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“Chromecast” Added to Google Play’s Devices List, What is It?


Remember a few weeks back when we reported that Google was working on an ultra-affordable Chrome dongle for TVs or displays called the Chromekey? At the time, we thought Chromekey would be the device name and that you would be able to “CAST” your Chrome browser from desktop or mobile Chrome browser to any display to have a bigger browsing experience. Well, according to Google Play support docs, that device appears to have been renamed to Chromecast.

The Chromecast device showed up moments ago through support pages, but it currently redirects to a broken link.

We made a prediction on last week’s DL Show that we would see the Chromekey at tomorrow’s breakfast event with Sundar, and that may be spot on. For this device to show in the official supported devices list, an announcement must be imminent.

To read our entire report on the Chromecast, hit up this link.

Via: Google Support [2]

Note:  We had made an adjustment to the story last night to include screenshots from a supposed Google Play rep mentioning that Chromecast was some sort of TV service, but have since removed that. Our original report was spot on. That rep was clearly confused.

  • Does anybody know if the chromecast has WiFi built in or does my TV need WiFi?

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    WTF google. Why can’t this thing have 5ghz. Apartment dwellers are screwed by this.

  • Hunter Richardson

    Whatever it is/was, it’s gone now. Hopefully it will return.

  • Zach B.
  • CapnShiner

    If it’s something you have to pay for, Chromecast sounds more like a subscription service than a product feature. I don’t think it is their version of AirPlay or Miracast, although it may use similar technology in its implementation. My guess is that it will be some kind of set top box or dongle that is used to deliver TV content for Google Fiber customers. It may work with the Chrome browser or possibly on Chromebooks. Maybe it is the future of the Nexus Q.

  • t

    Could chromecast be a tv service partnership with comcast?

    • Fresh360

      Sweet Baby Geezus NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  • James Hill

    I was thinking, V-Cast right away.

  • XF1ber

    Nice Social engineering skills!

  • victorvics

    I hope it has miracast too. then N4,Droids and other complaint phones can share screen.

  • NorCalGuy

    Real multi displays?? Lol just when the new nexus 7 will finally have the video out option I can now hopefully get a dongle. I just want to have a dongle hanging from my TV:p

  • Miguel Ripoll

    It looks awesome but I’d like to know if you can browse the internet like Google TV, but cheaper.

    • CapnShiner

      What looks awesome, exactly? All we’ve seen is a name.

      • Miguel Ripoll

        True, my fault, Google rumors always become real, but still not clear what it does so much yet, streaming videos looks something that you can do yourself using a Raspberry.

  • Craig S.

    Wouldn’t this be something coming to current second gen Google TV’s via a firmware update aswell? If all it’s doing is basically AirPlay-like streaming and mirroring, then I would think the current second gen Google TV’s should be more than capable of doing this via a firmware update… Is this Google’s very own implementation of the Mira-Cast standard?

    • Would make a lot of sense. I think the point of this is to be a really affordable option.

  • thedonxr

    I want to be able to cut out the cable company so I don’t get raped by the monthly bill, if chromecast helps in any way I’m down.

  • Dan

    finna drop mad money on the nexus 7, chromecast and a new phone (still undecided). Damn you google.

    • Adam Neighbors

      All 3. 😀

      • michael arazan

        Why hasn’t Google mad a nexus stick to plug into your hdtv with a controller and keyboard, think they would of done this by now especially to get people to use Google Play more and make purchases. Its cheaper than any device and almost everybody has an HDTV now

      • abby725

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