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Verizon’s Moto X Variant Poses for First Picture


There she is, folks. That is your first look at the Moto X variant headed to Verizon. No details have accompanied the photo, but we can clearly see Big Red’s “4G LTE” logo in the notification bar, along with a phone design that matches up to previous leaks. The phone pictured appears to be running stock Android or at least a version that is extremely close to stock Android. We’re looking at the stock icons, coupled with on-screen navigation keys. Most importantly though, the screen takes up almost the entire front of the device and is most definitely edge-to-edge with little chin or forehead. 

Clearly this is a test device, hence the “MOTOROLA CONFIDENTIAL PROPERTY” and “NOT FOR SALE” tagged across the top and bottom. The circular Motorola logo in the top left is also typically used on test devices rather than retail units. So when this phone launches, it could be almost brand-less outside of the little Motorola batwing that should be inserted into the indention on the back side.

And remember, this device won’t be a DROID in the sense that the ULTRA and MAXX will be. This is Motorola and Google’s baby that will be a flagship across all carriers.

To catch all of the latest in our most recent recap of the Moto X, you’ll want to check out this post.

So, what do you guys think?

Via:  +Android Central

  • Zeromus2003

    You must be using the wrong ROM…. I have 0 lag on Liquid Smooth 2.8. Its the best ROM I’ve ever used on my Vzw Gnex.

  • Eric Whitaker

    I don’t care about hardware that much anymore.. all I need is a phone that is optimized for stock android

  • master94

    Not related to VZW but here is a video of the Moto X in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VniCfj9QKTI

  • juanjeremy2012

    that phone has last years specs. i cant imagine what they could do to make that an attractive phone other than to sell it cheaply and direct. most high end phones from that last year like the gs3 have better specs than than and this years phones blow moto x away before its even out of the harbor. its hardly an upgrade from my razr m.

  • CrazyAzzCracker

    It looks like a Samsung

    • ToddAwesome

      And the Nexus 4 looks like the Galaxy Nexus.

  • S R

    Looks like any other device from here, nothing to write home about. I’m guessing the selling points will be added productivity software/ bloatware to revolutionise Motorola’s brand, the leaked specs are absolutely atrocious on this phone, so that still leaves me wondering…WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE MOTO X THAT WILL STAND OUT AGAINST THE COMPETITION???

  • bananatroll

    OK so it looks like the sprint version has a standard black navigation bar, while the big red version has the motoblur transparent navigation bar? I wonder if Verizon made them do that?

  • dannydarko

    Verizon will ruin the sweet shell with logos I’m sure.

    • Dan Rucker

      The branding will be identical to Galaxy Nexus. No logo on the front but will have one on the back. But remember that this probably will only apply if you get it from Verizon directly. If through Google Play it should be logo less beside moto logo.

      • bananatroll

        Lol I wonder if it tastes like cocoa puffs? From the pictures I’ve seen there won’t be a logo anywhere on the device.

  • master94

    Verizon must be so angry that it can’t plaster its ugly logo all over the moto x. Way to go Google for putting vzw where it belongs. No where on a device but its sim slot.

  • chris125

    It’s not a flagship if the mid range specs are true.

  • jim

    looks like my Galaxy Nexus

  • bananatroll

    Why is nav bar transparent? Looks like leftovers from moto blur

  • chris420o

    i really hope this device is not 5-600 off contract…and i do hope the development is through the roof on this hopefully bad boy…bc if it is…regardless of specs i might have to be there

  • Ha Ha Ha


  • XboxOne

    That looks incredible!

  • XvierX

    Has anyone noticed in the leaked video that when the phone is tilted the reflection of the light appears to reveal a slight curvature in the glass that appears to be convex like. It reminds me of the screen on the N4, only the curve begins closer to the center of the screen.

    I’m using a note 2 currently, primarily due to it’s superb performance however I owned a Razr Maxx HD prior to purchasing it. I miss the size of the HD and this looks like it would be so comfortable in hand. I’m really hoping moto brings it this time around. If it performs as well as my note 2 I won’t hesitate running back to moto, even if it IS only 720p. I can’t wait to play with it at the store so I can finally decide!!!

  • Gnex

    Just launch the damn phone, Motorola.

  • Dan Rucker

    Do you think that they will make “bumper” cases? That way you can show off the multiple back options?

    • chris420o

      this is my hope def…im hoping bc google did this with the n4…im allll about bumper cases i like seeing my full phone

  • klone

    I can only think of 1 device I’m excited to see, and thats the Next Nexus. I’m still on the GNex but its time to upgrade. I can deal with decent battery life but the think for me is Android 5.0 We all know when KLP comes out itll be on the next device and i need to be one of the few people to own it. I know Klp might be buggy but in the early days of flashing roms how many of us did it just for the fact that it had improvments?

    • Dan Rucker

      I’m still on the GNEX as well running CM 10.1. For some reason its starting to get sluggish, which is starting to really bug me. I think Google kinda has killed the Nexus program. They may still make phones, but stock android is probably going to be on everything here soon. Nexus program is only to show manufacturers what Google thinks is the right form factor to make, which they don’t pay any attention to thats why we still have hardware buttons and capacitive buttons on just about every phone.

  • Radgatt

    Where is the notification light on this thing? I actually like the notification light on the droid HD phones. Is the notification light to the left a lil at the bottom of this phone?

    • Dan Rucker

      There probably isn’t a notification light. Unless they took the design from the Galaxy Nexus and it’s still on the bottom.

  • jer85008

    Any confirmation on screen size? Is it 4.3 or 4.5″?

  • Tobi De la Cuz

    Big forehead…. little chin… Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the lebron james of smartphones

    • Eric

      Yeah, I noticed that too looks really weird…

  • Liderc

    Random question, anyone else with a Galaxy Nexus who just updated the Navigation app having problems? My Navigation UI has changed and it’s saying no network connection and forces me to choose a starting point, and then a location, but still doesn’t work. Why did they change this? Nav was perfect.

    • Dan Rucker

      Better off using Google Maps

  • note2owner

    From all the leaked pics especially the ones with Eric S this phone looks way to small and it doesn’t appear to be the thinest with that curved back. I’m very sceptical about this device

  • Tylar Overturf

    Most over-hyped phone ever!

    • King Lo

      iPhone 4

  • WickedToby741

    Verizon just couldn’t leave the 4G logo alone, could they? I bet it will take them a few extra months to “test” this with every update.

  • bos