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CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies Start Rolling Out, Based on Android 4.3

Cid CyanogenMod

Team Douche began pumping out nightly builds for CyanogenMod 10.2 last night, bringing the Android 4.3-based goodness to quite a few supported devices. Initially supported devices include the Nexus devices, the Galaxy Nexus on VZW, the Bionic, the One on all carriers, and the Galaxy S4. More devices will be supported in the future, but of course these things take time. 

You can expect to find bugs here and there, given that these are nightlies, but remember that they are not looking for anyone to submit reports.

Grab the latest CM nightlies from the official get.cm website for your device.

Via:  +CyanogenMod

Cheers Matt!

  • dannyyang524

    how is it on nexus 7 2013?

  • Rithvik Rao

    Just a friendly PSA:

    If you can’t see the 2013 Nexus 7 on get.cm (or the better one, beta.get.cm), try this link: http://www.get.cm/?device=flo

  • Matt Schrader

    Tried on Droid RAZR. Only played with it for half an hour or so but everything except the camera seemed functional.

  • krusty46

    It’s out for the S3 as well, but I’m not feeling that brave yet.

  • fish1552

    So, can anyone confirm BLE working on the GNex for this? Anything else not working I can deal with – I just finally want my BLE!

  • Patrick Chapman

    Just flashed to my d2vzw coming from 10.1. No issues yet. I done a full wipe and installed the new gapps for 4.3.

  • Guy Pierce

    CM Focal having some issues on GNEX. Some sort of digital artifacts on left and bottom of camera area.

    • Raj Bhatt

      I had the same result.

    • Guy Pierce

      Also swype is not working.

      • Guy Pierce

        Updated Gapps. Swype working.

    • Guy Pierce

      However GNEX lag fixed! I happy about that. Pretty smooth.

      • jamdev12

        wait about 2 weeks. I thought the same thing when I update mine from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 and it was great for 2 weeks and then slow down.

        • Guy Pierce

          I hope not. I hate the lag on the GNEX. That and the battery life. Let’s hope this stays this smooth.

    • Guest

      Settings and Focus Screenshots.

  • What?

    Team douche?

  • Raj Bhatt

    AOKP hasn’t updated in 3 weeks so I tried CM 10.2 this morning on my VZW GNex.

    Apparently I can’t fix permissions so I can’t restore from Titanium Backup (which has been requiring me to fix permissions before restoring for over a year now).

  • Colin

    I just decided to go back to CM yesterday, Just finished getting the phone back to where it needs to be… and this happens

  • mustbepbs

    And the cycle of broken sh** begins anew.

    • Drome

      working pretty damn well on my HTC One

      • mustbepbs

        Just wait till the next nightly, I’m sure something will break.

        • Drome

          You mad or something? CM team does more for android that any other group of developers imo. They work extremely hard to make stock android work on devices that were not designed to run it and improve on the devices that do. Sure there are things that are not going to work as well with out the binaries but things are already running really well and 4.3 just came out.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Its not just 4.3. This has been a cycle for the last couple years.

            Every “fix” breaks 2 other things.

          • mustbepbs

            It’s kind of the motto for any custom ROM.

            And no, I’m not mad, brah.

        • brkshr

          That’s why you buy a Nexus device… I think there have only been 2 nightlies on the Nexus 4, since last December, that had anything broken on them. I’m pretty sure that was when Android 4.2.2 was merged. Nothing but smooth sailing on CM10.2 on my N4 & N713.

          • mustbepbs

            My Nexus 10 had enough issues on its own, really didn’t want custom ROM issues piled on top of that.

          • brkshr

            That’s sad to hear. I’m guessing Samsung has to do with that

          • mustbepbs

            No clue. It was slow, buggy, underpowered for the resolution they used. Frustrating given the price.

          • T_Dizzle

            That stinks because mine is sweet!

          • Drome

            roms on nexus devices is totally different than other OEM devices. Nexus devices will run AOSP compiled with no modifications. roms like AOKP and PA are great for this.

            but for non nexus devices, CM is the backbone that the other roms are built off of if they want to be AOSP based. The CM team is the heart of the android dev community. They allow people who own or prefer different hardware to run stock android. Don’t mock them for having a WIP build that just hit nightly.

          • brkshr

            I completely agree that CM is the backbone of the Android dev community. I wasn’t mocking anyone. I was basically stating that Nexus devices usually have a very stable nightly compared to non-nexus devices. That’s why I personally stick with Nexus devices. If you buy a non-nexus device, you should know that you are going to have bugs on AOSP ROMs that need to be worked out. Heck, even Nexus devices get a bug or two from time to time.

          • Drome

            i used to only buy nexus devices but Google has been aiming for affordability over premium devices lately. So CM has gotten more important to me. I used to run AOKP or PA when I was on nexus.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Just when you think everything is good, a new nightly that supposed to “fix” some minor bug comes along and breaks everything. Then another month goes by of nightlies trying to fix that.

      • mustbepbs

        Haha, exactly.

    • Kanaga Deepan N

      Thatz the problem with nightlies and it will not be worth for overly eager people, since it can NEVER be used as daily driver till it reaches AT LEAST beta stage… Best will be to wait till Final STABLE one, but it may take months sometimes (a year for ICS)…

  • addicuss

    Supposedly IR blaster on S4 works can anyone confirm?

