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Here is the Front and Back of the Motorola DROID ULTRA, Verizon’s Next DROID


The Motorola leaks continue to pour in today after seeing their new DROID lineup leak for the first time over the holiday weekend. This time, we’ve got the front and back press render of the DROID ULTRA, once again courtesy of @evleaks. We had previously seen the ULTRA in white, but earlier reports indicated that the phone would also come in red, black (pictured above), and as a MAXX variant, with what we would assume to be a bigger battery. In this new render, we are getting the first look at the kevlar wrapped back, camera, and branding.Β 

The first thing that stands out is the subtle Motorola logo, along with the words “DROID” and “Verizon.” It doesn’t actually say “Motorola” or “4G LTE” anywhere, though it’s guaranteed to work on Big Red’s LTE network. The camera housing shows a top-centered lens with flash set to the left. The camera may also be surrounded by a speaker, however, it’s tough to tell from this photo.

The camera may end up as a 10MP shooter with an extra “C” sensor that should help “establish white balance and exposure” to create better photos no matter what your environment is, at least according to @evleaks.Β He also guesses that the phone will sport a 5″ 1080p display and run a Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM.

On the front, we get a third confirmation that these new DROID phones (not the Moto X) will use hardware capacitive navigation buttons rather than on-screen keys.

I have to admit that it seems a bit odd that Verizon is going to release an entire new DROID line of phones made by Motorola (DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini), but also bring us the Moto X sans DROID branding. Why does Verizon need four Motorola phones in its lineup at the same time?

For those keeping track, here are the model numbers of Moto’s new Verizon phones:

  • XT1080 – DROID ULTRA
  • XT1080W – DROID ULTRA (in white)
  • XT1080R – DROID ULTRA (in red)
  • XT1080M – DROID MAXX
  • XT1060 – Moto X
  • XT1030 – DROID Mini

Via: Β Unlockr

  • dhinged

    Why’s there no menu or search button? Looks like a lot of wasted space down there at the bottom.

  • Big Daddy

    f**k verizon and there late phone arrivals and updates.

  • chris420o

    i actually like how it looks…but more excited for the x

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    That model number XT-1080M gives good hope for a FullHD 1080p display in them (except X and Mini)…

  • Liderc

    Gah, I know I sound like a broken record but this company and its hideous phones is worrisome.

    It’s so odd that we can’t get a company that produces quality materials/radios like Moto along with some great design cues from HTC/Samsung. It’s like some sick joke that fks us over, is it that much to ask to have solid quality with great design?

    • KDC

      design cues from HTC I agree but Samsung hell no all their phones look the same.

  • chimp98

    It’s the SAME design year after year for these Droid, Kevlar back, Verizon phones! I don’t see any innovations from Motorola but the same rehashed look! Whoever said this looks better than the HTC One is smoking something!

    • chimp98

      Oh and don’t forget that they’re always 6 months behind on the technology curve! 1080 screen?!? 5″ screen? You’re a little late to the game Moto & Verizon.

      • deadpenguins

        So, by that logic, you want phones to increase in size and resolution FOREVER? Soon to be announced in 2020: 13″ 4k resolution phones! /s

        • chimp98

          That’s not my point! Moto is always behind the curve on the latest innovations and brings nothing new to their ‘latest’ hardware. What’s being offered on this handset that’s not on the current flagships that’s already on the market for the last 3 months?!? A new Kevlar pattern?

          • KDC

            umm late to the game I agree on that cause the Droid Razr HD came with the same specs as the S3 which came out and may and the HD came out in October.But the Droid ultra is expected to come out with the snapdragon 800 which neither the s4 or the HTC one is using so they kinda are ahead of the game if it comes out at the same time as the Moto X

    • Liderc

      No kidding, this kevlar has to go. PLEASE VERIZON/MOTO IF YOU’RE LISTENING, LOSE THE KEVLAR. I’m screaming in caps for christ sakes.

  • bananatroll

    i wonder if it will have motoblur

  • Interesting. Lots of choices coming and I’m not sure any of them matter.

