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Google Cast Chrome Extension Now Available

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The extension needed to cast your computer’s Chrome browser to a Chromecast device is now available. This extension allows you to find and play content on your Chromecast device from your Chrome browser. Of course, you’ll need a Chromecast device, which most of you don’t have because you had to order it this morning. Anyways, get the extension installed ahead of time to make sure you can cast away from the get-go.

Chrome Extension Link

Cheers Scott!

  • donamor1

    I tried the link and on new and updated nexus 7 2 and says can’t do tab casting. What?!

  • Liderc

    I didn’t think much of this when it was announced. Went by Best Buy and picked one up, they had eight. Hard to not try something out that cost 35 bucks, plus 3 free months of netflix.

    Overall, I’m really enjoying it. I’d been thinking about running an HDMI cord to my 50” to stream movies on, and this pretty much solves the problem. As soon as some more support is added to the device, it’ll really be a very simple solution to some great features.

    So far I’ve just been using Netflix on it, and some youtube stuff, but I feel like it could get interesting if we could stream torrented movies and some other content – which I think is possible already since some people have gotten it to cast their entire desktop.

  • laiwang883


  • Ajmcnicol

    who cares. People need to realize that youtube and netflix are just the two apps ready for it RIGHT NOW..cause it JUST LAUNCHED.
    Google released an API allowing any app developer to stream stuff over.
    Soon there will be many more apps. Forget chrome browser.
    Think about the possibilities. A local file on your phone or tablet playing in a great player like MX Player..which after being updated can stream the stuff over to your tv.

    this is awesome for travel and stuff. Go to a buddies house..or in a hotel..just bring a small chromecast with you..plug it into the tv..then beam the video on your phone over.

    I can see in the next few weeks..many many apps will implement the chromecast api.

    • Ajmcnicol

      Eventually when/if someone figures out a way to do screenmirroring, an android phone will never need an MHL or minihdmi cable every again. Just get a cheap 35 dollar chromecast and beam/mirror away.

      And im pretty sure after working the kinks out, screen mirroring WILL come to it.

      • eleanore nichols

        the freecast app just out today and no charge for a short time? how long i don’t know but like you said just wait and this is the first to expand what the device is capable of. i have also used the mirroring function but to be able to go the cloud to device route is the way to get the best performance. i just got freecast and haven’t had a chance to use it yet but if i can use it tap into vid files stored in the cloud then it should work just as flawlessly streaming those files as it does w/netflix. that said i really do think especially with the way the public has taken to this device that hbogo, hulu and the other major players will soon be begging to get their own little piece of turf on the chromecast playing field.

  • JRomeo

    what if my chrome tab has some adobe flash video playing, will that chrome tab chromecast to the television? including flash video playing, and all ?

  • Name

    Ordered my chromecast yesterday, supposed to arrive tomorrow. Im real excited but a little bit concerned about privacy/security. Lets say im in a hotel for the weekend and connected to the hotel’s wifi. Everyone in the hotel has access to the wifi. Does this mean if some little s*** in the room next to me discovers my chromecast on his device, he can interupt my streaming and rick roll me all night? Or did i miss some details on options for a password etc.

    • Tyler Bowden

      Hopefully you have to enter a code that’s displayed on the screen to stream to it.

    • JB

      APIs have keys.

  • man

    cool. but awesome would be casting anything on the device to the tv…. not just chrome or certain apps.

  • Liderc

    So it’s basically a youtube streamer. Because I couldn’t like turn on a torrented movie on my desktop and have it stream to my tv right? It’s only videos that play through chrome, so you’re fairly limited.

    • Kamesen

      I think the target audience is those of us who don’t have a PC hooked up to our living room TV and cancelled cable a long time ago…

      • michael arazan

        That’s what I’m looking for, a full list of what the chromecast can do on my TV. It says has access to google play, but I’m guessing for tv shows and movies only, I don’t think they’ll allow you to stream free video content from your PC’s chrome browser to your TV even if it’s from legit sites like cbs or nbc or cw.

        Also curious if I can Play games on my phone on my TV with chromecast. My hmi/hdmi adapter broke which used to mirror my gnex on my TV. So want to know what is better and android stick or a chromecast.

        Would love a comparison between which is better an android stick or a chromecast.

    • Steve Benson

      Starting out it’s pretty limited but this thing is going to take off like wildfire.

    • eleanore nichols

      now you can the app is out today.

  • synplex
    • Kamesen

      Can you check to see if it will broadcast properly when the Chromecast is connected to the tethered wifi from your phone?

