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Chromecast Gets Rooted Over the Weekend, Cat Runs Gameboy Emulator as Result


Over the weekend, many developers and Google enthusiasts got their hands on the new Chromecast. It’s a $35 HDMI dongle that streams YouTube and Netflix videos to your HDTV, but with some work, developers are looking to make it a much more intriguing machine. The folks at GTV Hacker successfully rooted the Chromecast, bringing lots of neat info surrounding the little stick into light. 

Interestingly enough, they have established that the Chromecast’s roots lie in Android and not-so-much ChromeOS’s. In fact, more of a modified Google TV release, “but with all of the Bionic / Dalvik stripped out and replaced with a single binary for Chromecast.”

After this all took place, a hacker over on Reddit was able to get a Gameboy emulator running through the device, then proceeded to allow his cat to make a demo video. If you didn’t already know, the guys at DL love cat videos.

With all of this accomplished, you can bet that the Chromecast’s future is looking pretty bright in the eyes of developers. And if you’re a developer looking to get in on the action, GTV Hacker is a good place to start.

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ViaReddit | GTV Hacker

Cheers AngryManMLS and Jason!

  • MikeSaver

    HAHA! That stupid cat!

  • Mordecaidrake

    Can’t wait until more apps start to utilize this. VLC needs to add support for their desktop clients as well as Plex.

  • Corey Foltman

    mirrorcast please…

  • raddacle

    A little off topic, but does anyone know what start page that guy was using for chrome?

    • brraaains

      Yeah. I am using the latest developer build of Google Chrome. It’s less stable but all the new stuff gets put there before the stable release.

      • raddacle

        Oh so its a WIP official, awesome!! Can’t wait to see that go official

  • chode

    so… that wasn’t a typo

  • Robert Macri

    I love mine, but can’t wait for more apps on android to be supported – like Pandora

  • Bionic

    Well it has become apparent that most of you don’t want me here. I guess you didn’t like hearing about upcoming stuff. That’s fine.

    Some of you have been cool but unfortunately the majority of you have become hostile and I even have people stealing my name now because they couldn’t accept it was taken or they had bad intentions from the get go. Does not matter I suppose.

    To those of you who were friendly I say thanks.

    I quit.

    • needa

      drama queen.

    • ABBA

      Is this comment necessary? Are you hoping people convince you to stay? Not sure but if you want to leave just leave…no need to make a dramatic exit.

    • mustbepbs

      Good riddance :)

    • QuitHating

      F*ck the haters… This is a public forum to discuss everything from news, leaks, rumors, speculation, etc… I personally never understood why everyone had to crucify you every time u said something. Don’t let it get to you. FWIW I always enjoyed ur posts.

    • http://androidforums.com/members/kwest12.html kwest12

      Not sure why there’s so much hate… seems unwarranted to me. As far as I know, you’re trying to supply DL with leaks and info about unannounced devices. That seems like a service that people would appreciate, even if sometimes the info isn’t 100% right. *shrug*

      • Galaxy S4

        Its cool, screw them. I changed my name and decided im not going to post as much. And if I do it wont often be about upcoming devices since no one appreciates it.

        If I have some holy crap news I might.

        • NOT AGAIN

          Keep the garbage out of here. If you have info to share leak it to Tim or Kellen. I’d rather see it as an article than a post from you.

        • Galaxy S4

          Oh gosh I thought you were done posting!

        • Josh C

          I honestly appreciate your info, whether it turns out to be right or wrong. You would think of all android users, the ones on this site would understand that things change and source info is shaky. Keep posting.

    • Bionlc

      Don’t worry guys, I’ll have all the good leaks, per Sarge of course

  • Justin W

    Has anyone been able to get this to turn on your device and switch the input? The switching inputs I don’t care about much (no cable/satellite TV), but I’ve yet to be able to “cast” something while my TV is off even though the device is plugged in (both HDMI and USB).

    • http://xn--wbg.com/ Michael Anthony

      You need to use the AC adapter to have it turn the tv on. The tv doesn’t provide power to the usb ports when it’s off.

      • Justin W

        Of course it wouldn’t :/ Thanks for the info, though. Lucky I’ve got a spare plug on my power strip for that!