  • joejoe5709

    Motorola has me so lost these days. I’m usually on track with new phones coming out, but this has gotten crazy. They all look the same and they have very similar names. How many new “Droids” do we have coming? Just tell me when the new “Hero” phone or the new Nexus comes out. Otherwise, I can’t keep track of all this.

  • Alexander Garcia

    I’m actually diggin’ this black one. The white one looks fugly as hell, but the black one actually looks nice. I like the rugged industrial design of Moto. This’ll probably be the last of ’em now that the new Moto X looks very Googley and Nexus-y.

  • Alan Paone

    I like the tiny bezel up top, reminds me of the atrix. I like the giant camera lens, there is hope that this won’t be the worst. The lack of on-screen buttons is a crime.

  • chris

    Upgrades at the end of August and my options are going to be a 6 month old phone (htc one), a huge phone (note 3), or a bloated phone (droid ultra). The moto x isnt doing it spec wise for me. The Htc One Max will probably never come to vzw, as well as the Optimus G2. I’m half tempted to just sit on my upgrade til the S5.

  • Chris Schmucker

    That back speaker is gonna be horrible from the looks of it.

    • Vanquishgc

      Don’t be so sure, the Razr HD speakers were pretty damn loud. I thought my Note 2 speakers would suck because of how small they look and the placement. Nope, Loud as hell.

  • bigdav1178

    Why does Verizon need four, very similar Motorola phones in its lineup at the same time? Why couldn’t they have made one of these phones with a hardware keyboard, rather than three versions of the Ultra in addition to the Moto X? That’s my question. I still wait for something to upgrade my Droid 4 to. (And don’t go there about Swype, etc – soft keyboards may be fine the majority of time, but there are uses where they just don’t cut it.)

    • Blackberry Z10, bro. Have fun.

      • bigdav1178

        You mean Q10? Z10 is a slab as well. I’ve been an Android fan since before the G1 released – back when most people hadn’t even heard of “Android” – but don’t think I haven’t considered jumping ship. Choice isn’t really choice, when all the choices are just about the same thing.

    • hkklife

      I’m with you on that one but I too think we have seen the final high-end QWERTY device. Maybe Samsung will surprise with a Stratosphere 3 with specs similar to the GS3 but that’s unlikely at this point. What a shame, as the Photon Q on Sprint was definitely a step in the right direction. I’d love to see a 4.5″ 720p screen, Maxx-size battery, and 16 or 32Gb of storage attached to the Q or Droid 4’s keyboard

      • bigdav1178

        In total agreement with everything you said there. Very disappointing and frustrating.

  • csd

    I guess its safe to say there will be no more physical keyboard phones from motorola, looks like the days of typing 70wpm without looking at the phone are gone

    • bigdav1178

      Yeah, I don’t think we’ll see another since Google took over.

    • Molrok8k

      I want my physical keyboard!

  • shecalledmejay

    I do like how the camera looks like a droid eye

    • ToddAwesome

      And by droid eye you mean every cell phone camera, ever?

  • LiterofCola

    Geez, these specs look better than the Moto X. Hmmmm…

  • Weber

    What’s Sarge got to say about all of this?

    • I-Troll-U

      You wanna hear more hot air?

      • Weber

        Most of anything I read surrounding this phone is hot air, so, why the hell not at this point? I’m only surprised no one’s said this phone will make you a grilled cheese sandwich using its GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH SENSOR!

        • I-Troll-U


  • Bionic_Pags

    So glad i bought my S4 and didn’t hold out for these same old Droid branded Verizon Moto phones… maybe once they get rid of all this crap in the old pipeline we’ll see the New moto from Google… In late 2014, maybe i’ll jump back on board the Motorola bandwagon. I also hope that Moto’s contract is up with Verizon, because they are dragging them down with every release… The exception might be the RAZR MAXX HD, but that should have been the only one…

  • I really like the design of the back. The camera placement looks nice.

    • LionStone

      Yes, and the ROUND bezel around a ROUND lens looks great! They got it right this time.

  • OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG FINALLY! I can upgrade from my Razr Maxx. OMG this phone is amazing.

  • Rene Barba

    No 4G LTE? Or it’s just hasn’t been printed on the phone yet.