  • Kenny Griffin

    Got a Chromecast at Best Buy tonight and I freaking love it. The Chrome tabs portion needs some work though. This extension is the only part of the thing that is lacking. Lots of lag and it disconnects pretty often.

    • JRomeo

      could you chromecast a chrome browser tab which is currently playing some sort of video?

      • Kenny Griffin

        Yeah, but the video was pretty choppy for me. I’m sure this will be improved in the future though.

        • JRomeo

          mine is ordered on google play but it feels like forever before they finally ship it. when you say choppy does that mean its buffering? also can it play any adobe flash video casted from a chrome tab?

          • Kenny Griffin

            Best Buy FTW, for once. By choppy, I mean it was laggy, not buffering. And yeah, Flash video works.

  • Tony Byatt

    Even though not a tons of things were announced today, it seems and feels like today was more exciting than this year’s Google I/O…

    • AbbyZFresh

      I/O was a developer’s event. This was meant more for us consumers.

      • Tony Byatt


  • Booyabobby

    Got an email saying that Amazon has shipped my Chromecast.

  • Taylor Levesque

    Youtube and netflix apps and websites both pick up my LG google tv but the chrome extension won’t

  • ddevito

    Us Logitech Revue owners should get this thing for free with it gift wrapped along with an apology from Google.

    • cabbiebot

      any idea of what you are going to do with yours? Im wondering if just Office Spacing mine is the way to go. Or giving it a few minutes in the microwave.

      • Dretchswatter

        Google is going to update all their Google TV devices to work with Chrome cast, so keep it!

        • cabbiebot

          Just saw that too. The box is spared the sledgehammer another day, barely clinging to life and relevancy like Mick jagger.

          • Zack Juhasz

            Apparently the update is only going out to ARM based Google TV’s so the Revue won’t be getting it…

    • umer936

      Such a mistake buying that thing

      • ukjb

        i almost bought it… kinda glad i didnt now

  • Jordan Long

    does not work with logitech revue. Haven’t tried with Samsung Smart TV (not google tv) but I’m not expecting anything better.

  • j__h

    This will not work for linux will it?

    • master94

      It should if you download chrome.

  • ddevito

    So….I still won’t be able to stream content from my Android’s Gallery app to this thing?

    • thebigmann

      Hmm … since many of the pics/videos in the gallery wouldn’t be in the cloud, I would imagine not. At least not at first. I really hope they add this functionality at some point.

  • jbranchau

    anybody think of a work around for steaming local content from my Android phone or my computer using Chrome browser? only thing that is keeping me from ordering it.. i want to stream local content.. and to the chrome browser if need be

    • Mark Heddings

      Plex might work as all the content is played from your browser.

    • TJWaterskier

      If you’re talking like downloaded videos (movies/tv/etc) just drop the mp4 or whatever files right into chrome and then do mirror streaming?

    • Jason

      Thinking Subsonic would work until XBMC/Plex get things under control.

  • anezarati

    so will this work on the other chromebooks besides the pixel? i noticed that the specs for chromecast only say it works with chromeos on the pixel for now.

    • ddevito

      Correct, only the Pixel. So my iPad can use it but not my Chromebook. Thanks Google

      • Christopher Grame

        are you serious? that’s ridiculous…

        • ddevito

          Sure seems that way. Not to mention that this really isn’t the AirPlay-Killer I was hoping it would be. Sure it’s cheaper and it runs on multiple platforms, but it still won’t stream local content from my Android device (gallery app, etc) – which is stupid

          • anezarati

            to be fair it does say coming soon to others…

            “Chrome OS (Chromebook Pixel, additional Chromebooks coming soon).”

          • DroidRockets

            You claim your a “developer” in your profile.. Really? It would seem as though a developer would get behind this with great anticipation of what it can and will eventually do. I mean isn’t that what developers do – get it?

          • ddevito

            Yes, I’m a developer. Android and web, thanks.

            Relax buddy. After I absorbed it and did some homework last night I’ve come to the conclusion that this has huge POTENTIAL. Out of the box this doesn’t offer all that much outside NetFlix, YouTube, Play Store, etc bla bla bla.

            But yes, you’re right – developers will be all over this, HOWEVER – the question is – WHICH developers? The web is great and there are great web apps but it will take some time for the best web apps to be created. HTML5 and CSS give us a lot, but the web is still in it infancy. Give it some time and then this chromecast will become invaluable.

            But I believe Google’s got something up their sleeve. I truly believe this dongle will be used for their rumored TV web service. That way Google generates more $$$ – they can server better targeted video ads now, now that they will know what we watch on our TVs.

