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DROID ULTRA Landing Page Pops Up at Motorola Site, Provides Handful of Details

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 11.21.45 PM

Last week, @evleaks reported that Motorola and Verizon had partnered up to release a new line of DROID phones with a similar naming scheme to last year’s RAZR HD and RAZR M pairing. Instead of RAZR though, sources of ours claim that Moto and Big Red had chosen the name “Ultra” this time around, but would still release regular and MAXX editions along with a smaller M model. While details outside of the name were scarce, tonight a reader of ours stumbled upon a landing page that is publicly displayed on Motorola’s site that seems to confirm the existence of the ULTRA line of phones. 

No photos are a part of the page (since it appears to be a work in progress), but there is a paragraph (pictured below) that tells us to “Think Thin.” It also says that the “DROID ULTRA” will be available in a “bunch of glossy colors” and a “DuPont Kevlar body” that is thinner than previous models yet still “tough as steel.”

The landing page lists an entire spec list as well, but it matches up identically to the RAZR M and is liking a cut-and-paste job as they continue to prepare the page for launch.

So that’s all we know for now. The idea that there will be multiple colors to choose from does match up to earlier reports that the new Motorola phones may end up being customizable. The focus on thinness is a bit surprising, though.

I’m starting to wonder – is the Moto X variant for Verizon this “ULTRA M,” with the regular ULTRA and ULTRA MAXX falling in line as the new “hero” devices that CEO Dennis Woodside spoke of a few weeks back?

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 11.06.56 PM

Update:  We should point out that @evleaks provided some new info over the weekend through another Tweet, saying:

Coming to Verizon, all from Motorola: DROID Ultra in black/white/red, DROID Mini (b/w), DROID MAXX (& Moto X in b/w)

Via:  Motorola

Cheers Jamison!

  • needa

    I’m starting to wonder – is the Moto X variant for Verizon this “ULTRA M,” with the regular ULTRA and ULTRA MAXX falling in line as the new “hero” devices that CEO Dennis Woodside spoke of a few weeks back?

    i doubt it.
    “So we have a hero device that is coming out. its going to be called the moto x.” dennis woodside d11 5:00. then he went on to confirm a couple of times over the next few seconds that it will be called the moto x.

  • Bionic

    These are nothing to get excited about. Per sarge

    • bananatroll


  • mec
  • Butters619

    Ultra Maxx sounds like a Tampon size.

    • Spider210

      I was thinking the same thing…. who down voted this!

      • ToddAwesome

        now I want an iPad Maxx, just because

        • Dre Fay

          IPad Ultra Maxx for the girl on the go

          • Vanquishgc

            for those heavy flow days…..

  • Dale

    Dream phone Ultra MAXX specs:

    5″ 1080p screen (450+ ppi)
    2.0ghz Tegra 4i
    4gb RAM (future proof it)
    at least 16gb internal storage
    microSD slot
    Front-facing speakers
    13mp rear camera
    3mp front camera
    Wireless charging
    3100 mAh battery
    Android 4.3

    • Chris

      Forget the silly SD cards and just have 32GB or 64GB on board storage. Its 2013. no need for 16GB anymore.

      • Knlegend1


        • Chris

          Because out of that 16GB. You may only have at least 12-13GB of user accessable storage and may be 8-10GB after all the damn bloatware is in… So you really only have 8GB of space in the end

          • hkklife

            SD cards are NOT silly, especially post-ICS where you can not mount your phone as a generic mass storage device. It’s a LOT easier & faster to pop your microSD card out and stick it into your PC to quickly transfer files (USB 3.0 card reader, anyone?) and see thumbnails of all of your shots.

            I agree about 8/16Gb storage being obsolete. In a perfect world, we’d have 32Gb minimum internally AND a microSD slot that the user can fill IF they need/want to!

    • JolleyMan

      I’ll take 2, please.

    • needa

      1920×1080 can only be 440.5 ppi at 5″.

    • Bionic

      Not even close

      • dfk

        My sources tell me its hero phone. X phone is mid range

      • Dale

        Like I said, this is my dream phone not necessarily what I think the specs will be.

  • Eric R.

    I want to know the actual specs

  • bananatroll

    As long as motorola continues to let verizon use their devices for walking carrier advertisement, they will not garner any more sales from me. This thing reeks of bloatware, and I havn’t even seen a picture of it yet. No doubt, there are at least 3 gigantic VERIZON logos permanently etched into the glass, the metal, and who knows where else.

    • Doug W

      I recently purchased Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S4. Not a single Verizon logo anywhere on the front, just one on the back cover. Yes, when booting a verizon logo shows on the screen, but who cares? it’s shown for about 10 seconds.

      • bananatroll

        Huh. Didn’t realize that. Oh well, it’ll still be chock full of bloat!

