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CheapCast Wants to Emulate Chromecast Service Through Devices You Already Own

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Google’s Chromecast is still sold out from just about every retailer across the country. Some will let you place an order for the $35 HDMI dongle, but you may not see it for weeks or even months in some cases. Enter CheapCast as your new alternative. You can get Chromecast-like service through Android devices you already own, for free. 

CheapCast is installed on the device you would like to act as your Chromecast. In other words, if you have another Android HDMI dongle or a phone with HDMI-out that can be hooked up to a TV, you would install CheapCast there. Once installed and given a name through the simple app UI, your device is now able to be casted to. Fire up YouTube or Google Music on your other Android device and you should see the cast icon with your CheapCast device listed as an option to cast to.

Again, CheapCast allows you to take any other Android device that has HDMI-out capabilities, and cast to them. In theory, you could just cast to another Android device, like say a tablet, but that doesn’t seem to make that much sense.

Make sense? Watch the video and I think you’ll get it.

The app is most definitely a “beta,” so don’t be surprised if you run into bugs from time to time. The developer appears to be actively working on it though. Keep an eye on this one.

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Cheers John!

  • Rbq

    Checked the Best Buy website for Chromecast and it appears there’s a few stores somewhat local that show “In Store Only” .. anyone seen them in-store lately? Is this a pipe dream?

  • MKader17

    Google TV compatibility?!?!?!

  • Michael McHale

    Anybody get this to work with netflix? I installed this on my ouya hoping I could move the chromecast to a different tv but i cant seem to get netflix app to find it. Youtube does, but not netflix.

  • Caleb Boerner

    Really couldnt care less, i live in a dlna capable bubble

  • richkoos

    I was just about to download this but then I checked my chromecast order and it says it was shipped! Finally! But this app is cool too.

    • MacNificent

      use both if you have different tvs. thats what I’m doing

    • Droidzilla

      Use it with your Chromecast. You know, because Chromecasting with your Chromecast is too mainstream.

  • BilboBaggns

    Where is the link to purchase this gizmo?

  • J Dub

    Need to fix my old Fascinate then I can use it as my wifi adapter on my Linux desktop. That will free up the busted screen Bionic running CM to pull casting duties.

  • MacNificent

    My Broid Bionic works like a charm!!! (whatever a working charm is like)

  • fauxshizzl

    There seem to be a huge number of people here who now think think the OG Droid has HDMI capabilities to use this with. Did I miss something? While mine has been sitting in the drawer the last few years did it sprout a new port? Where are people getting this information?

    • Rbq

      The people need enlightened.

  • MacNificent

    Thanks Droid-Life and John!!! i think this might actually be better than the google product. I want my $42 back

  • Damian

    Getting my Chromecast today finally!

  • Milind Shah

    someone has been down-voting everything :-/

    • MacNificent

      yup. there is definitely some unnecessary downvoting going on here

    • Chris

      I’m gonna upvote to even it out lol

  • Mitch Joa

    I smell a purpose for the Nexus Q again! Just need the app launcher hack and it’s good to go 🙂

    • 4n1m4L

      adb connect (Q IP from debug info):4321
      adb install (path of cheapcast.apk)
      adb shell am startservice at.maui.cheap cast/.service.CheapCastService


  • adb

    I will have to try this on the OUYA tonight just for fun

  • Ok, so now this will make even my SmartTV smarter. gotta a Samsung smart TV and a galaxy nexus. Haven’t figured out how to cast the music to it from Google Play yet. I can from my computer but this will be so much easier.

  • justincase_2008

    YAY the xoom has a purpose again!

    • my sentiments exactly! Tried it out last night. worked from Nexus 7 to Xoom and from GNexus to Xoom. Chrome ext not working yet. Also, like article said, only youtube and google music right now. hoping to get netflix support.

  • Jason Brown

    hdmi cables ftw!

  • Caleb Shahamat

    Make this work on Google TV please. (If it doesn’t already)

    • Chad Walber

      Just installed it on my Revue

      • jscofi

        you could already cast youtube and webpages to revue before….(google remote app)

        • Chad Walber

          But not Hulu Plus!

    • fauxshizzl

      Going to try on my Sony GTV after work.

  • samgovol

    Is it possible to use this app with Chromecast (i.e….use other apps such as Dish or HBO GO…that Chromecast typically does not support?)

    • Chris

      If I’m not mistaken, I think this app only uses apps that are already Chromecast enabled. Only thing I’ve seen to use any app was with the Cyanogenmod guy

  • Zach B.

    Ooo do you know how awesomely pointless (emphasis on awesomely) it would be to NEST the casts? CAN WE CAST WITHIN A CAST?

    • Milind Shah


      • Ian Smith


        • Tyler Durden


  • Stnkycheezman

    Breaking out the OG…or maybe the droid X…Some duct tape behind the TV and we got chromecast

    • Milind Shah

      that won’t get you 1080p streaming

      • Stnkycheezman

        especially since I’m not really going to duct tape anything to my TV

        • Milind Shah

          im just telling you that not all devices are capable of 1080p streaming…:P

    • the OG has a HDMI port?

      • Godzilla


        • Artimis

          No it doesn’t. The X was the first “Droid” branded phone with HDMI out.

          • Guest

            It does have HDMI output. You’re wrong.

          • Tark

            It does have HDMI out. You are wrong Artimis.

          • Godzilla


          • adb

            The X was the first HDMI out that would support mirroring your display without the use of another apk. OG would only put your videos and pics out to the TV by default

          • bionicwaffle

            Yes, the X has MicroHDMI out. No, it doesn’t support mirroring but that may not matter for this. It was able to play video out, at least 720p.

          • Jim Foskett

            I tried doing this with my wife’s old X but couldn’t get the video to display on the TV. Maybe I missed a setting somewhere.

        • Artimis

          Are you guys all crazy or ever owned the OG Droid? The OG Droid has a USB port (no MHL capabilities) and an audio jack. Those are the only physical ports on the device.

          There is no HDMI or MHL capabilities on that phone. I would love to see some sort of documentation, youtube video, or pics to prove otherwise.

        • geedee82

          The OG Droid definitely does NOT have an HDMI port.

          • Artimis

            Thank you!

    • Robert Willis

      I was thinking the same thing. Time to google “OG Droid video output”.

    • PuttsMoBilesiCit

      Time to break out the Bionic, or might use my old Razr.

      • coh303

        Yep I’m definitely trying this out with my old Bionic

        • MacNificent

          ha. Im trying this out with the bionic I’m using as my daily driver

          • palomosan

            OG Transformer will do this trick.

    • Jeff Frost

      Aw come on. At least use velcro.