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Zynga Released What’s the Phrase Onto Google Play Last Month, Seems Pretty Fun

Whats the Phrase

The above game has been out on Google Play for about a month and since it comes from one of the larger game publishers, Zynga, we figured we should at least make sure you all knew of its existence. Zynga is the same company responsible for other addictive games that you play with friends, such as Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends, etc., etc. With What’s the Phrase, you and a friend struggle to solve the puzzle and discover which widely-used phrase is hidden. It’s like Wheel of Fortune, but between you and a buddy. 

You can choose to play the already installed 40,000 phrases or even create your own phrases for a friend to solve. It’s free and can be found on Google Play by following the link below. Go have some fun.

Play Link

  • This game is not for fb?

  • like this game

  • Sqube

    I’m conflicted. On the one hand, that looks fun. On the other hand, I’m convinced at this point that any Zynga/Gameloft game only truly becomes fun when (a) I link it to my Facebook account and (b) I spend money.

    Can anybody confirm that neither of those things are necessary for optimum enjoyment of this game?

    • Raidy

      a) definitely does not require FB, it works like the other similar zynga games where you can just punch in a friend’s username and link up that way. I refuse to link any game with FB and will never play one that requires it.

      b) as far as i can tell so far, the coins are used to buy vowels and optional powerups. So stocking up via real $$ would just make it easier to solve but you can still earn them via points, like Draw Something. Still seems totally playable without spending $$, especially if you are just playing with a few friends.

  • Carl Jones

    Another word game. Like always I really like their design. Another chance to use http://scrabblefinderapp.com in order to really master this game.

    • Col_Angus

      Master, cheat, what’s the difference? haha

  • Black Roger

    Really liking this game!

  • Blue Sun

    Reading the title of the article I thought the game was called “What’s the Phrase Onto”.

  • ramifications

    I love this blog, but… capitalizing every word in the title including articles looks really odd and grating to the eyes. Not to mention, it seems every writer has his own format for titles. You guys should standardize around an MLA format or any format!

    • Geoff Johnson

      Capitalizing every word in the title is more attractive IMO when looking at a blog