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Live Chat: Microsoft and Apple Keynotes at E3 and WWDC


As we mentioned earlier, fans of technology should be excited for today, with major players from across the industry taking stages to show off their new software and hardware. None of it is directly Android-related, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested and/or don’t want to hear your/share our opinions on it. So since the likelihood of Android news coming to a screeching halt over the next couple of hours is almost certain, we thought we’d open up a live blog and share thoughts in real-time as both Microsoft and Apple’s keynotes are simultaneously going on. Also, we were going to watch along anyway, so why not do so with all of you?

Care to join us?

Microsoft’s E3 keynote can be watched here (9:30AM PST). Apple’s WWDC keynote here (10AM PST).

  • richkoos

    Wait so anyone see the new slide to unlock? Does it look familiar?

  • Sean Bello

    a phone with a 1.2ghz dual core processor, 1gb of ram, a 4″ screen, with swipe down notifications, live wallpaper, auto-updating apps, and cartoonish software. Apple just announced the Galaxy S2. sweet.

    • Ericfranca

      It’ll probably have better battery life…Also, check out that helvetica! Mind-blown. Dropping my android devices in the toilet now for the downgrade to iOS.

    • T4rd

      No, the GS2 had a 4.3′ screen and NFC (not all variants though). =p

      I thought the iPhone 5 had a quad-core CPU though?

      • Sean Bello

        god no LOL

  • Sean Bello

    I can’t wait for the “my phone runs like garbage now” complaints. ummm…because your iphone 5 runs at 800mhz under load and your OS just got updated beyond it’s hardware capacity.

  • Colin Wolfson

    What do you guys mean, not android related? It sounded like all android features to me.

    • Mad Son

      Instead of calling it IOS 7 they should call it IOS Android.

      • michael arazan

        iOS 7 = copy Android os off of ASOP, dumb it down a bit, and then paste on an iphone, and watch apple stock fall because the only people that aren’t idiots that follow apple are the stockholders and investors when they sell

  • Sirx

    “Steve Jobs hologram! That’s gonna be the one more thing…”

    This live stream is partially hilarious X-D

  • Silver Veloz

    So what has Apple shown us that we haven’t seen before (innovative). Basically, it looks like catch-up time to what Android users are already utililzing.

    • This is precisely why Apple’s stock just dropped almost $10 in the past hour!

  • Lulbugs

    It’s weird how they market the phone as 1 handed use… Yet in the keynote they were using it two handed.

  • Jason Kahn

    So how long before Apple starts suing Google, WEBOS(HP), and HTC for stealing it’s ideas on mobile OS design and launching them 2 years before Apple. Or before they sue Pandora for thinking of the idea of ad supported streaming radio.

  • Sean Bello

    it feels like 2010 in here lol

  • Ben Landwehr

    Directions for iOS 7: Add 2 parts MIUI, dash of HTC Sense, just a splash of WP lock screen. Stir. Serve warm, and covered in “innovation” donkey sauce.

  • possomcrast

    You know? For around a year I’ve looked passed the OS wars, but this just annoys me. They ripped off a lot of other OS’s and they’ll get all of the credit for “innovation” from people who have NEVER touched another phone besides iPhone just because they’re afraid.

  • Sean Bello

    Samsung is filing a lawsuit as we speak

  • S2556

    What apple accomplished with IOS7 is what I can accomplish with a theme pack and an OS downgrade.

    • It looks like a teeny bob version of an OS!

    • Eric

      Exactly. I was just over at CNET (not sure why) and the iSheep are praising Apple for their originality and say Android is done for. Gosh what a bunch of zombies.

    • rosahauser325

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  • Sirx

    Darn it, I REALLY want iOS 7 to have a really killer feature to keep up the competition for us. Literally everything (and this time correctly using literally) they have talked about so far is mimicked Jellybean D-:

  • James Green

    So the Jelly Bean Quick Toggle that Samsung brought to android in 2011 apple calls it Control Center. Quick everyone, its innovation…Not

    • Josh Blaylock

      my wife’s GS2 had this feature…

  • Zacharypt

    this feels so… miui?