    • deadpenguins

      Either hasn’t been printed, or won’t be printed. No phone on vzw has come without LTE in at least a year.

    • Vanquishgc

      They stopped making 3G only phones a year ago. The LG Enlighten was the last one. Or the Samsung Illusion. One of those, I can’t remember.

      • Rene Barba

        Gotcha, guess they just haven’t put it on the device yet.

  • zurginator

    Definitely not the legitimate press shots, although they could be the legitimate design.

    A simple bevel/emboss is used on the front shot for the camera/speaker, the cap buttons aren’t centered, there is the crappy 2D ‘gloss’ gradient on the back (no previous moto press shot has used it), it ignores the… grille? which can be identified as glossy thanks to another simple bevel/emboss.

    Other objectionable details include the 3-hole thing at the bottom of the back (not large enough to properly vent a speaker, and the mic is up front), The crappy ‘stock image’ CF (all previous moto devices have used the same CF stock), and once again that god-awful gloss layer.

    Moto can and has always done better.

  • Knlegend1

    All these phones why? The only one worth getting would be the maxx I think.

  • Trueblue711

    Normally I’d dismiss this in favor of the Moto X, but sadly according to the latest leaks, this phone is better than the Moto X in terms of specs. I’m almost thinking the design is better too (one VZ and Moto logo on the whole phone?! You don’t say!)

    • Vanquishgc

      If you’re a spec guy, I think you’re right. This has more attractive hardware. 5″ display, 2 GB RAM, Quad core, 1080p, 10mp camera…..Yeah it’s right there with the S4 actually minus a couple megapixels in the camera, but whatever. We still don’t know everything the Moto X will have to offer, but just from leaks, I’m with you. Still interested in the final product though….

  • deadpenguins

    Why is it shiny? Guys………. why is the back so shiny? Please just be the render effect….

  • DCABuckeye

    Folks, let the Verizon bashing go. We get it; you hate Verizon; you hate the logo; you hate “Droid;” you hate the lack of perceived choice. Just leave already. Verizon hasn’t slapped a logo on the front of any phone or smartphone I’ve owned and I see no problem with the logo on the backside. I have terrific coverage and I have a choice to keep my unlimited if I desire; they don’t “owe” me anything. Would I like quicker updates and more choice? Yes. But it is simply the best network. Battery life is the single most important factor to me in considering my next phone to replace my GNEX on Aug 15 if I decide to contract. Verizon has a ton of us coming up for early renewal on Aug 15; they will have plenty of choices for us. Bring me this MAXX in red and I’m sold. Others are free to chose another carrier and device. Then complain about them.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      An Ultra Maxx in red would be my next if this is true. 5″ 1080p, massive battery, and an 800 for S&G’s??? /droooool Who gives a crap if it has some branding on the back that is actually mildly tasteful, and at least not godawful like a logo on the only hardware key (I’m looking at you, Note 2).

      • Vanquishgc

        Yeah I hate that on mine…..

    • Alex S

      Remember it’s more than just the logo on the back… people want unlocked phones!

      • LiterofCola

        Not everybody cares

    • scarshapedstar

      “Verizon hasn’t slapped a logo on the front of any phone or smartphone I’ve owned”

      Okay, well they slapped one on the front of my OG Incredible.

  • Dave

    Not sure what’s so odd or confusing.

    Moto X = Motorola’s new flagship device for all carriers.

    Droid Ultra (and related models) = Verizon’s flagship line from the Jha days.

    I’m betting the Moto X, with it’s purported customization selling point, will require a heavy online presence. Thus customers will be able to select their carriers when they order a Moto X device. No need for carriers to stock them in store or to even advertise them.

    It seems to me Verizon is starting to lose their grip on Motorola as their exclsuive partner. Perhaps their contract is about to expire and the only way they could get Googorola to continue making Droid phones, which are still lucrative for Verizon, is to allow Moto X on their network. Speculation, of course, but would be the only reason I can think of for Verizon to head down this road.

    • Larizard

      +1 for “Googorola”

  • geedee82

    Seriously, these specs should be in the flagship X phone…not the ugly bloated locked down carrier exclusive phone.

