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Duolingo Updated in Google Play, Brings Tablet Optimization and Leaderboards


This afternoon, the popular language learning application Duolingo, received an update on Android that brings support for tablets. In addition, the app now also supports landscape mode across devices, so no more holding it in portrait to get your learning on.

To top off the update, leaderboards have been introduced, allowing students aka players to rank up their language skills against their friends. 

What’s New:

  • Tablet Optimized – Duolingo now supports the perfect device for learning!
  • Leaderboards – Sure, it feels great to spend the day making progress in a new language; but it’s even better when you can leave your friends behind in the dust.
  • Landscape Mode – Hold your device however you like, even Gangnam style.
  • Awesome New Sidebar – With a single tap on the Duolingo logo you can now access your stats, see the leaderboard, and strengthen your skills.

If you have a trip to a foreign country planned in the future and want to learn their language, trust me, this is a really fun and engaging app that could help.

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  • cgalyon

    I’m really liking this program. Been using it for about a month (I think?). Thanks for making its aware of it in the first place!

  • This App/Website is awesome! I’ve been playing since the day it came out on Android and I’m amazed at how good both are…AND they’re free!

    I’ve gotten about 10 of my friends to start playing already and I’m up to 2,273 points in Spanish mode 🙂

    I also wrote to the devs and asked them if they could include a “silent mode” for the app (where you don’t have to have the volume up at all to play…for those times when you’re on the bus, or just anywhere that you’d rather play with no sound). I also requested a few other features that would make this great app even better. They said they would pass on the recommendations to the engineering team.

    Again, highly recommended!

    • Bob G

      The silent mode would not work for those ones where you have to listen and type though.

  • anyone else having trouble using “Sign in with Google”?