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        An enormous, 2 line stamp on the back, yes. The giant V logo, the text of Verizon, and that hideous 4G LTE icon they use are on there… AT&T has only a small globe… Sprint has nothing at all… T-Mobile has a faint full logo. Verizon is still the worst offender.

  • bananatroll

    absolutely pathetic

  • Bionic_Pags

    As much as i have tried to wait for Google to produce a new Motorola phone that would blow the competition out of the water, my Bionic could not hold on. Even if it did, i don’t think that any of these phones are the ones to do it. Also, i am really sick and tired of the DROID brand name… it’s over Verizon – you killed the cash cow… now move on! As i type I am waiting for my new S4 to be delivered. Part of me is saddened by moving away from Motorola, but they have left me extremely bitter with my Bionic… i had it for nearly 2 years but really only had it working perfectly for less than 1 year. Maybe in 2014 the Real Google Motorola will show it’s face and gain my loyalty once again. Formerly known as Bionic_Pags, signing off.

  • Steve Benson

    Ug, let Droid die already. Nobody wants Droid anything anymore. Verizon has tainted the brand forever.

    • Chris

      Agreed. Android’s nerds are now the 1%. “normal” people use it now and it scares the nerds

    • Raven

      Actually, I would love a Droid 5 with a physical keyboard and great battery life.
      I am, however, sick of the super long names like Motorola Droid RAZR Ultra MAXX HD, blek! Lets just have one nice simply named Droid 5 that comes standard with a MAXX sized battery and an HD screen.

    • frank

      droids are awesome, I hope they have them forever and ever and ever

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    I was hoping that we wouldn’t be saddled with a “Verizon Exclusive” this time around, and that hope has changed to there being no major changes to the software besides the radio blob that would delay software updates on Motorola’s end (Verizon’s testing department being a different matter entirely). I can deal with notifications/wallpapers/bloatware, but anything more than cosmetic would be a real shame.


    Meh. I have been a loyal Motorola consumer for years. I’ve just dealt with the sub-par software integration. No longer. I’m trying a different manufacturer. Build quality means nothing if software performance is lackluster.

    • hkklife

      Have you tried any of the newest Motos with the barely-there Blur? Software wise, look at what they did with the old Bionic and JB. They took a turd from 2011 and made it into a solid, stable smartphone on par with the latest RAZRs. No, I would take a modern Moto phone ANY DAY over a comparable HTC, Samsung or LG device.

      • Tron_67

        My bionic with JB is STILL a turd… ICS was good, but my phone doesn’t compare to my wife’s Galaxy Nexus

        • hkklife

          Wow, I was just thinking how the Bionic (with JB) is still arguably the best phone released on VZW in 2011. RAZR had undersized battery , GNex had bad radios/battery life and build quality, and Rezound had no support past ICS, Sense and bad battery life.

          • Ian

            I’ll take that argument. The GNex is still some kind of a nexus, which is enough for it to best the Bionic.

        • Doug W

          Well of course your Bionic going to be slow compared to a 2013 S4. Hardware has moved forward just a nudge in 2 years. Zeesh.

    • Robert Macri

      I don’t think software will be an issue now that Google is handling that… I just hope the hardware isn’t lacking.

  • GreenMeansGo

    Motorola Droid “Ultra Maxx”. Hmmm….it reminds me of what some people were saying about “iPad” name before it was released.

  • super sexy

    I will just wait for the super duper ultra megatron maxx overdrive prime laser cannon phone that they will release after this one comes out.

    • sc0rch3d

      that will come out before derrick rose comes back? 🙂

  • keeley991

    So is the Maxx utrra the flag ship moto phone?

  • Casey Maines

    4.3″ qHD screen? Unbelievable…it’s 2013! Even low end phones should have at least 720p. This is DOA…too bad…I had high hopes for Moto this year.

    • Nick Sarafolean

      Did you read the article? They pointed out that the specs are probably just a placeholder because they’re identical to last year’s RAZR M.

      • Casey Maines

        Doesn’t matter…my point being that even a new “lower end” phone should have at least a 720 screen…just my opinion I guess but this just seems like more of the same ol’ junk.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          What part of “THE SPECS AREN’T REAL IGNORE THEM” wasn’t terribly clear? I’m usually a pretty forgiving individual, but willfully ignoring not only the article but the reply pointing out the relevant statements in said article is tantamount to trolling. If you don’t like Motorola, that’s fine, but using specs that are blatantly obvious copies of last year’s device (the Accessories page even lists Razr M docks, if you follow the source link) to confirm your opinion is just ridiculous.