  • Steve Benson

    Droid Ultra my ass. This is the Droid Abomination. Verizon, continuing its quest to destroy the Droid brand.

    • TylerChappell

      Let them destroy it. I hate knowing that my Droid DNA gets its name through licensing from fatass George Lucas.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Captive buttons and same tired Verizon design I’ll pass

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      “Verizon design”. Someone finally gets that this design is not being pushed by Motorola anymore, but has been taken over by Verizon. They even dropped the Razr naming, most likely because it is a trademark of Motorola, and Motorola is trying to distance themselves from the Droid line to make their own marketing/branding push.

      • bananatroll

        I wonder if Verizon is taking an even larger role in the DROID line up. Maybe they have purchased the rights to it wholesale, and they will be dealing with software/hardware support from now on while Moto merrily manufactures them on order exclusively for verizon.

        Basically I’m throwing the assumption that DROID is 100% verizon owned and operated now. Motorola is moving on from marketing these devices, thusly removing all their branding to a minumum.

        At the same time they build their new Google portfolio under Mountain View’s guidance and pampering to form this new motorola we keep hearing about.

        Any thoughts?

  • schoat333

    looks good but they should have swapped the back and recent buttons. With a 5″ screen, the back button needs to be on the right for those of us with stubby thumbs.

    • scarshapedstar

      Or they could just use software buttons that can be customized through the ROM… ugggggggggggg, wtf, Verizon.

  • Artune

    Great specs overall but I’m sorry there’s no way I’m going back to capacitive navigation buttons. Soft keys are the present and future.

    • bananatroll


      • hkklife

        Personally, I prefer clicky physical buttons like the classic Droid X or the GS4 Active since they give tactile feedback, can wake the device up or easily be double-clicked or held to bring up Google Now, are hard to press by accident AND don’t steal any screen real estate. The best of all worlds!

    • Morlok8k

      I prefer capacitive nav keys – more screen real estate…

  • loony2nz

    So waiting for the release of this and/or the Moto X. I’m ready to sunset my VZW GNex. Good phone for the time, but time marches on.

    I tried the HTC One on T-Mobile. Nice phone, but T-Mobile has some catching up to do with the coverage (even here in San Francisco I couldn’t get a signal in a bar where my friends on AT&T and VZW had full bars).

    I’ll have to get either one of these bad-boys on full contract to keep my unlimited. sigh.

  • Sequence of Sound…

    the new Droid line (Ultra, Maxx, and M) can be looked at as one entity and the Moto X line can be looked at as another entity.

    it does seem weird that they are putting out so many phones at once. maybe they are still milking the well-known Droid branding, just in case the Moto X branding doesn’t perform well in sales. maybe later on the Moto X branding can replace the Droid branding, thus promoting the new image that Motorola wants to market.

    it’s going to be hard to wait for the new Nexus, but if patterns continue, there won’t be a Nexus Five on Verizon. πŸ™

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I agree with the separate lines, but I have a feeling that it is more about contract fulfillment than any branding issues. Verizon wants Motorola-built Droid devices, Motorola obliges but has all but removed their branding, even dropping the Razr trademark. Motorola will be marketing their Moto X heavily, and not having a “Moto X” on Verizon would be a huge mistake. Hence, while Motorola builds and maintains the new Droids, their marketing & branding will be spent on the Moto X, while Verizon pushes the Droids on their own like they have been for years.

  • James J. Brown II

    I certainly hope these specs hold true! Those specs and Droid branding may finally give Sammy something other than a moldy old fruit to worry about πŸ™‚

  • brucegolfnut

    any SWAG when it could be released? My upgrade is coming in 2 weeks and for now want the GS4 32GB after a D2 and RAZR? Love the Moto build quality and never had a Samsung before…

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    If you notice, the only thing that indicates these are Motorola devices is the subtle logo on the back. I think that Motorola has simply changed to making high-end stock devices for Verizon (like Pantech makes for the low end), and that is all. Hence, these are phones Verizon wants as its Droid flagships, and they have Motorola simply design & build these to their specs. That explains why they would drop the Razr epithet that Motorola owns. However, Motorola as a company is going a completely new direction with their self-branded devices, so they will release their fully self-branded Moto X on Verizon as well.

