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CyanogenMod Forms Cyanogen Inc With $7 Million in Funding, to Release CM Installer App Through Google Play


The CyanogenMod that you have come to know intimately over the last several years is now Cyanogen Inc., a company funded by Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures that wants to make installing CyanogenMod easier than ever on your phone. Announced this morning via the official CM blog, Cyanogen Inc. (with $7 million in Series A funding) can now dedicate their resources full-time to continuing to build “best mobile OS—created by the users for users.” 

Details are scarce at the moment, but the basics are this – CyanogenMod will become an installer, made available through Google Play, that can install CM onto your device with a single click. The app will become available in the “coming weeks” and will likely be free. They haven’t said publicly how they plan to make money, but you can imagine how easy it could be with the millions of users they have already.

According to Engadget, Cyanogen has a partnership already in place with an unnamed hardware manufacturer, but the newly formed company is exploring many potential business models. Their goal is to become the 3rd major mobile platform, even ahead of Windows Phone, Blackberry and other big names.

This newly formed company opened two offices – one in Seattle and another in Palo Alto – and hired 17 full time employees.

A reddit AMA with the CM team will happen at 11:30AM Pacific, in case you have questions or would like to learn all that we can learn.


Via:  CyanogenMod | Mitch Lasky

  • Daistaar

    Wonder why they have iPhones and iPads on that image? Is CM working on iOS?

  • chris420o

    google should just hire these guys…i mean what are they doing that hasnt been done by google their just refining android by adding a few features but keeping it stock

  • umbrellacorp

    I would love to get behind this if any build was ever stable enough to use. There are always revisions but they never complete enough for me to use as a daily driver. Old bugs are fixed that give way to new ones. Bluetooth, battery life, etc. Wish them the best, though!

  • d-rock

    “Their goal is to become the 3rd major mobile platform, even ahead of Windows Phone, Blackberry and other big names.”

    Understand that to do this, they would have to

    1) move away from the Android platform, possibly use the Android Kernel, because it’s open source, but you can’t become a new platform if you’re using an existing one.

    2) Lose access to Google Apps. I promise you that if they start making money off of this that takes away from google, they will NOT get access to Gmail, Youtube, etc.

    3) The un-named hardware manufacturer would have to forfeit their partnership with Google to use an Android Kernel based OS that competes against Google/Android platform.

    My personal opinion is that the use of words in this article or the source of the article is not correct. I can’t see them becoming a separate platform from Android. I could see them becoming a fraction of android compared to Samsung/HTC/etc though.

  • Charles Braswell

    I can’t help but notice that some of the icon’s in the graphic above look like iDevices…

    • fauxshizzl

      Koushik also develops Android devices to get them to work (dare I say it) WITH Apple products. He just yesterday demoed Airplay mirroring to an Apple TV on an HTC One. Not my cup of tea as I don’t have iDevices in my house, but I commend his kick ass developing abilities.

  • Sporttster

    When a whole lot of $$ gets involved, that worries me…..

  • Rafy286

    Not sure how to treat the news. I am happy that finally they are making profit since they really pour their hearts into making this great software. I’ve donated a few times to them when they add support for a device I’m using. But I’m afraid that developers who work with the software now will leave knowing that they probably won’t make a profit outside those 7 employees the company hired. Plus it won’t be something exclusive anymore. I guess we’ll hear more soon.

    • HarvesterX

      Finally making profit? Lol. Sorry, not laughing at you or what typed. With all the donations that they receive (especially when you factor in all that each individual developer may have gotten along the ways) they are far from “finally” seeing a profit. If anything, this is more of an investment on their end.

  • Ryan Powell

    I wonder if the unnamed hardware manufacturer they have lined up is Xiaomi. Didn’t they want to break into the US Market?

    • Steve B

      Doubt it, they’re all over MIUI.

      My money is on Oppo since they already officially support CM.

      • Ryan Powell

        Oh, good call! Would love to see Oppo get more attention.

        • Steve B

          Yeah, they make great devices. The Oppo 5 is arguably the best device of 2013.

  • Steve B

    Via their reddit page, the CM Installer will not initially support devices that require exploits to unlock the bootloader. That knocks out ever Verizon device except the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anthony

    It would make sense is cyangenomod did this, but offered roms with more customization for people who are rooted

  • Ryan B

    So, if Verizon was smart, they would let this happen. Because people can now buy the phone they want and customize the ugly out of it (hopefully without bricking the phone).
    Either that or, the only phones that will be able to do this are the “unlockable bootloaders” on Verizon’s Developer Editions. Which I have a feeling Verizon will charge to unlock the bootloaders. (if they don’t already)

    • joejoe5709

      My thoughts as well. I’d still want a Nexus but my tears would not be quite as salty if I could easily throw CM on any phone I want.