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Falcon Pro Developer Finds Loophole Allowing New Users, Offers App for Free


There has been plenty of curiosity surrounding Falcon Pro and the app’s apparent “shut down” from Twitter. Hitting the token limit for a second time, the developer is still quite intent on making users happy, recently launching a new site and secret method for new users to login without a token.

From getfalcon.pro, you can download the Falcon Pro application and any new updates to the app for free, then sideload it onto your device. From there, if you already have a token, all you need to do is simply login and enjoy. If you don’t have a token, the developer claims there is a secret way of accessing the app, but again, it’s a secret. 

If you don’t own a token, there’s still a way to log in… but you have to find it. I want to see how long it’ll take you to unlock the hidden feature. Make sure to let me know your findings, let the experiment begin 🙂

After playing with the app, I almost have it unlocked, but I think there is a special pattern that I can’t figure out yet. I’ll need your help, folks. After hitting the Falcon logo, tap the corners of the screen to make colors appear. This must be some type of combination. Let’s crack the puzzle together!

Falcon Puzzle

If you find out how to login, be sure to post it down in the comments so everyone else can start using the app as well.

Via: +Joaquim Verges


  • cory

    I’ve followed everything to the T and still getting the time/date error! Can anyone help?

  • Äbdul Hasêêb

    That worked great with no errors what so ever 🙂 Thanks

  • Android User

    I managed to login but then the app suddenly closes. I can’t open it now. What can be the problem? And is there any solution for this? Thank you!

  • mpmax

    I FINALLY got it to work after about an hour! Followed all the steps but was copying and pasting my key and secret…and somehow one or the other screwed up…Anyway…love the app…no crashes..all is well.

  • Michael Nash

    This may be a stupid question, but does this mean the app from the Play Store will not receive any more updates?

  • BDWilliams85

    Worked for me but what exactly are tokens?

    • Armus

      Tokens are digital codes, really big numbers assigned like a user name and password. Twitter implemented a policy that any app could only issue 100,000 tokens. This means only 100,000 people could use that app. I’m not sure if it’s per app or per account actually. Still, that is very limiting. The obvious reason is to make sure no app dominates the market over presumably their app. Someone really should sue. This work around makes you officially an app developer, even though you are actually using Falcon. Twitter thinks it’s your app so it gives you a token and actually 100,000. Nice huh. And you didn’t even have to write one piece of code.

  • Armus

    Fought this for two hours and finally got it loaded – only to have it crash on opening. What a disappointment. I’m not wanting to fight it anymore so I’m just loading my backup version and hope the next version is better

    • Michael

      Same thing here. Crashes on opening. I thought I was the only one ugh. Please help D:

    • Baegus

      If this happens, you probably have Lucky Patcher installed on your device. Uninstall it and Falcon should work!

  • Kevin Guinn

    It worked!

  • Dbagjones

    Followed instructions to a ‘T’ and getting time/date error. Tried several times now with no luck. It worked the very first time except it couldn’t post tweets but I realized the problem and created yet another new app. Can’t get past the time/date error. Any suggestions?

  • chimp98

    Muhhahahaha….I got in!!! F@#% you Twitter and your bass ackward token policy!!!

  • Armus

    Stuck on the authorization screen

  • Sam

    If anybody’s DMs/Mentions aren’t working then don’t worry its not a bug. Its because of a settings.
    Goto Settings –> Sync and Notifications –> Cache and under that you’ll find and option

    “Delete mentions/DM older than”

    Because of this settings you all are not getting anything on your DM tab.

  • Jon

    I’m too dumb to follow the steps after the app is unlocked someone should post a video

  • I-Troll-U

    Sort of reminds me of when Palm was going at it with Apple over syncing the Pre with iTunes.

  • Guest

    I have checked and double checked everything and I still get the error. Is the callback seriously any URL?

  • chucklehead322

    Worked like a charm!!

  • ßen Murphy

    Worked for me!

  • chaoslimits

    Twicca is still better. Good on the dev for doing this.

    • DroidzFX

      you high?

    • yup

      Twicca is great for its simplicity. Falcon Pro is great for its features. Still debating on which I want to use.

  • moelsen8

    This is gonna get awesome. Grab the popcorn!

  • Diar

    Worked great. Thanks. But I unable to access DM’s. I double-checked my settings following his in-app instructions exactly. Anyone else having this issue?

    • HellRa1SeR

      In the Twitter app settings at dev.twitter.com, go to settings and at the ‘read/write access’ select the 3rd option.
      I hope that helps you.

  • IAmRyC

    Worked like a charm! AWESOME! Thanks Tim-o-tato!

  • Ricardo
  • Bradley Ruiz

    Is it me or DM is not working this way :S

    • Bradley Ruiz

      nvm my settings where wrong 😛

  • Jan Massey

    Honest to god, I hate twitter. I’m trying to log in to my twitter account on their developer website and they’re telling me I don’t have an account.

  • DroidzFX

    Stickin to the twitter man. Good work.

  • steven

    Worked fine for me.

  • Jan Massey

    First of all, what’s up with consumer key and secret? I don’t get it. And I also get an error saying Error – make sure your date/time settings are correct (automatic from network)

    • cjmsd

      I got the network Error as well.

      • cjmsd

        If you click on help after unlocking the secret log in it shows you that you need check a few boxes on your twitter app setting.

      • duckphan

        same here with the network error

    • AJH

      Got the error as well.

    • napes22

      Click help and follow his instructions. He takes you step by step through it.

      Make sure you have a “call back url” added. Also, you need to go to settings and select the 3rd option near the bottom about read/write access. That fixed it for me.

      • jayman1576

        yup the callback url did it. SWEET!

  • evcon

    I found the custom login and entered my key and secret, but all I get when trying to click the log in button is “Error – make sure your date/time settings are correct (automatic from network)”. What gives? (HTC One on T-Mobile with Trickdroid 8.0.0)

    • AJH

      Got the error as well. GS3 on Sprint.

      • cjmsd

        You need to make sure you enable a few setting on your twitter app. Click on the help box on the Falcon app and it tells you which ones you need to check.

        • AJH

          Turned out just to be a typo. Thanks!

    • The same happened to me, it was a typo error

    • napes22

      Make sure you have the 3rd read/write setting selected under the settings tab on the twitter dev site. Also, even thought there is no “required” star next to it, fill in “call back url.” That fixed it for me.

      • Chris

        I noticed too if you have typed it correctly. go check the fields again after saving, for some reason on mine the keys copied theirself more than once into the box (like ABCDABCDABCD) even though they were typed by hand. so it was giving me errors, removing the duplicates and then pressing save once more fixed it for me

  • DanSan

    lol now i wonder what the loop hole is that he found out…

    • theentropic

      You become your own developer of a twitter app, then input your keys to falcon. So now that you’re a twitter app developer, you get 100,000 tokens to toss around and share… It’s actually quite clever.

  • Good on the developer for doing this.

    • napes22

      Worked for me! I can finally stop using Seismic.

      Make sure you fill in all the information that the dev specifies, even if the twitter website states that it’s not required.

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    I wonder how long it’ll be before twitter puts the kabosh on this, too.

    • TwitterorDie

      Well unless they kill their API, never.

      • They can cancel his dev account and then screw over everyone who already has token’s which may turn his user base against him.

        • Stephen Bain

          Way to kill the mood!

  • Screw a guide! Here’s to adventure and mystery! 😛

    • HashTagHell