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NVIDIA Shows Off More GRID Cloud Gaming at This Year’s E3


Thanks to NVIDIA’s all-new GRID cloud gaming system, playing top notch PC games no matter where you are is now not something we have to think of as fantasy. Using servers created specifically for hosting and streaming high quality games, players can access their PC titles from Android-powered gaming consoles such as OUYA, their Android tablets or even the new SHIELD portable gaming console. If you are an intense gamer, which NVIDIA caters to, then this should highly interest you. 

Check below to see NVIDIA’s Will Park go through details of GRID and some of the devices it caters to. Pay special attention to the MacBook Pro section, a computer that receives special gaming love thanks to GRID.



  • Jeff

    I keep seeing them showing people playing Borderlands 2 on this thing. Why would I want to play Borderlands 2 on a tiny screen and barely be able to see anything?

    • S2556

      Because it’s portable!

  • Logan Jinks

    Great. Now have to buy a Nvidia Grid system to be able to play my games on the Shield.


    I don’t see who Nvidia is aiming at with the advertisements for their grid servers. Onlive I guess. It’s weird because the video seams pretty targeted at consumers

  • David Narada Brown

    Looks as if Nvidia is aiming for android gaming. With Qualcom stealing the show having their processors in most phones and tablets these days, I think this is a good way for them to keep Tegra alive. They could easily take over android gaming with their latest achievements.

  • This is really cool, but isn’t this the same as OnLive?

    • Maxwell

      OnLive was a software only service. They were using regular GPUs to stream from the cloud. NVIDIA has built special purpose GPUs for cloud gaming that are capable of encoding H264 videos very quickly in addition to other enhancements to cut lag.They are promising latencies of <100 ms

      • Very cool! Not that i doubted this was better in some way, but same basic principle though.
        I wonder how this service works. Is it a subscription? Subscription + per game fee? Does this have anything to do with Steam? Will i need to repurchase my games on their cloud based system?

        • Maxwell

          Yeah that is the tricky part. I dont know what NVIDIA eventually plans to do with this but they could either provide their own service or partner with some providers like GAIKAI or OnLive. There were some rumors that GRID would work directly with Steam meaning u would have direct access to all ur Steam games in the Cloud but I am not sure if those rumors are true. It would be really cool if they did have Steam integrating though

          • Im hoping it works with steam if it does. I’ll probably switch my view on shield from “ehh, cool but not for me” to 100% buying one.
            Those servers seem expensive, how would Nvdia make money off partnering with Steam to provide their games? Would be cool though!
            I’m sad I didnt get a change to try the shield at e3 yesterday

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