    As for the HTC One, it is still a solid device and will remain so until it stops selling ala the DNA. The timing of the release makes no difference to Verizon customers, who will simply have a new option that didn’t exist prior. Verizon usually doesn’t have a big summer phone release, as they use that time to liquidate their inventory for the fall flagships, typically of their Droid line. The Galaxy line isn’t usually marketed terribly well even if it is the most powerful device currently on their network, as the older Droid devices tend to increase Verizon’s brand recognition since they are Verizon exclusives.

  • Eric

    So let me get this right… Moto started removing capacitive and physical home buttons and now they are gonna release one with capacitive? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Greg Morgan

      One Step forward, two steps back…

    • Zach Armstrong

      Verizon probably wanted the captive buttons So that’s why they went with them instead of the on screen ones

  • user01

    I am eager to get all the specs & measurements. I am not liking that wrapped-up lip of kevlar but it’s possible it comes of differently in person than in the pics.

    If moto can address this blur framework stuff & verify that tuning down the support/privacy settings actually does anything then this could be my next phone (even tho i’m in the on-screen buttons camp)

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    Any word on display tech? Their amoled display was way subpar to me. I’d love if they switched to an LCD. preferably an IPS display

  • Finire

    Why, after all this time, do we still have actual buttons.

  • I tried to blow it up and then sharpen and it’s just too blurry to tell.

    • Finire

      Oh the irony.

    • Weber

      You could never play a law enforcement agent on TV.

  • realfoxm

    I’m not buying unless they slap a Verizon logo on the front. I pay good money for my plan every month, I want people to know what carrier I’m on.

    • realfoxm

      I sarcasm’d so hard

    • Weber

      *slow clap*

      • steve30x

        Golf course claps.

        • michael arazan

          Penicillin for all the clap

    • LiterofCola

      For some reason this actually made me laugh.

    • bigachx

      Omg I died laughing! that was a great delivery! πŸ˜€

    • feztheforeigner

      Don’t worry we get an extra DROID brand on the back

  • NexusPhan69

    I hate this. I hate the Kevlar. I hate that massive chin. I hate those hardware navigation buttons. After all this time. After all they’ve said about moving forward. This is what we get? This has to be a joke.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      No, this is what Verizon wants, so Motorola is designing and building it for them. Sales are sales. I doubt Motorola will be spearheading the marketing for these, or even have them for sale on their own website. That said, this design is an obvious evolution of the Razr M, and I personally think it looks rather nice.

      Motorola as a brand is moving forward with the Moto X, hence the fact that the Moto X will be on Verizon in addition to these Ultra devices, which have very very subtle Motorola branding, even going so far as to remove the Motorola-owned Razr naming.

  • Nideda24


  • Ayyy

    This makes my Razr HD MAXX look like an OG Droid….@@

  • DJ SPY

    I want!!

  • MichaelFranz

    this seems like a flagship device….i agree with some comments, why is this not moto X or that hero device moto has bene talkng about. or is this still remnants of the old pipeline…

  • Matt

    “yet they STRIVE to release 3 phones of the SAME OLD tired Moto designs?”

    My first thought exactly.

  • Butters619

    Side Note: The reason Verizon needs 4 Motorola phones is because the new Motoroogle wants to clear those Verizon contract obligations ASAP. They owe Verizon 3 more Droid branded phones, of which I bet Motorola will pay for absolutely nothing for advertising.

    Motorola has their X-series going forward and will be investing their time and ad money there. I’m sure Verizon knows this and didn’t want to miss out on that either.

  • beng8686

    Looks like a really nice well built phone to me. Screw the HTC one.

  • Butters619

    Well……there will always be cases…

  • Robert Macri

    Is the Ultra and Maxx the same phone, but the MAXX has a bigger battery?

    • Exactly. Just like last year’s RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD.

      • Guest

        You could never play any sort of law enforcement agent on TV.

    • duke69111

      I was wondering that myself.

  • fillyo75

    this could be my next phone

  • dtraini30

    Droid Life, can you please make a big, up to date, post about all these different Moto rumors? My brain hurts :p

    • Let me think about a good way to do that heh.