          • hkklife

            For the record, I will repost what I wrote here about 2 weeks ago: I think these are NOT the X-phones or anything else Google-designed. I predict these to be the last vestiges of the OLD Jha regime and were already too far along in the pipeline to cancel (remember, contracts with carriers and suppliers must be honored). Think of how Palm released the Veer and Pre3 right after their acquisition by HP.

            I expect the Ultra M to be the 4.5″ RAZR M successor rumored a while back, probably with a 2500Mah battery or so and maybe 8Gb storage, dual-core and very aggressively priced.

            Ultra and Ultra Maxx are probably gonna be refreshes of the existing RAZR HD line, probably with 4.7 or 4.8″ 1080P screens, 16/32Gb storage (probably microSD as well) and the usual huge batteries. While I hope to be pleasantly surprised, I honestly think they will be S4 Pro-powered due to Moto’s laggardly development cycle and diminished purchasing power (ie a day late and a dollar short again this year just like the HD line was last year).

            These will probably be heavily subsidized and pushed hard by VZW (not Moto) for the back to school and holiday seasons (look at all the “free” RAZR M promos now).

            Again, just speculation here but I think it makes sense given Moto & VZW’S past history. I wouldn’t expect to see anything Google/XPhone on VZW until near the end of the year , especially if there is overlap in specs with these existing devices.

            Also, while the RAZR HD & Maxx have been sold out forever on Amazon, I have not seen the kind of fire sale clearance pricing we are seeing on the DNA or the Resound last year, making me think the M is coming this summer and the others are coming in September-ish.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            I mostly agree with your speculations and the reasoning behind them. That said, the S4 Pro that has been seen so far in the XFON leaks/FCC filing is somewhere between the APQ8064T and MSM8960T in regards to performance and features, so I doubt we will be disappointed on that front unless we want to try and use specs as a measuring stick rather than real-world usage. Motorola’s CEO has stated before that their devices aren’t spec-sheet dazzlers, and that they are going to use innovative technologies and software tricks to extend battery life and to make their interface liquid smooth. I’m hoping that with mature drivers from Qualcomm and plenty of time to optimize their software, these devices will run smoother than the One or S4 with slightly less horsepower, significantly better battery life, and a much lower price off-contract.

          • hkklife

            Amen to that. I have NEVER had any issues with an S4 Pro’s performance in real-life, other than trying to play some bleeding-edge 3D games on my wife’s DNA. Without the added burden of Sense (along with the diver refinements you mention) plus optimizations, I see no reason why they shouldn’t be perfect for 99% of peoples’ needs.

  • NexusPhan69

    I feel like the most important part of this article should have been those atrocious specs listed. 4.5GB free storage? 4.3″ screen? Dual core 1.5GHz? 2000 mAh? WTF
    Droid Ultra mid-range.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    Can’t they just be kind and euthanize the Droid brand name? It’s old, hobbled up, and lost its vision years ago.

    • NexusMan

      When Apple kills off iPhone & iEverythingelse, then Verizon can kill of Droid.

      • Chris

        As a full time Android user I know that won’t happen. Competition is good. Sadly you children don’t see it that way….

        • DainLaguna

          Totally not the same thing. Iphones aren’t just one type of phone that runs iOS. Its the ONLY one.

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        Nah… Apple hasn’t devalued their brand name like Verizon has devalued the Droid name. It served it’s original purpose to raise awareness of competing operating systems to Apple. Now it’s a pathetic shell of that.

    • geedee82

      Yeah, that sick old dog needs to be put the f down.

    • bananatroll

      thank you

    • LiterofCola


    • Butters619

      I’m sure this is part of the “18 months of Motorola pipeline” Google was referring to. Hopefully after this round we won’t see anymore carrier branded Moto phones

  • James Hill

    Adroid 4.1?

    • NexusPhan69

      The specs are from the Razr M page. Ignore them completely. They mean nothing.

  • Knlegend1

    More gimmicks? For the RAZR to be so thin it had to be wide. So that’s a no, plus the software was lagging. I don’t care anymore because I’ve already switched and its because of bull like this to make you leave a whole network. These phones are dead on arrival. Still making 3 subpar phones instead of one good one.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I think this is still a part of their contract with VZW… VZW still wants 3 phones… so there they go

    • Terrance Steiner

      I never used the original RAZR so I cannot comment but I do own the RAZR HD and it is one of the best phones that I have ever owned. Not lagy at all.

  • michael arazan

    Wondering if releasing this new droid is going to push back the xfon 5 months till verizon feels it sold enough of them. Verizon never sells 2 new phones by the same company at the same time.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      XFON is a mid tier device. No reason to push it back

      • NexusPhan69

        It’s verizon. That is the reason.

    • j

      Within a month or so, sure they do.

  • UncleFan

    If this means Motorola’s best phones are STILL going to be held hostage by Verizon, Google can sell the whole POS company to Huawei for all I care.

