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Head of BBM at BlackBerry: Delay to Take Time, Won’t Launch This Week


The official launch of BBM for Android and iOS was delayed this past Saturday, after what BlackBerry calls a foul up due to an older version of BBM hitting the web, pretty much crashing the BBM system. The users of the leaked version, which hit 1 million+, sent too much data to servers, which then, “impacted the service in an abnormal way.” Today, the head of BBM at BlackBerry, Andrew Bocking, says a lot of work needs to be done to fix the problem, so launch won’t be happening anytime this week. 

The team is now focused on adjusting the system to completely block this unreleased version of the Android app when we go live with the official BBM for Android app. We are also making sure that the system is reinforced to handle this kind of scenario in the future. While this may sound like a simple task – it’s not. This will take some time and I do not anticipate launching this week.

Bocking goes on to thank users and potential users for their patience. Considering we have already been waiting almost a couple of years, I think we can all handle another week, right?

Via: BlackBerry

  • SewWhat

    In other words BB is saying to itself…”There are really that many other smartphone users out there??? “

  • mgamerz
  • maxj77

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  • CHRIS42060

    Lets be realistic here the system was not ready because how long has it really been since over 1 million people have used BlackBerry anything?

  • flosserelli

    The latest round of layoffs included a bunch of BB server managers, and they filled their vehicles with equipment on their last day at work, like the movie “Office Space”.

  • As much as I hear about bbm…am I supposed to be excited?

  • JBartcaps

    Wonder if this had something to do with the buyout and not the leaked app

    • Goldenpins

      I’m thinking the exact same thing. I wonder if the former owner Mike had anything with the buy out? Last I read he was interested or looking for funds to buy the company. Maybe he or whoever bought it will go the Android direction and surprise everyone.


    How about they just cancel the project? This reminds me why I gave up on them

  • Doobski

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH surprised? When private equity gets done with ’em, they’ll be paying US to download the app.

    • JoshGroff

      I would totally download it for a dollar. 🙂

  • tech247

    BBM will be a massive success. No doubt about it. Cant wait to get it on my nexus!

    • Tim242

      You forgot the /s.

  • Chuck F

    I miss my BlackBerry Storm!

    • zwade

      What crap phone do you have to make you miss that?

  • Sirx

    Ah, Blackberry. Always 1(035) day late and 1(234220019) dollar short…

  • Eric

    Why are you guys still keeping up with this? lol

  • Tatsuo

    Another RIMJob

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      You win the internetz!

    • Mike


  • The. Great. Cornholio!

    So one million “illegal” users crashed the system because they weren’t ready…. So makes me think that the actual number of legitimate users would’ve melted 75% of their servers.

    • Lucky Armpit

      I was thinking the same thing. If illegitimate traffic crashed their systems, what would have legitimate (and supposedly much more) traffic done? Cracked open the universe? Jeez, and RIM wonders why people moved on…?

      • Larry Bublitz

        I don’t want to be an apologist, but the memo today said the data transmitted in the leaked version was “orders of magnitude” larger than the regular app will be. One order of Magnitude greater would be 10x, two orders would be 100x. If that’s what he meant, two orders of magnitude would mean 1 million clients would transmit the same amount of data as 100 million. I can see how that would be a huge drag IF this is what they meant. We’ll probably find out in a few weeks the real deal. I’m happy to wait for a BBM that isn’t crippled out of the gate.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Well guess who made that “leaked” version, blackberry.
          It’s their own fault.

          Also how the heck does a leaked messaging app send “orders of magnitude” more data? i call BS.

          • Mike Reid

            I second your BS call.

            They are full of it.

            If there WAS any truth to it, then they are VERY incompetent, technically.

            I think their incompetence is business, not technical.

            It’s sad that so many good and talented people will end up unemployed, under-employed and worse.

            OTOH, that sows the seeds for the next round of startups where the talent will be better put to use… and some new entrants to the Android world I’m sure.