  • Teng Taing

    is there a new GApps for 4.3 for this?

  • fritzo2162

    Got it on my RAZR right now. Pretty solid!

    • Mitch Joa

      Runs pretty smoothly? I didn’t even realize CM started deving for the RAZR officially. Last time I looked into ROMs I got an unofficial alpha of 4.2. Pretty darn excited!

      • fritzo2162

        Yep…working better than ever!

  • BAM1789

    For those with a HTC One, cm builds no longer have logo2menu, so all apps are stuck with three dot overflow ATM.

    • d-rock

      been told that you can bypass this with a different kernel, which is a solid work around, especially if you’re using cyandelta to do your updates.

    • Drome

      not true, double tap on home = menu and long press = recent apps.

      • BAM1789

        No matter what three dot overflow is always on. You are correct about the double-tap and long press home function, but that still isn’t as good as how it was before.

        • Drome

          i believe you can edit the build prop to remove the 3 dot

          • BAM1789

            Still When it used to be built in. Its just an inconvenience now. But as someone else said, you can always flash a kernel with l2m support. Which I did.

  • John Risso

    install went smooth on my d2vzw, until I realized that my IMEI had been changed to 0 and I can no longer make calls. 4G LTE works fine however. Tried going back to 10.1 but it gets stuck at the cyanogenmod boot animation forever.

    • Teng Taing

      hmm i was gonna try on my d2vzw but now i may hold off till i hear if others are having the same issue

  • Bill Hill

    The Bionic lives!

  • Jordan Webb

    The…uh…Bionic? Seems like a weird phone to be in the lineup, but okay.

    • Ian

      A lot of devs bought into the Bionic.

      • Jordan Webb

        Yeah, I know. I bought one, too, but it hardlocked so often that I couldn’t trust that it would have any juice when I needed it. After it screwed me over during a business trip, I ditched it. It just seems odd when placed next to the S4, One, and Nexii.

        • Matthew Hojnacki

          I had my Bionic running Jellybean months before it was really available. Devs love the Bionic. I guessing because so many people bought it because of the Dual core LTE thing and then were mad when it sucked. So the Devs fixed it and it became one of the best phones for new roms. I have a GS4 now but i actually miss my Bionic with CM 10.1

    • kixofmyg0t

      Targa has had official CM support for awhile now. Mine is actually on official 10.1.2 still.

  • Eric S

    Can someone on Mako that’s installed 10.2 confirm if there is any issue installing or updating any Google Apps from the play store?

  • silver_arrow

    Coming from CM 10.1.2 would this require a full wipe?

    • DroidzFX

      wipes are recommended but not usually necessary. Just do a backup and go for it.

      • Bradley Allen

        My experience says yes

      • DoGood

        I respectfully disagree. Wipes are strongly recommended, and often necessary, when moving to new OS versions.

    • Tom Luley

      Full wipe is needed if coming from a 4.2 rom, yes.

      • Justin Kos

        This^ , if you were on 4.3 already you could ‘dirty flash’

    • brkshr

      I didn’t have any problems, but I did go back and do a full wipe after a couple days just in case.

      Edit: Also, I did have a problem with Google services the first time. So I formatted the system, reflashed CM10.2 & GApps and all was well.

    • NexusPhan69

      I did a 100% dirty flash (not even a cache or dalvik wipe) and had some odd problems with the Google apps but nothing else. Came from CM10.1.2 toro.

    • meijin3

      Abishek Devkota says no.

    • AussieDood

      I dirty flashed and upgraded Google Apps my Galaxy S3, no problems to report other than Focal locking up when I take a picture (default camera app is fine).

    • Guy Pierce

      I did not wipe and everything seems to be running very smooth. Even on GNex.

  • Jared Tau

    Yeah I saw that post last night, but was disappointed when it wasn’t yet available. Excited now though, gettin’ my 10.2 on bayyyyyybehhhhhhhh!

  • RayLovesick

    Razr HD (xt925 and xt926) as well. Razr Maxx HD with CM 10.2 makes for one hell of a phone. Devs have been doing some amazing work!

    • kixofmyg0t

      I’m running 4.2.2 on mine via XenonHD. It really wakes up the phone.

      But knowing CM it’ll be a month before everything is somewhat close to stable so I’ll wait.

  • Boblank84

    been running on nexus 7 flo for a few weeks and been running very well.

    • Maxim∑

      Interesting because it was released last night… not “flo” a few weeks

      • OreoMan

        Unofficial build has been out for a couple of weeks over at XDA.

    • kixofmyg0t

      You were running unofficial builds.

  • xsoldier2000

    Traded in my Rezound for a G-Nex, and so glad I did. (Only because most of all the rom’s on the Rezound do random reboots and BLSOD – black lock screen of death. G-Nex roms are smooooooth.)

    • UpdatesFromHTCAreAJoke

      Yeah, the Rezound is a disappointing piece of garbage. The Sense UI ROMs are slow, and AOSP ROMs will lock up randomly. Oh, and that battery life is a joke (just like HTCs updates).

      Changed it to a Razr M, pure bliss.

  • Guy Pierce

    Sweet installing now! GNEX!

  • Tyler Durden

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! Well, F U Too