    • jak_341

      It goes to show just how incompetent Moto is. Even being a Google owned company, they can’t get a release right. I quested the Moto acquisition from the start by Google and if it was wise to anger the other OEMs for Moto. If it was Samsung, you do this. Anyone else, you don’t.

      • Suralin

        Moto’s incompetent? It’s only been a what? A little more than a year since Google has officially taken over? Motorola still has contracts to fulfill. Google bought Moto primarily for the patents. I suspect we’ll start seeing something truly different from Moto next year.

        • lgreg64

          Agreed. They have to live up to contracts already in place and we have seen different variations of moto phones for all the other carriers. Q4 should be when we see what they can do with moto.

      • Diablo81588

        Local idiot strikes again.

        • frank

          for sure lmao

  • Dave

    Why is making phones thinner so big of a deal, the current crop of top tier phones are acceptably thin. I don’t want a brick, but a piece of paper isn’t good either.

    • Tyler Durden

      Anything is better than Nokia

    • LiterofCola

      There’s no such thing as too thin

      • r0lct

        until your battery runs out and they could have added a mm or two to it.

        • LiterofCola

          My battery doesn’t run out 😉

          • frank

            yes it does

    • Geoff Johnson

      Agreed. I love what they did with the RAZR MAXX, I wish all phones had batteries at least that large.

      • Chris

        and there won’t be a need for a silly removable battery – ANOTHER – thing to have to carry around all day. –

      • Butters619

        Here is to hoping we get a Razr Maxx variant on AT&T this year

  • bboyairwreck

    I’ve waited very patiently for my Bionic to be release to get the first LTE dual core phone. I do love my bionic but also disappointed with Motorola as a whole. Moto better make this next wait worth while. They still have my loyalty… but on thin ice.

    • XvierX

      I’ve always preferred moto as well but if they don’t deliver it’ll be the Note 3 for me this time around. If this is a lame reboot of the Razr series I may have to go to Samsung this year.

      • Rob

        I switched to Samsung about 6 months ago….Note 2. Not sure I will ever go back to Moto.

        • hkklife

          I switched to Sammy last year for the GS3. I am SO fed up with the overheating, poor reception, and horrendous battery life (not to mention Touchwiz but at least I can do something about that) that I will jump on the next Moto device released, provided it has at least a 4.8″ screen, 32Gb of internal storage and a halfway decent camera.

      • ranlil

        I’m hanging in there with my Bionic as well….. So now I’m eligible for an upgrade (not taking it) and contract ends in Oct. I’m really hoping for a Moto hotrod around then. Really be cool if I could buy from Google.

  • BRIM

    Hopefully this time around Motorola has stepped up their design.

    • You mean Google has stepped up their design,.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I think he means Motorola

      • Priorities

        Googlerola stepped up their design

        • Aadh


          • Priorities


      • Chris

        Its still motorola.

  • Manny
    • This gif made my night

      • michael arazan

        Hope this gif didn’t trigger someone’s epilepsy

        • a) youth.in.asia

          “…Now do the Harlem Shake!”

      • Chris

        You know what makes my night? a woman in bed with me….

        • Tim242

          What a waste of a night for you haha

          • TylerChappell

            Yeah, shoulda had a dudette instead.

    • Tyler Durden

      Crazy gif crazy guy. Goes together.

      • Tyler_Is_A_Lemming

        People should stop believing what the media tells you about politicians and research the stuff yourselves for the truth. There is a reason he was re-elected so many times.

        • Geoff Johnson

          Uh, what?

        • LiterofCola

          Cause there’s a bunch of nutjobs out there?

        • Tyler Durden

          Sorry Faux news is just 2 gud

          • James_75

            This statement right here shows how uninformed you are. Fox News is not popular with most libertarians of which RP is. Aside from RP’s views on religion (I’m an atheist) I think he’s pretty spot-on with the rest of his political ideology.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Ron Paul is very objective, which is rare in politics. Wish more politicians were like Ron Paul ….

        • Jeff

          And where are you going to get this research material? The media. This was probably also the source of your “research”. Unless you actually physically go out and start talking with people (including him) in person.

          • James_75

            I think the point was not to rely on Fox News and MSNBC for unbiased reporting and start looking at things like voting records and stuff that is documented. Think for yourself is the point.

      • James_75

        One more reason to dislike you. All politicians suck, RP just less than the rest…

        • Tyler Durden

          As if I care what you think lol. Move along pretty boi

          • James_75

            You cared enough to respond didn’t you? I’m not particularly pretty either, not ugly, but not pretty and definitely not a “boi” whatever that is.

      • Rabid Rotty

        how did this get from Motorola to politics and religion?

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