  • timrcm


    ..that’s my useful contribution for the day. Thank you.

  • Joseph Pojunis

    “but with all of the Bionic / Dalvik stripped out”

    Can we get DL with all of the Bionic / Sarge stripped out?

    • http://www.droid-life.com/ Tim-o-tato


    • Sarge


      • Justin W

        Bi0nic and BionIc can go tho

    • Project Mayhem

      I would pay to have Bionic/Sarge stripped out! The comments are better off without them.

    • NexusMan

      Love that one, bro.

    • barbrasmith325

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  • JamesU513

    I love my Chromecast, but I just wish I could turn it off without having to unplug it.

    Music sounds awesome on my stereo system. Wish i didn’t live in an apartment :(

    • Kie

      Why do you want to turn it off out of curiosity

      • JamesU513

        because i feel like the device will last longer if it’s not on all the time….I felt the unit when i wasn’t using it and it was warm and the light was on…

  • t3chi3

    This is what technology was made for.

    • Lee

      I thought it was made for porn.

      • trixnkix637

        No that’s what the internet was made for.

        • darkone32408

          which this gives access to on any screen its plugged into more or less

      • trixnkix637

        No that’s what the internet was made for.

      • trixnkix637

        No that’s what the internet was made for.

  • Corey Hass


    @2:05 “I have been stalking an insect on the wall for the past 3 days now, all of my attempts to capture it have been thwarted. However, today on further inspection, I found out the insect was actually a thumb tack. There is no logic in this place.”

  • Bi0nic

    Need moar kitteh!

    • David Verba

      Dude, seriously get your own screen name. While I’m not exactly a huge fan of Bionic (he’s been right and wrong about a lot), at least he contributed twinge of value to most conversations. I’m all for you making your “kitteh” comments and the like, but perhaps you should make a unique screen name – maybe one that describes your personality? Like CoolGuy1, or SuperDouche69, you get the idea…..

  • mustbepbs

    That cat looks gorgeous.

    How much for the cat?

  • EC8CH

    To prove to my wife how awesome Chromecast is I cast some cat videos on Youtube from our N7 to our bedroom TV.

    Worked like a charm.

    • michael arazan

      YouTube Karma Sutra

  • Tony Byatt

    Best $35 I ever spent…

    • Taylor Abrahamson


      • Jason Downing

        Because of the netflix promotion?

        • Taylor Abrahamson

          yes. I am a netflix subscriber, and I get the next 3 months free, which saves me $24, so in three months my total cost will be $11.

          • alex drum

            you still spend 35$ thats like saying you are compareing 2 40k cars and one gets better gass millage, figuring in the gas for the life of the car and saying the car costs less than the other… no it doesn’t they both still cost 40k (chromecast 35$) you just spend less on gas (netflix).

          • nickyb

            Thanks for breaking that down for us.

          • Taylor Abrahamson

            Your analogy is wrong. In order to use a car, you must put gas in it. In order to use chromecast, you don’t need a netflix subscription. So implying that gas is to a car as netflix is to a chromecast, is just logically incorrect. The next place you went wrong is in implying that I was comparing two items, there was no caparison involved here. I was only saying that for my ONE purchase, my NET cost was $11.

          • alex drum

            you never said net before, total and net are two different words. by the way the premise of my analogy still stands. replace the words with kids and candy dont really care how you want to put it, you are still spending a total of 35$ your net cost is 11$. the two cars were buying chrome cast and the other not buying chromecast, you had two choices and you took one therefore two vehicles or really any two choices/items… you did indeed compare/have two choices. to buy or not to buy, that was the question.

          • Taylor Abrahamson

            I didn’t say “net cost” But I did say “total cost.” Total cost is an ambiguous term by itself, it could mean net cost, it could mean gross cost. I didn’t directly specify which I meant. However If you know how the English language works, you have to understand the context of the sentence in order to determine which meaning of the word should be used. Nobody cares about GROSS cost when talking about a $35 item, unless they literally don’t have $35 in their bank account. It was so obvious in every way that I was talking about NET cost. You just wanted to start an argument.