          • Pedro

            If the client sends a message in a bad format, the server still gets it. It can either respond ‘huh?’ or drop the message. The client gets no ‘Good Message!’ response, so it sends it again. And again. And again. The client has nothing but time, and a mission to get the message out. Easily hundreds or thousands of bad messages.

  • giri0n

    I was sure this was a post that would get at least one “…and no one noticed or cared” comment.

  • mini-me

    They’ll get bought out before the launch and close the deal with that financial company. just watch. But seriously, BB has always been behind. I remember waiting on the day that my BB storm would be updated and days past and got nothing. Thier servers couldn’t handle 1.1 million activation on an unrelease version so they stop. BB soon to go out business

  • Blaw

    Delay it till next millennium for all I care. You’re late, RIM… i mean Blackberry or whatever !

  • moelsen8

    What a bunch of clowns. This is like watching a car crash in slow motion.

    • Shane Redman

      Inception van fall?

  • Chad

    Hard to believe they’re going bankrupt, huh?

  • Shane Redman

    I call BS on this. Its either a marketing ploy to get us to think that ppl really want it or it wasn’t ready whether the 1million hit it or not…

    • michael arazan

      They did get the app up and on time to iOS users to download and use, DL forgot to mention that yesterday. But no word on how many people downloaded it from either os group.

  • JDub

    I’m beginning to think Tim deals with the ad revenue side of droid life.

  • geocab

    BBM was the hardest option to walk away from when I left BlackBerry. But I doubt my friends on Android and iOS will download this so I don’t see the point. I wish these companies could make a deal and bake a universal messaging service like this or Talk or Facetime into each of their OS’s. Otherwise I’m stuck to texting.

    • Larry Bublitz

      Brothers from a different mother!


      Yeah. The fact it’s 2013 and there’s still no universal ip-based short message standard is baffling (or if there is, why isn’t it being pushed!)

      I think Apple has the strength to do it, but I don’t think they have incentive. They could open up iMessage and we’d be done.

      We need an SMS 2.0 standard with all the goodies built-in, so the major players can transmit with requiring a cell tower and bake the standard into their apps.

    • j

      Fail to see the need for a second universal messaging service. What is so bad about texting? Read reports? lol

      • Larry Bublitz

        By definition SMS requires cellphone towers and yeah, doesn’t have the sent/delivered/read confirmations as standard. So if you’re on a wifi tablet or in a corporate building with plenty of internet, but no towers, you’re dead.
        I think an open standard iMessage would be perfect… Sends over the Internet if it can (mobile data or wifi or the next thing), and tries SMS if not available. If that format could be formalized and baked in every client it’d have a chance.
        Or Google and Apple just agreeing to work together. That’d be nice.

    • Larry Bublitz

      How did we come up with an agreed-upon standard for email? It’s nice that I don’t have to worry about which client so-and-so has to send them an email.

  • Jordan

    As a developer, LOL WAT?

    • teleclimber

      I am guessing the unreleased version of the app was a development version that sent a boat load of debug data to the server and was never meant to be used by large numbers of people.

      Why it’s hard to block that traffic though I do not know. It seems logical all traffic would be stamped with the app version, so… ??

      • Jordan

        I seriously can’t think of a scenario involving them getting hit by boat loads of debugging info… & not being able to fix it in an hour tops.

        They’re probably just bsing because they needed extra time.

    • Steve

      Have you not noticed how Google’s Developer Console forces one to leave old unpublished apps clutter around that can easily get confused with production apps??? My guess is someone fat-fingered one of the those previously published ones, then it caused some non-reverse compatible protocol or format to be propagated through all their servers which then has to be flushed out?

  • Matt

    I legit don’t know a single person who even owns a Blackberry anymore. I’d say this launch is more or less 3 years too late.

    • Skwisgaar

      Which has been RIM’s business model for the past 5 years…”too little, too late”. They’re done…just need to be taken out back behind the shed and put down.