    • possomcrast

      I got the exact same feeling…and MIUI is years old. And they’ll call it brand new and revolutionary.

  • rfranken

    holy bleep iphones get a new icon pack!!

  • Jeremy Gross

    how about nfc….if they bring that i will be happy, because nfc will finally go viral in paying for the rest of android users

  • Marcus Schoen

    IOS 7 is out now, and I have to say, it looks nice. Im not sure if it will have a function overhaul, but it is pretty.

    • Jeremy Whyte

      Looks very generic. If jellybean ate a mac and a childs toy phone and crapped it out this is what i think it would look like,

  • Sean Bello

    “swipe down from top for notification center”…every iOS device automatically banned from sale lol

  • Jeremy Gross

    they even stole from blackberry!!

    • Jeremy Gross

      they went there, things are gonna get dirty, maybe blackberry will make some money from the lawsuit 😀

    • S2556

      I missed it what?

      • Jeremy Gross

        some of the gestures that are used in blackberry 10

  • Sean Bello

    sliding messaging lol

  • edmund75

    they totally ripped off ICS live wallpaper!!

  • Sean Bello

    “animated homescreen” lmao! no way

    • possomcrast


      • T4rd

        and “MAGICAL!”

  • Col_Angus

    Gotta give it to Apple, they’re doing a heck of a job unveiling Jellybe…. errr… iOS7

  • Geoff Johnson

    I will say that iOS 7 does look really nice though. Too bad it’s just a cosmetic change.

  • Kisuk3

    The way Jony Ive speaks you’d think the iphone could cure cancer, balance the deficit and mow my lawn.

  • Anhstein

    Thanks for the dual coverage! 😀

  • Geoff Johnson

    The one thing I wish Android and PC makers would take note of from Apple is that when they release new hardware, often times the new devices are available for purchase that same day.

    • JoshGroff

      They also push back their conferences to make that happen. I would rather hear what they’re putting out first and have time to think it over before it’s released.

      • Geoff Johnson

        Meh, I don’t know. Whenever you see the announcement you say “This is definitely my next phone!! Oh wait, it’s not out for 4 more months…”

        • JoshGroff

          That’s not my typical reaction, but then again, I’m not much of an early adopter.

        • But the thing is during those four months devices are being sent out to professional reviewers all while software is being fine tuned and revised !

          • Geoff Johnson

            That’s true, but what we hear today as being revolutionary and great, in 4 months people start saying that it’s already outdated. I think the best of both worlds. Say you announce it on June 1st, and then by the end of the month or July 1st it’s available.

  • Basically the Maps for Mac copies what Google Now does with web searches!

  • Bridge Troll

    OS X Rocky Mountain Oyster

  • Kiril Vatev

    The live stream is available here for everyone: http://www.ustream.tv/ltktv (granted, with a bit of live commentary, but it’s not too bad).

  • 20% Android app download. What the hell did they smoke?

    “Google Play: now clocks more than 2.5 billion installs every month.”

    • randy

      that was payout to developers. Pay attention

    • This is probably the last time you will ever hear them bragging about the 50 billion app installs because analysts have done the numbers and if the growth continues at its current rate, the Play store will surpass the App Store in total downloads by November-December.

  • LiterofCola

    I’m sooo looking forward to the Xbox One

    • PaulSchroeder

      And Microsoft is looking forward to looking at you.

  • Cory_S

    For anyone who is curious about Apple’s WWDC and doesn’t want to install safari or use an iOS device… the Chrome User agent spoofer extension is working for me.

    • Kiril Vatev

      You can also switch your user agent through the dev tools. Press Ctrl+Alt+J, then click on the little gear in the bottom right corner. I switched to iPhone 5, and it loaded up the player.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Link for the Stream?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      NVM Apple’s website

  • Warwick

    Excited over the Xbox One and PS4 . Oh my work productivity will be in the shits today.

    • picaso86

      Work mode – OFF!