          • alex drum

            not really and if you want to split hairs my first reply didn’t even necessarily disagree with you, all i said is that you in fact did spend 35$. if anyone is argumentative and bitter its you, you have done nothing but insult me in everyone of your replies. good day angry little man.

          • alex drum

            also to add on here, i was referring to your Netflix cost as the gas cost. i typed out this very clear paragraph explaining all that and i hit post and all of a sudden it just went away so i had to retype it, thats why it wasn’t very clear because i was in a rush, in the original i stated that, in the second attempt it was up to the reader to infer that and that was my fault.

      • Tony Byatt

        My bank account says $35 so that’s what I’ll go with…

        • Taylor Abrahamson

          As of today, yes $35. But in 3 months ask me again and my net cost will have been $11.

    • EC8CH

      you just bought one?

      • Tony Byatt

        Naw…Bought on Day 1…

        • EC8CH

          no I mean, you just bought one… as in not two or three or four?


          • Tony Byatt

            Oh yeah, I only bought one…In hindsight I probably should have bought more, but I will later…

          • Ryan Hansele

            they are selling on ebay for over $50

          • Justin W

            Dam. I always miss these gold-mines.

  • geedee82

    Does anybody know workaround to play sideloaded music from a phone/tablet on chromecast?

    • TheWenger

      Upload to Google Play?

      • geedee82

        Is that a question? Yes, you can stream from Google Music.

        • Ian

          I think he means upload the sideloaded music to google music and stream from there.

          • geedee82

            Oh yeah I’ve got tons of music already on there that plays fine. But I’ve also got tons of new music that’s such a pain to upload, I figure there’s gotta be a way to do it without uploading new music every time.

          • PhoenixPath

            Can’t you still play the new music through Play Music?

            (..without uploading it)

          • geedee82

            No, I’m not able to, are you??? It wont’ let me play any local music files from Play Music on Chromecast. I just get a message that says something like “unable to play sideloaded music on chromecast”. The only way I can play music on chromecast from a phone or tablet is by playing music that has already been uploaded to Google Music. Which is just a pain in the ass because I’m always bumpin new tunes and uploading takes a while.

          • geedee82

            No, I’m not able to, are you??? It wont’ let me play any local music files from Play Music on Chromecast. I just get a message that says something like “unable to play sideloaded music on chromecast”. The only way I can play music on chromecast from a phone or tablet is by playing music that has already been uploaded to Google Music. Which is just a pain in the ass because I’m always bumpin new tunes and uploading takes a while.

          • TheWenger

            Ohhh that sucks. It’s probably only letting you play music that you bought through Google Play.

          • geedee82

            No that’s the strange part, it doesn’t have to of been bought from Google Play, it just has to of been uploaded to Google Music. I’ve never bought any music from Google, but everything I’ve uploaded to Google Music streams fine, even if illegally downloaded. So I guess I’m just gonna have to upload everything from now on.

          • chihova

            it takes seconds to upload music if you have it set up to upload automatically.

          • geedee82

            No, I’m not able to, are you??? It wont’ let me play any local music files from Play Music on Chromecast. I just get a message that says something like “unable to play sideloaded music on chromecast”. The only way I can play music on chromecast from a phone or tablet is by playing music that has already been uploaded to Google Music. Which is just a pain in the ass because I’m always bumpin new tunes and uploading takes a while.

          • KanishkSingh

            Try plex media server and you can play almost all video formats inside chrome using that. Not sure if it supports music playback inside chrome with playlist support, will have to check.

          • geedee82

            Chrome for android though? I’m able to play local music files fine through chrome on my desktop, but its in a different room than my tv/speaker system so its just not as convenient as it would be if I could play local files from my phone or tablet. And the only laptop we have is my wife’s so I don’t keep any of my music on it.

          • DaveTea

            I was playing with our Chromecast over the weekend and noticed that music I had uploaded to Google Music wont play via the Chromecast. It says ‘sideloaded music not supported’.

          • Justin W

            The Uploading program can do it automatically when you download it to your computer. I used that all the time before I signed up for All Access.

          • geedee82

            Thanks man I’ll look in to that.

  • Shane Redman

    Google’s community of developer followers never cease to amaze me…