            I ordered one, so don’t get your panties in a bunch. It wll be a great device, just open your eyes a bit wider to figure out what Google wants to do with it.

          • DroidRockets

            First I’m not your buddy.. and perhaps you should have done some homework prior to posting all your previous digs at Google for what Chromecast is able or not able to do now. Your last post is a complete contradiction to everything else you posted prior to me calling you out. “just open your eyes a bit wider to figure out what Google wants to do with it.” That’s exactly what you should do.
            Ahhhh I feel better my panties are now out of a bunch..

          • ddevito

            keep in mind out-of-the box it’s still can’t compete with AirPlay for two reasons:

            1. Media playback
            2. No direct access to sound systems

          • mrwufpack

            It can compete with AirPlay, since most people don’t have Macs or iPhones :P, not to mention it’s $35 (or $11 after Netflix discount).

          • eleanore nichols

            so right just thirty five bucks, what is their to complain about? we’ve had ours about a week and finding it to be so easy to use and without any glitches at all. note currently you can also download for free and not pay the ten buck fee for freecast to use along with. just provides more options on android devices. we use chromecast mostly for netflix at this point but i have mirrored several sites so far and all worked perfectly. one thing i don’t understand is why so many are ordering theirs from middlemen like bbuy, amazon, etc. when it is thirty five no shipping fee, no sales tax and ships sooner straight from the source the google play store? i have seen several people who are commented to have paid twice the price and have been told to wait til the end of oct? two months and you spend double, why? we got ours from google play and even with the wait still wasn’t bad just ten days between placing the order and it arriving.

          • mrwufpack

            In my state they charge sales tax, although it’s not much. For me, I ordered via Amazon because I have Prime (and I ordered asap after the press conference–got it 2 days later).

            As far as waiting though, some of these people are like kids and Christmas.

  • Doan

    Is there a video of the even somewhere? I can’t find one.

    • baxiwolecexo

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      I think chromecast is just the
      name of the hardware dongle. It’s called Google Cast because you are
      “casting” the information to different devices. You wouldn’t say I’m
      chromecasting from the Netflix app to my TV.

    • Justin W

      Youtube it – a re-broadcast is available on Google’s page (the account is just Google, not Google Dev)

      • Doan

        Do you have a link? The latest video I see on Google’s page is from two weeks ago.

        • Chad

          ^^ Obviously his first day on the internet! Seriously man!!

        • Justin W

          No – sorry 🙁

          They should have it up soon, though.

  • Van Hicks

    What makes this better than something like the Roku? Just wondering, was planning on getting a Roku.

    • ddevito

      It’s cheaper – but of course requires a 2nd device to stream from. The Roku doesn’t have a browser. This solves a problem all “smart” set-top boxes have tried to solve in the past and failed miserably: it gives you your BROWSER on your HDTV.


  • violator702

    This is off topic, but does anyone know if you’d be able to use the Android browser with the Chromecast, or does it specifically have to be used with Chrome?

    • JimmyHACK

      They would have to add cast support to the aosp browser or whatever manufacturer browser your phone has for stock first.In theory any browser could use it.

  • Kisuk3

    Any idea when they may become available again or what different stores/online retailers might be selling??

    Missed the posts this morning, damn they sold out fast.

    • JimmyHACK
      • Kisuk3


      • Justin W

        I find it hilarious that Best Buy is the only one with them left…

        • master94

          Well no one goes to best buy anymore so probably why

        • Kenny Griffin

          Scored one from a store tonight. For once I actually bought something there instead of window shopping.

    • droidrazredge

      Well, I don’t know if it’s just my PC or not, as of 4:58 PM PST it says that I can add to cart for purchase on the google play store and it says nothing about being sold. You may want to check again. Says expected ship date is August 7th.

  • Xious

    I would think in order to make this ubiquitous, they need to include this in the next build of Chrome. Making it an extension will hamper it’s adoption.

  • Gabe Kiever

    So anything I am playing in Chrome I can stream to my TV through Chromecast?

    • JimmyHACK


  • JimmyHACK

    “Google Cast” whoops.. marketing didn’t send the memo on naming.

    • Xious

      The “protocol” is called Google Cast. The dongle that Google is selling is called Chromecast.

      • JimmyHACK

        protocol is named google cast, the name of the feature and service for consumers is chrome casting. So still naming error for the extension

        • Xious

          I think chromecast is just the name of the hardware dongle. It’s called Google Cast because you are “casting” the information to different devices. You wouldn’t say I’m chromecasting from the Netflix app to my TV.

  • Amon Murray

    Before everyone comments, I just wanna say that the comments on this site are HILARIOUS. You all make my day.