      • dtraini30

        Thank you sir! Maybe something like the Ice Cream Sandiwch Update list? With the articles separated by rumored names of the phones? Just an idea, thanks again! πŸ™‚

      • Alex

        and please keep the Moto X news flowing! Haven’t been this excited about a phone since the gnex..

        • Rojo623

          had an exclusive chance to play with the X-phone this weekend. Very sleek and nice phone. Has a couple new features like the – always on or aware – function.
          Not a spec beast like the One or GS4 though.

      • Honestly, I’m still confused as to whether or not the Moto X and the “xfon” that went through FCC testing is one and the same? I’m sure one of you correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the “xfon” is the mid-range spec phone exchange while the Moto X is going to be a “hero” device? So confusing

    • Weber

      I was thinking the same thing. The supposed specs on this one now throws me off.

      • hkklife

        Yep, 5″ 1080P is really something I was NOT expecting. I personally have no problem with the Droid branding, the “new” MotoBlur, no problems with the Kevlar/aesthetics etc.

        I just want a 5″ 1080P phone on VZW with a good camera, plenty of storage (32Gb +) and BETTER battery life, build and reception than Samsung offers. That is all! Even if these are old pipleline Jha-era leftovers, they may offer enough of an improvement over the RAZR HD line to get me to upgrade.

        I am still very, very skeptical of Snapdragon 600 or 800 innards , however. I think these suckers will be comparable to the Droid DNA and be S4 Pro-based, given Moto’s laggardly development and release cycle and their limited purchasing power.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          I question “limited purchasing power”. If they skip the 600, they could very well have been first in line for the 800 chipsets. Qualcomm will sell the chips to whoever wants them, and if Samsung and HTC don’t/won’t have new devices utilizing it rolling off the lines when Qualcomm has the chips ready to ship, they will sell them to someone who is ready for them, in this case Motorola. Then they will work in shipments to all their customers to meet demand, at times indeed prioritizing some over others. But if their supply meets the demand curve for all their contracts, they will ship them proportionally based on total sales and contracted ship dates.

          • hkklife

            Good point. So whereas Moto was late to the Snapdragon S4 party last year (and, IMO, lost a ton of sales by being sandwiched between the Galaxy S3 juggernaut in the early summer and the Note 2/DNA of the holidays) this year their delayed release schedule may serve them well. If there’s anyone I trust for solid leaks and info, it’s Evleaks.
            P.S. So nice to see intelligent discussion on DL for a change.

        • Dave

          Same here. Our house has a 1.6 Exynos GN2, 1.5 s4pro DNA, and a 1.9 SD600 GS4. Side by side by side, these devices run nearly identical from page to page as we’ve tested. Battery life is much better on the GN2, not just due to the battery size, and the DNA gets about the same battery life as the Snapdragon 600, when you factor out battery size. I’ve heard the SD800 is a tad faster, but much hungrier on battery, but has some cool voice recognition built into it. The main thing I took away from this is that benchmarks don’t mean as much in the real world as on paper

          • hkklife

            Interesting about the 800 being more power-hungry. I hadn’t read that but it’s entirely possible. I do know that for my purposes, the S4 Pro is fast enough for 99% of non-1080P gaming tasks and the 600 seems to really be more than fast enough for anything I could throw at it on a daily basis. Heck, my GS3 S4 still seems totally sufficient when Touchwiz isn’t choking it. I think we have reached the point of diminishing returns of performance on Android (accepting the fact that some lag is inevitable). I’m more concerned with battery life, reception, I/O performance, storage and camera performance than outright benchmark scores.

          • Dave

            My point exactly. I’m not going to trash my car when the new model has 4 more HP. I’ve taken a step back and realized my device [GN2] does all I need with great performance and excellent , better than my old razr MaXX battery life. I’m content.

  • There’s an extra sensor on the front!

  • But does that mean no sensors like Moto X?

    • It’s going to be hard not to get the better spec’d phone over the mid-range Moto X. Price isn’t going to matter since they should be priced the same. I’m just a little confused by Motorola’s plans.

  • Anonymous

    Motorola finally made a high-end phone. Very high-end indeed.