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Verizon Intros 4G LTE Broadband Router With Voice, Could Replace Your Home’s Internet and Phone Service


This morning, Verizon, in partnership with Novatel Wireless, introduced the 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice. The Broadband Router is capable of taking your wired and wireless device and connecting them to Big Red’s 4G LTE network. In addition, it will also allow for your home phone to be plugged in, basically allowing you the freedom of eliminating any current service you have with other providers. 

Verizon touts the convenience when traveling with the router, as well as always having a connection in your favorite cafe.

Voice capabilities on the 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice mean travelers or vacationers can bring their home number with them where they go. The broadband router eliminates the need to constantly search for Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes or paying hotel Wi-Fi or phone fees.

The router is priced at $49.99 with a two year contract. There are three different plans customers can choose from – Voice-only, Data-only, or a Voice and Data bundle. Once signed up, you can switch between plans freely for whatever your situation requires.

Besides looking a little bulky and silly, it seems like a nifty little device.

Via: Verizon | Business Wire

  • Mikey Styles

    Geez can these guys get anymore assinine…..I pay $90 month for comcast & no data cap @ 50mbps/sec Down 12mbps Up, along with TV service(which I despise lol) that includes an HD Dvr why would they even promote this as some “Deal”. Vzw you never cease to amaze me & I’m customer not by choice(coverage).

  • VerizonSlappy

    This is a solution for people who have no option for cable internet. And only get hughes net or some sh!t. Obvious this is not for data hungry people.

  • kkjdroid

    Ignoring the insulting pricing for a minute, who the hell wants LTE as their home Internet? It caps at 20Mbps on a fantastic day, 15 on a good one. If you’re even near a city you should be able to get unlimited 25Mbps down for less money.

  • Michael CrackMonkey

    Of course they are still pushing their screw everyone I mean share everything plan so you have to ridiculous prices for data but they’ll give unlimited text and voice. So yeah for $375+ a month I can get 50GB. Of course on ComCast I get unlimited data at 50+ MB Down and 10-15MB Up with unlimited voice & text plus Stars & lots of other TV for less that $140 a month but what’s a few hundred dollars a month between friends.

    Verizon Wireless To Big to Care…

    • Michael CrackMonkey

      And on Comcast because we stream a lot of movies I’m using between 115GB-150GB per Month but even before they switched to unlimited data the residential limit was something over 300GB per month. Too bad Comcast doesn’t do wireless…

      Verizon Wireless Too Big to Care…

  • SamNexNote

    yeah this would add $2,000 to my bill no thanks!

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Serious question…

    Do the execs at Verizon live in a bomb shelter somewhere with no access to the outside world? I mean how else would they think these crappy data plans could replace my home internet?

    6 Gigs for 80 bucks! AWESOME! -_-


    • Michael CrackMonkey

      Verizon Wireless Too Big to Care….

  • LOL the bandwidth caps make this mostly useless for all but the most rural or desperate people.

    • Goldenpins

      lol. very true. When my neighbor from Virgina moved next door , he was surprised Comcast had uncapped data.Before they uncapped it, they tested 300GB a month. His old home was so rural the only option was satelight or Verizon. Him and his son wouldn’t even link out to Youtube or watch anything streaming till I said there is no cap.

  • yummy

    Does it have feathered attachments
    for increased pleasure?

  • rabidhunter

    I assume most people dissing this are living in a metro area. Sure in those cases, it makes absolutely no sense at all to get this. You’re likely to have great high speed internet coverage from cable, DSL, etc…
    However, in more rural areas, it does make sense. Believe it or not, I know people out here who still have dial-up because they no high speed internet providers provide service.
    When it comes to cell coverage here, Verizon is king. My brother-in-law lives just a few yards outside of high speed internet coverage. Yet, he can get a perfect 4G signal at his house. Right now he is using his Note 2 as a hotspot to provide internet coverage. This would be more benificial for him.

    • gambit07

      I’m pretty sure people are dissing this because of the insanely high prices for relatively low data caps. Sure the service is convenient for those in the position you’re talking about but that doesn’t mean that what they’re offering is a good deal, or even necessarily even affordable at the highest (50gig) cap

    • Michael CrackMonkey

      There are towns in rural Idaho that have DSL and Cable. Some of these towns are way out in the middle of nowhere so if they can get it I’m sure others should be able to. Perhaps some entrepreneur should look into providing high-speed wireless connections. I was able to do that in a town of less than 500 people more than 100 miles from the nearest metro. You would be surprised where you can find a fiber optic cable across the US.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Then after this gem Verizon will pay off the FCC so they can restrict the internet!! I’m not going to be able to look the other way for much longer, hate you Verizon…

  • jnt

    I’m more thankful every day that I was lucky enough to move into an area that ended up getting FiOS a few years ago…

  • Comeonalready

    In fine print it states:

    Enjoy fast speeds while surfing the web: downloads of up to 5 to 12 Mbps and uploads of up to 2 to 5 Mbps.

  • carl

    could this replace a network extender???

  • Ryan Stewart

    Verizon, where you can get bent over on cellular and home service at the same time!

  • This is absurd. Absolutely absurd.

  • OOOOORRRR, I’ll just continue free wireless tethering with unlimited (until they pry it from my cold dead hands). Thanks. =)

  • PhilD41

    Wow!! 50GB is their largest plan and it will cost you over $400. I think not!

  • calculatorwatch

    Can’t wait to see Verizon’s commercials for this:
    “You can get rid of your internet and phone service and save… well… you can get rid of your internet and phone service!”

  • View Askew

    $1800 monthly internet bill? How about NO.

    On the plus side, I’m fortunate to have a good location and low area usage, I presume, as I’m regularly and consistently able to get between 50 and 60 Mbps at the house.

  • drstrangelove

    Hope no one plays computer games or watches netflix.

  • Vince Collier

    WOW… talk about “BOHICA”… There is NO WAY I’d go from paying $40 a month for Cable Internet service running 6-10 MBps of unlimited to paying several $100 a month for MUCH slower service with an obscenely small limit. Sheesh!