this to be found!

  • Trey Daum

    Still no good for me.

  • Saryon

    Still busted here in ohio

  • new user

    does anyone know how to make the “My installed Apps” list refresh in the Google Play store app? All of my apps can be seen in the web browser version of the play store, but not in the actual app. My list of installed apps is empty except for one that I just updated by searching for it in the play store. It didn’t let me know an update was available for the app, so I’m going to have to keep manually searching for each app to see if there are updates from now on! there a way to force the play store app to refresh the list of installed apps?

  • Lucas

    It’s back on! Lol

  • nicole

    Still isn’t working for me.

    • nicole

      Working now.

  • clobberedchina

    Thank you very much. I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on.

  • Marc Grondin

    worst timing ever. Just got a new Nexus 7 that i was getting all setup…though i had messed something up. It’s back now tho…wonder if google will have anything to say about what happened

    • 2001400ex

      I think it could be ask the new activations from the Verizon unlimited people getting their phones. I know that was me. Lol

  • MafiaMM

    It works now!!!

  • LionStone

    No problem on stock DNA… after updating the Hulu+ app.

  • Jeff Mowbray

    I was trying to install chromrcast and thought it was me. Thanks DL for the update!

  • Ray Gray


  • Mark Mann

    my droid razr hd running cm 10.1.3 just updated like 5 apps with no problems, my husbands droid razr running same wouldn’t let him install anything

  • Ray Murphy

    working fine here in UK..

  • Works

    It works for me as of 6:25 PM EST. (It did not work 5 minutes ago though). Didn’t remove my accounts or anything abnormal. I just waited a few minutes and tried again.

    • JoshGroff

      I wiped everything I could think of and did 2 hard resets and clean flashed my GPE ROM thinking something broke. Well at least I have a fresh install, right? 🙂

  • Booyah

    Mine’s good now

  • Pedro

    The three apps I had been waiting to update just did.

  • reneMAC

    oh the irony…

    • Gnex

      I’m not seeing what you did there..
      Edit: Nvm, the picture wasn’t displaying for me :p

    • Hatsune Vocaloid Miku

      Remove your Google Account in your Settings >> Account & Sync >> Google >> click on your account >> Menu (the three dots) >> Remove. Then restart your device and Sign In again (I have HTC One X Sense 5 so the settings may differ).

      Hope that helps,

      Hatsune Vocaloid Miku

  • Nathaniel Newman

    I get that error EVERY time I try to install the FoxFi key (not the main app) on my Casio Commando 4G. Installed perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • Yikes

    Me too! I have been trying to fix this for the past 30 minutes!

  • James Heyneman

    If you go to https://play.google.com/apps it is not loading any of my apps tied to my account. Definitely broken. Also, I noticed they added the Apps icon to the top of Gmail a bit ago…maybe they are doing a bunch of global changes.

    • rthvk

      Won’t even load that page for me, it just spins on and on.

      And my internet connection is plenty fast.

  • kevinc

    works for me. just updated facebook app.

  • rthvk

    I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    I just tried installing Themer on my N7 so I could use the code I am soon getting, but nope.

  • Gnex

    I just wish the play store was as fast as it was before the major redesign.

    • Gnex2

      I don’t see much difference in speed (Also on Gnex) do you care to elaborate? If anything, I love the new redesign because it remembers my place when browsing apps instead of resetting the list back to the top.

      • Gnex

        I’m currently using the Moto X, but it was just as slow on the good ol’ Gnex. Scrolling is really janky, load times are terrible, etc.

        • Gnex2

          I don’t experience any slowdown or stuttering/choppiness on completely stock. Might be your device? Though your post made me recall the old marketplace from the OG Droid days. I miss that one most of all. I really enjoyed browsing the new submissions. Now all we have these days it “trending” which doesn’t compare.

          • Gnex

            ANDROID MARKET 4 LIFE haha. I really loved the old darker look and the ability to see new submissions. Ah, the memories *tears up*

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    I just reset my phone thinking it was screwed up from flashing my stock rom back. CRAP!

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Youre not alone. I even took the update on my One thinking it might help. Reset the app and nothing. Good Guys at DL, letting us know

  • Faisal Manzoor

    I tried all d ususal fixes, then I was like wait dis cant be just me. And d whole world is having this problem lol.

  • Joseph A. Yager

    Just as I booted up my G2 for the first time! Good to know it wasn’t the phone…

    • burkett375

      Same here! I just booted after installing clean rom and thought it was busted! by the time i was done trying everything i could think of, and then reinstalling and formatting everything, it started working.

      • 2001400ex

        Man i did the same thing, minus a Rom. Did a factory reset.

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    Supposedly the fix for these error codes is to remove all your Google accounts from your device and readd them but there is no way that should be done by everyone. Let’s wait and see if it’s fixed shortly.

    • Jason Murray

      That sounds like a bad idea. It’s clearly a problem at Google’s end

      • Open1Your1Eyes0

        Agreed. No one should perform these fixes just yet.

    • AussieDood

      That has been touted as a solution when you’re getting errors with Google Play but no one else is. This appears to be a wider problem and that solution is unlikely to work.

  • Spider210

    Thought it was just me…

  • Clifton Dunaway

    I am having the same issue! Glad to know I am not alone.

  • Chris Newman

    I was wondering what was going on…

  • Ted Ellis

    Phew, thought is was just me.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      THIS. I wanted to update hulu to cast, and nothing was working on my One. Was about to go bitch at best buy to get a new One 😛

    • ChrisWhite

      Same here, I thought it was just me and I was stupid enough to uninstall the latest Google Play update, now I don’t know how to get the new update back hmm lol.