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NVIDIA SHIELD Receives 400MB Update, Fixes Audio Latency for PC Streamers


The SHIELD (review here) is finally available, with users already receiving helpful updates from NVIDIA. The newest update weighs in at around 400MB, which brings a reduction in audio latency while streaming from your GeForce-powered PC. The changelog shows nothing else, so go grab it if you haven’t already.


Reduction in audio latency for GeForce PC streaming.

Do we have any SHIELD owners here that got the update?

  • Multiboy2k

    Im buying mine today. Those Drastic videos on Youtube sold me completely.

  • Dana W

    I don’t even own a PC “So I will never use the streaming funtion” and I love this thing! I bought it for roms and emulation, and it just KILLS! Mame for Droid Reloaded runs every rom I push at full speed. I was puking sick at iPad mame. This is an emulation fans DREAM! Its worth it for that alone.

  • Josh Reichman

    Shield owner right here!

  • guest1110

    weird, i heard a lotta S H I T talking about SHield prior to release…now seems like almost everyone loves it!

  • Rob

    Did not check this morning, will have to look when I get home. Too bad I don’t have a GTX650 or better right now. Just a matter of time…

  • DanielP

    That’s one massive update for improving one thing.

    • DainLaguna

      its a pretty huge ‘thing’ they are updating though. i’m def not the target market for this, given that i lack a high end pc, but what the shield is capable of is pretty impressive

      • Dana W

        I don’t own a PC at all. But this thing is great. Then again, I bought it as a muti emulator, especially mame.